Best Fabric Paint For T Shirts, Cotton, Denim: Reviews 2023

Want to put nice designs on your clothes without having to use difficult/expensive methods like heat pressing and screen printing? Use fabric paint.

These are inexpensive paints that are specially meant for fabric art. They usually come in little tubes, mostly in liquid form. You can apply them straight from the bottle, using a brush or by spraying, depending on the model.

With the right paint, the work becomes very easy and quick, and the results are excellent.

Well, there are numerous fabric paints out there. Not all of them are worthy.

I am going to help you skip the rubble and get the best fabric paint for your project. In this article, I will review some of the top textile paints that most people use.

Let’s get started.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Fabric Paints

Before we jump into the reviews, I’d like to help you understand the main factors that people take into consideration when shopping for fabric paints.

Paint Opacity

Opacity refers to the paint’s ability to hide the substrate’s color underneath. Opaque paints are able to hide the color underneath very well, and thus their suitability for darker fabrics.

A transparent paint is not able to hide the color underneath well, and thus it is more suited for lighter fabrics. You can also use an opaque paint on a light fabric.

Consistency and texture 

Planning to use an airbrush? A normal brush perhaps? Or are you looking to spray the paint straight from the can?

These are all very important questions that are directly related to the consistency and texture of the paint. The paint has got to be smooth and creamy if you’re looking to use a brush.

That will make the application easy. If you desire a watercolor-like consistency or plan to use an airbrush, you’re better off with a thin or bodyless paint.

For puffy effects or textured appearances, go for a heavy-body paint.

Does it need heat-setting?

Most acrylic paints need heat setting. There are other paints out there that don’t need it.

Well, before you get a paint that needs heat setting, make sure your fabric can tolerate the heat. Otherwise, get a paint that doesn’t need that.

VOC Compliance 

VOC (short for volatile organic compounds) means items or chemicals that can affect the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

When a chemical/substance is VOC-complaint, it adheres to the regulations that the government has set to prevent damage to the atmosphere.

Most fabric paints are not strong chemicals, so there’s not much of a concern about environmental pollution. That being said, you got to check the packaging/description to ensure the product is not toxic.


What size of fabric are you looking to design with fabric paint? That’s the question to answer when thinking about the amount of paint needed.

Most cotton paints have their size indicated on the packaging and the description, usually in ounces. 

Just a few ounces are normally enough for up to two to three t-shirts. The larger the garment, the more the paint needed.

You could even purchase a pack of many tubes/bottles if you have a large project.

Drying time vs cure time 

Drying time refers to the time the paint takes to lose its wetness. Most paints will dry within 30 minutes to 3 hours. But note – dry does not mean cured. The paint will come off when rubbed against or washed.

Cure time refers to the time after drying that the paint takes to gain permanency, such that it doesn’t come off when washed or rubbed against.

Most paints dry within 12 to 48 hours.

The faster you want to use the fabric, the shorter the cure time you should look for.

Now that you know some of the most important things to consider, let’s jump into the review.

Our Top 10 Best Fabric Paint Reviews in 2023

1. Crafts 4 All 3D Fabric Paint Set

The whole point of fabric paints is to be able to create the right designs without needing too much effort. When it comes to the ease of use, there are few fabric paints that are as good as the Crafts 4 All.

This product comes in relatively soft bottles that are super easy to squeeze, so you don’t struggle to get it on your workpiece. In addition, the opening at the top is a thin nozzle that allows you to either doodle or write the designs. That means flexibility.

With paints, quality matters a lot. You want something that works so you don’t need to apply too much to get the effect you need. Also, you want it to create a lasting impression if you need something permanent.

Quality-wise, the Crafts 4 All is superb. It is manufactured from quality materials, so just a little goes a long way. Again, because of the good quality, the paint creates durable works of art.

Maybe you’re looking for a pack that comes with many colors so you’re able to handle any project. This is especially crucial when you’re a professional or you’re a student looking to learn as much as possible.

I bet the 24 colors that this Crafts 4 All pack offers will suffice. Each color is in its own bottle, so that means 24 bottles. With the wide range of colors presented, including different hues of red, blue, green and so on, you can handle just about any project.

Want to know that this fabric paint is all about versatility?

Apart from the many colors available, the product can be applied on other surfaces apart from fabric, and it can be used to create either 2d or 3d designs.

Aside from fabric, you can use the paint to personalize shoes, mason jars, decorative rocks, wooden boxes, and even mugs.

