Top 12 Best Double Sided Tape Reviews For The Money 2023

The most important factors are often invisible.

You might not see them in bare eyes. But from how everything’s sticking to place, you’ll know they are in action. I’m talking about love, responsibility, sincerity.

As for the tools, often the shiny outlook isn’t something that plays the main role. Most of the time it’s what works under the surface. Think of the car motor as an example.

Double sided tapes are usually not visible, that’s because they are generally used “in between” rather than “upon” something.

But whenever you see a carpet sticking to the floor, or a picture frame hanging from the wall, usually there’s a double-sided tape behind it.

There are very few things as versatile as double sided bands.

From putting together foam panels to preventing a wardrobe malfunction, from the auto repair sector to overlapping house wrap seams, this tape has a wide range of uses. Seaming, bonding, splicing, this tape does it all.

Since it comes with many varieties with different kinds of uses, it’s important to know which one is the best double sided tape for your requirement.

In this article, we’ll cover this topic in depth. We assure you, by the end of this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision which will save you money, time and probably a lot of hassle. So, keep reading.

What Is Double Sided Tape And What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

Double-sided tapes are different from normal ones. As the name suggests, they have pressure sensitive adhesives on both sides, instead of one side like regular duct tapes.

You’ll often hear them called by the name double faced tape, double coated tape, or double sided band.

So what makes them unique? They can be your quick solution for sticking two objects or surface together. They won’t even hurt the look and display component.

For example, you need a pillow to stick to the couch and not laying on the ground. Using a duct tape will hurt the look. Likewise, using glue will hurt the fabric, not to mention making it hard to move the pillow whenever you need.

Duct tape can be a solution in these situations. It will contain the pillow in place without being seen. And whenever you need, just detach the band and move the pillow.

Convenient, isn’t it? Now imagine this type of sticking and bonding job you need all around the house. Every time you need a regular tape, nail or glue to attach things together, you can use double-sided tapes for most of them.

Why would you start using it anyway? Let me present to you the heap of benefits this product offers.

  • 1
    First of all, the wide variety of uses they offer. There are situations when using glue or pin will be impractical, unsuitable and an overkill.
    Take crafting or scrapbooking for instance. Glues attached the surfaces permanently, making it difficult to resolve any mistakes. Double bands allow the user a reliable adhesion which can be undone whenever needed.
  • 2
    It has a plethora of home uses. Sticking the carpet on the floor, gift wrapping, attaching photo frame on the wall, keeping the table cloth in place, these are just some regular examples.
  • 3
    The tape is easy to carry and use. Unlike fastening or nailing jobs which need multiple tools that cannot be carried on your purse, the double tape is an independent utensil. It doesn’t weigh much, and you can control how much you use of it.
  • 4
    Nails and glues often leave visible impacts on the surface they are being used. For a thin surface, you might overkill it will a longer pin or using too much of glues. As for dual layered tapes, they’re clean and leave no visible effect even after you remove it.
  • 5
    These products are cheaper than most of the bonding and adhesion solutions you’ll find. Also, the way they are used doesn’t need multiple tools, using expertise or a great amount of caution. You can size them, attach or remove easily, which will save your time, effort and money.

Top 12 Best Double-Sided Tape Reviews On The Market

1. Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Sticking through good and bad times?”

For Gorilla Heavy Duty Tape, it’s sticking to smooth and rough surfaces. It glues to the surface instantly but delivers a durable performance. In fact, the bond is so strong that it can carry up to 30 pounds of weight. However, remember the item shouldn’t have more than 0.75 inches depth.

Whether it is an indoor project or outdoor uses, Gorilla gives you a reliable performance. How? For instance, the product is a weatherproof one, which means it is less vulnerable to heat, rain and UV light.

You can do a wide range of mounting, repairing and bonding job with this band. This product is tough, but easy to work with.

This tape works wonder with surfaces like stone, glass, brick, ceramic, metal and wood. It also works well with plastics.

