Sewing Magazines: Our Top 10 List That You Should Follow

Most people focus only on dressing up and making sure their look is hitting all the right notes. We seldom think about all the work put into the outfit to make it look that way. So many factors are involved in designing and implementing the perfect dress. Sewing undoubtedly plays a major part in this comprehensive process.

After so many decades and eras of fashion, it is hard to stay on top of all trends for many dressmakers. That is why, there are sewing magazines which bring refreshing new patterns, ideas, projects and more to keep the seamsters inspired.

Today we are going to briefly explore the top 10 of them to match you with the most suitable one.

Our Top 10 List of Sewing Magazines

1. Threads

Threads is one of the longest-running sewing magazines you can get your hands on. Its first issue was published over three decades ago in 1985 and its newer editions are still going strong with a massive global following.

It is part of many publications which originated from The Taunton Press. They focus on combining creativity, style and individuality through the craft of stitching. This magazine showcases exclusive pattern collections and provides access to 360 Garment Viewer for full results of the used patterns.

Threads aims at inspiring all the future seamsters by informing them on the latest fashion trends and detailed tutorials. Regardless of your experience in the sewing world, you can rely on this magazine to learn new skills. Listen to their podcast in your free time to learn new techniques!

2. The Pattern Pages

The Pattern Pages has a beautiful story of coming into the publication realm. It was founded and is still run by the mother-daughter duo of Julie and Emily.

They both share the love for sewing and its many variations. On one hand, Julie possesses extensive knowledge by being a part of the sewing industry for over 15 years. On the other hand, her daughter completed her graduation and earned a degree in fashion.

Combining their experience and theoretical wisdom, The Pattern Pages has soared to a high within only three years!

After running their blog with the same name, they took their game further and launched this digital magazine in 2017. It is in fact the first ever digital magazine that targeted dressmakers specifically.

Along with detailed tips on sewing, you can also learn about the latest trends of the fashion world including runway shows, seasonal styles and new patterns to work with.

3. McCall’s Quilting

As the name suggests, this magazine is one of the niche variations which focuses on quilts and quilting.

It has been running for a long time, through more than three decades to be specific. Their fans, named as “quilters” have relied on them since 1993. Now you can also be a part of this community through either their digital editions or printed ones!

For those of you who are more comfortable with the online version, you will be happy to know that their patterns are available for downloading. So you can just sit in front of the laptop and try to create lovely designs based on these handy patterns!

Every single year, there are six new editions of McCall’s Quilting available for purchase. With each subscription, you will get how-to projects based on quilts whose range includes both contemporary and traditional designs in different sizes. These can be used for bedding, wall decorations, wearables and more.

4. Sew News

Another veteran of magazines based on sewing - Sew News, has established itself as a reliable source for new patterns, creative ideas and more for all the sewing enthusiasts. It is now in its 35th year of running and has garnered an even larger following over the years because of the digital space.

You can get your hands on them from either their website or their old-school printed edition. They occasionally come with extra materials like exclusive online content and pattern packages created by expert sewists. Some master sewists also appear every now and then to showcase their dynamic skills.

In each issue, they try to cover the latest updates in sewing trends, fabric lines, newest patterns, techniques, tools and popular designers. It will also help you to make your own garment and give you impressive gift ideas to surprise your loved ones!

Along with their offline publications and online materials, you can also stay in sync with their content by following them on Instagram. Thanks crafters diary for knowing me about this magazine.

5. Sew

If you have not been introduced to the British sewing magazine called Sew yet, you are in for some interesting surprises!

Every single year, Sew looks for the next face in the industry of dressmaking. Anyone can participate to flaunt their creativity and skills through this exciting competition. You too can compete here to be the next Dressmaker Of The Year!

Besides, you can learn a lot from its tutorials categorized into three groups of patterns like dressmaking, embroidery and simplicity. So you don’t have to dive into its collection of guides blindly. You will get to pick the one you prefer the most.

On some special occasions, Sew offers additional perks with the purchase of their magazine. For instance, the brand new subscribers will receive fabric bundles and a tote bag pattern as soon as they confirm their subscription. You can also get a professional sewing kit for no extra cost by purchasing magazines in a bundle!

Unlike many of its competitors, Sew has already reached the age of mobile apps. You can check out its official app on both Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Aceville Publications Limited releases a new edition of this magazine every month since their very first issue back in July 2009.

6. Fons & Porter’s Love Of Quilting

Surviving over two decades in the niche market of quilting, Fons and Porter have clearly come a long way since their first published magazine issue in 1999.

