Best Heat Transfer Vinyl 2023: Reviews By an Expert

Success is always a key thing in any person’s life. It is everyone’s joy to start a business and see it grow to a multi-billion empire.

Starting small and gradually upgrading is the key to a prosperous business. There are so many ideas that you can exploit to start a business.

One of such contemporary business ideas that has been on the rise is the T-shirt printing business.

While starting the business, there are several key things that you ought to consider. Although space is important, having the best heat transfer vinyl is the most crucial thing.

No doubt, it is the number one guarantee for a successful and smooth running printing firm.

This article will guide you on the things that should look for and best heat transfer vinyl for shirts available in the market.

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What Is Heat Transfer Vinyl and Why Need To Use It?

To start us off, we need to understand what this heat transfer vinyl is and why it is so essential to any T-shirt printing business.

Well, a vinyl for heat transfer abbreviated as HTV, is a special vinyl with abilities to create designs on certain fabrics. They may be designs for promotional purposes or branding.

The vinyl comes in a roll with an adhesive backing for easy cutting, and weeding. It is then placed on a substrate so as heat can be applied. Alternatively, there are those that come in a sheet form.

For its make, the vinyl is made in single colors with options of either being patterned, glittered, glow-in-the-dark or 3D puff.

Why Is It Important?

There are times that you may want to print designs that are quite large. Using an iron to press may be hectic as the design may fail to come out entirely as you wanted due to many heat pressings.

For this reason, with a heat transfer, you can easily and quickly transfer heat with one press ending up with a finished and good looking product.

Faster & Efficient

Consequently, it is much faster to use and can be used in printing of a large number of t-shirts. This is attributed to the fact that it is available in many designs and printing is one time. Importantly, it can be used or rather suitable for a wide range of materials eliminating the worry of your products notwithstanding the heat.


How long does heat transfer vinyl last? Durability is certainly an issue. It may be disturbing that your t shirt remains intact, yet the design used starts fading away. With the best HTV vinyl, you do not have to worry about this.

They are designed and made to last as long as your t shirt can last, and importantly, to be well visible.

This saves cost as you do not have to reprint after some time.


Again, HTV arguably gives your t shirts that attractive and appealing look. This is due to the fact that they are of high quality and the designs that they create are top notch. Cutting happens by computerized cutters hence the chances of spoiling due to human errors is very unlikely.


Convenience is another important feature that this HTVs add to your business. It may be time wasting creating designs when the demand has arrived or ordered. However, with this vinyl, you have an option of creating and saving in advance and use them in the future without fear of them being damaged when the need arises.


Every business person wants a cost effective method that not only saves money but also delivers a high quality job. Compared to all other t shirt printing methods, the heat transfer vinyl is the most economic.

Interestingly, you do not have to worry about this method. The likelihood that it will destroy your t shirt is minimal.

Our Top 14 Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Picks

Getting to shop in a crowded market with almost similar products can be hectic. It is hence important to have a guide before and know the leading vinyl that you need or should go for. Below are the top heat transfer vinyl for the money;

1. Siser NA EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl

Diversity and flexibility is one of the key features to any business success. It is important to get a product that will offer this two features in one. The Siser Easyweed offers in a great deal this two. It is a combination of both affordability, flexibility and diversity.

With this product, you are guaranteed of fast and easy flow of your printing job. The vinyl comes in a wide range of colors about 12. They are lively and give your t shirt an appealing look. Also, the package comes with a bonus of adhering to nylon.

Again, it has a pressure sensitive carrier. This helps in the cutting of detailed logos while also easily weeding them off. Also, it has the abilities to peel off your designs hot or cold. With this feature, you are able to remove each design as it comes off the press.

Alternatively, instead of peeling them off the press, you can stack them all together and remove after the job is done. The semi-gloss finish can be easily layered and they come in a variety of colors. Other than nylon, it can also adhere to cotton, poly/carbon blends and also polyester either in hot or cold peel.

Also, it has a much thinner and flexible film material which allows it to be ideal for stretching t shirts without cracking or ruining the design.

Awesome Features:

  • Adherence to a wide range of materials
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Pressure sensitive carriers
  • Ability to peel off design either hot or cold
  • Thin and flexible film
  • Very durable and cannot be damaged by constant washing
  • Easy and ready to cut material

2. Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV for T-Shirts

Siser Easyweed is an awesome heat transfer vinyl that works well with T-shirts and other garments. This makes it an ideal product to work with for your garments and t-shirts. Easyweed is a highly durable product and can be used in perfect condition even after washing it several times.