However, if you intend to use this against nonstick surfaces like polypropylene, polyethylene, wallpaper, you might not get anticipated performance. It has nothing to do with the quality of Gorilla, rather these surfaces are not suitable for sticking, to begin with.

Many of us worry about leaving marks when a dual band is removed. As Gorilla is a thick product, usually you won’t have to make a mess every time you want to remove it.

However, that depends on the surface too. It’s a strong tape and will probably leave marks on the wall when it comes to surfaces like wall paints.

Overall, if you are probably looking to face a lot of weather conditions and need a strong tape that’s stick through them, this one should be your choice.

Highlighted Features

  • This product weighs 2.24 ounces with a dimension of 1.3 x 3.4 x 6 inches.
  • The roll is 60 inches in quantity, which should serve you for a long time.
  • Sticks through both smooth and rough surfaces.
  • Can hold up to 30 pounds of weight that doesn’t exceed 0.75 inches depth.
  • Bonds over a wide variety of surfaces including some forms of plastic.

2.  3M 3614 Super Strength Molding Tape

Your car isn’t an airplane, but does that mean it cannot use technologies an airplane use?

Of course, it can. The 3M does exactly that, it uses the same elastic attachment technology engineers use in skyscrapers and airplanes. For automobiles, it uses the technology to attach body moldings, logos, fender and wheel trim.

This product can do so because of the strong adhesive it contains. It works equally well on vehicle interiors and exteriors. Despite being a strong band, the use is a piece of cake. You just have to cut the tape according to the desired size, peel the liner and then apply.

This top quality double band doesn’t only endure rough weather, it can take a degree of impact too. That’s especially important for an adhesive used in a vehicle going 80 km/ hour. By all means, this is the best automotive double sided tape you’ll find on the market.

It works so well that you can forget rivets and use this instead. You won’t have to deal with tools and the mess associated with them. This press-on tape will provide you clean and effective performance.

Since it works well on both painted and unpainted surface, you can use it for household purposes too. The tape is described to work well against glass, metal, carbon fiber, and even plastic.

The product is a delight to work with. It comes with different sizes and lengths. With a little effort, it shouldn’t be hard to find a product suitable for your specific job.

 It can also be measured effortlessly and cut into pieces to get the work done. The postcard-like thickness provides a good surface to bond in both smooth and rough terrains.

Highlighted Features

  • Weighing only 1.6 ounces, the 3M is a great solution for your automobile problems.
  • The tape strongly attaches fenders, side mirrors, drip rail moldings, logos of a vehicle.
  • Uses the similar technology used in airplanes and towers.
  • Easy to use liner removal, a great alternative to bolts, nails, and rivets.
  • High strength adhesive can endure rough weather, moisture, and impact.

3. eBoot Double Sided Adhesive Tape

How can you spend the perfect family time you’ve been always planned?

There are many ways to do something fun and memorable. Crafts, scrapbooking, making cards, you name it. And the thing that’ll come handy for these jobs is a dual adhesive tape.

E-Boot comes in a nice white color which instantly steals the eyes. It is manufactured with care and sized with both ½ and ¼ inches width, great for household uses. You can use it for mounting photos, picture frames, maintaining documents, in gift wrappers.

But above all, you can use it for scrapbooking, glittering, origami and crafting. The stunning color will make a perfect match. And it is so convenient to use. Just tear it with bare hands, no need for any tool.

Apart from home uses, you can use it for different surfaces and applications. It will go well with paper, glass, metal, wood, paint and even some plastic surfaces. Being compact, it can be used as a lingerie tape too!

The roll is 55 yards long. With one roll, you’ll get quite a run, unless you’re working on a project that requires massive amount.

The band is acid-free. That is a great relief for users who are looking for long term use and don’t want the tape being discolored. You can even use it to tag gifts and make labels on products.

Despite being strong, the band is thin. In case you face a hard time peeling the liner, use your fingernail or try bending it at the end, the layer will come off without resistance.

