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ID Card Size Chart: Detailed Guideline For 2021 (Updated)

ID cards may be small in size, but they carry pretty valuable data. It can be an employee’s professional details, a hotel room’s access code or someone’s membership information.What the eyes of general public can easily miss is the card’s dimension. Ironically, this is exactly what sets them apart from the professionals!Wondering how can just […]

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Types of T-Shirt Printing: 6 Different Methods Discussed

T-shirts are the most common and casual outfit for us. There is hardly any nation left in the world that hasn’t embraced the comfort of these affordable garments!Anyone of any age can wear them, regardless of their gender, size or background. That is why they are in so much demand everywhere.However, we all must have […]

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How Does A Teleprompter Work? with Pros and Cons

We all love tuning into the late night shows or award ceremonies where the host casts a charming spell on us with their witty monologues. However, have you noticed how they never break eye contact with you while looking at the camera?This is the magic of teleprompter!Anyone can deliver hilarious jokes or convey critical information […]

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[ TOP 3 ] Free Vinyl Cutting Software You Can Use Right Now!

If the entire term of “vinyl cutting software” sounds completely alien to you, let us tell you that it is an integral part of the sign manufacturing process. With the help of them, even you can print out a magnificent sign bearing your favorite mark!A small printer-like machine called vinyl cutter does the most heavy-lifting […]

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12 Basic Photography Terms You Need To Know

New to the world of photography?  Well, you may have come across some strange words you weren’t familiar with.  Don’t worry! All those technical jargon you read in articles are very common in photography. If you are a beginner who is aspiring to be an amazing photographer, you need to know some basic terminologies. The user […]

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How To Use A Polaroid Camera: An Easy Guide For Beginners

We all love capturing our memories and making them timeless with our cameras. While there are many modern digital cameras and the ones on our smartphones, the appeal of a good old polaroid photo is still alive.These particular models of instant cameras help us cherish the moments instantly after clicking them.Besides, it has always been […]

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