Its excellent durability would make you want to acquire one since you are sure that it will not require regular replacement therefore saving on your money. This Siser product is cut to fit exactly to your design. This therefore means that there will be less waste of material being able to save you big time.

In particular, it works well with cutting mats of 12 by 12” and 12 by 24”. In terms of weeding, the vinyl is easy polyurethane which has a ready to cut material. It is very sticky so once you position, it doesn’t move making it easy to use since it saves on the time you take to press on your shirt.

Moreover, it is designed for an apparel decoration that is customized. The Easyweed is also superb to be used with cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo and Cricut. Other cutting machines that can be used with it include CM 350, CM350R, and CM650W among many others.

Awesome Features:

  • Product measures 13.1 by 2.4 by 1.7 inches
  • Can be used with T-shirts and other garments with a roll of about 12” by 6 feet
  • Highly durably even after multiple washes
  • Is cut to fit your designs, minimizing waste
  • Easily weeded polyurethane with a ready to cut material design
  • Can be used in cutting materials including Silhouette Cameo and Cricut

3. Firefly Craft 12" x 20" Multi color - Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for Cricut

At times, you may want a heat transfer vinyl that goes well with plotting cutters. This will save in buying many cutter accessories. Importantly, you can have a homemade cutter that you would want to work with. The Firefly craft Heat transfer vinyl offers such.

This product works well with almost – if not entirely – all plotting cutters and easily adheres to fabric both heat pressed and household flat iron.

Again, it is much easy to weed than other products. This is attributed to the fact that the manufacturers have made it in such a way that it is easy to use. Its stretching abilities allows it to almost look as part of the cloth as it is thin hence easy to be layered.

With its pressure sensitive sticky back carrier layer, it allows for mistakes correction by sticking it back on the carrier for easy weeding. Also, its larger size ensures that that you have a bonus of about 8 inches in case of an error to act as a replacement.

Consequently, you can use the extra for additional designs. The vinyl comes in a wide range of vibrant colors giving your t shirts life and an attractive look. These colors also allow you to create a number of colorful and attractive designs. You can also customize to your preference or a client’s penchant.

Awesome Features:

  • Ideal with almost all plotting cutters
  • Easy weeding
  • Unique stretching abilities
  • Thin hence can be easily layered
  • Pressure sensitive back carrier
  • Additional size for extra designing
  • Vibrant and attractive looking colors

4. Siser EasyWeed 15" x 5ft Roll- Best Iron on Vinyl

Siser have known to be one of the best heat transfer vinyl manufactures in printing industry. They not only produce quality products but also a wide range to that suit specific features.

In fact, statistically, they are the most trusted HTV manufacturers. For them, durability, affordability, and above all, quality is the motivation towards producing great HTV.

This particular product comes quite large hence offers extra designing material. They are durable when used correctly and can in fact outlast your t shirt fabric.

Again, it is quite economical in terms of electricity use. This is because, compared to other rival product, this one uses lower temperatures.

Its backing has an option of lifting either hot or cold and has minimal lift during weeding. Its likelihood of being damaged by constant washing is also minimal due to the high quality.

This vinyl paper is also significantly thin, hence easy for multi layers by offering a second track application. 

It also has a pressure sensitive carrier, offering quite a number of designs on a number of fabric. The vinyl also goes well with most cutting machines like portrait, CM250, Cricut and Silhouette Cameo.

It also fits to wash using machine although it is recommended at low temperatures. Hand washing is however the most advisable.

Awesome Features:

  • Offers extra designing as it is large
  • Low temperature use makes very economical
  • An option of lifting it hot or cold without fear of damaging
  • Stretching abilities hence not easily damaged
  • Pressure sensitive carrier
  • Suitable for quite a number of cutters

5. Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Bundle Variety Pack Assortment for T Shirts Fabric

Getting a variety at an affordable price is very inviting. Again, we all want colors that can be inviting assorted in one. With this product, you do not have to worry on such issues. You will get a pack that is sorted in good and attractive manner.

Plus, having a variety to choose from allows you to maneuver in different designs and shapes. In short, this product will just bring you out of your comfort zone.

