10 Best Paint For Ceramic : Get Right Ceramic Paint Now!

Dazzling artwork on ceramic utensils can instantly elevate the look of those to the next level. Imagine having some tea or coffee in such a mug at the beginning of the day or in the evening after a hectic day at work. How effortlessly it refreshes our mind!

If you are passionate about painting ceramic materials, go ahead and grab the pots, start painting your imagination on ceramic.

Wait! Did you select the right paint yet? You will need to consider several things, including the paint quality, durability, etc. before you head to buy one.

While you enjoy great artworks on ceramic, let us scrutinize tons of paints out there and present you with the best paint for ceramic shortlisted.

This will reduce a lot of hassle and allow you to pick the perfect paint for either your professional or DIY work from the comfort of your home.



Editor's Rating


Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL

5 out of 5

Apple Barrel PROMOABI Paint Set

5 out of 5

Complete Acrylic Paint Set

4.5 out of 5

Magicfly 30 Colors Acrylic Paint Set

4 out of 5

Castle Art Supplies LARGE Acrylic Paint Set

4.5 out of 5

Best Paint For Ceramic Reviews

Here is a list of our top picks for ceramic paint, along with a brief overview of them so that you get a bit more familiar with these paints before buying. Choose wisely because of the shine and durability of the paint matter.

1. Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL

Targeted for artists but also easily usable by beginners, this acrylic paint set from Crafts 4 All can be an amazingly good paint to work with.

This paint set's vivid colors come out perfectly shiny and durable that doesn't scratch at ease, which is a great concern while choosing the perfect paint for ceramic.

A whole lot of colors can be mixed in infinite combinations to produce the color of your choice. This is one of the plus points of a paint set consisting of so many colors. The more color you have, the more you are free to play with their shades and tints.

But what if the colors don't blend well together? You will never be comfortable working with those mushy and grainy colors on a ceramic surface.

All the colors of this set smoothly blend to give the right consistency and the best outcome after painted.

Other than that, you get 3 paintbrushes of different sizes complimentary with the set, which makes the paint job a lot easier.

No matter what you paint, keep this in your kit, and you are good to go. As long as the ceramic paint is concerned, this is one of the bests.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brilliant color to outperform any other out there is sourced from high-grade material.
  • Makes the paint job easy by providing 3 brushes.
  • Non-toxic, so does no harm to your skin.
  • The quick-dry feature reduces the chance of rolling away.
  • Highly durable and resistant to scratches.

2. Apple Barrel Ceramic Paint

Just like the name, this paint set is stuffed in cute-looking bottles, and you will have 18 bottles, each of 2 oz to paint on almost every surface, including ceramic.

Unlike the oil-based enamel color, this acrylic paint is water-based, and hence the color spreads out evenly to all the surfaces you paint. It comes in a great color variety with a matte finish that looks amazing on finished products.

These beginner-friendly paints are easy to mix and blend to formulate various colors according to your preference. And with great color comes great artwork.

You can use these paints in different ways. The most common way of applying these paints is with brushes. Take the brush of the appropriate size, mix the colors to get your choice color, and start applying on the ceramic right away.

This will take just a moment to dry and sustain for a long time, which is a great feature for any acrylic paint out there.

But if you aren't comfortable with brushes, you can also use stamps, stencils, or sponges to apply the paint on ceramic. It's up to your choice; we just wanted to inform you that the feature is there.

Highlighted Features:

  • The painting set includes 18 2-oz bottles, which are more than enough to cover any DIY project.
  • The water-based paint dries quickly and doesn't need much curing like oil-based paints.
  • Painting on any surface is easier with smooth colors.
  • All the colors come in a matte finish, which gives a premium look to your artwork.

3. Complete Ceramic Pottery Paints

Well, this isn't just about the paint; rather, you get a complete acrylic paint set, as they say. With a pile of 24 rich colors, you get 12 different-sized art brushes to take your artwork experiment to the next level.

