Best Face Paints for Cosplay, Kids: Top 10 Brand Reviewed

Do you love throwing parties, especially get-togethers and birthday parties for your kids?

What about dressing up for Halloween and other occasions? If you do, there's one thing you can never go wrong with when it comes to spicing things up – face painting.

Face painting is a fun activity that helps people, both adults, and kids, unleash their imagination and express themselves in unique ways. It also does an excellent job of bringing people together.

So, if you're looking to make your occasions livelier and more memorable, you might want to get a face painting kit.

The problem is, there are many colors and brands to choose from in the market. There are also factors like skin sensitivity, opacity, and ease of application to consider.

For that, a guide like this one, which is crafted to make it easier for you to find the best face paint, will definitely be useful.

Let's Dive in...

Things to Consider before Buying Face Paints

Although selecting the right face paints seems like a simple affair, there are various factors that you need to consider. They include:


Different brands have varying prices. The higher the amount for each paint might not necessarily translate to high quality. You should, however, not compromise on quality as you seek to save.

Appropriate Tools

You need the right tools for the face painting job. They include; mirrors, paintbrush, sponge to have the work done perfectly. It's advisable to go for a kit that includes these items.

Type of Color

There are many color choices that you need to choose from. These colors vary according to brands, and that will depend on your preference.

Removal Process 

Some face paints require soft scrubbing in the shower while others need other solvents or makeup removers to remove them. You, therefore, need to consider which type of paint will be easy for you.

With that aside, let's now go through the reviews.

Top 10 Picks of best face paints 2023

1. Snazaroo Face Paint

Each day numerous products are pushed by the manufacturer to the consumer. While we all know that making the right selection can be hard, our in-depth review of the Snazaroo face paint will help you make the right choice.

First and foremost, This face paint is easy to clean because the paints are all water-based, which makes them easy to remove. You only need soap and warm water to have the face paint removed. The face paints are also skin-friendly.

They have approval from renowned dermatologists and toxicologist, which assures you of using a safe product. The paint is made of safe ingredients that are safe on the skin, and it poses no bodily harm to the user.

Another perk is that the paints are easy to use. They even come with a guide that illustrates how to use the paint and achieve the most from it.

One thing of this paint is it also made of numerous vibrant colors to choose from. This gives you the freedom to choose your best colors according to your preference. You should also note that the colors dry quickly and are soft on the skin.

Moreover, the wide range of colors and ease of washing means that you can face-paint in one minute and the next minute, wash off. This kind of freedom is what makes Snazaroo face paint the most preferred face paint in the market and which you need to purchase.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wide range of colors.
  • Easy to apply – comes with user guide.
  • Water-based – easy to remove.
  • Skin-friendly.

2. Blue Squid 12-Color Face Paint Kit

Face painting is one way your kids can enjoy themselves. But you may be concerned about the type of paint and whether it has any negative impact on your child's skin. Hence, introducing the Blue Squid Face Paint Kit, which is a unique face paint for children. This will surely drive your worries away.

The carry case is packed with an assortment of beautiful colors to create an impression on that beautiful or handsome face of your children. Also, the quantities per kit are good enough to paint a hundred plus faces perfectly and are all water-soluble, which means they are easy to wash.

Furthermore, there is no need to look for tools elsewhere. This face painting kit comes with three brushes of different size and thickness.

Your package will have the safest cosmetic grade quality paints. This set is ideal for kids with sensitive skin, made from natural ingredients and FDA certified. You can easily wipe them off with wet wipes or soapy water cloth. You don't have to be an artist to paint your kids.

This kit has included many reusable face painting stencils. It's your choice to match the theme of the day's event such as birthday parties, sports, army camouflage, among others.

Blue Squid Face Paint Kit is very affordable and gives value for your money. The paint is very useful for several applications. You can store the rest in your drawer for another fun day. The paints are solid and safely packed in cases.

They don't chip off but only dissolve on a wet brush. Hence, there are no chances of liquid paint ingestion by your child.

Outdoor adventure with kids is always fun. It is more fun when they get themselves looking funnier. Charm them with quality but healthy face painting with Blue Squid Face Paint Kit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Finest water-based colors.
  • All in one pack.
  • Non-reactive to the skin.
  • No creativity required.
  • Cost-effective.