For starters, it is one of the easiest to use vinyl. You simply heat press the flat sheets with either an iron or a heat press. In the end, you will end up with well accustomed t shirts or other cloth wear that you want to create. Importantly, due to its easy usage, you can simply teach kids how to make designs at the comfort of your home.

It also works well with a wide range of cutters both professional and homemade. Again, its weeding and ironing process is much faster compared to other counterparts. A proactive film on the product helps in ensuring that there is no threat of scratches.

Its adhesive carrier helps beginners in printing have an easy time. The sheets are also ready to cut. This particular product is machine washable and very eco-friendly. The material is of high quality hence the fears of fading are completely eliminated.

Awesome Features:

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for a wide range of cutters
  • Proactive film that helps reduce scratching
  • Adhesive carrier
  • Durable and high quality material
  • Ready to cut sheets

6. U-ZM Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts

You may have come across some t shirt that have very cool colors and wondered how on earth such beauty was created. The transformation is may be quite great that the t shirt looks entirely different. This is what the U-ZM heat transfer vinyl offers.

The vinyl will give your cloth a complete transformation that it will look completely new and very attractive. You will be an eye turner on the streets!

Statistically, the U-ZM has the most notorious sheets about 16. This many sheets allow you to have variety to combine with your t shirts. Its thin nature allows it to be easily used in a wide range of cutting machines. The cutters can either be professional or casual ones. It also has a pressure sensitive carrier, hence you do not have to worry about cutting troubles.

The product is made of PVC that are environment friendly and can be used by anyone without fear of harm. Again, from several experiments, the product has been found to be resistant to washing in that it cannot be damaged.

Even after over 50 different washing approaches, the vinyl original color still remains intact. This is because of the high quality manufacturing material.

Awesome Features:

  • A large number of colorful sheets
  • Uniquely thin for easy cutting
  • Fits quite a number of cutters
  • Pressure sensitive feature
  • Environment friendly PVC material
  • Durable and high quality

7. JANDJPACKAGING Assorted Colors 12 Sheets

JANDJPACKAGING is a pack of assorted 12 colored sheets that contains environment friendly polyurethane material. The product also comprises a heavy duty HTV with Teflon sheet. This allows you to make your unique design and transfer it to your cloth. It works with a variety of materials including bags, t-shirts and pants.

JANDPACKAGING is a highly compatible vinyl that works best with Silhouette Cameo, Cricut and many other heat press machines. The product contains manageable sized transfer papers measuring 12” by 10” hence the handling of the sheets are easy as well as transferring them.

It’s therefore convenient to prep your individual design on canvas shoes or hand bags. In addition, the bundle contains twelve popular assorted colors which include, royal blue, black, silver, white, yellow, pink and green among others. The film also has a perfect weight that will suite your needs.

JANPACKAGING also includes easy to cut material which is ready thus good for custom garments. You get an easy-to-weed polyurethane that is durable hence remains in its original condition even after washing it severally.

The product is also an ideal gift choice for festive costumes and occasional gifts since items made from it look very professional. Not to forget, this one is what we tag as the perfect heat transfer vinyl for silhouette cameo.

Awesome Features:

  • Contains environment friendly PU material
  • Has a heavy duty heat transfer vinyl (with Teflon)
  • Contains customized heat transfer sheets: 12” by 10” thus manageable
  • Comes in a variety of colors to choose from: 12 assorted colors
  • Easy to weed and cut using both Silhouette Cameo and Cricut machines
  • Can be a good choice for a gift by giving a perfect professional look

8. Siser Easyweed 15" x 3' Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll

Siser Easywood is an affordable HTV that presses the easiest. When looking for a HTV that has easy pressing, you would go for this product. It works so perfectly with your clothes that you would always love it.

When it comes to weeding, it is much easier with this product as it does it so easily. Layering is also very easy using the Easywood and works with several color combinations so you don’t have to worry.

While used with a Cameo, the Siser product works well especially when you use the correct temperatures in its application. When working with t shirts, Siser Easywood does a superb job. It works faster when you are in a rush since the tape that holds the rolls comes off easily without much struggle.

It also lasts longer when compared to other vinyl products. You have a vinyl that does not stick to the shirt therefore leaving the shirt stainless and in its good condition. When used with heat press, Siser Easywood gives superb results by also not sticking to your shirts.