Highlighted Features

  • The product comes with 55 yards length along with two widths, ½ and ¼ inches.
  • Acid-free white color that doesn’t usually deteriorate over time.
  • Works well on many similar and dissimilar materials including some forms of plastic.
  • You can use it for both the office and home, thanks to the strong adhesive.
  • Great for pastimes like origami, glittering, making boxes, crafts and scrapbooking.

4.  XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape


You need to be strong to hold something that is constantly trying to move.

That’s the case with our doormats and carpets. Yes, they feel like having invisible legs, and they don’t stay in places they’re meant to be. There are tapes great for holding a piece of paper, but holding a carpet is a different feat.

XFasten, doing justice to their name, does that with ease. Their tapes are thick and wide. They come with three width options, 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches. Since the surface is bigger, they do a great job holding loads and prone-to-move surfaces.

The tape was manufactured in a way that it maintains high tensile strength. That joining with reinforced polycarbonate carrier and strong adhesive forms a great combination of strength and durability.

It can be used with different surfaces like wood, vinyl, tile, carpet, glass, paint. The claim isn’t all barking. In fact, this product went through several vigorous laboratory testing and made sure it delivers peak performance for up to 6 months. This is the best mounting tape you can lay your hand on.

The band is a great choice for your tile or hardwood floor. It forms a great bonding between the floor and the rug. Even better, it leaves no residue when removed. And like some other products, it doesn’t lose effectivity when repositioned.

In summary, this acts as both double layered tape and duct tape. While it helps to protect your loved ones from unwanted incidents, it doesn’t forget about your delicate flooring materials.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with several widths and up to 30 yards of length to provide long service.
  • Works well with both rough and smooth surfaces i.e. floors, rugs and wall decorations.
  • Quality carrier material, high tensile strength, and strong adhesive makes sure of ultimate bonding strength.
  • No tool required to use can be peeled, repositioned and removed by your hands.
  • A wide variety of uses including woodworking, shielding furniture, holding decorations, even general duct tape applications.

5. Melca Double Sided Carpet Tape


Having a mattress that moves and slipping on it is not cool!

Sometimes, that can be dangerous too. Especially if you have children that run around the house all day. That’s why using a dual layered band under the carpet isn’t just good, it’s necessary.

But not all tapes can hold rough surfaces like carpets. You need something wide with strong adhesive. A little strip like bands isn’t going to cut it. And Melca, my friend, is the strong product you need under the high traffic rug.

The tape is 2.5 inches wide, enough to facilitate strong bonding between surfaces. The quantity you’ll get is 30 yards, enough to keep you fueled for a long time. The tape can be torn and peeled by hand. Moreover, it won’t leave any unwanted residue or marks when you remove it.

This feature allows Melca to be used for many applications. Every time you need a rivet, nail or fastener, this band can help you. You can shield the furniture from pet scratches, block bugs under the bed, keep vases and trays away from sliding, hold a soap dispenser.

Heck, you can even repair paper products and lamp shades. More uses include woodworking, construction, and decoration. This is a must-have item for safety concerned homeowners.

The tape is made with optimal weight and flexibility, so applying it and removing is just a piece of cake. What I like most is they think of their customers, thus provide a ‘tape hacks e-book’ with the product.

Highlighted Features

  • Works well on both smooth and rugged surfaces like tile, laminate, hardwood, and staircase.
  • A great choice for high traffic areas like event carpets, kitchen rugs, doormats.
  • Can be easily used without any help of tools, leaves no glue marks and residue upon removal.
  • Amazing after sales services and assurances to provide peace of mind for the customers.
  • A great product to prevent the elderly and kids accidentally slipping over the carpet.

6. Scotch Double-Sided Tape (665-2PK)


Many of us fancy having a transparent double sided band.

I mean, usually, they come in white color. And that is great. But sometimes we need to completely hide the presence of a tape. That especially happens when you use it to join torn garment seams of use under a strapless dress.

