25 DIY Balloon Decoration Ideas That You’ll Love!

Balloons floating into the sky bring back some nostalgic childhood memories for many of us. I could practically watch all those colorful dots get disappeared into the clouds for hours and not get bored even for a single second!

Have you ever noticed there’s a remarkable similarity between dreams and balloons?

It’s fun to see them both grow. But when it comes to letting go, we all seem reluctant and try to hold on to it just like a little child would do.

Well, the good news is, today, we are going to learn how to bring back all those happy childhood memories by turning any ordinary party, wedding or birthday celebrations into full-fledged magical ones with some colorful balloons!    

These simple DIY balloon decoration ideas will help you make some stunning displays for your guests as well as cut down the cost by half compared to other expensive décors.

Without any further ado, let’s give you a tour of some of our wicked ideas and celebrate your special occasion with fun, happiness and some nostalgic moments all together.

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Necessary Tools For Balloon Decoration

Necessary Tools For Balloon Decoration

A little preparation goes a long way in terms of getting a job perfectly done!

That’s why we have prepared a list of materials that you need to purchase before trying out one of our creative pieces and making everyone go WOW over your beautiful arrangement.

Pump Machine

Blowing hundreds of balloons in a day is nearly impossible!

To save your time and energy, you can purchase a pumping machine to do all the hard work for you.

You can choose either a manual or an electric device for this purpose.

A manual pump is best for people who love simplicity. This device doesn't overheat or break easily. However, it takes a bit of time to complete your job with this one.

An electric pump works much faster and can blow up several items at a time. Just make sure, your electric pump machine comes with a cooling system to protect it from getting overheated.


Just like the icing on a cake brings the whole look together, the ribbon does the same thing and gives a festive look to your event!

So, purchase as many ribbons as you need and try adding color variations in them. You can also buy multiple sets of ribbon rolls at an affordable price on the market.

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Be it a birthday celebration or a small get-together event, you might want to dress up those boring walls of your room and transform them into an eye-catching backdrop with some big balloons!

To stick the balloons up on the ceilings or walls, you will need some adhesive tape at hand. You can also use double-sided tape to hang photos or flowers as per your preference.

Paint Pens

Who doesn’t like to see some customized one-liners written across a balloon and send a good vibe to everyone at the party? 

Better yet, you can put the name of the birthday boy or the couple who is getting married and make them feel super special for an entire day!

Just get some oil-based paint pens to write on the surface. These pens don’t smear while inking and dries faster than any marker. If you do not get paint pens then you can pick good quality permanent marker for writing something on your balloons.

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Multi-Color Rope

You might want to put up a line of balloons in between two trees for an outdoor event.

Instead of using a plain one-color manila rope, you can use multi-color ropes and add a zing to the celebration! You can also use these ropes to hang the balloons form different heights.


Dazzle the onlookers with some pretty embellishments on the big balloons and make them stand out!

Instead of adhesive tape, use glue dots in this type of situation. These dots bond instantly and helps stick the adornment piece to the surface. Glue dots are also made of acid-free, non-toxic components, therefore, safe for the children and our environment. Here is some efficient fabric glue that you can use also for attaching balloons together.  


Nothing matches the tone of a princess party other than glittery stuff. Needless to say, your toddlers will end up loving this idea!

Purchase some glitters of your choice and stick it to the inside of the balloon carefully and finish the look with a cute string to tie the knots in the end.


Another way to entertain your kid’s birthday party is colorful stickers.

Stickers, especially the vinyl ones bring out a fun, modern look on the balloons. From a simple triangle shape to hand-written name stickers, you can customize the look of your decoration in any way you want. You can make customized sticker with this machine.

Glow Stick

Planning a party at night?

Use a glow stick inside the balloon to light up your room or better yet, take the party outside and have some fun watching all those colorful balloons suddenly glowing in the dark! You can also use this stick for a pool party at night.


Confetti is the best thing to accessorize if you know how to insert them into the balloons properly.

Purchase some multi-color confetti or you can make some of your own by cutting small pieces from colored papers. Then use a funnel to pour the contents into the balloon and shake it to let the confetti reach all places evenly.

Top 25 Balloon Decoration Ideas in 2020

1. Create A Hula Hoop Wreath With Balloons, Flowers And Leaves


A giant wreath in a hula hoop shape will make your guests feel the warmest welcome even before greeting you!

We are putting a twist on the traditional wreaths a little bit and making a wreath of balloons instead of flowers.