This product when used with a Cricut, works exceedingly well. It bonds well with an iron with steady pressure and cuts easily. When making an order for this product, make sure you consider the size of the roll for it to work perfectly. I am sure you will love this after looking at its features.

Awesome Features:

  • It measures 15 by 1.3 by 1 inches
  • Durable polyurethane material due to its flexibility feature that is high
  • Strong grip as well as soft hand making the garment last longer
  • Works well with Cricut and Cameo products

9. JANDJPACKAGING HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

For a well-established printing business, buying in bulk is often one of the best strategies. This is for the sake of beating a high demand order that may be placed or at hand. Importantly, having backup vinyl stored is important.

This is exactly what the Jandjpacking Heat Transfer Vinyl offers. It comes in a very affordable bundle that has 36 packs, all in different yet very attractive colors.

To begin, it is a very economical bundle. The manufacturer has made the vinyl from very durable and high quality material. It is estimated that if properly applied, it can outlive your t shirt. Its iron on transfer is thicker than the rivals in the market. The vinyl offers a custom decal craft.

This ensures that you have room for your own personalized design projects. When it comes to environmental care, the product stands out over most in the market. Its heat transfer are eco-friendly, hence easy to use and safe. All this is thanks to the adhesive backed vinyl fabric that is ironed or heat pressed.

Importantly, the material is SGS certified and comes on a clear carrier sheet. Also, the pressure sensitive features allow for easy cutting and over a number of cutters.

Awesome Features:

  • Custom decal crafts
  • Its thick iron on transfer
  • Ideal with a wide range of cutters
  • Adhesive backed
  • SGS certified
  • Pressure sensitive features
  • High quality and durable manufacturing material

10. VINYL FROG 9.8x60(0.8x5ft) PU Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Vinyl Frog Glitter is one of the outstanding HTVs that beautifies your designs with appealing colors including gold, silver, red and black. Each of these rolls comes with a handcrafted vinyl of 0.8 by 5ft inch.

This product also has an excellent durability even after being washed repeatedly. It can be washed over 30 times on the home launder-ometer at a temperature of 40 degrees. The product still remains in good condition.

Vinyl Frog is easy to weed and transfer to your apparel. Moreover, you can use various heat press machines and die-cut to iron it perfectly to your garments. This makes the whole process of weeding and transferring to be easy and fast thereby saving on your precious time.

This product has a large size making it enough to accommodate all your design needs. It has a size of 9.8” by 60” hence giving you a chance to unbridle all your imaginations with its glitter color. You therefore should not have fears of running out of material.

Customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed with Vinyl Frog as it arrives with a 30-day guarantee. You can therefore return the product or even get refunds if you are not satisfied with this product for whichever reason whatsoever.

Awesome Features:

  • The package has dimensions of 9.8 by 1.5 by 1.5 inches
  • Consists of eye-catching colors: silver, red, blue, pink, gold, confetti etc.
  • Suitable with most fabrics such as cotton, polyester and cotton blend
  • Excellent durability even after several washings
  • Easy to weed and transfer to your fabrics and works with most heat transfer machines
  • Has a large size to suite your most demanding needs: 9.8” by 60”

11. XPCARE Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts, 20 Pack

Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts, 20 Pack

if Looking for and iron on vinyl with will fit with your customize hoodies, hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts. This this XPCARE HTV is a very good choice.

This is made possible by the smooth craft vinyl which easily works with Silhouette Cameo and Cricut machines. This product is easy to cut and transfer to your fabric.

This is because weeding is easy to do and you can use the Cricut to make a nice and decent cut. More so, the vinyl is thicker than the Cricut iron hence works perfectly.

The roll comes with a variety of colors to choose – from including 2 black and white sheets, hot pink, navy blue, orange red, yellow – that gives you an array of options with clean edges that do not fade, peel nor crack.

This HTV is made from a high quality polyurethane that makes it easy to weed and wash it using a machine. Moreover, it allows you to create elaborate designs since the edges do not plake, peel nor crack.

The vinyl is also eco-friendly since it is SGS certified, and therefore, you can wear it safely after it has been applied on the fabric using hot iron. This also makes it easily and quickly applicable.