Transparent bands can be your friend in need during these situations. And speaking of transparent tape, there’s no one that can rival Scotch. It has been so popular and around so long that people call transparent, clear tapes as scotch tapes.

The scotch is a great alternative to glue. It will do your mounting and bonding jobs well, but without making a mess out of it. There are permanent adhesives on both sides of the band. And boy, the way the product comes makes using it even more fun.

Unlike many other dual tapes, this one doesn’t come with liners. Instead, it comes like regular tape. Those who face a hard time peeling layers will love this feature. Just like regular banda, you can cut and use it by a tape dispenser.

The long aging tape doesn’t turn yellow with time. This is what makes it great to use with photos, wall paintings, crafts. This ½ inch tape comes in two rolls, enough to get you through a long time.

This is a permanent double sided band, so you might see residue after removing it, depending on the surface. However, the manufacturers were thoughtful enough to release a no-residue tape too, which we’ve reviewed below.

Highlighted Features

  • A great option for no mess, light mounting and attaching jobs like holding fabric, crafts, scrapbooking.
  • The tape is long lasting and doesn’t turn yellow with time.
  • The lineless construction is convenient for people who find peeling liners hard.
  • Can be used with tape dispensers, you can even control the cut size.

7. Double Bond Double Sided Carpet Tape


Sometimes the name says all about who you are, and for manufacturing works, it’s even truer.

When a manufacturer is named Double Bond, you know it’ll do a great job when it comes to double sided tape. That’s because this is their trademark name and they can let it demean.

The Double Bond is one strong, rugged tape you need for your carpet, mattress, doormat, basically all the high traffic areas. That’s because this tape is made with professional grade materials.

Take mesh fiber cloth for starters. It is stronger than plastic material carriers. In fact, the cloth carrier is flexible and can hold thicker adhesive coatings. This allows it to work well against uneven and rough surfaces like carpets.

That’s not all, the carrier associated with hotmelt adhesives, form a strong tape for surfaces to bond. That’s the reason Double Bond works with many different surfaces, including the uneven ones. Be it a professional project or home improvement job, this product will deliver you right.

This mesh kind tape will mount photo frames, paintings and wallpapers on your wall with ease. However, being a heavy duty product, there is a chance of leaving marks and residue on the wall when you remove it.

That’s something no one can help you with, cause being a strong band is associated with the consequences of being strong. However, that depends on the surface and probably won’t happen while removed from the floor.

However, the company does a great job with after sales assurances and services. You see, some carpets come with waterproof or stain-resistant coatings, making it very hard for any tape to stick onto. If that happens, you can always contact the manufacturers for a refund.

Highlighted Features

  • The tape is 2 inches wide with a length of 30 yards, great for the home, office, and event carpet uses.
  • Professional grade carrier and adhesive combination to work with different surfaces.
  • Can be removed easily, doesn’t leave residue on the hardwood, tile, and vinyl floor.
  • This product can be used for floor covers like doormats, rugs, carpets, anti-skid netting, and gym rubber mats.

8. Scotch Tape Double Sided (002-CFT)


"It's better to be a "misfit" than a "one-size-fits-all"!"- Mandy Hale.

Well, the author says it right. Sometimes one size fits all end up fitting nothing. And scotch knows that very well. That’s why one of their mottos has been manufacturing items keeping a specific job in mind.

And they do the same for their double sided bands. They do not exaggerate about the quality and uses. Rather, they focus on the product doing its job properly. As a result, they manufacture some of the best double sided tapes on the market.

The Scotch 002-CFT is a product suitable for home uses. It is not something that’ll hold heavy things on the wall or keep a carpet in place. Rather it is a light duty product that helps with crafts, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, decoration, all the jobs we hold dear by aren’t heavy duty.

Take mounting paintings, documents, pictures, and memorabilia for example. Often you do not need a super strong band for them. They might need to be replaced, removed, and shifted from place to place. Using a heavy duty will damage the wall paint and leave residues.