Whether you are a professional or a newbie, you should have this paint set by all means. You will be wowed to see the color variations in the set. You will find all the basic colors as well as some unique colors to play with.

Painting ceramic with this set can be fun as you have the chance to express your creativity with a lot of colors, 24 colors to be specific, and their mixes know no bound.

With perfectly blending colors, you can have any color you want, and the consistency will always be on the thicker side, giving you full control over the colors. But the paints aren't everything here.

12 different brushes make this set stand out from the crowd and allow you to try anything on any surface.

The added art knife and sponge help blending and spreading colors quickly and perfectly, which is a great feature in a paint set of this price. Definitely a must-have paint kit for all.

Highlighted Features:

  • 24 premium quality dazzling colors to paint anything of your imagination on any surface.
  • Colors attach with any surface easily and are very durable, and they don't even fade in years.
  • Blending provides an infinite array of hues to be an unmatched paint set.
  • Comes with 12 different brushes, an art knife, and a sponge to make the paint job much easier.

4. Magicfly 30 Colors Acrylic Paints for Ceramics

Opening the colorful package reveals 30 bottles of non-toxic, vivid paints that are extremely balanced and produced to deliver the highest quality artwork on any surface.

All the tubs' colors leave a glossy finish on the finished painting that stays there for years without fading out, which is a great feature for acrylic paints for ceramics.

You need something that doesn't scratch away soon so that your artwork looks better for a longer time.

Though these are water-based colors, the rich and creamy consistency of the colors is praiseworthy and glides perfectly on any surface, including ceramic.

As these colors can also be applied on any other surfaces, it can be the best paint for pottery, just to let you know if you have a knack for pottery.

We have used the brushes coming with the package to paint on several ceramic products, and working with both the brushes and the colors is a breeze.

Though you will often get dirty working with colors, it is quite easy to wash off your skin color and does not harm the skin at all.

We have also tested the finished product after exposing it to direct light for a long time, and the color remained as it was. This is the most important thing about any ceramic paint you want to buy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rich and thick color conforms into solid artwork and sustains for a longer period.
  • Any color combination from the set blend and work similarly well, thanks to the smooth butter mixing that leaves no grain.
  • Brushes are included to give you some extra benefits.
  • Includes 30 different colors that are huge for any paint job.

5. Castle Art Supplies LARGE Acrylic Paint Set

Another best paint to use on ceramic comes from Castle Art Supplies in a larger tube packed inside a fancy box, which can be the best compliment as a gift. These colors look premium, and 12 vibrant colors are enough for any beginner to start with.

Running a color experiment or professionally painting, everything is effortless with these colors in your arsenal.

You can either apply the color directly in the thicker form to complete any layer or make it thinner to apply in different layers.

The most convenient thing here is the quick dry feature of these paints that help you layering on color on top of another, which couldn't be possible if the colors remained wet for longer.

This feature gives you extra leverage while working in complex paintings where you need several layers, each subtle and separate by color.

As the colors dry quickly, adjacent layers don't turn into a color mixer, often a headache for beginner artists. These 12 colors can be combined well with each other to produce any shade you need for a variation of jobs.

We often find smaller sized paint tubes to end when necessary, which is a real pain in the ass. These colors come in a bigger size that can accommodate larger paint jobs and is enough for several projects.

With one of these packages at your home, you can go beyond your imaginations no matter what surface you paint.

Highlighted Features:

  • At first sight, looks premium feels and premium while working and leaves a premium gloss that sustains.
  • Acrylic and non-toxic to be a comfortable companion of your painting.
  • Manipulating the consistency doesn't affect the colors' vibrance; it stays as it was no matter how much you thin it.
  • The quick-dry feature helps in easy layering thin colors and not mudding them.

6. Arteza 3D Fabric Paint

Though this is named fabric paint, you can paint on other surfaces like ceramic easily with the Arteza paint set. Coming in 30 different colors of 5 different types, including metallic, glowing, fluorescent, and glitter paints.