This product is also provided in a durable storage folio with instructions. Therefore, you don’t have to worry since they will stretch with your fabrics hence maintaining their adhesiveness even after multiple washes.

Awesome Features:

  • Easily customized as it comes in different colors thus having a variety
  • Best heat transfer vinyl for cricut and Silhouette Cameo since they can be integrated
  • Easy to wash using machine as well as weed
  • Materials are eco-friendly thus durable and safe to wear
  • Retains adhesiveness as it stretches with natural movement of fabric

12. MiPremium PU Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV

MiPremium PU HTV is the great choice of HTV vinyl when you want to make custom materials for your team and co-operate wear. It is one of the superb ways of customizing materials for sports teams, individuals and businesses. MiPremium is a ready to cut material that works well for customized garments decoration.

It has a film that is easy to cut and weed making it easy and comfortable to weed and cut fine and small designs. You will find it as the perfect HTV film patch for detailed and high quality designs to provide conspicuous letters, numbers, symbols and logos for t-shirts, sports wears and other garments that require elaborate designs.

Moreover, it is superb for both multi-layer and single color applications. The MiPremium is ideal for individuals who would wish to have their custom t-shirts at home. Also, it is perfect for businesses that wish to promote their brands as well as their needs on staff branding and team clothing.

The vinyl product contains a thin design which makes it attain high levels of stretch and elasticity making it feel as part of your garment. However, it still has high durability and is able to endure frequent washing as it doesn’t fade, crack nor peel.

Awesome Features:

  • Thin for flexibility and stretch but strong and highly durable making it last longer
  • Highly suitable for most fabrics and adheres to both iron and heat press. It is therefore perfect for detailed and quality designs
  • Easy to weed and cut using either Cricut, Silhouette Cameo or any other crafting machines
  • Contains 10 pre-cut ready to use sheets measuring 10” by 12” thus easy to handle

13. VVIVID+ Black Premium Line Heat Transfer Garment Vinyl Film

VVIVID+ HTV is made for professionals after it was redesigned to completely eliminate creasing using a liner to keep your film safe and sturdy. Creasing would mainly occur as you unroll a HTV that had been stored for long.

When applying the vinyl on t-shirts, you really need to be careful and follow instructions properly. Otherwise, you risk destroying most of your garments. However, it gives a good design.

This vinyl is set to work perfectly with silhouette Cameo and Cricut machines. It is also fitted with cool-bond technology that requires it to be left to cool after iron or heat press before you remove the liner.

Upon, cooling it becomes easy to weed and transfer. VVIVID+ comes with a detachable flex liner fitted with anti-wrinkle technology so that creases cannot occur. This keeps it adhesive and safe, especially when unrolling it.

When compared with previous products, the VVIVID+ HTV offers 300% more stretch making it highly durable and able even to outlast the garment itself. HTV requires a sharp blade during cutting and weeding since it is thicker as compared to most craft films.

It requires heat press for 10-15 seconds before it is left to cool for perfect results. This product comes with cut guarantee making the film to shine in plotting small to highly detailed designs.

Awesome Features:

  • Measures 12” by 3ft
  • Works perfectly with Silhouette Cameo and Cricut machine and may take 25-40 seconds
  • Has cool bond technology that requires cooling before peeling
  • Easily weeded, cut and transferred upon cooling
  • Comes with a flex liner to prevent creasing
  • Has 300% more stretch compared to previous products thus more durable
  • Is highly redesigned therefore must be left to cool before transfer is done

14. Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts, 16 Pack

The U-ZM contains the most popular sheets, which are 16 in number with assorted colors and meet your requirements to print the colors on your clothes making them look different.

It contains a design of 12 by 12 inch to enable it to operate cutting machines more accurately, and in particular, Silhouette Cameo and Cricut machines among many others. Cutting and weeding are therefore so easy and can be peeled after heat press while still warm.

The U-ZM has a slim design that allows easy cutting and better breathing. In addition, PVC materials are used for environmental protection hence applicable to everyone. The vinyl is proved to be durable and shines as bright as the original color even after being washed 50 times.

It is therefore long lasting and would be an ideal vinyl to help you save on money as they don’t need replacements. They provide guaranteed customer satisfaction as the product comes with 100% warranty. Therefore, unhappy customers can return the product or seek assistance.

