Best Glitter Glue for Fabric and Crafting: Reviews 2023

Do you ever watch slime videos and wonder how the creators make such nice and stretchy slime?

Whenever you try to make slime at home, you end up with a sandy gunk that barely stretches past two inches! Sad, isn’t it?

Well, I’ll tell you what you might be missing – the best glitter glue!

If you want to make good sparkly slime that is super flexible, a high-quality glitter adhesive would be very helpful.

And this product is not just for making slime. If you’re a paper crafter or a nail art enthusiast, glitter glue can come in really handy.

But with the high number of models out there, it can be confusing to pick the right glue for your needs.

Not to worry. In this article, we’ll look at some of the finest glitter glues ever used. Products that don’t disappoint.

Let’s take a closer look.



Editor's Rating


Elmer’s Glue Deluxe Slime Starter Kit

5 out of 5

AmazonBasics Liquid Washable Glitter Glue

5 out of 5

Art Glitter Glue

4.5 out of 5

Deluxe Glitter Craft Set

5 out of 5

Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue

4.5 out of 5

Top 10 Best Glitter Glue in 2023

1. elmer’s glue deluxe slime starter kit

Have you made slime before? Has it been successful or a complete fail? Yes, I know how hard it can be, especially with the wrong ingredients.

If you’ve experienced frustrations, or are new to making slime and don’t want frustration, the Elmer’s Glue Deluxe Slime Starter Kit might be just what you need.

This kit comes with almost everything you need. In the box, you will find clear school glue, which is really handy, Elmer’s glitter glue pens, and the magical liquid that turns it into slime.

The clear glue and the magical liquid both come in sets of two each, which puts lots of product in your hands. You’ll find that handy for completing a large slime making project. The glitter glue pens come in a range of colors to spice things up.

Buying from Amazon, you’ll find a few options for the colors included, such as pink, blue, and purple, blue, green, and red glitter, and assorted glitter. What I love about the colors is that they’re very sparkly, which produces beautiful results.

The ingredients blend in without a struggle makes things easy for you. Not just easy, but fun! Then you add the magical liquid that turns it into slime. Really good slime that is stretchy and non-messy.

Given the above mentioned features, this product is, undoubtedly, the best glitter glue for fabric and paper.

But there’s a catch – the product was supposed to be a kit. Where’s the mixing utensil and the bowl? Not included. But considering the quality offered, I’d let that slide.

Highlighted features:

  • The glue is washable, making it easy to remove from the hands and bowl once done.
  • It remains flexible when dry.
  • Doesn’t create a mess when working with it.
  • Non-toxic, making it safe for kids.
  • Comes with a kid-friendly recipe.
  • Cool sparkly colors that add life to the artwork.

2. AmazonBasics Liquid Washable Glitter Glue

Making slime brings kids to next level creativity. And it also keeps them engaged and having fun. One of the ingredients needed to make slime is glue. If that is all your child(ren) needs to make slime, then you might want to think about the AmazonBasics Liquid Washable Glitter Glue.

This product is marketed as a pack of 4 glitter glue bottles of 6 ounces each. The bottles come in assorted colors, which include red, blue, pink, blue, purple, and more.

When buying, be sure to get the pack that includes the colors you need, as different packs offer varying color options.

Before buying slime-making ingredients for your kids, one of the factors to consider is safety. You don’t want a product that contains toxins or affects your kids’ skin, or that has weird odors, right?

Well, if you’re looking for a non-toxic glitter adhesive, the AmazonBasics Liquid Washable Glitter Glue would be a good selection.

This is a safe formula that kids can use at home or school.

Wash-ability is yet another important consideration to make. No one wants a glitter adhesive that won’t come off of their hands. Luckily, this product is easy to wash off. Once you’re done handling it and making the slime, water and soap will easily get it off your hands.

There are a few issues you need to know, though. Firstly, the colors are kind of pale. You will probably need to add food color to make them a little vibrant. Secondly, the glue is a bit thin and not appropriate for decorating, though great for making slime.

Highlighted features:

  • 4 bottles of glitter adhesive.
  • 6 ounce capacity for each bottle.
  • Non-toxic formula that is safe for kids.
  • Washable and easy to clean up.

3. Art Glitter Glue

If you’re into paper crafting, and you like to watch videos related to that, then you might have heard about the Art Glitter Glue. This glue is seen in way too many paper crafting videos. Why’s that? What’s the hype about?

As a paper crafter, you probably know how much the consistency of the adhesive you’re using matters.  A glue that dries cloudy or too thick is not good, as it can block out the light and distort the image.

