Best Mat Cutters 2023 : Top 7 Model Reviews By An Expert

Art is fuel for the soul, a statement made by human that life is worth living.

Art doesn’t bring food on the table, nor does it earn livelihood. But it’s the humanoid way of making life more tolerable.

It can be a beautiful painting, a sublime oeuvre, or moments captured in photos, forever frozen.

Whatever the form is, they’re worth keeping nearby, preserving them, and cherishing them.  And thanks to materials like mats, the task is easier than ever.

Mats increase the visual appeal of a photo, painting or artwork while also protecting it from the frame and other environmental damages.

But cutting a mat with accuracy is something of an art itself. More often than not, people do a botched job and end up settling for unattractive, poorly framed pictures.

With the best mat cutter in hand, that won’t be the case. You’ll be getting a sleek, well-cut mat every time. It’ll allow you to completely customize your framed artwork for a fraction of cost.

Sounds interesting? We’re just warming up. We’ve got everything you need to know about top mat cutters in this salacious package of information. So, keep reading.

Our 7 Best Mat Cutters - Reviews in 2023

1. Logan Graphics 301-1Compact Classic Portable Mat Cutter

We kick off our list with this amazing mat cutter from Logan Graphics. This would be your ideal cutter if you want a piece of equipment that delivers incredible results without being too harsh to your pocket.

First off, this cutter assures you of excellent and precise cutting. This professional mat cutter delivers high-quality and flawless precision when cutting those mats. It can easily be used for both professional and DIY projects. 

It features a bevel cutting head, along with a mat knife that promises you straight cuts. Furthermore, there is a parallel mat guide that helps to offer you better cutting options and potential.

We loved the fact that the cutting length is very much customizable. This makes it friendly to any project you may be having. You can adjust it to meet your preference and artwork needs. This cutter comes with an open end that lets you cut as long as you want.

All you will need to do is slide the mat board across the cutter and it will do the magic.

If you are concerned about the thickness limit, this cutter works with a 4-ply mat board standard thickness. Plus, it uses the Logan 270 blades to cut through the material.

So yes, this cutter might be able to deliver professional cutting, but its compact design makes it the best mat cutter for home use. It does feature a fitted carry handle to let you move it around with ease.

When you buy this machine, you will get a cutting board, straight cut knife, bevel cutter, mat guide, as well as an instructional manual.

There are also five extra blades to keep you going for a long time. Many would say that this is very high-quality mat cutter because of its top features and excellent delivery.

Notable Features:

  • Compact design with inbuilt carry handle for easy portability
  • Adjustable cutting length
  • Open-ended for infinite cutting
  • Added accessories for better mat board cutting
  • Parallel mat guide for advanced cutting options
  • 4-ply mat board standard thickness
  • Very efficient to making photo frames at home

2. NT MAT-45P Mat Board Cutter

If you need a tool that can cut 45-degree angle bevel on your matboard, here is a great piece for you. It’s also quite affordable.

The MAT-45P cutter comes with a compact design to not only let you carry it around with ease but also to give you better control with your mats boards. It features an aluminum die-cast slide grip that will not slide off your hand when you are cutting your mats.

Furthermore, the cutter features a non-slip rubber base-sheet that holds on tightly to the mat. This feature also helps to keep straight edges in place as you are cutting.

And yes, this cutter also comes with an adjustable blade depth. You can increase or decrease the blade depth with regard to the material thickness. It comes with the 45-degree bevel straight cut that makes it ideal for the 45-degree bevel edges.

You can cut those edges and then join them later for an impressive corner. The cutter features 4 cutting edges to deliver precise cutting.

We have to mention that this cutter comes with a blade that retracts back automatically. That features makes the cutter efficient and safe to use. In other words, there will be limited chances of injuring yourself accidentally when you’re not using the blade.

By the way, the chromium and carbon tool steel blade assures you of durability. Also, this means that it will resist any rust or corrosion. If you will be making frames for your photos, this tool would be your great friend to help you with that. This can also be considered the best mat cutter for photography on this list.

Notable Features:

  • Made from chromium and carbon tool steel
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • The base sheet is made of slip-resistant rubber to keep straight edges in place
  • Retractable blade (when not in use)
  • Features an aluminum die-cast slide grip for better handling

3. Logan Graphics 450-1 Elite Mat Cutter

This is another great cutter from Logan Graphics, which assures you of accurate cutting with limited errors. This would be a great cutter for artists out there.

The Elite 450-1 Artist Mat Cutter is a big tool that has a 40-inch cutting capacity. This makes it ideal for large projects. It features a straight cutter and pull-style bevel cutter that let you glide the cutter over mats easily.

There’s also a parallel mat guide, along with scaled measuring bar, production stops, and hinging guide rail. All these features grant you precision when cutting your material. You won’t have to worry about cutting or framing your boards because the machine is quite easy to use. The parallel mat guide helps you to have better control with your material and minimize the mistakes made.

In terms of the adjustability, this baby doesn’t disappoint. You can adjust it to meet your artwork needs and personal preferences. Plus, Logan Graphic throws in five extra blades that assure you of convenience with your mat board cutting projects.