While this decor is perfect for any occasion from baby showers to birthday parties, we especially recommend it for family get-together events as well. After all, the circle of the hula hoop represents the close-knit and endless love that we share with our friends and family!

You can choose any color combination you prefer for this arrangement. Just don’t forget to add some seasonal flowers and foliage to make the wreath bask in its natural beauty.

2. DIY Hot Air Balloon Photobooth


From a miniature version to the large ones, hot air balloons have become popular lately. It’s the perfect backdrop that makes you feel like a part of a fairy-tale!

Let your creativity run wild while creating this masterpiece. You can create a simple miniature-sized design with a single balloon or a giant one with hundreds of balloons as per your preference.

If you are using it for your kid’s birthday party, then add multi-color balloons in this booth. That way, all of your kid’s favorite colors will get covered by one single prop!  

For an outdoor wedding decor, we suggest using grey and coral-pink or white and gold color combination to fit right into any wedding style and set a nice tone for that special day.

3. Clear Balloons With Colorful Confetti Inside


A nice, romantic evening with your loved one doesn’t always have to be in a fancy restaurant!

You can create a warm, cozy atmosphere right in your living room with some clear balloons and confetti. Use different colors of confetti in each balloon and remember to shake them well to spread evenly.

If you are using confetti made from tissue material, then put your finger on each of them before inserting them into the balloons. This action will help create static electricity and make them stick on the surface easily.

So, celebrate your wedding anniversary this year a bit differently by setting up a magical corner in your room with this idea. You can also add some small ball string lights for a glimmer-effect.

4. Create A Floral Balloon Arch For A Photoshoot Event


What’s the most important thing about an indoor photoshoot?

The background, of course!

While you might have unlimited options to choose from in an outdoor event, for an indoor session, you have to set up the perfect background to capture a good moment, be it candid or otherwise!

Creating a floral arch is the way to go if you are throwing a baby shower party for your friend. In case, we are expecting an adorable little girl, we suggest you find all shades of pink and blow up those balloons in different sizes.

Place the big balloons before adding on the smaller ones on top of it. You can also use a curved frame and make a beautiful arch so that everyone can take an Insta-worthy picture in front of it!  

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5. Add Some Fun Tassels And Tails At The End Of A Balloon 


A little attention to the details can turn any ordinary piece into a terrific masterpiece!

For example, we have all seen the plain old string that’s attached to the end of a balloon since we were a little child, right?

Well, time to switch it up with some sparkly tassels and give them a new makeover! Go overbroad with all those vibrant colors and materials! From paper to fabric, choose your favorite one and color them as you like. You can also cut them into various sizes to add a different look to the occasion.

In terms of color combination, it depends on what type of event you are celebrating. Typically, we suggest taking at least 2-3 different colors to make it appear more vibrant.

This setup is perfect for any graduation party, as your convocation hat also comes with a tassel that strongly resembles the centerpiece of our decor idea!

6. A Ceiling Entirely Made Of Balloons


It’s nice to look up at the sky and see all those clouds floating by.

What about the time when you take the party inside? Have you ever saw someone admiring the ceiling of your house?

Well, now they are bound to do that! As our next idea on the list will make everyone look above their heads in wonder and admiration!

To make your ceiling the center of everyone’s attention, first, you need to gather lots of helium balloons. And by "lots", I mean really a lot!

You also need a long piece of fishing line to tie it up around the posts of the hall room. The idea is to attach as many balloons as possible to the string and then raise it to the ceiling.

You can use the star and moon-shaped balloons to make your ceiling look like a small piece from the galaxy!

7. Use Letter-Shaped Balloons To Draw Attention


Want to draw attention to a particular corner?

Letter-shaped balloons are an excellent way of doing that!

Brides and grooms tend to get all the attention on a wedding day. However, you must remember that a lot of people are also looking forward to the delicious food and beverages that you are going to offer!

You can dedicate a particular corner for keeping the wedding cake, cupcakes along with other items and decorate it nicely to let everyone know that’s where the food station is.

Some small letter-shaped balloons or a big one with a nice word written on top of it will help your guests start the day in the right foot.

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8. Balloons Wrapped With Fabric


Instead of using flowers at the guest's table, you can use balloons wrapped in colorful net fabric.

Not only does this piece look stunning, but it also saves a lot of space on the table and make room for more foods to come!

You can use either a translucent or a color balloon for this purpose. Then select a large net tulle fabric to wrap around it and finish the look with a cute bow at the bottom.  

This décor is appropriate for any wedding reception or dine-with-friend events. 