3. Phyllis: JOYIN 24 Colors Face Paint

JOYIN 24 Colors face paint has become quite popular due to their exceptional features. Also, many people have called it the finest face paint. The crafting is out of this world, with quality and versatility making them the number one preferred face paint.

Can you recall your last party or festival? Certainly, face painting is about making beautiful decorations and having fun moments. This set comes complete with twenty-four vibrant colors that your child will have fun with trying out different shades. These colors include white, orange, red, pink, and much more.

If you are worried about your child’s exposure to toxins, worry not, these great face paints contain no scents. They are certified as safe for use by children and have been formulated with safety as a priority.

The FDA approves them as safe ant this guarantees no chemical exposure, and they also do not contain any scents, therefore, are gentle to sensitive skins.

Cheap face paint may stick on the child's face, which makes the process of removal and scrubbing painful. Well, this product dissolves easily in water, and this makes it easy to clean up. All you need is some warm water and mild soap.

If you are planning on hosting a children’s party, or even Halloween, theatre performances, you can brighten the event by considering this set of high-quality face paint.

Your child and his or her friends are going to have a party of a lifetime. For the price, you can never go wrong by picking this set since it will give you great value for your money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to clean and does not require scrubbing.
  • Doesn't contain toxins thus safe for children.
  • Doesn't contain scents hence friendly to sensitive skins.
  • Versatile and suitable for various events.

4. Create A Face Painting Kit

When it comes to kid's safety, there is no compromise whatsoever. Safety is one of the reasons why we choose this face painting kit since it's made of toxin-free ingredients which are FDA approved.

As a parent, it's alright to worry about paint reacting to your child's sensitive skin and causing a flare-up of eczema and other conditions. However, this kit is absolutely safe, and you will be at peace, knowing your child is using a safe product.

Your child will have unlimited artistic adventure and fun since it's a complete set with over fifty colors. These colors are vibrant and blend well, depending on the amount of paint for each project.

Are you worried if the paint will dry fast? You can rest assured that this kit from Create A Face will dry pretty quickly in a matter of seconds. There is no need to wait for it to dry since little kids are usually impatient and want to join in the fun. Also, they are easy to remove, and you only need a damp cloth, soap, and warm water.

In the package, you will also find thirty stencils, and a free design book which is full of creative ideas. You will enjoy trying new designs for your child's face, and this adds to the fun. This exceptional set allows flexibility of choice, and your child can also experiment with artistic things.

There is no doubt that this is the best kit around since its versatile and the lightweight nature allows you to carry it for an outside adventure. This face painting kit enables your child to express their ideas into fine art, and it's the perfect gift worth every penny.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is a safe product that does not contain toxins.
  • Has a wide variety of colors.
  • Dries fast and does not fade fast.
  • The package comes with 32 stencils.
  • Has an eBook with various designs.

5. Blue Squid 14-Color Face Paint Kit

The most admirable feature of the Blue Squid face paint kit is that it's a full set that is the ultimate choice for a face painting adventure. This package includes 30 stencils, twelve washable colors, brushes, and makeup sponges. When you apply on your kid's face, you will note the smoothness and silkiness.

If your child is obsessed with face painting, the colors will go down well. The product is an ideal face paint for sensitive skin since its made from FDA approved ingredients. On top of that, they are non-toxic and do not contain any chemical additives.

Most face paints are usually messy and unmanageable due to the lack of easy-to-follow instructions. However, with Blue Squid, you will not regret it since they dry pretty fast. Therefore you don't have to worry about smearing your house with paint.

You will be pleasantly surprised that this won't be an issue. Moreover, the package comes with an instructional video that allows you to learn new designs. These paints are a big hit, and since they are water-based. The cleaning is also easy. You only need to wipe with a wet cloth, mild soap, and warm water.

Blue squid is a versatile set ideal for festivals, kid's parties, sports, carnivals, theatre events, and much more. Everything your child needs is available at an incredibly reasonable price. It is a good bargain because there is a wide variety of premium colors and accessories. Also, you will get value for money by choosing this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • A complete set with a wide variety of colors and accessories.
  • Does not contain toxins or chemicals.
  • It is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Colors are easy to clean.
  • The colors are premium and dry fast.