There is a measuring ruler onboard, which allows you to measure how and where you will be cutting. We loved the simplicity of this cutter. Anybody can use it – even a beginner.

If you are cutting the mat board and you needed to stop at a specific point, just use the stop feature and you’ll be good to go.

However, you should keep in mind that this cutter works perfectly with thick mat boards and not paper. But if you are working with thin paper like watercolor paper, you can place some mat board beneath them to let you deliver better cutting.

The best part of it all is that the cutter comes with an informative DVD to guide you on how to use it accordingly.

Notable Features:

  • 40-inch cutting capacity
  • Straight cutter and pull-style bevel cutter for precise cutting
  • Parallel mat guide for better control
  • Adjustable cutter
  • Measuring ruler onboard lets you get accurate measures
  • Stop feature for stopping where needed
  • Informative DVD for guiding you on how to use the cutter

4. Logan Graphics 4000 Deluxe Mat Cutter

If you prefer a one-handed cutter for your mat boards, this baby from Logan Graphics would suit you perfectly.

This cutter comes with a marker bar system that lets you have faster and better marking. The 4000 Deluxe Mat Cutter is the most-advanced handheld mat cutter from Logan Graphics. What got our attention on this cutter is the pivot-and-pull blade that comes with an ergonomic handle. This feature gives you better control and it saves you time when cutting through your mat boards.

It delivers full-bevel cuts on any mat board. But it can also cut foam core. However, you’ll need to use a mat board underneath to achieve better cuts.

There is a blade slot that will prevent the blade from flexing. In other words, this will give you straighter cuts on your projects. And yes, there’s also a start-stop indicator to help you control the cuts and get rid of the over-cuts.

This unit uses the Logan 270 blade, which is known to deliver impressive cuts on mat boards. The blade is also very much upgradable to suit your preferences and artwork needs. This one can be used on craft paper, mat boards, foam boards, and also photographs. You can also upgrade this baby for use on the Adapt-A-Rule straight edge.

So, if you need a compact and convenient tool that will deliver clean cuts on different materials, this little fella would serve you right. I would recommend this to first-timers and amateurs.

Notable Features:

  • Compact design
  • Features a marker bar that assures you of fast marking on the material
  • Start and stop indicator prevents over-cutting
  • Uses the Logan 270 blade
  • Comes with five extra blades
  • Pivot-and-pull blade with an ergonomic blade for precision and comfort

5. Dexter-Russell 54150

If you are on a tight budget and you need a reliable mat cutter for your projects at home, this model wouldn’t be a bad pick for you.

The Dexter-Russell 54150 mat cutter comes with a compact design to give you better control when working on your projects. This cutter is made of cast aluminum to keep it sturdy for a long time. It is also coated to prevent it from catching rust and corrosion.

This baby can cut both beveled edges and straight edges. Out of the mat board cutters on our list, this is the only one that can cut freehand shapes. It gives you better control and allows you to cut your projects with a touch of uniqueness.

If you do a lot of arts and craft, you’d enjoy working with this cutter. We loved how convenient this baby feels in the hand. It comes with a nice, molded shape that fits comfortably in the hand. With this design, you can be confident of working with a convenient cutter that offers comfort and delivers impressive cuts too.

The cutter comes with a knob that adjusts the blade to any depth or angle. Being an adjustable cutter, this baby proves to be efficient to the artists. Furthermore, it comes along with five extra No.3 blades to let you replace when one gets blunt.

Notable Features:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Made of cast aluminum for sturdiness and durability
  • Chrome plated to resist rust and corrosion
  • Delivers free-hand shapes
  • It can cut both beveled and straight edges
  • Ergonomic design to fit comfortably in the hand

6. X-ACTO Board Cutter

6.	X-ACTO Board Cutter

Precision and better control are some of the things that artists look whenever they are picking a board cutter. Luckily, this one delivers just as you would want.

This cutter comes with a unique and different design from other models on this list. The X-ACTO Board Cutter comes in the design of a knife. So yes, this one is operated with a single hand. It means that you will have better control when cutting your projects. This also gives you better control.

The X-ACTO comes with an ergonomic design that will comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. You can use it to cut through mat boards, illustration board, plastic, sheet metal, and even foam boards.

Plus, this one has been made to cut at 45 and 90-degree angles. It can cut up to 7/16" deep of the material. Therefore, you need to be extra choosy with the material thickness when using this cutter. We have to mention that the cutter comes with a carbon steel blade that delivers reliable cuts. Furthermore, this means that the blade will resist any rust or corrosion. And yes, it is durable enough.

If you need to replace the blade, nothing should stop you. The cutter comes with two extra #8R retractable utility knife blades.

Notable Features:

  • One-hand operation design
  • Made of carbon steel blade for durability and rust/corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic design to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Designed to cut 45 and 90-degree angles
  • Comes with two #8R Retractable Utility Knife Blades
  • It can cut up to 7/16” deep of material

7. Dexter-Russell ALV390 Mat Cutter

While most of the mat cutter reviews out there show that Dexter-Russell delivers reliable cutters for working on matt boards and other boards. The ALV390 is among the top cutters that come with a simple design but capable of delivering precise cuts.