Each of the 30 tubes contains 1 fl oz of color, which might be a small amount for your bigger projects.

But as the package contains many colors, you will get a great variety to work with. If that isn't enough for you, go with the smaller packages that contain more pigment than variety.

This non-toxic fabric paint is versatile and comes with 8 different tube heads of different sizes to paint according to your preference.

But mixing them to get the right pigment can be a tough time. Switch on the tips coming with the package, and you can draw thick or thin lines as you want. Even multiple lines too.

Getting rid of the mess while painting ceramic is a huge concern, and with this paint set, you don't need to worry a lot about washing off the excess paint.

Coming at a fair price point, this large paint set can the ultimate gift to any professional or promising artist.

But if you are gonna start painting either as part of your training or hobby, all these colors will leave enough flexibility for you to experiment and flourish your creativity.

Highlighted Features:

  • The color combination here is lovely and rich with 30 different colors.
  • Metallic and glittered colors are amazing for painting ceramic, while glowing color gives a funky effect to the utensils.
  • 3D paint sticks on the surface strongly and doesn't leave the bond so fast.
  • Gives a rustic feel to the artwork, which is nice to the touch.

7. Zenacolor Acrylic Paint

Boom! You can have 48 distinct colors with Zenacolor acrylic paint set that bring never-ending possibilities. With so many colors to combine, your heart will dance right away once you get your hands on this bold and beautiful paint set.

Targeted for both beginners and expert professionals, this acrylic paint set works well on almost every surface where acrylic is applicable, including ceramic.

This allows you to paint your desired artwork smoothly on ceramic and have them durable and shiny for years to come.

Mixing the colors is a breeze as you can use a brush or knife or even your hand to mix the colors. Worried about washing your hands after the paint job? These acrylic colors go away quickly by using soapy water.

The fun thing is, even your kids can start playing with these colors and get their fingers dirty by layering colors as their wish. This grows a passion for art inside them and helps them be more creative over time.

We have tried some of these colors to paint on ceramic utensils, and the finished work came out amazingly beautiful and gorgeous. The mirror glaze after the paintwork has dried worth buying.

When it comes to producing lighter or darker shades, no other paint set would be more suitable than this, comprising 48 different colors to play with. This is a great acrylic paint set to have and use to meet your creative cravings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Condensed and smooth color allows even spread over any surface, be it rough or smooth.
  • Produces high-quality artwork that is resistant to fading and scratching.
  • Nothing comes nearby when you have 48 different colors to paint your imagination.
  • Mixes dry and cleans easily, leaving you with no extra hassle.

8. Artist Quality Acrylic Paint Set

Best to use on fabric but no less effective on other surfaces like glass or ceramic, this artist quality acrylic paint set brings the artist inside you out and helps spread your imagination through your art.

This high-quality paint set contains 24 colors, and each color comes in 50 ml, so you know they are just right for any usual paint job.

 If you don't find the exact shade you were looking for, mixing them for a more accurate color is a piece of cake.

Each color is vibrant in its way and leaves no gloomy feel on the finished artwork. The shine you will see on the surface is outstanding and lasts for long.

Non-toxic paint is safe for use on any surface, even with your hands, and washing them off is no big deal.

The only problem here is you get a small amount of pigment for every color, which is less than the usual but is perfectly fine considering the number of colors.

Often you will feel so dipped into the art with these colors that the colors will be finished in the blink of your eyes.

Other than that, this is all good with a wide range of colors, easy mixing and cleaning, less or no possibility of cracking, etc.

Whether you buy this or someone gifts you, get your hands dirty and get ready to create something that the world will be lured at.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wide range of acrylic colors to unleash your true potential.
  • Perfect for fabric but fits greatly on most other surfaces, including ceramic.
  • Highly durable with a glossy finish and even smoothness all over.
  • Throws no threat to your skin, beginner and kids friendly.
  • Using colors from a wide tube is easier.