6. Neon Nights Face Paints

Versatility is the main reason we chose the Neon Nights body and face paint. If you are holding a party, attending a festival and a night out with your loved ones, this will be the best selection. Most of the options in this review are for face painting; however, this kit is multi-purpose, and you can use it for a full-body paint.

The set is complete with eight vibrant colors that allow you to have a wide choice of artistic designs. These colors include: red, blue, white, orange, green, white, pink, yellow, and violet.

This kit knows no age boundaries. You can gift to your young child or teenager. If you have a loved one who is into painting and art, you can gift them this splendid kit and allow them to exercise their creativity.

We cannot forget that the issue of child safety is a concern for most parents. You won't have to worry when using these paints since they are child-friendly and have been approved as safe products. They do not contain any chemicals and are gentle to the skin.

Cleaning is pure bliss, and it is easy to remove with soap and warm water. You don't have to worry about them sticking to your clothes or furniture since they can easily wash off with water and mild detergent.

Moreover, this product will definitely give you value for money, and with little paint, you are assured of achieving excellent results. They are a daily inspiration that allows you to explore creative designs. The best thing about these colors is that they produce a smooth effect on the skin and do not produce a dull appearance or crack.

Highlighted Features:

  • A versatile collection for a wide range of uses.
  • Available in dazzling colors.
  • Easy to remove and clean.
  • Gentle on the skin and do not cause irritation.
  • Reasonably priced and a good value for money.

7. Zenovika Face Paint

You will be spoilt for choice when you select this high-quality face paint from Zenovika. It is a jumbo set with an assortment of stencils, brushes, powders, sponges, and much more. We selected this product since it comes with a set of instructions which are easy to follow and straightforward.

Are you apprehensive about your child's safety? There is no need to worry since the paints are absolutely safe for kids since they are gentle to the skin and will not irritate. They contain organic ingredients which have been certified by as safe by the FDA. They also give you confidence that your child is safe.

These colors are dissolves easily in water and require just a few drops to make your desired solution. One thing you will notice about them is their ability to dry fast. They are also easy to remove with soap and water or use of wet wipes.

Your child will have a blast of a party when you surprise them with this collection. They are ideal for birthday parties, carnivals, Halloween, and much more. The instructions also allow you and your child to have hours of endless fun since they can experiment with different designs and images.

If you are looking for something fun to gift your child or your loved one, look no further, Zenovika is the ideal selection. We would also recommend the set for beginners who are budding artists as a starter kit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in a wide variety of color paints.
  • Safe for kids since they don't contain toxins.
  • Easy to apply, dry fast and easy to clean.
  • Gentle to the skin and do not cause allergies.
  • Can be used for a variety of events.

8. Create A Face Painting Set (Black Tie Edition)

If you are looking for good face paint that can be used on all skin types, then there is no reason for you not to choose the Create A Face paint. With the cuddly feel on skin and 100% safety guarantee, you can have your bundles of joy get their favorite shades on the face.

Putting on this paint is as easy as you can imagine. A few drops of water added to it will smoothen the paint hence making it extremely easy to apply. This happens when washing off the paint as well. Use wet wipes or makeup remover.

The paint comes in 8 beautiful colors. So, you can explore your creativity by mixing them to your desired colors. There are also 2 glitter gels that enhance your paintings. Kids love glitter.

Use the 32 stencils that are provided. The two quality brushes ensure that your paintings are professionally done by enhancing their details. You can paint large surfaces as well using the two sponges in this set.

However, you need paint that is quick to dry. Your little ones can mess it up even before you get done with painting their faces. This paint is fast drying, and one can have it on for as long as they want.

Forget the unattractive face designs that have been bothering you. Explore the design guide eBook that comes with every purchase you make. You only need to provide the email, and in no time, the guidebook will be sent to you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for all skin types.
  • Has 32 stencils.
  • A range of colors- 8.
  • Dries pretty fast.

9. Colorful Art Co. Paint Kit

Many events are opting for face painting to make it more colorful. Therefore, this calls for paint that will have everyone's needs covered. If so, the Colorful Art Co. is here for you as it has been recommended by most users on Amazon.