Lastly, the Crafts 4 All fabric paint is odorless and non-toxic, and kid-friendly. Definitely a great choice for someone who wants the best paint for clothes.

Highlighted features:

  • 24-color fabric paint set.
  • Odorless and non-toxic.
  • Thin-nozzle opening for writing/doodling.
  • Shiny paint whose designs are extremely vivid.
  • Suitable for 2D and 3D applications.
  • Not just for fabric – suitable for other surfaces like plastic, glass, wood, etc..
  • Can be applied directly from bottle or with a paint brush.

2. Tulip 29025 Dimensional Glow Fabric Paint

How would you like to bring your clothes, backpacks, shoes, et cetera, to life with glowing paint? As the name suggests, the Tulip 29025 Dimensional Glow Fabric Paint is a glow in the dark paint for fabric.

From its exceptional quality to its versatility and safety, the reasons are endless why people love this fabric paint.

So, first off, the paint is made from premium materials. As such, it creates really fine designs. The colors are vivid and they glow in the dark. Even during the day, it’s hard to miss the brilliance of the designs created with this paint.

As the paint is dimensional, the designs are 3D. If you’re looking to create lasting designs, this is the paint for you.

The finish dries permanent and it is flexible, so you won’t have to deal with peeling or cracking issues. You’ll like how the designs remain intact wash after wash.

How many colors do we have in there, you ask? 6 of them. There are 6 bottles containing different colors of glow in the dark paint. These are hot neon colors that are really brilliant and attractive.

Another reason to love the Tulip Fabric Paint is that it is non-toxic. We all know how you cannot give just any fabric paint to kids to practice with for safety issues. But this is an odorless, non-toxic fabric paint that is safe for everyone including kids.

Looking for an easy to use fabric paint?

The Tulip paint would be a great pick. The bottles are easy to squeeze so you won’t have a hard time trying to apply the designs. With a fine-point tip, the bottles are great for doing detail works.

For a versatile paint that you can use on multiple surfaces, this is another suitable selection. The paint works on paper, glass, canvas, wood, and more.

Highlighted features:

  • Fine-point opening for detail works.
  • Quality paint that lasts.
  • 6 colors in 6 bottles.
  • Easy to squeeze bottles.
  • Versatile – can be used on fabric, paper, wood, glass, canvas, etc.
  • Non-toxic paint.

3. Jacquard Products Textile Color Fabric Paint

One thing is very important when it comes to fabric paints. After applying the paint, you want the designs to be soft. No one wants designs that are going to scratch their body when they wear the garment, right?

The topmost reason why many people find the Jacquard Products Textile Color Fabric Paint so fitting is the paint’s ability to leave soft designs.

You can wear the garment without any worries about discomfort.

Before I proceed, I’d like you to note that this is not a pack. It is rather a single 2.25 oz paint bottle with one color. When you buy from Amazon, you get to choose your preferred color.

The color choices are endless, so getting what you want is a piece of cake. I bet you will love the texture and coverage of this one.

With the nice consistency of the paint, spreading it is a breeze. It’s a medium-thin paint that is not at all gloppy like some I have come across. If you need a paint that is easy to manage, the Jacquard paint would be a great choice.

Just as the packaging says, the color is pretty intense. Very suitable for bright designs. It is a semi-opaque color, but you can build that up to full opacity with multiple layers.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that this paint is more suited for light fabrics than dark ones.The paint is also quite versatile. You can use the paint not only on fabric but also paper and wood.

As the bottle is soft, applying straight from the bottle is easy. You can also use a brush applicator.

The Jacquard paint is a high-quality product made in the USA. It is non-toxic and conforms to the ASTM standards. You got to try it out.

Highlighted features:

  • One bottle of 2.25 oz capacity.
  • Wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Intense color.
  • High-quality paint – durable applications.
  • Versatile – can be used on paper and wood as well.
  • Made in the US.

4. Neon Nights UV Fabric Paint Set

If you’re a fan of glowing paints, you might have heard of Neon Nights. It is one of the renowned brands in the glowing paints sphere.

Neon Nights is known to sell some of the best fabric spray paint that glows in the dark. The quality it provides is excellent.

Well, the Neon Nights UV Fabric Paint Set comes in the form of 8 bottles of paint. There are therefore, 8 colors in the set.

The colors inlcude yellow, pink, blue, orange, green, white, and more. As you can agree, these are some of the most basic colors that are frequently needed for projects.

Each of the bottle has a capacity of 0.7 fl oz.