The most appropriate adhesive for this application is one that dries clear and doesn’t have a thick consistency. That description suits the Art Glitter Glue perfectly.

This product dries clearer than others of its kind that I have come across including the Elmer’s school glue. No more warped designs, no more distorted images.

The other factor that makes this glue perfect for paper crafts is strength. You don’t even need to apply too much. Just a drop of the liquid may be enough to connect the papers. This factor is also good for the purposes of saving money.

You can complete twice the size of the project you can handle with competing adhesives of the same capacity.

I have seen adhesives that are a bit too thick, requiring you to tip the applicator and press hard to get the product out. Ever used such? It can be a bit of a hassle to use them, right? Thank goodness the Art Glitter Glue is made differently. It flows better, so getting it out is not a struggle.

Highlighted features:

  • Versatile: can be used with paper, cardboard, canvas, fabric, etc.
  • Industrial strength that allows it to bind strongly.
  • Comes with a metal tip applicator.
  • Dries clear, hence doesn’t distort the image.

4. Deluxe Glitter Craft Set

Are you looking for a huge assortment of adhesives for glitter?

You just found it. The Deluxe Glitter Craft Set offers an amazing array of colors to work with, which is what most people love about it.

In the set, you will find all sorts of glitter colors from common ones like metallic, black, blue, purple, and iridescent to flashier colors like neon.  There is a total of 26 colors in there, each in its own tube. This wide variety of color options makes it possible to work on many different projects.

Apart from the colors, you also get one glitter glue bottle and a brush. That makes it a complete set to get you started immediately.

You might be thinking, how will I keep so many items organized? Good question!

I have seen many craft products shipped in a simple plastic packaging that made organization a nightmare. Thanks to the seller of this product, you don’t have to deal with the issue.

The items are shipped in a sturdy hard carrying case that you can use to keep and transport them any time. The case even has a zipper to make it easy to access your craft items.

Lastly, the versatility of this product is exciting. You can use it for all sorts of crafting projects from decorating birthday and valentine cards to scrapbooking and making slime.

Highlighted features:

  • Kid-safe: non-toxic and safe for the skin.
  • Complete set that comes with 26 colors, glue, and brush.
  • Sturdy carrying and organization case.
  • Versatile: it can be used for a range of crafting projects.

5. Elmer’s Liquid Glitter Glue

If you were to make glitter glue at home, for instance, by taking glue and adding some glitter and possibly food color, there’s one problem you’re likely to face. The glitter glue can feel quite heavy and sandy. Not a very good experience for sliming.

The Elmer's Liquid Glitter Glue is very different. It offers you the best sliming experience by removing the said issues. So, the whole sandy texture and heavy nature is not there.

Instead, what you have is a consistent glitter adhesive that feels so good to hold and work with.

Almost all art teachers as well as the professionals I have come across who talked about glitter glue mentioned Elmer’s when giving recommendations. Why’ that?

When it comes to quality, almost nothing beats this product. Once you have made the slime, the whole thing comes out really nice. It is stretchy and very flexible so that you can put it in any position you like.

And guess what? The product is non-messy. This is a truly good one considering there are glitter adhesives that leave you looking like you were playing with mud.

You’ll appreciate how the adhesive doesn’t mess up your bowl or hands. And even the little that does is easy to get rid of with water and soap.

There’s one slight problem to note. You have to use an extra amount of contact solution and baking soda to get it to stop being very sticky. Other than that, you’ll have fun with the product.

Highlighted features:

  • Very glittery, hence makes the artwork look wonderful.
  • Bold colors that showcase the image with high clarity.
  • Non-runny yet easy to get out of the bottle.
  • Washable, making it easy to clean up.
  • Non-toxic and safe for everyone, even kids.

6. Crayola Mini Washable Glitter Glue

The Crayola Mini Washable Glitter Glue is another product that’s a good buy for someone looking for assorted colors. With an assortment of 16 sparkly colors, this set comes in handy for you if you’re looking to work on a range of projects.

One thing I find rather convenient about this product is the portability. The entire set is so small that you can stack it up in your purse, bag, or briefcase. Quite a good option for on the go creativity.

It is not the packaging that makes it convenient to transport but rather the sheer size of the pens. Each of them is so little that even a 3-year-old can hold it and use it without a hitch.

The product is shipped in a plastic bag. In there, you’ll find 16 pens of different colors. The assortment, as mentioned, is a good fit for art projects.

Who is this product for? I would say students and beginners. Quality-wise, the Crayola glitter glue is not the best. There are several issues you need to know about.