Whether you are seeking to hold a kids' festival, or have your teen son's favorite ninja painted on his face, this set is the best to go for. Its top-notch safety has granted it the honor of being the best face paint for kids.

For the budding painters, 16 different colors always make it possible for you to get artistic. What can't you do with a whole lot of 16 varying and vibrant colors? These paints are also in large amounts which can paint up to 150 faces.

The unbeatable quality of these paints keeps them on the face for long hours. Your kids can enjoy having their faces painted without feeling uncomfortable as the paint stays in place while they play.

Once the time comes to wash off the paint, be easy on your skin. It is precious. So, grab a soapy washcloth or baby wipes to clean up and you will be surprised at how easily the paint will come off.

Another great thing about this face paint set is consideration of beginner painters. If you have been thinking of showcasing your painting skills but not familiar with how to do it, a detailed online guide is available for you. Master every step of face painting and who knows? You might make money from it someday.

Highlighted Features:

  • A set of 16 gorgeous colors.
  • Lasts long on the face.
  • Fine quality.
  • Guaranteed safety.
  • Easy to put on.

10. CC Beauty Professional Face Paint

Some oil-based face paint products have been considered to take too long to dry. However, CC Beauty paint is an exception. Why don't you give it a trial?

It comes as a package of 12 different paints. With them, there is a wide range of blended color patterns that you can incorporate. Get out of the cocoon and elevate your painting skills with this amazing paint set.

Safety comes first, and you can be sure that your skin will be protected as it gets pampered by this paint. This property makes it a great choice for events that involve children. Teens and adults can make use of the bold paints offered for those crazy Halloween looks and other parties.

Your painting experience will be one of a kind. The 10 blue brushes beautifully work through every contour on the skin hence bringing out a perfect look. These brushes are also durable so store them appropriately.

Easy application is guaranteed, so if you are a newbie, there is nothing to hinder you from giving it a shot. You can play around with the different colors of the paints and feel free even to mix them.

Since it is oil-based, you have to be keen on what you use to wash off this paint. Otherwise, your efforts will be futile. Waterproof makeup remover has been recommended by most painters. You can use olive or jojoba oil as well for easier removal.

If you have been reluctant on trying an oil-based paint, it is time you got over it and tried this proven beauty face body paint.

Highlighted Features:

  • Nicely creamy.
  • Has 10 durable brushes..
  • 12 varying colors.
  • Easy application.

11. Artiparty Professional Face Paint Kit

Face painting like a professional requires that you get a fine quality paint set. Artiparty professional face paint kit has been made for every artist looking to level up their game.

It contains 16 bold and beautiful colors of paints. There are many many ideas of designs that you can work on with this set. You can choose to use the colors individually or mix them according to your expected outcome.

Three brushes are thoughtfully designed to ensure that your painting sessions are never tedious. The quality of these paints makes it even easier to hold on the brushes. This way, you can scoop the correct amount of paint at a go.

The ingredients used to manufacture the paints in this set are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Hence, they are safe on every type of type. Kids will adore the natural look that comes with the paints. However, don't use it on kids aged 3 and below.

Take that brush and get down to business because applying this paint is stress-free. Just dip the brush in some water and add your preferred color of the paint. Afterwards, stir appropriately and when they blend, go ahead and get the faces painted.

Removal can never be easier. Use water, soap, and a piece of cloth, and you will be good to go. This kit of paint comes in a plastic box that is used for storage and makes it easier to carry the paints around.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 painting brushes.
  • 16 vibrant colors.
  • Nice plastic packaging.
  • Safe for all skin types.
  • High quality.

12. Bo Buggles Face Paint Kit

This face paint is professionally made for face painters to fulfill their expectations while exploiting their skills. Safety has been given priority in this paint, which makes it unquestionably safe thus can be used even on kids.

There is a range of 9 colors that you can choose from to accomplish your look of choice. What more would you ask for other than a paint kit that allows you to swap from one color to another without getting bored?

These paints come in 4g each, which is satisfyingly large as compared to other brands. You can, therefore, paint as many as 100 faces.

In addition, you will be overwhelmed because of the 30 stencils that come with this paint kit. The stencils are smooth and flexible hence go along with every contour on the face. If you are painting the body, they come in handy to ensure that every stroke is worth the strike.