What is even more amazing is the quality of the paint. The color is brilliant; it creates a nice sheen when reflected upon in the dark.

Still on the quality, the consistency of the paint is suitable for easy management. You can spread it easily with a brush. The paint also goes on nicely when using an airbrush.

Unlike other paints I have come across, the Neon Nights UV Fabric Paint doesn’t contain blobs; it is highly consistent and soft.

Another reason to get this paint is the lasting effect. The glow effect doesn’t go away any time soon even when you wash the garment by hand or with the washing machine.

I should mention too, that the paint is highly opaque. No need to apply many coats to hide the color underneath.

The only issue I found with this paint is that it’s not very versatile with regards to the range of surfaces it can be put on. I found it to be suitable only for fabric.

Highlighted features:

  • 8 bottles – 8 colors.
  • Bright colors.
  • High opacity.
  • Durable – glowing effect stays even after washing several times.
  • Easy to apply.

5. FolkArt Brush on Fabric Paint Beginner Set

In the world of fabric paints, FolkArt is yet another brand people trust. It makes quality paints that create beautiful, lasting designs.

Are you just getting started with fabric painting? Maybe you’re a student or a young professional. As the title suggests, the FolkArt Brush on Fabric Paint Beginner Set is the perfect beginner pack. It doesn’t come with too many colors that confuse you, and yet, it offers you enough colors for your practice.

The set comes with 12 of the most common fabric painting colors, including red, blue, white, and more.

All the colors are highly pigmented, which ensures that the designs look bright. The opacity is also high, so you don’t have to apply many layers.

If you’re looking for a permanent fabric paint, this product should be a fine choice. It is so durable that you can machine-wash the garment without losing your design. It will be many washes before that design fades.

It hurts when you apply fabric paint only for the application to make the garment uncomfortable to put on once the paint is dry. But that is what happens with low-quality paints.

Want to avoid that? Get a high-grade fabric paint like the FolkArt Brush On. This is a quality paint that remains soft and flexible even after drying.

Apart from stiffening, another problem you got to be wary of with paints is flaking. Some paints flake and peel when dry. But not the FolkArt paint. It stays flexible and intact.

I didn’t find this paint to be very versatile to the degree that it could be applied on any surface. That being said, it can be put on almost any fabric including leather and canvas. You can also use it on shoes.

The paint is also non-toxic and it is made in the USA, which is a good sign quality-wise.

Highlighted features:

  • 12 common paint colors.
  • Doesn’t stiffen – dries soft.
  • Long-lasting paint.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Water-based – cleans up easily with soap and water before it dries.

6. ARTEZA 3D Permanent Fabric Paint Set

If you’re in the business of fabric design, it only makes sense to be completely prepared for any project. One of the ways in which you can do that is by getting as many color options as possible.

Rather than looking for them one by one, which can be exhausting by the way, why not just get the Arteza set?

With that, you have 30 fabric paints in one pack. That means 30 colors to work with.

When it comes to versatility, the ARTEZA 3D Permanent Fabric Paint Set is one appropriate option. And it’s not just about the number of colors presented. It’s also about the range of effects available.

Whether you want a metallic, neon, glow in the dark, glitter or fluorescent effect, you get to create it with the paints in the set. All these effects are incorporated.

Regarding the quality and appearance of the paint, Arteza really has something to offer here. First off, the colors are vibrant. You can’t go wrong with the set if you’re looking for something that can create brilliant designs.

What about the ease of use, you ask? You’ll be glad to see how easy it is to apply the paint. The tubes are super easy to squeeze, thanks to their soft nature.

If you need something that your kids can work with, this paint would be a good pick. It is non-toxic and even features an ACMI certification as proof of strict adherence to quality standards in the manufacturing process.

Lastly, the set comes with a few gifts. When you get it, you’re given 3 stencils and 2 brush applicators for free.

Highlighted features:

  • 30 bottles – 30 colors.
  • Easy to squeeze bottles.
  • A range of effects – neon fluorescent, glitter, metallic, etc.
  • Bright, vibrant colors.
  • Non-toxic – has ACMI certification.

7 . Mont Marte Permanent Fabric Paint Set

Looking for the perfect introductory paints for cloth? Try the Mont Marte Permanent Fabric Paint Set.

It comes with 24 tubes containing 24 colors in total. With such a wide array of colors, it is easy to complete just about any project. What’s more, the colors feature amazing mixability. You can blend them easily, and that way create a wider palette of tones and shades to work with.