This is the last product on our list, but it still manages to do a decent job. The first thing you’d notice about this cutter is the fact that it comes with a minimalist design. It has been designed to fit in one hand and offer you better control when cutting your boards.

The ALV390 Mat Cutter is made of stainless steel. Everybody knows that steel is a good resistor of rust and corrosion. However, you’ll still have to store the cutter in a dry place to extend its lifespan. It also comes with durable hardwood handles to give you extra comfort when using it.

The cutter lets you cut curves in the mat boards with ease. There is a guard at the back of the blade holder. This feature prevents the blade from widening the cutting angle. This one can cut a 45-degree angle, which is what most artists want.

Notable Features:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Delivers 45-degree angle cuts
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Features a guard at the back of the blade holder for preventing the blade from widening beyond 45 degrees.
  • Adjustable cutting depth

Things To Consider Before Buying  Mat Cutters

Things To Consider Before Buying  Mat Cutters

So, that is the list of our best mat cutters we thought are worth buying. But as usual, one man’s meat is another’s poison. Maybe you haven’t been fully satisfied with any of the mat cutters we just reviewed. Does that mean that it’s the end of the road for you? Certainly not.

We started giving you the needed information and we will help you further. We’ll give you the needed tips for picking the perfect mat cutter for your projects. Here are some of the things you should look out for before buying a specific mat cutter.

Mat Guide

Any tool out there must allow the user to control it accordingly. The more you can control the tool, the better results you would get.

That being said, you need to ensure that you pick a cutter with guided cutting. It should let you guide how you want to cut the mat board and where you will make the cut. The cutter must have a reliable mat guide to let you achieve accurate cuts. This also assures you of limited mistakes.

Size/Design/Intent of Use

Another thing to consider when you are going to shop for a mat cutter is how you intend to use it. What will you be cutting? Will you be cutting mat boards for photography or general art and craft?

Most art and craft projects will need a compact, hand-held mat cutter that is easy to use. They can also create multiple shapes as the artists need. If you have a large project to work on, go for a large cutter that can handle plenty of mat boards in the shortest time.


The field of art covers a range of areas. For that matter, you should choose a mat cutter that can serve different purposes. Well, it can only be used to cut, but it should let you cut through different boards and mats.

Whether you need to cut through mat boards, paper, metal sheets, foam boards, or any other related material, the cutter should let you do so. Ideally, consider a cutter that comes with different blades that are suitable for different materials.


If you have noticed, most of the mat cutters on our list go for less than $100. But that doesn’t mean that you should replace one after every few months. Even if they might be affordable, you must ensure that you choose a mat cutter that is durable enough.

The durability of a mat cutter is all about the material used. Ideally, go for cutters made from carbon steel, or cast aluminum. It would be better if the cutter is coated or plated to reduce corrosion and rust.

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to have a headache just because the mat cutter they purchased is complicated to use. If you are a beginner, always ensure that you go for one that is user-friendly. Suppose you go for a cutter that is complicated to use, you will end up messing up your projects and making unnecessary cuts altogether.

If you don’t have a clue of how the cutter is used, check that there is a user manual or DVD to guide you accordingly.


The price is a general factor to consider when picking any tool or item out there. You should always go for the cutter that falls in your set budget. Don’t just buy a cutter because it has the highest rating or because you saw your friend with the same. Stick to your budget at all times.

Above all, choose a mat cutter that meets your preferences and your artwork needs. That way, you can always be sure of getting the right mat board cutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I get curves and hooks in my bevel cuts?

Normally, hooks and curves will be caused by a dull blade or a deep blade depth. To fix this, you can adjust the depth of your blade or replace the dull blade.

Q: Can I use my mat cutter to cut metal and other materials?

Yes, most of these mat cutters come with blades that can penetrate foam boards, mat boards, paper, and even metal sheets. However, read the user instruction before you use the blade on metal sheets.

Q: How long will the blades last?

The durability of your mat cutter blade will depend on how frequently you use it, the material you are cutting, and the size of the mat board. Materials like cotton-based rag board or the black core mat board are tougher on the blade.

This will then force you to replace it too often. Generally, a regular 11x14 mat board with an 8x10 opening can cut up to 10 openings before requiring a replacement. Some blades are reversible, which allows you to flip them when one side gets dull.

Q: Can I use a different blade on the mat cutter?

No. These cutters come with customized blades that fit in there perfectly. If you use a different blade, it might not fit in the cutter. Instead, only use the extra blades provided when you purchased the cutter.

Final Word

So, we have come to the end of our mat cutter reviews. We believe that you now have some information to guide you whenever you want to shop for the best mat cutter. Keep in mind that you must always consider what you prefer and relate it to your project needs.

As long as you get a mat cutter that perfectly meets your project needs, you can be sure of getting good results. Don’t forget to consider what other users are saying about the mat cutter that you want to buy.


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