Amazing Features:

  • Comes with a variety of colored sheets: 16 in number
  • Works perfectly with silhouette Cameo and Cricut machines
  • Easy to cut and peel off even while still warm
  • Has a slim design for easy cutting and breathing

Top-Quality Heat Transfer Vinyl Buying Guide: What To Look?

Any product that you intend to buy, especially those that are available in many models, the key thing to consider is quality. The heat transfer vinyls are no exemption.

It is then important that you invest in the best iron on vinyl for easy operation of your business. There are several things to look for while investing in a HTV. Below is a guide to what you ought to watch;

Durability Guarantees Quality

Ensure that the HTV you buy has a very minimal chance to either fade or peel off. There are others that even crack after some time. Washing will tell if the vinyl you used is durable or not as poor quality ones will tend to show such signs.

A high standard vinyl is occasionally thin for easy cutting and transfer. Our above review will come in handy in determining the quality.

Flexibility And Diversity Is Key

Appealing colors tend to be eye catching. They bring the sense of life and joy. Vinyls come with many color combinations that is why they have been widely used in the t shirt industry.

However, they are not always in colors that may be attractive. For this reason, ensure that you go for a combination of colors that tend to add life to your design and are diverse. Color range gives you room to manipulate more designs than having a specific color.


Cost is one of the major factors for any shopper. We all want a quality product at a fair price. The HTVs are not that costly. Most of them come at good price and of high quality. However, the cost will depend entirely on you and your preferences.

The above reviewed products, for example, are of high quality and very affordable. You can look at them to arrive at what suits your pocket and the design you intend to create.


There are tools that tend to be complemented by others, for them to work perfectly. Accessories are mainly the cutters, either machine or manually done. Ensure then that you know what yours are.

It is recommended that you go for those that are machine enabled to eliminate the human error of staining. Again, they are much fast to use and operate and makes works easy and fast.

Easy Operation is Important

This is arguably one of the most challenging thing in any shoppers mind. We all want that tool that is easy to use and less complicated in its operation. Now to many, printing may just look like a walk in the park. What many fail to note is that not all HTVs are easy to use.

It is then important to ensure that you have a clear understanding on how to use it before you buy any of this tool.

Save yourself some headache! In case of difficulties, however, it is important to consult the manual, or alternatively, the manufacturers for assistance.

Avoid Getting Counterfeits, Buy Correct

In this contemporary world and the rise in technology, many of us tend to go for easy ways to buy stuff. E commerce has been on the rise in the recent years. These are consequently platforms for many shoppers misery of being duped to buying fake products.

It is then prudent that you buy from legit and authorized dealers to guarantee safety of your money. You may buy from a particular company’s official website. Again, any authorized dealer is always listed in all official websites of the manufacture. Take caution not to get duped.

How To Use It?

Like we had earlier stated in the guide section, many people tend to buy stuff that they are not completely aware of their operation. The HTVs are no special case. In fact, many assume that they are easy to use as printing is considered an easy task.

However, many products available in the market vary in terms of how complex they can be while using. For this reason, it is vital to ensure you check before buying.

Most of the vinyl are used by pressure as the most common mode of use. Specialist advise that you go for the those vinyl that require very minimal pressure as they are the easiest to use. Less pressure ones are also economical as they use less power, saving you on electricity.

Another way is the temperature transfer. While some may require cooler temperature, other would need hotter environs. For this reason, experts advice that you go for those that need hotter temperatures. They argue that they have a much better sticking abilities are long lasting.

Let the operation not be hectic. Save yourself some trouble and headaches. This simple steps ought to help you out in helping you have a clue of how to use this products.

Types of HTV Available

From our earlier definition, a heat transfer vinyl abbreviated as HTV, is a special vinyl with abilities to create designs on certain fabrics. They may be designs for promotional purposes or branding.

Majorly, the most common type of heat transfer vinyl is the called the Siser. Siser are available in different type like the Easyweed, Easyweed stretch, Easyweed electric, and Easyweed extra which are basically the most common.

The Easyweed is made friendly to iron and is the most common of the HTV. The Easyweed stretch is made thin and stretches to ensure its perfect for designing tight fitting clothes without them cracking when worn.

Again, the Easyweed electric is perfect for pressure sensitivity as it comes with a pressure carrier for easy cutting. Importantly, they can also be layered.