The quality of the paint is something worth applauding. It has a consistency as smooth as butter, which makes application with a brush effortless. The nice consistency also makes it easy to create any design.

As the paint is high-quality, it has great coverage. Just a little goes a long way. I bet you will love the quick drying time of this one. You can wash the garment in even less than 12 hours without washing off the design.

If you like shiny designs, this might be the paint for you. It dries to a nice, glossy finish.

I should mention too, that the colors are vibrant. The designs, thus, look brilliant.

Paint storage matters a lot especially when you’re looking to travel with the paints or store them for future use. Unfortunately, many brands out there don’t pay attention to the storage. But not Mont Marte.

This is one of the fabric paint brands I have found to be most keen on the storage. It provides a sturdy plastic tray that contains separate slots for the tubes. That way, the paint is well protected during storage or transportation.

Highlighted features:

  • 24 separate colors.
  • Great paint mixability – for additional shades and tones.
  • Strong pigment.
  • Great coverage.
  • Sturdy storage case.

8 . U.S. Art Supply 30 Colors 3D Permanent Textile, Fabric & Most Porous Surfaces Paint with 3 Brushes

The U.S. Art Supply Paints Set is yet another textile paint set that comes with many color options. It contains 30 bottles of different colors. That’s a whole lot of color choices if you asked me!

This is one set that offers you more than just the ordinary colors. There’s a nice selection of out of the ordinary colors in there. Apart from that, there’s a couple of effects to work with. That includes glow in the dark, metallic, glitter, fluorescent, and more.

The versatility of this paint is one of the things people love most about it. You can apply it on virtually any fabric, including jeans/denim, leather, and canvas. Furthermore, you can put it on other surfaces including paper, plastic, wood, and glass.

Still on the versatility, the textile paint is compatible with a range of diy projects. You can use it to doodle, draw, and customize any fabric.

The speed of drying is important to many of us. But there’s usually a catch with many fabric paints that are quick-drying. They tend to crack and peel. But not the U.S. Art Supply Puffy Paints. They dry fast without cracking, which is something really unique.

So, you get nice, vibrant designs that last long. Even after washing, the designs stay intact.

Safety is a critical factor especially when getting the fabric paint for kids. The U.S. Art Supply paint is odorless and non-toxic. It is safe for both children and adults. Besides, it has an ASTM certification as a show of adherence to quality standards.

When you get this set, you’re given 3 brushes and a carrying bag.

Highlighted features:

  • 30 colors – 30 bottles.
  • Odorless and non-toxic.
  • Easy-squeeze bottles.
  • Rich, beautiful colors.
  • 3D effect.
  • A range of effects – glitter, neon, fluorescent, glow in the dark, etc.
  • Free gifts – 3 brushes.

9. Castle Art Supplies 3D Fabric Paint Set

Looking for the perfect fabric paint for denim? Or perhaps good paints for cotton?

The CastleArt Supplies 3D Fabric Paint Set would be a great choice. This paint goes on jeans and cotton excellently, creating nice and lasting designs.

For someone who needs a wide array of color options to work with, the 24 different colors included in the set might be enough. You get all the basic colors like red, green, blue, and yellow as well as many out of the ordinary colors.

Seeking a puffy kind of paint? This might be just what you need. The paint is colorful and puffs up to create nice 3D designs. If you want a realistic, exciting 3D effect, you can’t go wrong with the Castle Art Supplies 3D Fabric Paint.

The ease of use and the flexibility involved are some of the best things about this paint. First of all, you can customize the flow of the paint. All you have to do is snip the tip to the style applicable for you needs. You can even write or doodle with the bottle tip.

Another thing that makes the paint easy to use is the consistency of the paint. Forget about the ones that contain globules or a rough texture. This paint is highly consistent.

There are no globules and the texture is smooth, which makes it easy to apply the paint with a brush or straight from the bottle.

You know why it’s so easy to have fun with this paint?

You can apply it on other things apart from fabric. If you want to add cool elements to your backpacks, bracelets, decorative rocks, etc., you can do so with this paint.

Apart from fabric, it works on paper, wood, glass, and a lot of other substrates.

There’s still another factor that makes the paint easy to work with – the fact that it dries quickly. If you’re working in conditions that don’t make it easy for the drying process to occur, this paint would be a great option.

Highlighted features:

  • 24 colors in the set.
  • Puffy paint – for the realistic 3D effect.
  • You can customize the flow with the soft-tip nozzle.
  • Versatile – can be used on wood, plastic, glass, and more.
  • Good paint consistency – easy to work with.

10. Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint Pack (Glitter)

There are not many brands out there that provide good clothing paint with a glitter effect. To save you the trouble of finding one, I am going to tell you about the Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint Pack. This is glitter washable fabric paints that offer decent quality.

The product is a pack of 6 bottles of fabric paints of different colors. The bottles have a capacity of 1 oz.

So, what does this pack has to offer?

First, it is offered at a great price. If you’re looking for good glitter paint for fabric that doesn’t cost much, this would be a good selection.

The second great aspect is the durability. The paint dries permanent and the designs last.

Thirdly, the appearance of the designs it creates is fantastic. The Scribbles paint leaves a precious metals finish that looks amazing.

As the title suggests, the paint is 3D. In that regard, it puffs up, creating a nice 3 dimensional outlook that is truly realistic.

Another thing you’re going to love about this paint is the fact that just a little goes a long. I couldn’t believe that such a small quantity could be more than enough to design more than 4 large-size tees.

There’s one issue you need to keep in mind though.

The ends tend to clog a lot, and unclogging them is not a piece of cake. It can be really annoying when in the middle of a project, you have to stop to try and get the paint flowing.

And when you squeeze too much, the bottle and let off a large blob of paint, ruining your project.

All in all, the Scribbles 3D is a great fabric paint for t shirts especially.

Highlighted features:

  • 6 colors in 6 one-oz bottles.
  • The designs are long-lasting and machine-washable.
  • Great glitter effects that last.
  • Nice 3D effect.
  • Just a little goes a long way.

11. SEI Tumble Dye Craft and Fabric Spray, 2-Ounce, Mixed Colors, 8 Per Package

Looking for a good fabric paint spray? You might want to give the SEI Tumble Dye Craft and Fabric Spray a shot. It is a high-quality sprayable textile paint that many people trust.

The product is a pack, containing 8 cans of sprayable fabric paint. Each of the cans has a capacity of 2 ounces.

So, why get it?

First, it is super easy to use. If you’re familiar with paints, you likely know that the sprayable ones are easy, even fun to use. No more struggling with brushes.

There are 8 cans in the pack, meaning you have 8 different colors to work with. You simply spray the paint onto the garment and let it dry. Note however, that you have to heat-set the paint to make it permanent. An iron will suffice for that.

You might already know there are paints out there that don’t come ready to use. They usually have to be mixed with thinners or other ingredients to make the ready to be put on the substrate. The SEI-Tumble comes ready to use.

It’s a water-based formula that you can paint immediately without any treatment.

As the formula is water-based, there’s another benefit. If you make mistakes or put it on your skin accidentally, you can wash it off with water and soap, as long as it won’t have dried. Once dry, the paint is permanent.

Needed something safe for you or your kids? You’re in luck because the SEI Tumble Dye Craft and Fabric Spray is non-toxic and safe for adults and kids alike.

Highlighted features:

  • 8 paint cans – 8 colors.
  • Easy to use – sprayable paint.
  • Water-based – can be washed out with water and soap before drying.
  • Ready for use.
  • Non-toxic – safe for everyone.

12. Shuttle Art Fabric Paint Set

If you’re a professional or student looking for the most comprehensive pack of paints for fabric out there, consider the Shuttle Art Fabric Paint Set.

With 45 colors to work with, you may never have to miss a project ever again. There’s just about all the colors you’ll be needing to create your designs.

The 45 colors contained are vibrant, which makes it possible to put amazingly lively designs on your fabrics.

Aside from the numerous colors contained, the set also includes a range of effects to bring your projects to life. 25 of the colors are classic. 9 are metallic, 6 are neon, 4 are glitter, and 1 is a glow in the dark color.

With all that versatility, it is possible to handle a whole range of projects, including doodling and drawing. You can customize all sorts of fabrics as well as caps and shoes.

Apart from fabric, the paint can be used to customize a couple other materials, including wood, ceramics, paper, glass, and plastic.

One thing I loved a lot about this paint is the quality. Unlike some paints out there, this one doesn’t peel or crack when it dries.

Many people say it works perfectly with jeans, so if you’re looking for the best fabric paint for denim, you might want to try it out.

If you were looking for something that creates a puffy 3D effect, this is one paint that is unlikely to disappoint you. It rises nicely, bringing forth a realistic 3D effect.

The bottle is soft and easy to squeeze, and with its precision tip, applying the paint is a piece of cake.

When you get the Shuttle Art Fabric Paint Set, you’re given 3 paint brushes, a fabric pen, a palette, a fabric sheet, and four stencils as a bonus.