The 002-CFT is a gentle band that can be replaced, removed and even repositioned without any residue. It’s great for crafts and scrapbooking since it is transparent. Being made in the USA, it was tested on the labs to check its impact on photos. Guess what, it is safe and doesn’t turn yellow over time.

What even more likable is, it comes with a tape dispenser. So you do not need to buy one separately. Also, the dispenser makes cutting and peeling the band easier.

Highlighted Features

  • This is a ½ inch wide and 300 inches long permanent tape.
  • Laboratory tested and sanctioned to be safe on pictures, documents, and memorabilia.
  • The tape can be repositioned for once/twice, giving you a margin of error.
  • The package comes with a tape dispenser to easily cut and peel the tape.

9. Gaffer Power Foam Mounting Tape


“Since its American made, you know it's the finest quality tape in the world!”

This is exactly how Gaffer Power describes its products. And in a sense, it is comforting for American people. A product manufactured and rigorously tested in the American labs has a degree of comfort factor for its people.

However, Gaffer Power wanted to make sure they stay true to their slogan. This and uses foam carrier, which is getting popular day by day for the wide range of uses it offers. That along with powerful adhesives, provide a great bonding with tiles, metal, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, even some plastics.

From artwork to bathroom accessories, this product can be used for a number of jobs. This offers a cheaper and safer solution than puncturing or drilling holes on your wall.

Low surface energy materials are difficult to stick onto. Plastic and bricks are such materials. However, this all-around utility band delivers a satisfactory performance with these surfaces too. Decorations, posters, frames, documents, you just peel it and apply.

Being a foam tape, this is resistant to moisture. Which makes it a suitable fit for outdoor uses.  Vibration dampening, laminating, splicing, holding signs, insulation, this tape goes far and beyond with versatile uses.

Gaffer Power tries to keep its product integrity intact by not importing low-quality materials. They manufacture and operate in the USA to make sure the product is of the utmost quality. The stand by their products and offer a great after sales service.

Highlighted Features

  • This is a 1-inch wide tape with 1/16 inches thickness and a length of 27 feet.
  • Made in the USA, ideal for smooth and rugged exteriors, even materials with low surface energy.
  • Easy to use, resistant to moisture, a great product for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Replaces nail gun and drills, protects the wall from being punctured and drilled.
  • Ideal for hanging photos, frames, signs, logos, everything that’s under 3 pounds.

10. Jiachen Double Sided Tape


LED strip lights are beautiful. They look stunning but are a hassle to hang on the wall.

With Jiachen, the job is just a child’s play. Not only this, the quality build of this band makes other mounting, bonding, fastening jobs easy.

This is a 50-meter long tape roll. The width is 10mm, narrower than usual dual tapes we see. But the narrowness proves great for certain jobs like mounting LED strips.

As for the materials, the carrier is made of non-woven fabric. One thing about fabric carriers is they work well with uneven surfaces. Jiachen does it even better thanks to the acrylic adhesive coating on both sides of the carrier.

The product is water and temperature resistant to a degree. You see, it can withstand a temperature of 120 centi-degree for short time and 90 centi-degree for a long time. The half transparent color allows just enough viscosity for easier application.

The product is certified by RoHS. Being a fabric-based tape, it actually works well on surfaces regular tapes don’t work. It delivers a good degree of bond to LSE materials like polyethylene and polypropylene. Not only that, it bonds with ‘hard to stick’ surfaces like varnish and coated paper as well.

Since it is a pressure sensitive band, the adhesion depends on the close contact between surfaces. To ensure that, clean the surface and wipe them. Once surface contact starts developing, apply firm pressure on them. This tape works well in room temperature, operating best within the range of 21°C to 38°C.