The stencils also have a reasonable lifespan and will remain functional until 4 uses. You can rely on them for several occasions hence cutting on your painting expenses.

For detailed painting and drawing fine lines, the two brushes in this kit work remarkably well. Your details will also be in place as the brushes highlight them to the core. Two sponges are also available, thus making it possible to paint larger surfaces.

Its ease of applying makes this paint a perfect choice even for beginners. You only need a few drops, say two, on your brush, mix with the paint and get started with your paintwork.

Don't worry about cleaning off the paint because, with only a bar of soap and a piece of cloth, the tedious task will be done. Makeup remover is also an ideal choice to get rid of the paint.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in 9 different colors.
  • Has 30 stencils.
  • It dries quite fast.
  • Very safe.

13. Blue Squid Kids Face Paint

This set is ideal for parents and guardians who are planning to host a party for their kid. If that is something you need, we recommend you try this great pumper party pack.

We were thrilled by the fact that this pack comes with 30 reusable stencils. This is a plus because you will not need to buy a new set the next time you host a kids' party. Besides, you will ensure your kid's face look shiny during the party with the 8 vivid colors.

The pack contains, among other things, 2 pots that glitter with awe. In addition, inside the pack, you will find 2 makeup sponges to help you face paint your kid, and an applicator, which has double sides. You will also get two brushes and 168 sticks that will make the face painting look professional.

Anybody can use the affordable Blue Squid Kids Face paint. This product is ideal as a cosplay face paint, and it's also useful for birthday parties, camo, carnivals, army camouflage, church, performances, and various festivals. The face paint can also be used during Halloween, fictitious games, and parties.

Do you have sensitive skin? Do not worry. Blue Squid Kids Face Paint is designed to give you the ultimate comfort. It is safe to use on fragile skin. Inside the pack are different colors, including yellow, green, white, brown, purple, blue, and black.

Conduct a simple test on a small patch of the skin before you apply the paint generously on other parts of the body. This will help you have the confidence in using Blue Squid Kids face paint.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-toxic.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Safe on fragile skin.
  • Easy to wash out.
  • Different brilliant colors.
  • Reusable stencils.

14. Handy Art HAN882555 Assorted Primary

Perhaps you have seen kids crying after applying paint on their eyes. This is not the case with Handy Art Primary face paint. The classy 2 oz face paint is for those who are allergic to sensitive smell. We chose it because it does not emit any sensitive odor. Handy Art 2-Oz HAN882555 Assorted is fragrance-free.

You will not struggle to remove the paint from your face after the party. Even if you painted your face or body and took a long time on the sun, it will not be a challenge to remove the paint. With little water, you can remove it. Ensure the water is warm and soapy.

It is a tempera type of face paint. You will need to use it once, but the results will be amazing. The good thing about this paint is that it is complete. You do not need to mix it with other paints to produce a unique shade.

The face paint is paraben-free. It will not cause any harm on your face, body, or skin. Anyone can use the paint on their face, including kids. The face paint is ideal for different types of parties, including birthdays, wedding ceremonies, and music festivals.

Also, it comes with different types of assorted colors. We did, however, note that these colors are sold separately. Nevertheless, once bought, you will crown your day with the desired ecstasy. The other thing we observed is Handy Art 2-Oz HAN882555 Assorted is ideal for kids starting from 4 years and above.

However, we give this a plus because of its exemplary opacity. Besides, if you apply it with mastery, you will achieve a lustrous gleam, which you will not achieve if you used other face paints.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fragrance and paraben-free.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Easy to wash out using warm and soapy water.
  • Comes with different colors sold separately.
  • Fit for ages 4 and above.

15. Blue Squid 12-Set Face Paint Kit

Are you looking to have a party? You need to look at this Blue Squid. To many, this is the best face paint brand. The company has come up with 12 large face paints all in one set. With the 12 large paints, you can achieve whatever shade you want on your face.

We were amazed to discover that the 12 large paints can paint more than 100 faces. In addition, the carrying case is sturdy, elegant, and reusable. You will enjoy the variety of colors the Blue Squid 12-set comes in.

Some of the colors include light blue, orange, green, pink, blue, white, red, black, brown, silver, purple, grey, yellow, and gold.