Highlighted features:

  • 45 brilliant colors.
  • A couple of effects – neon, metallic, glitter, glow in the dark.
  • Precision tip for ease of use.
  • Versatile – can be put on wood, paper, ceramic, etc.
  • Non-toxic and odorless.
  • Free bonus items – fabric pen, paint brushes, stencils, etc.

Benefits of Using Fabric Paint

There are several ways to put designs on clothes. You can use heat pressing, screen printing, sublimation, digital printing, fabric dyes, and more. But many people will agree that when it comes to ease of use and convenience, using fabric paint is the easiest way.

Here are the main advantages of using fabric paint as opposed to other methods:

No need for machines 

With most other methods, including heat pressing, screen printing, and digital printing, you need a machine to make it happen. For instance, with heat pressing, you need a heat press machine to make the design stick.

Some of these machines are costly, not to mention the fact that they have a learning curve.

But with fabric paint, you only need the paint, and in some instances, just an iron to set the paint.


Almost all other methods of putting designs on garments need some setup, which, in many cases, wastes lots of time. For instance, when using fabric dye, you have to steam or boil the fiber to fix it.

With screen printing, you have to prepare the screens.

On the other hand, you don’t need any preparation when using fabric paint. As long as the fabric is clean, you just go ahead and paint the design.


Heat pressing involves lots of heat that might burn you. Screen printing involves the risk of leaving a huge mess. Fabric dyes are often strong chemicals that are harmful.

In contrast, most fabric paints are made of mild chemicals are non-toxic. Therefore, they’re safer for the user.

For that reason, anyone, including kids, can handle fabric paints.


Fabric dyes are usually transparent. That means you have to apply multiple layers when putting designs on dark areas of the fabric. 

And not just that. You have to first bleach out the part you want to put the design, at least to make the design visible.

But there are opaque fabric paints that you can use. You have a few options including pearlescents, metallics, and plain opaques.

This makes it possible to put designs on dark fabrics, without having to use too many layers or having to bleach out the background color.

Special effects

Now, this benefit is in contrast to fabric dye. With fabric dyes, you cannot get effects such as metallic or pearl. But you can get these effects with fabric paint.

For instance, fabric paint with metallic effects is made of particles of mica that are finely ground, mixed with paint binder.

Apart from metallic and pearl effects, there are others you can get with fabric paint. For instance, if you want a shiny, plasticy effect, go for slick fabric paint.

You can also get 3D effects with puffy fabric paint.

All these effects spice things up and make your work ever more interesting.

Top 5 Recommended Fabric Paint Brands

Fabric Paint Brands

With most products, there are those brands that the consumers know they can trust to provide quality. There are also those that are known to offer much better prices compared to other brands.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 most preferred brands in the fabric paints field:


FolkArt is a brand of the Plaid company. Plaid was founded in the 1970s, with the purpose to manufacture art and crafts products. In the 80s, the company quickly gained recognition as a producer of high-quality art and craft items that made these trades more exciting and fun.

Today, Plaid enjoys a wide market share in the US. It is one of the top producers of arts products. It has a long line of products, ranging from paints to brushes and stencils.

FolkArt and Plaid are brands you can trust to provide you with the best paints for fabric.


Founded over three decades ago in North Carolina, Jacquard Products has been one of the main players in the fabric art industry. As a family-owned company, Jacquard is founded on the values of quality and care.

This firm produces a wide range of products for craftspeople, DIYers, hobbyists, and professional artists.


Arteza is one of the top brands that make products that paint fabric. What sets Arteza apart is its commitment to what people need.

Founded on the principle of changing lives, the company produces items with the mission of availing art to everyone who seeks it.

Arteza is known to make some of the best t shirt paint in the market.


There’s a deep meaning behind the brand “Magicfly”. It is the bringing together of magic and the flying. As a matter of fact, when the founders were thinking about what to name the business, they had a sudden exposure to Chris’s song “Magic fly”.

Magic, is a representative of wonder. Fly, is a figure of rising above. When you bring the two meanings together, you get the idea of what Magicfly offers.

This is an art brand that is committed to providing art enthusiasts and professionals with exceptional products that help them create whatever designs they have in mind.

Castle Art Supplies

There’s nothing as disappointing in the world of art than seeing you have the potential to achieve more but your tools won’t let you. That is what Castle Art Supplies was created to help artists avoid.

As the name “Castle” suggests, the brand is a huge house of art supplies. It stocks everything from paints and pens to brushes and stencils.