Firstly, not all the colors are glitter. I am guessing it’s a problem with the quality checks in the manufacturing line.

Secondly, even when the caps are on and tight, the product can separate, leaving you with a gluey liquid that looks like it’s been sprinkled with bits of glitter.

This doesn’t happen with all the bottles, but it’s annoying all the same. That’s why I recommend the product for learning and not professional work.

Highlighted features:

  • Small and portable: appropriate for on the go creativity.
  • 16 assorted colors to help you work on a range of projects.
  • Bottles are relatively easy to press: suitable for children as young as 3 years.
  • Best suited for beginners and students.

7. Elmer’s 638458774473 Washable Glitter Glue

In every sector, there are those brands that people trust to provide great quality. Brands that can be relied upon to offer just what is needed. In the world of slime and glue for glitter, Elmer’s is one of the renowned brands.

Many people turn to this company for the common knowledge that they sell the best glitter adhesive.

The Elmer's 638458774473 Washable Glitter Glue is one of their products, and from the look of things, it’s excellent.

The first thing you will realize when you start to work with this product is how stretchy it is. Putting it in your hands, and making slime with it, you’ll see how much it can stretch without breaking off.

That’s a good thing especially because it’s what makes slime good to play with.

Kids love pulling on slime and making various shapes with it. Two things make that happen: the ability to stretch and flexibility.

Apart from being able to stretch, the Elmer’s glitter adhesive is flexible even when dry. You can distort it in any way, which makes it fun to play with.

This product comes as a set. In the package, you get 6 bottles of assorted colors of glitter glue. Unfortunately, they usually don’t send the contact solution and baking soda, both of which are needed to make slime.

Another problem is the cost. Around 6 bucks per bottle is rather costly. But the quality offered is truly unmatched.

Highlighted features:

  • Pack comes with 6 bottles of assorted colors: pink, blue, etc.
  • Works great with paper, craft foam, and fabric.
  • Dries clear, and hence doesn’t affect the artwork’s visibility.
  • Non-toxic: safe for everyone.
  • Non-runny, making it easy to control.
  • Flexible when dry.

8. ZEYAR Glitter Paint Pens

Searching for glitter glue that you can use for decorating paper and other light surfaces with good results? You have got to try the ZEYAR Glitter Paint Pens.

These work excellently with gift cards, posters, greeting cards, fabric, and other light surfaces.

What I found most appealing about these is the level of control they offer. Being designed as real pens, they offer an amazing amount of control. They are designed such that you’re able to put on just the amount of glue you need to decorate the surface you’re working on.

If you’re tired of making a mess each time you try to use glitter adhesive to spice up your projects, this product might be your ideal pick.

Do you have a school project (or does your child have a school project) to work on?

An assortment of colors would be very appropriate. This set offers you 12 different colors, enabling you to handle just about any project.

Safety is an important property especially when you’re getting the product for your kids. Guess what?

The ZEYAR Glitter Paint Pens is made with that in mind. It’s a non-toxic product that conforms to ASTM D-4236 as a show of quality. The product is acid-free and safe on the environment.

There’s just one thing to know before getting it. The pens don’t work on dark-colored surfaces, metals, and wood. It’s ideal for paper and fabric.

Highlighted features:

  • 12 assorted colors for handling varying projects.
  • Highly precise application.
  • Easy to use: the pens write smoothly.
  • Acid-free and non-toxic: child and environmentally-friendly.

9. Art Glitter Glue Designer with Ultra Fine Metal Tip

To many card makers and paper crafters, the Art Glitter Glue Designer with Ultra Fine Metal Tip is the holy grail of liquid adhesives. Why? Let’s dig deeper.

If you’re into paper crafting or making embellishments or similar decorations, you probably know the things that matter when it comes to adhesive. And what are these things?

First, the product has to dry quickly. You want to work fast and more importantly, the faster the glue dries, the less the distortion.

What makes the Art Glitter such a popular choice is the fact that it dries quickly.

Another important thing that crafters look for, especially those dealing with paper, die cuts, and fabric, is the clarity. A cloudy consistency ruins the design, which doesn’t bring out the art the way you want.

But something that dries clear, like this particular glue, makes it easy to showcase your design. The results are awesome!

Precision, you might agree, is crucial when it comes to craft works. Being able to stick those pieces accurately determines the final outcome. The Art Glitter is very helpful in that sector. How?

The product comes with what they call an ultra fine metal tip. It’s a wonderful part that makes it possible to put on a thin line of glue with high precision. Even though the glue is fairly runny, the fine tip prevents making a mess.