9. Install Balloon Pillars On The Hallway


Up until now, we have talked about how to decorate the inside of a room. But what about the pathway?

Installing balloon pillars in the hallway is a great way to lead your guests to the place where the event is held!

These columns are super-easy to make and need only a spool of ribbons as an accessory. You can find this item in any dollar-store at a cheap price.

You can get creative and use this idea on your company’s inauguration day! To add a more professional touch to any corporate event, use the company’s logo color in this balloon columns and let them proudly showcase your company’s symbol to everyone at the party.     

10. Make A Balloon Bouquet On The Ceiling


Flower bouquets are so yesterday! Besides, they are going to look worn out at the end of the day anyway.

So, let’s try our next idea, which is to make a flower-shaped bouquet with balloons!

To make this bouquet, you will need some glitters, colorful strings, long tassels and balloons of different shapes. Throw in some plastic leaves, paper flowers and you have got yourself a bouquet that will make a long-lasting impression on your guest!

Although you can place this decorative piece anywhere you like, we suggest putting it up to the ceiling at the entrance, as it looks at its best in that position.

11. Bride And Groom Easy Table Décor Idea


Beauty lies in simplicity as well.

As we are trying to teach you guys some DIY techniques here, we get it if most of the tricks seem too much complicated for you as a beginner and go an inch above your head! 

Relax. And stop worrying so much. Balloon is a decorative piece by itself! Even if you put up a single balloon with a normal string attached to it, it’s still going to raise its head and float along the wind to catch the attention of the onlookers.

Here’s a simple, yet fun idea to adorn the bride and groom’s table at a reception! All you need is a paint pen or marker to write “Mr” and “Mrs” on two balloons and hang them over the center with some flower garland.

And there you have it! An easy technique that anyone can follow to deck up a wedding event.

12. Create A Rainbow Arch For Kid’s Birthday Party


Kids love colors. I mean, all colors!

Instead of trying to decide on a particular one, why not combine all of them and make a rainbow arch for their next birthday?

For this purpose, you will need to create a wire base that will support the arch. Or you can purchase a ready-made frame that's available in stores.

Then blow up the balloons and tie two of them in a double knot and stick them to the frame. Keep repeating this step until you reach the end of the arch.

This technique works best for a birthday party, tea party or any kind of costume party as well.

13. Celebrate With Memorable Photos


Sometimes we need to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and appreciate all the things around us.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s great that you are ambitious and all. But you also need to reflect on the journey you have been through till now to truly understand the purpose of the life that has been given to us.

Perhaps it’s your graduation day and you are moving forward in life. So, why not celebrate this special occasion by remembering those who have helped you to get here in this position?

Well, we have found the perfect way to do that! You only need some double-sided tape and your favorite color balloon for this purpose. Just put a string at the end of the balloon and stick some double-sided tapes to hang the beautiful moments captured on your camera with your loved ones!

This simple technique will let this day be remembered by your family, cousins, friends along with all other well-wishers.

14. Make A Flower Stand As The Centerpiece 


If you love nature and want to arrange an outdoor event, this technique is an absolute winner!

And the good news, kids love this idea as much as adults do! So, you have plenty of opportunities to use this prop multiple times.

Creating a flower stand using colorful balloons may seem a little complicated at first glance. But with a little practice, you will win over everyone's heart with this masterpiece.

To learn how to do this flower decoration like a pro, keep reading till the end of this article and we will reveal the secret, promise!

15. Welcome A New Soul With Balloon Décor


The birth of a new soul calls for a celebration. It’s known as the most auspicious event in almost all cultures and religions.

And you know what’s everyone so excited to know about, right?

The gender of the baby!

Yep. And following the footsteps of a new trend, which is called the gender revelation party, our next technique involves a cute little newborn teddy-shaped balloon who is holding even some more balloons in one hand.

Hint: the color of a blue teddy also reveals that the parents are expecting a baby boy at the same time! You can also switch it up for a pink balloon in case it’s an adorable little girl.

Perfect for a gender-reveal party or a baby shower, you need 8 balloons with different sizes to make the teddy and a marker pen to draw a smiley face on it.

16. A Giant Popcorn For Carnival-Themed Party


If you are looking for an easy theme idea for your kid’s birthday, then you are in luck! Cause, our next item on the list is based upon a carnival-themed party.

Carnival festivals are all about foods, colors, games and lots of lights. With the right props, you can liven up any small party in your backyard pretty easily. And the best part is, your kids are going to thank you at the end of the day for this brilliant setup!