If there’s one special thing about Castle Art Supplies, it is the quality of its products. They work, enabling artists to achieve great results.

Types of Fabric Paints

Textile paint is made up of color pigments emulsified with binding elements. Now, below are some of the common types of fabric paints.

Acrylic-based fabric paint

Acrylics are the most common form of fabric paints. 


 They give the finest results mostly. The way that acrylic paints for fabric are made is that the color pigments are added to acrylic polymers before emulsification with water.

The reason why many people consider acrylic paints the best paints for cloth is simple. These paints create a strong bond with the fabric. Your design becomes durable, able to hold up to machine washing. It also resists fading better.

With acrylic paints, you can change the viscosity/flow without reducing the color, and you can vary the transparency without affecting the consistency.  

Alcohol-based paint

When you’re dealing with fabrics that have a more non-porous surface, alcohol-based paints are the best. With these, alcohol is used as the binder, delivering the pigment to the substrate, in this case, the fabric.

Note: when you use alcohol-based fabric paint on porous fabrics, the pigment assumes a more transparent appearance and don’t have a good saturation. You will have to apply more layers to make the color look rich.

Fabric dye

Fabric dye is different from fabric paint. However, it can be used as a fabric paint to create designs. The results you’ll obtain will be more like when using alcohol-based fabric paint.

The main downside with fabric dye is that its setup is more involving and the process of applying it takes longer.

Different Application of Fabric Paints

Types of Fabric Paints

There are various ways in which you can apply fabric paints. You can create varying designs and even achieve a range of effects. Well, let’s see some of the common applications of textile paints.

Liquid paint

Liquid paints are the most common when it comes to fabric paints. You can get them in a range of consistencies and opacity/transparency levels.

Usually, these paints are available in the form of either alcohol-based formulas or acrylics.

Liquid fabric paint is very flexible. In other words, you can use it to brush, splatter, or even spray straight from the can or through an airbrush. Again, you can create just about any design with liquid textile paint.

Paint spray

If you’re looking for something that is super easy to use, fabric paint spray would be your ideal choice. It works just like the regular aerosol paint.

Fabric markers

Though they’re more limited with regards to the range of designs they can achieve, fabric markers definitely have a place. For one, they’re super portable and very convenient to use. You never have to worry about creating a mess.

Fabric paint markers are very suited for children as they don’t need any setup and again, they need minimal to no cleanup.

Dimensional paint

Looking to create 3D effects with your fabric paint? Dimensional paint is just what you need. It usually has a textured appearance and raises above the surface to a puffy design.

Tips to Use Fabric Paint

Fabric painting opens endless possibilities for which you can transform your wardrobe. It makes it possible for you to make a unique piece of wearable art.

When painting fabric, the following tips should come in handy:

Will Non-cotton Fabrics Do?

Perfectionists claim that the best fabric to paint on is 100 percent cotton that is tightly weaved. A cream or an off white fabric slightly dulls the paint. But other fabrics such as silk and rayon can produce good results too.


The fabric needs to be washed before painting to remove any sizing that was added during manufacture. Any sizing on the fabric makes it hard for the paint to adhere to the surface. 

Prewashing also gives it the chance to shrink, if it can. Drop water on a piece of fabric to test if it needs to be washed before painting. If the water remains on the surface, it needs washing, but if it is absorbed, no pre-washing is needed.

Don’t Add the Softener

Don’t add any softener when washing the fabric. You are trying to remove chemicals, not to add others.

Use a Finely Woven Fabric

Tight is bright. For a loosely woven fabric, paint seeps through the threads before it dries. This reduces the intensity of color. It is easier to paint on a finely woven fabric than on a loosely woven one.

Remove Wrinkles

Wrinkles can damage the design. After pre-washing, iron the fabric well. A smooth surface produces the best results.

Setting the paint

To set the fabric paint, iron it for some time. However, this is only done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Note that the paint will still set fine even if you iron the wrong side of the fabric. 

You don’t have to worry about colors bleeding into each other or the paint sticking on the iron. You can also use a press cloth.

Let the paint settle for at least 24 hours before ironing it. For a large project, try to use a tumble dryer for tumbling a piece of fabric for about 30 minutes.

Wash the fabric to test the warmth of the dryer. If you believe in yourself, you can set the paint using the oven. But, the best method is to iron the fabric.

Painting one-sided designs

When painting one-sided designs like T-shirts, insert a newspaper or plastic material. This prevents the paint from seeping through onto the other side. It helps to obtain a clean design.