The one issue with this product is the price. It’s a little costly, so it’s better suited for serious crafters as opposed to beginners.

Highlighted features:

  • Dries clear, enabling you to display your design without a hitch.
  • Quick drying, thus allowing you to work fast.
  • Ultra fine metal tip for highly precise application.
  • Water-based, which makes it washable and easy to get off of hands and bowl.

10. Bazic Products 6 Color Glitter Glue Set

Last on this review of glue for glitter is the Bazic Products 6 Color Glitter Glue Set.

As the name suggests, this is a pack containing six bottles of glitter glue. The included colors are purple, blue, red, green, gold, and silver.

What many people find most pleasing about this product is the colors. I have come across glues for glitter that had very pale colors. Sometimes, you even had to add food coloring just to bring out the different between the colors.

But the Bazic Products glue has amazing colors that are quite vibrant.

There’s a catch though. The glitter doesn’t show up very well on the final application, especially when you’re dealing with paper.

Adhesiveness is an important property to consider when looking for glitter adhesive. After all, that’s the whole point of the product. If you’re working with paper or fabric, the adhesiveness of this product works great. It sticks and stays put.

Before you get this product, there’s something you have got to know. It is a budget glue. That means there’ll be challenges.

For instance, the caps are difficult to keep on. Precision is also not very good. And as mentioned, the glitter doesn’t display optimally on the artwork.

But for the price, it might be worth purchasing. I’d recommend it for beginners and those on a budget.

Highlighted features:

  • 6 colors of glitter glue for completing different projects.
  • Small 0.6oz bottles that even kids can hold comfortably.
  • Vibrant colors that bring out the artwork in all its glory.
  • Inexpensive and suitable for those on a budget: less than a dollar per bottle.

What to Look Before Buying Glitter Glue?

When purchasing any product, there are those things that you look for to make sure the product is what you need and that it is of good quality. When looking for the best glitter glue, there are a few questions to ask.

For instance, does the product hold up? If it is any good, it should reduce fallout when used to stick things like paper together. If you see a glue that becomes rigid when dry or that creases up, that’s a bad product. Well, let’s go through some of the factors to consider.


The whole idea of using glue is to stick items together. A glue that doesn’t serve this primary function is, of course, useless, right? For instance, if you’re using the glue for nail art, you don’t want the nails to come off.

Before buying the glue, be sure to research what people say about its adhesiveness, and whether it holds up.


Glitter glues are available in all sorts of colors and tones, from clear and white to silver, gold, and red. Ensure the one you’re picking has the color you need for your application. You can even get a pack containing a few or many colors, even over 15.


Glitter glues are designed such that they can be used for one or more functions. For example, you might find a glue that works only on fabric and paper. You can also find another model that works on various surfaces like paper, wood, canvas, cardboard, fabric, and even metal.

Manufacturers don’t always tell the truth when it comes to applicability. Many of them will tell you that their product can work on anything to increase sales. That’s where reviews come in. Hearing it from the people that have used the product will point you in the right direction.


Products like glue are sensitive in that we come into direct contact with them. It’s almost impossible to prevent the glue from touching your skin. That’s why it’s essential to get a product that is safe, one that will not hurt your skin or leave you (or your kids) with inflammations.

Some products come with an ASTM certification, which is a good mark of quality with regard to safety.


What are some applications of glitter glue?

Glitter glue is a versatile product that you can use for a whole range of applications. You can use it to do different decorative works on varying surfaces such as photos, nails, fabric, canvas, even cardboard. Many people use glitter glue as an ingredient when making slime, and it works excellently.

Can I use glitter glue on my face?

Unless the glue is specifically labelled “cosmetic glitter”, then it is unsafe for use on your body. Craft glitter glue is not intended for use on human skin, even if it is described as non-toxic. here we discuss about perfect paint for face.

How long will it take for glitter adhesive to dry?

Most craft glitter adhesives are water-based. They become dry to the touch in a few seconds or minutes depending on the brand. But dry doesn’t mean cured. It’s usually good to give the surfaces you’ve stuck together at least 24 hours to cure.

Final Words

At this stage, I hope I have helped you find the best glitter glue for your needs. The products I have listed can help you in a wide range of applications from making slime to scrap-booking and decorating nails and fabric.

Make sure you go through the features of the product you’re eyeing. Some are good for beginners: these are the budget models that don’t offer much functionality.

Others are a little more expensive, like the Elmer’s but they provide impeccable quality and awesome results.



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