Snazaroo Face Paint Reviews: Our Top 5 Picks of 2023

Is your kid heading out to a birthday party or Halloween? Then help them put on a hysterical face by painting their face. You can easily accomplish this by investing in some of very good quality face painting sets from Snazaroo. With one of these sets, you only need to sit still and brush your kid’s face with the paint.

Face painting, which is a fun activity for kids, enhances a playful and creative imagination. Additionally, it makes the kid’s day unique and special.

There are various colors sets and brands for face paints. But not every kit is safe for kids. For instance, some face paints take a long time to come off. While others may have severe effects on the skin.

So, how do you choose the safest and the best face painting kit? This honest and detailed Snazaroo face paint review will help you to select the right snazaroo face paint!



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Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack Face paint

5 out of 5

Snazaroo Starter Kit Face paint

5 out of 5

Snazaroo Brush pen face paint

4.5 out of 5

Snazaroo Classic Face & Body paint

5 out of 5

Snazaroo Face Paint Palette

4.5 out of 5

Snazaroo Face Paint Reviews in 2023

1. Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack Face paint

Snazaroo is a widely-used face paint brand on the market at the moment. The manufacturer claims to only use FDA-approved and premium quality ingredients in their face paints. Thus making their products completely safe.

This Snazaroo Ultimate party pack face paint is fragrance-free, paraben-free and skin-friendly. Thus, this product is both odorless and non-harmful to the skin.

The pack comes with 4 sponges, 12 vibrant colors and 2 glitter gels. These tools are sufficient to make your kid to resemble their favorite superhero or animal. While the different vibrant color selections make several different designs possible.

Also, this kit includes a guide with various designs that you can accomplish in three simple steps.

Each of these colors is water-based, making it easy to either put it on or off. This product is both quick-drying and easy to apply. You can easily wash off the paint from your kid’s face with warm water and soap.

This face paint is approved by professional toxicologists and dermatologists. Thus ensuring that the set is safe for kid’s skin. You can also use this set for kids with sensitive skin.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fragrance-free and specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Made with water-based ingredients that are easy to wash off.
  • Only includes FDA-approved ingredients.
  • Dries quickly and easy to apply.
  • It comes in twelve different colors.

2. Snazaroo Starter Kit Face paint

Are you looking for the perfect starter face painting kit for both professional and amateurs?

Then this Starter kit from Snazaroo is all you need to start. This product is ideal for face painting at school events, parties and fundraisers among other events.

The starter kit includes 6 classic colors in separate, resealable containers. Each container has a capacity of 18 ml. this is sufficient to cover about three hundred full faces.

The fact that these colors are water-based makes them easy to remove. Thus, you can clean them up quickly and correct mistakes with ease.

The different colors included in this kit are; grass green, black, white, Sky blue, bright yellow and bright red. The kit is stylishly packed with 3 brushes (flat, fine and round) and 2 high-density sponges. Additionally, this kit includes detailed designs and 12ml silver glitter. All these products are packed in a strong, portable carry case.

This face paint applies smoothly and you can blend it easily. It dries in about 1 minute, leaving a durable and streak-finish.

The product also includes a manual instruction guide for various designs. This will enable you to paint designs like the rainbow, sports fan, flower girl and space princess among others.

Highlighted feature:

  • Includes a carrying case that cracks easily.
  • The paint dries in about 1 minute.
  • Comes in 6 different colors contained in separate 18ml containers.

3. Snazaroo Brush pen face paint

A face paint brush pen allows you to apply the paint directly from the pen. No applicators or water is needed. And they don’t create any mess. This is why we couldn’t leave out this Snazaroo brush pen when listing the best Snazaroo face paint review.

This set of Snazaroo brush pen is perfect for easy and quick designs. You only need to twist its barrel until the tip is full of face paint. Its nib is ideal for small designs, outlines and larger coverage. This water-based face paint is ideal for sensitive skin and it is both paraben and fragrance-free.

It is easily washable, since you only need warm water and soap. This Adventure set comes with 3 colored brush pens. These colors are; blue, red and gold. These brushes are very stylish and effective.

Also. These pens are extremely easy to use. Just twist the pen’s bottom and liquid face paint is pushed up the bristles. You can then apply the paint directly on your child’s skin. When you finish painting your kid, clean the brush with water.