Bleach out the background  

Bleach can be used to remove colors from a fabric. Though not always necessary, removing the background color can be very helpful when you want your design to be very clear.

Always remember to do a test square in cases where you are not sure about the outcome. Use a cheap brush when applying bleach because it ruins it and wear gloves to avoid coming into contact with it.

Bleach works well with dark colors. You can wash the fabric to stop the bleaching effect.

Tread softly

Stamp and stencil the fabric. It works well if you are painting a lightly padded surface. An old towel can also serve the purpose. But if you don't have an old towel, cover the surface with a waxed piece of paper. It wipes the surface clean.

Fabric Paint Safety Issues


You can get poisoned by either swallowing or inhaling the textile paint. The primary safety issue in painting is the accidental ingestion of the paint. If fabric spray paints are used, then there is the risk of inhaling toxic pigments.

When purchasing paints, look at the ingredients to find out if there are any toxic elements. A product labelled as “non-toxic” is typically safer.

Cover your nose and avoid inhaling the fumes or putting the paint in your mouth when working on a project. It is also important to ensure that your workplace is well ventilated.

Eye injury

Some paints contain elements that irritate the eyes. This is usually a concern when using fabric paint spray. 

If you are using a fabric paint spray, you might get eye injuries from the fumes. To prevent this, always wear goggles. Also, an eye fountain should be installed in your workshop.

In case of any contamination, rinse your eyes with plenty of fresh water. If the irritation doesn’t stop, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Prolonged standing hours

Long standing hours are bad for our health; they increase the risk of having a stroke. They deprive you sleep and may cause mental illnesses. It has also been linked to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and chronic back pain.  

That’s because standing too long pools blood in the lower limbs, increases pressure in the veins and leads to oxidative stress.

Equip your work station with seats that enable you to sit while working. Also, take breaks in between to stretch the body and relax the mind. In other words, get a more flexible work station.

FAQs About Fabric Paint

Where to buy fabric paint?

The best place would be Amazon. There, they have a wide range of color options from many different sellers. You can also buy fabric paint from other online stores such as Etsy and eBay. Alternatively, you can visit an arts and crafts.

What is the best T-shirt paint?

Tulip 29025 Dimensional Glow Fabric Paint is recommended for t-shirts. It is a non-toxic water-based formula.

You can apply it is using a sponge, applicator, or brush. For neat designs, pair the brush with a stamp or a stencil.

For a non-glowing paint, try the Crafts 4 All Fabric Paint 3D Permanent.

What is the ideal fabric paint for denim?

You can use acrylics. There many mediums for painting denim, including fabric pens and markers and acrylic markers. Choose the medium that you can use comfortably.

How to prepare for fabric painting?

Pre-wash the fabrics to remove sizing. Avoid using a fabric softener. Place cardboard between the layers of the fabric. To achieve a smooth working surface, pin the fabric in place.

Some of the paint bottles are designed in a way that they can fit in your palm. Hold the bottle like a pencil so that you can move along the line while squeezing the color.

Always ensure that the applicator tip is against the fabric. Then drag the tip while pressing the paint to allow it to seep through the fibers.

How to choose fabric painting brushes?

Choose brushes by the results you want to achieve. Flat shaders have a chiseled edge, and they ideally create a clean edge.

You can also use them to create S' command leaf strokes and fill the other parts. The liner brush is tapered, which is used to create long flowing lines such as scrolls and tendrils.

The scrubber is round with tapered bristles that help you to add and blend colors on the fabric.

How long does fabric paint take to dry?

The time taken to dry fabric paint depends on the brand, the type, and the thickness of the paint. The regular fabric paint takes around 12 to 24 hours to dry while the ‘puffy’ one takes more than 24 hours to dry. Within 4 hours of painting, the fabric may feel dry to the touch, but they are wet beneath the surface.

How to use fabric spray paint?

Before starting the project, test a square fabric to determine the end product. The spray is used on a light fabric to change it from a light color to a dark color.

How can I remove paint from a cloth after drying?

If you are using washable fabric paints, it will be easy. Simply soak the cloth in water and add a mild detergent. You can rinse after some time.


By now, I hope I have pointed in the right direction where you can get the best fabric paint for your projects.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone experimenting with textile paints, the 12 products in the review above should be helpful.

The buyer’s guide also contains info that you should find helpful when choosing the right fabric paint for you needs.

So, go ahead and check out the product you’re interested in and create those amazing designs you have in mind.


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