The duo has maintained their bond of trust and respect while holding onto their mutual love for quilting. That is why, after seeing their success with this magazine, Fons and Porter also launched a TV show on PBS with the same title.

In addition to their own knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, they also portray other individuals skilled in quilting. The issues feature experts and contributors who are revered in the industry by all quilters.

In general, they focus on tutorials, current trends, inspirational works and three kinds of quilting - traditional, modern and art. The lessons on patterns include bed quilts, baby quilts, throw quilts, table decoration, accessories and corrections. For even more helpful insights, you can explore their blog and Wednesday podcast.

Each year, there are six issues of Fons & Porter’s Love Of Quilting magazine published. Subscribing to them will guarantee home delivery of each issue, along with 12 or more original quilt patterns. Besides, there are other bonus downloads available with its subscription based on the seasonal needs.

7. Classic Sewing

Classic Sewing entered the digital space of sewing-based magazines just a few years back. Its owner publication Victoria Mag proudly announced its launch in late 2015. Since then, this magazine has regularly published four issues every year based on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Christmas.

With every issue, you will get introduced to over 100 pages of sewing patterns, ideas, best practices, expert techniques and more. Especially the quarterly issues come with some extra benefits in the form of two or more full-size patterns! They are delivered with care through a separate envelope to avoid getting torn.

As a result, you will be inspired with new ideas and stay motivated throughout your sewing projects.

Another lovely aspect of Classic Sewing is the adorable children they feature on their covers. Instead of going for the traditional models, this magazine highlights the natural beauty and elegance of babies, while keeping their outfit in focus.

8. Love Sewing

If you have friends in the United Kingdom with similar interest in sewing, you can recommend them to check out this magazine titled Love Sewing. This young British magazine has built a global user-base with their impressive content.

It has been only six years since its first issue released in 2014. Within this time, they have earned the love and trust of seamsters everywhere because of their expert panel! The Love Sewing team includes award-winning veteran dressmakers, textile artists, stitchaholic editors, costumers and authors!

Because of this interesting panel of talents present behind the curtains, Love Sewing succeeds in satisfying the needs of all levels of readers. Be it a beginner or an expert, old or young, man or woman - this magazine has something for everyone. You can also compete with others to win giveaways every issue!

9. Vogue Knitting

Vogue Knitting is a true veteran of sewing magazines. Its first issue came out even before the second World War! In the year of 1932, amid the Great Depression, the love for knitting possessed by Conde Nast found its way to the published pages. Thus the Vogue Knitting saga was born.

Although it saw a long pause from 1969 to 1982, the magazine came back with a bang after the Butterick Company had purchased it. Now Vogue Knitting has secured a strong position among the top-tiered sewing magazines available in the stores.

A team consisting of confident, talented and hardworking women are behind their massive success. Be it Carla Scott as the Editor-in-chief, Lori Horak as the Director of Sales or Lee Ann Dalton as a columnist - it’s a giant women-driven powerhouse running Vogue Knitting.

Along with the digital and printed versions of each issue, you can also tune into Knitting Live sessions and podcasts arranged by this team. There are international tours organized by them at times as well. Its app is available for working on iPhone, Android tablets and Kindle.

10. Just CrossStitch

The last magazine of our list is also one of the oldest sewing magazines out there. Sew Now began its journey by publishing its first ever issue in 1983. This magazine distinguishes itself from most of its competitors by focusing exclusively on counted cross-stitch patterns.

They try to come up with projects which reflect the designs and patterns favorable to the dressmakers who possess intermediate to expert levels of cross-stitch skills. In every issue, they unveil new multiple breathtaking designs for your dressmaking journey.

You can take the fun a little further by implementing the patterns recommended for non-apparel items like decoration as well! They will present these patterns in forms of well-organized charts and photographs, along with detailed instructions.

The USA people and the ones from Canada can get their hands on the printed editions. For all other cross-stitch enthusiasts however, a subscription of the digital edition will be necessary.


As you can see, there is something for everyone in this grand and diverse world of sewing magazines.

Be it basic dressmaking patterns or advanced skills, quilting or cross-stitches - you will definitely find the perfect niche for you in one of these magazines. On the plus side, you get to stay updated with all the latest trends and styles.

While these are the top 10 sewing magazines right now, you can explore the web more to find even more options to choose from. There are special supplements and editions of some of these magazines which can also come in handy.


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