With the Easyweed extra, it’s a combination of almost all the others with an additional bonus of adhering to nylon and you can peel your design hot or cold. It is the perfect to go for.

Others that are worth mentioning is the siser glitter, holographic that contains color changing chips, the stripFlock that is a great substitute of embroidery.

Consequently, there is also the siser brick 600 that is perfect for small sized logos and designs. Most of the HTV product comes with a pressure sensitive carrier hence easy to cut or remove.

It is important to ensure that you have well researched on the products before buying any. Our review above, for instance, is the perfect reference when you are shopping for any of this products.

Top Rated Heat Transfer Vinyl Brands on the Market

While buying from a well-known brand is associated with trust and quality, it can also save you time trying to look from a wide range. Importantly, you are likely able to avoid counterfeits.

The heat transfer vinyl also has leading brands in the market. Below are the top 4 brands heat transfer vinyl for shirts in the market that will definitely guarantee value for your money;

1. Walakut

Although they are among the most recent in the market, the have made quite a reputation for themselves. They are known of producing heat transfer vinyls that are thick, stretching and lay-able in their design.

2. Chemica

This French founded company is well known for innovation in HTV products created for textiles. Their operation have spread out of France to many countries, especially to the United States.

3. Stahl’s

As many will agree, the Stahl is arguably the most renowned company of all and the leading manufacturer of a wide range of HTV. They also produce heat press machines. It is An American Company and the best you can find in the market as per statistics.

4. Thermoflex

As per statistics, this company close rivals with the Siser as they manufacture products with almost similar features and looks. The products however are of high quality and a real value of your money.

Safety Issues To Consider When You Use an HTV

Safety is the most important thing to look for while working. It does not matter how easy a job may look or seem. There is always the importance of ensuring your safety before you even begin it.

Using heat transfer vinyl is no exemption. There are several measures that you need to look before you start and while working.

Keep Away Loose Clothes and Long Hair

For starters, make sure that if you have long hair, it is nicely tied at the back and lose clothes that can be easily trapped are tucked away.

In case you do not want to tie your hair, it is prudent that you have a head gear on for easy working and avoiding distraction or damaging your hair.

Put on Hand Gloves

Most of the time, whatever you may be handling will have higher chances of being hot. While it may be important to watch out what you are touching, it is also ideal to have heat resistant gloves.

This way, you will be able to avoid minor burns, or in extreme cases, very severe burns,

Keep Track of Time

Time is also another key factor to consider. Most design require a specific time to ensure that they perfectly come out. Ensure then that you have time in mind by having a clock at your workstation.

This way, you will be able to avoid either having less heated designs or damages due to over timing.

Work in a Well-ventilated Area

Your health should be your number one priority always. There are vinyls that may, in a way, have or emit fumes that can be harmful or irritating. It is hence important to ensure that your working area is well ventilated for proper air circulation.

Make sure that you are guaranteed of proper breathing and chances of harm are eliminated.

Know Your Tools

Another safety measure you may consider is ensuring that you have proper knowledge of the tools you are operating and what accessory goes with what.

This way, you are guaranteed of avoiding mix ups that may otherwise hinder the operations of your work or even damage your machinery or the t shirts entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is a common thing for every product review + buying guide to have this section. It helps in answering some of the common queries that you ought to know before buying or even after. Below are some of the commonly asked questions.

Q. On average what is the Price of heat transfer vinyl?

A. There is no specific price fixed for that matter of a heat transfer vinyl. Most of them vary from as low as $6. However, depending on the number you buy, companies tend to give bonuses from that.

Q. Is vinyl able to be stuck on leather?

A. Yes. It is very possible to stick vinyl on leather. However, you need to have a cover sheet over the decal to ensure that your leather is protected before you do the real sticking. Most of leather sticking are done using a little cold heat.

Q. Is it possible to use a heat transfer vinyl on Polyester?

A.  There is a chance that they can work on the polyester. However, not all can work as polyester are known to be quite sensitive materials. It is advisable that you check if before buying to ensure that you get the right ones.

Final Verdict

From the above review, you can now boast of being well guided to shop for the best heat transfer vinyl. All the reviewed products are perfect to keep your t shirt printing business kicking and running.

It is important to ensure however that you go for the top quality to save time and eliminate the risks of faults. Importantly, go for what suits your needs and the size of your business.


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