Okay, let’s think. What’s the most common thing everyone eats in a carnival?


Yep. And it’s super easy to make too. Just collect a large cardboard box and put a red and white striped wrapping paper on it.

Then you need some yellow and white balloons to put inside the box. Make sure the balloons are placed at different heights inside the box and secure them with an adhesive tape.

17. Monster Birthday Bash


If you have seen “Boo” from the Monsters, Inc movie, then you are already familiar with the character Sulley and his one-eyed partner in crime, Wazowski.

Don’t worry, they are the good guys! All they are trying to do is to save innocent Boo from their arch-nemesis Randal Boggs, who can become invisible at his will.  

Before I get all excited and tell you the whole story, let me share the next idea on our list to you guys!

Monster birthday bash party is a clever, fun and easy thing to do for your kid. You can even invite some of your kid’s friends to help you make these monster shaped balloons and plan to surprise the birthday boy all together on that special day!

Don’t forget to stick some googly eyes on those monsters to add a dramatic effect.  

18. Bubble Balloon Entrance


Who doesn’t like to feel like a princess on the wedding day?

And the most important part is always the bride’s entrance in front of everyone. Now, if you are planning for an indoor reception party, then make the staircase a focal point and decorate it beautifully to catch everyone’s attention.

Although you can use any color you like, we would suggest using white-colored balloons for this occasion. Blow up the balloons in all possible sizes and hang them from the ceilings using a string.

You can also use the same setup for a grand opening of your new restaurant or a boutique/Tailoring shop and make your customers feel special for a day!

19. A Balloon Cloud In The Ceiling


Have you heard about a balloon cloud?

It’s the perfect way to deck up the top table at a wedding or a bachelorette party!

No matter how many times the guests look up to see the happy couple, the cloud is bound to catch their eyes and create a dreamy-like effect on the overall situation.

To make the clouds shine like a diamond, you can add colors that sparkle the most. We suggest using 10 to 12 large balloons and 50 small balloons for this purpose.

And for the colors, choose white, coral pink, metal gold and silver balloons as these colors go well with both traditional and stylish, modern décor.

20. Make-An-Emoji Class Party


From Skype to Facebook, Emojis have taken over this generation, especially the younger ones!

So, why not make good use of this thing and arrange a make-an-emoji class party at the end of the year?

Not only this party will look fab on that occasion, but also the kids are going to have a great time while doing this fun project. You can also engage the teachers in this activity and help make some awesome emojis with different expressions including sad, angry, love, wow etc.

For this purpose, you will need yellow balloons, some colored papers and a scissor to cut different shapes from the paper.

21. A Fireplace Overloaded With Bubbles


Sometimes all it takes to turn an ordinary place into a magical land is your creativity!

Hosting a housewarming party might seem a little bit stressful at first. Why not channel that energy into something else, say, creating a breathtaking design in the center of your house that’s sure going to earn a few compliments as well?

Here’s a suggestion that you might try to make a first good impression! Create a fireplace bubble in a corner of the living room with matching balloons that go well with your interior.

Instead of decorating an original chimney, we suggest using a cardboard box or a small desk to recreate the look and fill it with as many balloons as possible. The color depends on the theme of your party and also how your interior looks like.

You can also put some star-shaped balloons on the ceiling to complete the whole look.

22. A Tropical Hawaiian Party


If you are hosting a Hawaiian-themed party, then there better be some tropical trees in it!

Hawaiians love to sing, dance, eat good food and most importantly, bond well with other people. If you want to have a similar fun-filled experience with your friends, then arrange a Hawaiian-themed setup the next time you host a barbeque party for your friend circle.

The native Loulu palm trees can be a great addition to such parties. Use brown, green and yellow colored balloons to make the tree trunks and foliage. For this setup, we recommend using different shades of greens to make a colorful combination.

23. Floating Neon Balloons Over The Head


For a night event, a neon balloon brings life into any party you name it!

From the 80’s theme to a local school party, balloons with an LED light or a little glow stick inside them make a huge difference and draws attention from the onlookers.

The idea is quite simple. Fill the ceilings with neon balloons and dim the lights a bit. Once everyone enters the room, switch off all other lights and let the balloons show their magic!

Don’t be afraid to go for bold and bright colors, as this will help bring a festive look to the entire decoration.

24. A Relaxed Day At A Pool Party


Pool parties, floats and balloons go hand in hand. It’s also hard to find a more budget-friendly option to give that plain old vanilla pool a brand-new playful look as well!

Whether you are inviting your friends to have a relaxed afternoon or hosting a birthday party, your pool is bound to get huge attention from the guests.