Comparison Table of Ceramic Paint

Product Name

Paint Type

Number of Colors


Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL



2 fl oz or 59 ml

Apple Barrel PROMOABI Matte Finish Acrylic Craft Paint Set



2 fl oz or 59 ml

Complete Acrylic Paint Set



12 ml

Magicfly 30 Colors Acrylic Paint Set



60 ml

Castle Art Supplies LARGE Acrylic Paint Set



75 ml

Ceramic Paint - A Complete Buying Guide

Ceramic Paint - A Complete Buying Guide

Surfing on the sea of colors might be a never-ending tour that takes up eternity to reach the shore. But the moment you reach there, your heart fills with unrealistic joy and peace.

To help you concludeconclude faster, we have discussed all the things you need to consider before buying paint for ceramic. Have a look:

Color Intensity

As decorating ceramic with colors is your primary target, you need something that produces vibrant color output when done and is formulated to have intense color pigments.

This helps to cover the most area with the least amount of color, which saves your time, effort, and money at the same time.

Range Of Colors

Having many colors close to your hand gives you an edge while working as you can choose any color according to the nature of the painting or your personal preference.

 If you don't have that many colors available, mixing existing colors and producing new colors is a hectic and time-consuming process.

Wanna get rid of that? Choose a paint set with a larger number of colors than most competitors, although larger packages tend to have a fewer amount of color in general.


Once we paint a ceramic surface, we don't do it for a few days or moments. We always want our artwork to stay as long as possible without fading due to direct light exposure. So, check for a paint that is very durable and dries quickly after application.

If not so, the paint can glide and destructure your painting easily. Also, some paints might need curing for a certain period after you apply them. Consider these factors carefully while buying paint and follow the instructions while you are working.

Water Resistance

No matter which brand or color you go for that should be water-resistant as the paint might get rinsed thoroughly daily. So that the color stays as it was, it must be water-resistant, no compromise with that.


As colors often get spilled on our skin, it might be very harmful, especially for the beginners who don't have a proper idea to handle such paints and the children who might have more sensitive skin than adults.

So, it is wise to choose a certified non-toxic color to keep safe from any unwanted health issues in the future.


Though we don't care much about the volume as long as the quality is up to the mark, it is a great factor to consider while buying.

If you are a professional and repeatedly using these paints, you will run short of colors if the volume is too low.

Often packages with a wide range of colors have less volume than others. So, if you have a fascination for any certain color or need any color more than others, try considering a paint set that includes fewer colors in number but more in volume.

FAQs About Ceramic Paint

FAQs About Ceramic Paint

Here will be answers to a few questions that are asked the most by customers or enthusiasts. These might help you get the answers you were searching for so long too.

What kind of paint to use on ceramic?

Enamel paint is the best for ceramic as it sticks well with the surface and gives an intense and vivid color after it finishes. But good quality acrylic paints are also commonly used on ceramic and perform well too.

Is acrylic paint suitable for a ceramic?

Partly, yes! You can use good quality acrylic paints for your artwork on ceramic. But it is better to give them a clear acrylic coat after painting to get a glossy and durable finish.

What is the best acrylic paint for a ceramic?

We have already mentioned a number of acrylic paints that work brilliant on ceramic and are highly durable.

How to seal acrylic paint on ceramic?

There are two ways to seal the acrylic paint on ceramic to safeguard it. You can either spray the paint with a clear acrylic coat or bake it in the oven for better durability.

How to finish acrylic paint with extra gloss?

Follow a few steps if you want your final artwork to be of high gloss. Mix any gloss medium with whatever color you are using before the painting. For more gloss, you can use a glossy varnish on the finished color.

Final Words

We owe you congratulation for coming all the way below and assume the journey was interesting. Who doesn't love playing with colors, though?

But it was never easy to express your imagination through colors, and humans are progressively trying to portray their existence for so long.

Wanna be a part of that eternal journey where your colors speak? Sit a moment in silence, let your creativity run the business, and decide what you are here for. Start creating something that will stay a thousand times longer than the paint stays on ceramic.


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