Blue Squid 12-set paint is perfect for any skin. Whether you are painting the face of a kid or an adult, the paint will not affect the skin. It is non-toxic, natural, vegan, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. Because of these and other qualities, Blue Squid 12-set face paint is ideal for toddlers and those with highly sensitive skin.

Accompanying the face paint are 3 thick brushes that give maximum painting coverage and 30 reusable stencils. You can use these 15+ color paint on several occasions including birthdays, carnivals, fetes, church functions, army camouflage, pregnancy, and Halloween, among other festivals.

You need not be a professional painter to use Blue Squid 12-set face paint. Anyone can use it on his or her face.

Use warm soapy water to remove the paint from the face after the function. We, however, noted that it is a good thing to conduct a test on a small portion of your skin to ascertain if it is sensitive on your skin. Otherwise, you are going to find it gentle.

Highlighted Features

  • 12 large paints.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Ideal on toddlers.
  • 30 reusable stencils.
  • 2 thick brushes.
  • Non-toxic.
  • 15+ colors.

Best Face Paint Brands in the Market Today

We have listed some of the best brands for face paints available in today’s market.

Handy Art 

Handy Art opened its doors in 1994, and it is owned primarily by members of the same family. Its scope of operation is in Milton, Wisconsin. This brand has a reputation in the production of chemical-free and water-based face paints. Other products on their production line are inks and several types of glues.

Its products are exclusively made in the US and are moderately priced. Examples of these products include face paints, tempera, fabric paint, washable glue, glitter glue, gesso, watercolors, and much more.

CC Beauty

CC Beauty is a Chinese company and its location in Guangdong in China. It specializes in the production of high-quality paints and cosmetic products. There are various options available, and customers can order online.

Shipment is possible, and delivery is done anywhere their clients are located worldwide. Examples of products include face painting colors, oil, wax, makeup kit, and nail art colors. They are also makers of hair dyes and barber kit.

Colorful Art Co.

Colorful Art Co. is a family-based company that specializes in creative arts by the production of crayons, chalk markers, and quality face paints. It is located in the UK, has tentacles spread in far markets such as the USA. Customers can order online and have the products delivered at their doorstep.

The UK customers will have the products delivered at no extra cost. However, customers elsewhere will have to pay for the shipping cost. The company has a motto of producing a high-quality product and normally accepts returns within ninety days from unsatisfied customers.

Bo Buggles Pro

Bo Buggles Pro was started in 2015 and has grown to be a premium supplier of professional face paint. It operates on the principle of offering high-quality paints at reasonable prices.

This company usually sells directly to its clients who order online and have a wide social media following and interacts with its customers through online engagement. Most of the clients are from the US, and therefore, there is quick delivery for orders.

Other orders may take up to eight days. The customer service is supportive and has a policy of a thirty-day return on order. Moreover, their paint products have high levels of pigment and are water or glycerin-based. The FDA has approved them as safe products.


Snazaroo is an online company that inspires and offers paint products to its clientele. It is passionate about the provision of high quality and safe products. The brand has won the hearts of many parents through the supply of scent-free and gentle face paints. Their face paints are water-based and are easy to remove.

Customers can order their favorite products online, and deliveries in the UK are free. However, customers from other regions will have to pay shipping costs. The products have unique themes depending on the events and include stamps, stencils, tattoos, and coloring kits.

Different Types of Face Paint

If you are a budding face painter, you may be overwhelmed by the different types available on the market. The following types of paints are available, and they are useful in painting exciting patterns and designs.

Liquid Colors

These come in a makeup kit and are water-based. They are available in vibrant colors and are mellow when applied on the skin. These are easy to apply and also remove. You only need some warm water and mild soap to wash off.

Cake Face

These are the most common ones and are ideal for a simple decoration. They are in a portable tube-like container and are suitable if you are looking for something simple to get started. Their application is easy, and instructions of use are straight forward.

You only need to add some water, mix, and brush on your little one's face. They are available in a variety of colors and palettes that make it cost-effective and convenient.


These types of paints are cream-based. They are ideal if you are a beginner and a packet contains the most common colors. In addition, they are cheap and easy to apply.