And the good news is, you can simply blow up some large water balloons and scatter them around the pool and they will end up looking damn good!

Another fun way to decorate the pool is to attach the balloon to a floating object and place them around the food and drink station. Kids love the idea of floating balloons and it creates a nice background for taking pictures as well.

25. Flamingo-Themed Birthday Party  


Everyone hearts this adorable creature with its red and pink feathers and innocent eyes. This bird is a symbol of grace and elegance.

A flamingo party first gained its popularity in 1996. Even now this style is quite popular for baby shower parties in the summer season. You don’t need many essentials for this theme, just remember to cover everything in pink!

Along with baking flamingo-shaped cookies and cakes, don’t forget to buy lots of pink balloons in different shades for this occasion. To give the theme a more vibrant look, throw in some flowers and foliage and make this party a memorable one for your friends and family.

Balloon Decoration In Different Ways

Although there are millions of different ways to make a fancy entrance, the following three techniques are extremely popular all over the world and therefore, made our list of creative design ideas.

How To Make Hot Air Balloon Decoration?

First, you will need one giant balloon to use it as a base. Then, blow up small ones and put them all around the big balloon by using hot glue around the surface. Try stuffing it with as many balloons as possible.    

After that, take a square card box and put 4 poles inside the box by placing one in each corner. You can add some colorful bows around the poles if you want to give it some extra-glam.

Finally, place the giant balloon on top of the poles and use glue to make it stay in its place. 

There! Now you can use this prop as a mini-photo booth for your kid's first birthday party.

How To Make Arch Balloon Decoration?

Purchase an arch frame from the store for this purpose. Then you need to follow 3 steps to make a simple balloon arch.

Step one, place the arch on the ground firmly using a heavy-weighted object. You can also put it into a bucket filled with stones and pebbles. Make sure the arch doesn’t get swayed by wind or collision.

Step two, blow up all the balloon using a hand-pump or an electric one. Then take two balloons and tie them into a tight knot.

Step three, take another pair of balloons and knot them together just like the previous one. Then assemble all four balloons and tie them into a four-leaf clover shape.

Step four, attach these balloons onto the frame and keep repeating this step over and over until you reach the end of the arch.

How To Make Flower Balloon Decoration?

We promised you guys that we will show you this technique and here you go!

To make a flower-shaped decoration, you will need 4 red-colored and 1 yellow-colored balloon. Of course, you can choose whatever color you prefer, but we are just using this color to make it easy for you to understand.

First, blow up two red balloons in the same size and put the pair to the side.

Then, blow up the yellow balloon in a smaller size and merge it to the pair of balloons that you just made and set them aside.

Next, take the rest of the balloons and combine all five balloons. You have to be a little careful this time and tie the knots in a way so that the yellow balloon remains in the center at the end.

Tips And Safety Issues While Decorating With Balloons

1. Be Careful With The Uninflated Balloons

Balloons are made of latex, rubber or mylar materials. While you are working on putting up the decoration, your younger siblings might notice an uninflated balloon lying on the floor and put into his mouth out of curiosity.

To avoid any kind of choking hazard or some serious accidents, it’s best to keep count of how many balloons you are using and store the rest of them for any future event under adult supervision.

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2. Check The Equipment Before Using

Whether you are a professional decorator or just doing your setup, you will need lots of equipment for this purpose. For example, you might want to decorate the ceiling of your house and for that, you will need a ladder or a high chair.

Make sure the furniture is well-built and sturdy enough to carry your weight before using it. Otherwise, you might fall and get seriously injured in this type of situation.

3. Keep The Helium Tank Away From Children 

If you are using a helium tank to blow up balloons, then make sure to point the nozzle away from you while you are using this device. Inhaling helium gas by accident may cause dizziness, vomiting, even can make you unconscious.

So, keep the tank in a safe place so that the children can’t reach it and twist the canister closed once you are done using this device

Final Words

It might seem a little silly and childish to use balloons on serious occasions like weddings or corporate events at first.

But once you decorate the whole place and see the guests smiling, enjoying, and taking pictures in front of all those colorful balloons, you will know for sure the idea has managed to capture a lot of hearts on your special day!

So, instead of going overboard and spending a lot of money while arranging a party, you can give these DIY balloon decoration ideas a chance to impress your guests. These simple, sophisticated ideas will turn any party into an event that’s worth remembering.

Don’t forget, the best things in our life often need a little bit of creativity and an open mind that can think beyond any limitation!


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