Highlighted features:

  • The nib is perfect for small designs, outlines and larger coverage.
  • Designed for easy and quick use.
  • It’s fragrance and paraben-free, making it ideal for kids with sensitive skin.
  • It comes in 3 colors; blue, red and gold.

4. Snazaroo Classic Face & Body paint

Are you on the lookout for an affordable and premium quality face paint?

Then this Snazaroo Classic paint is the best option for you. It is water-based and it’s available in 36 different colors. This offers you the primary colors as well as their different shades. Thus enabling you to create various body art designs at an affordable rate.

These face & body paints are specifically made for people with sensitive skin. Especially since they don’t contain fragrances that tend to irritate sensitive skin. Moreover, they have been tested by professional toxicologists and dermatologists.

Since these products are water-based, you can easily wash them off with water. You don’t even need to scrub the face. This is another benefit for people with sensitive skin. Also, this indicates that you will need some water to stimulate the colors.

Although this paint comes in an 18ml container, it can cover your entire body. It’s made following the FDA standards and then independently reviewed by a professional. Additionally, this set has opaque and vibrant colors that look great every skin color.

These colors dry quickly, making them ideal to use on children during birthdays and parties. They can last for about 5 hours without irritating the skin.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes in 36 different color options.
  • Available in an 18ml resealable container.
  • Washable and easy to remove with warm water and soap.

5. Snazaroo Face Paint Palette

The best face paint kit provides better results because its colors blend well with other colors. And this is specifically what you’ll get with this Snazaroo face paint palette. These face paints stay on for a moderate duration.

Moreover, this product comes in a convenient package that contains multiple colors. Thus offering lots of versatility.

This face paint work smoothly on almost all types of skins. It dries quickly and includes a painting guide. The guide allows you to paint your kid’s face in 3 simple steps. Also, this product is proved to be safe after being tested by experts.

Another great thing about this face paint palette is that it’s easy to apply. You only need to add water to a sponge or brush and start painting your kid’s face. This set can last for up to 18 months since the palette is resealable.

The entire package includes 8 different colors contained in separate 18 ml containers. These colors include; grass green, white, orange, bright red, sky blue, black, bright yellow and bright pink.

Just like most Snazaroo products, these paints are water-based and non-toxic. For this reason, you can easily remove them from your kid’s skin with warm water and soap.

Highlighted features

  • Includes 8 water-activated colors in separate resealable 18ml containers.
  • Made using skin-friendly and quality ingredients.
  • Dries quickly and easy to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

face paint Q & A

1. What is the best way of removing face paints? 

It’s highly recommended to remove off face paints with mild soap and some water. Also, since most face paints are fragrance-free, you can remove them with baby wipes. But oily wet wipes are not ideal because they stain the skin and make colors stick.

2. Can face paint stick on clothes? 

Of course, it can. Some colors that stick on garments are difficult to remove. For this reason, we recommend that you use water-based face paints since they’re simple to remove. With water-based face paints, you only need to soak your clothes in water and scrub them gently. Also, you can clean your fabric in a dryer and washer, but you might also need a mild detergent.

3. Can I apply face paints on small babies? 

No. it’s not recommended to use face paints on kids below the age of 3 years. This is because babies and toddlers are sensitive to some face paint ingredients.

4. How long does face paints last? 

According to most manufacturers, the recommended expiry period is about 36 months after opening the container. But some paints do not have an expiry period.

However, it’s recommended that you shouldn’t keep the face paint open for over 18 months. This is because some paints tend to dry out when they’re opened. But this varied based on the brand.

5. How long does face paint take to dry? 

The time taken by a face paint to dry is mainly dependent on the brand and type. For instance, water-based face paints dry very quickly. However, they are more vulnerable to rubbing and sweat. Contrarily, oil-based face paints take a lot of time to dry, but they’re water-resistant.


Does your kid enjoy painting his/her face? Your kid can now have fun with the face painting kits listed above. And transform them into anything their imagination and creativity takes them. Face painting makes parties more exciting.

From this Snazaroo face paint reviews, we hope that you’ll find the best product for your kid. They are safe and free from toxic ingredients. They’re water-based and thus easy to remove with just water and soap. Additionally, they come with step-to-step guides.


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