Dry Glitter

These are glittering particles that you can use to apply on a fainted face. They add some sparkling appearance on a clown face. These are quite loose, and you can blow them onto a wet paint on a kids face for a shiny appeal. They are in the form of fine powder and add some sparkle on the face.

Glitter Gels

Unlike the dry glitter, these are in the form of a gel-like liquid which you can apply on a particular area you want to glitter.

Safety Issues to Think about When Using Face Paint

Face painting is fun and can be rewarding. For parents, it can be on certain occasions where you paint your kids during a specific event. For other people, it is a job that calls for several days to prepare for a festival or event. Whatever, the reason, there are some safety issues to consider when painting?

Chemical or Toxic-Free Paints

Non-toxic paints mean that they are free of chemicals and thus are safe on the skin. However, that alone should not assure you that they are safe since some can be allergic to the skin. When looking for good face paint, ensure it is FDA approved as this will give you confidence that they have passed quality assurance tests.

Type of Glitter Used

Glitters add sparkle on the face and brighten the event. However, not all glitters are safe for use. Most people are allergic to metallic types; however, polyester glitters are safer to use since they are smaller. The FDA approves this size as safe for use.

Clean the Brushes and the Sponges after Use

Ensure the tools you use are clean. You can use warm water and mild detergent. Alcohol is not an effective cleaning agent since it can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. These may then react to the skin, causing sensitivity.

Consider Kids Health

When looking for good quality face paint for kids, it's advisable to consider the impact on health. You can do a simple background check to ascertain their health status. If you are painting your child, you can apply to a small area and leave for a few minutes to check if they are sensitive.

Refrain from using on broken skin due to cuts or open sores.

Clean Your Hands after Every Application

If you are applying on many kids, you need to clean your hands between each application. You can use a sanitizer or wet wipes. Cleaning will protect the kids and yourself as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding face paints:

Q. Why are labels important on face paints?

A: When you purchase a face paint, it's important to read and understand all the instructions on the label, especially when it concerns neon colors. The FDA advice that neon colors are only suitable for hair and nails and not for skin. Similarly, the label will indicate whether it's toxin-free.

Q. How long does the face paint last?

A: Most manufacturers of face paints usually recommend an expiry period of not more than 36 months when unopened. However, it's common to find products without any expiry period.

Nevertheless, it's recommended not to keep your paint opened for more than eighteen months. Some paints will dry out when opened, but this may vary depending on the brand.

Q. What are the safety procedures when applying face paints?

A: Before applying face paints on the skin, it's essential to read the label first to ascertain they are non-toxic and FDA approved. Secondly, ensure the face is dry, does not have oil and makeup.

Also, the skin should not be cracked or bruised as this is likely to cause irritations. Some package may come with water for dissolving; however, you need lots of clean water for mixing and washing.

Q. What’s the best way to remove face paints?

A: Always have clean water by your side during a face painting event. It is highly recommended to wash with some water and mild soap. Likewise, you can use baby wipes since they are free of fragrances. However, wet wipes with oils are not ideal since they can make the color stick and stain the skin.

Sometimes traces of paint are left on the skin after washing; however, they will eventually come off by cleaning the skin regularly with warm water.

Q. Is a good face paint water-resistant?

A: Generally speaking, face paints are usually water-based, and therefore you can wash them off easily with water. However, they may not withstand sweat or exposure to rain or water.

Some people may want to use sprays to fix this problem. Still, if you plan on buying a spray, ensure it is approved as safe by the FDA and does not contain toxins.

Q. Can face paints stick on clothes?

A: Yes, they can. Some colors may stick on garments and may be hard to remove. Usually, water-based paints are ideal to use since they are easy to remove. All you need is to soak your fabric in cold water and scrub gently. You can also clean in a washer and dryer; however, you may need to use a mild detergent.

Q. Can I use face paint on a small baby?

A: No, you can't. It is not advisable to paint a kid who is less than three years. Toddlers and babies are sensitive to the ingredients used to make paint. Most often, small kids are allergic to many things, such as soap, creams, and face paint may not be exceptional.


After diving into the best face paint kits above, the ball is on your side. Choose the paint kit that is the best one for you, keeping in mind factors like safety, ease of application and removal, and opacity.

Remember, remarkable face painting requires attention. Be keen as you go about it and the results will definitely be impressive.


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