Highlighted Features

  • The Jiachen tape comes with a dimension of 10mm X 50m X 0.15mm.
  • Constructed of non-oven cloth carrier and acrylic adhesive at both sides of it.
  • Shows better adhesion to LSE materials, varnish and coated surface.
  • Can be used for different jobs, mounting LED, attaching case, panel, and skin to fabric attachment.
  • Can withstand temperature and moisture, thus great for both indoor and outdoor uses.

11. MacTac GS1001 Double-Sided Tape


Nothing can be more pleasant than reaping instant benefits.

Using glue and seeing the immediate effect is what helps us save time and correct our errors. Often, we do not have time to monitor the effects of the adhesive or glue we used. Sometimes, we need temporary but instant adhesion.

Mactac tape uses rubber based permanent adhesives. This means it bonds with the surfaces instantly. While most of the acrylic tapes need several days to bond strongly, rubber adhesives deliver it from the start.

That’s why, you can use this tape for holding signs, logos, banners, LED lights and strips, cushion, pillow to the couch, basically all the temporary but immediate uses.

Also, the construction of this tape makes the use easier. It comes with just a film instead of liners. The film is sandwiched between two carrier-layers. You have to peel the carrier layers and the film will expose itself.

The transparent film is super tacky. It has zero chance of repositioning, and that’s a compliment. It sticks as soon as it touches the surface. The tackiness even makes cutting it with a scissor a challenge.

And these aren’t something a person who needs adhesion would hate to hear. The strong tackiness makes the band usable with papers, plastics, fabric, vinyl, most of your household products.

Being a rubber based tape, it’s true that the bond will get weaker over time, but that doesn’t mean it will come out instantly. In fact, it can maintain its peak condition from several weeks to months.

Highlighted Features

  • The product comes with a width of 1 inch while being very thin at .02 inches.
  • The roll contains 50 feet of tapes, so you can look forward to using it for a long time.
  • Rubber based tape instantly attaches to surfaces and bond within a short time.
  • The clear strip is protected between two layers of carriers, keeping the quality intact.

12. Diravo Double Sided Clothing Tape


A wardrobe malfunction is not a pleasant experience. Not for celebrities, not for regular people.

But sometimes, that can happen even to the bests of us. Especially people who love to experiment with fashion might find themselves in awkward situations from time to time.

Apart from fashion blunders, a tear, a torn seam on the clothes can happen any time. That’s why a smart person will keep a backup with him/her.

No, we’re not talking about carrying loads of extra clothes. A simple, small, compact double sided tape will suffice.

Diravo is a product you can use for these emergencies. It conveniently comes with a dispenser and just the right width. Just pull out the length you need, tear with your thumb and apply, you’re done and safe!

Put the tacky part in between, use your skin and cloth fabric as two surfaces. Whether you wear a loose garment or strapless dress, this tape has strong adhesive that will hold the fabric in place. It can also fix necklines, calf, and lampshades temporarily.

Being a medical quality and hypo-allergenic product, the product won’t create any discomfort or awkward itching on your skin. Since the tape is transparent and clear, it won’t look unnatural and hide the color of your skin.

One thing you have to make sure before applying is that your skin is dry and clean. This top quality band is hard to fall, even if you wear it for the whole day. However, manufacturers suggest not to use this product on sunburn skin because that can cause rashes.

Highlighted Features

  • An imported product that comes with an integrated tape dispenser for convenient and quick use.
  • Medical quality product that is gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause irritations.
  • A very strong adhesive can be used to keep the fabric in place, join torn seams, and fix calf and necklines.
  • A clear band that doesn’t hide the true color of the body and prevents others from discovering it.
  • Can be worn for a long time thanks to the tackiness and constant performance.

Good Double Sided Tape Buying Guide For Beginners

I’ve seen plenty of times people complaining about the feasibility and quality of the tape. But do you know what the case is most of the time? They do not choose the right one for the right job.

Often, people go with “one tape fits all” mentality and try to fit inappropriate band into the scenario. As a result, they either overkill it or see the band underperform.

You have to understand, a dual layered tape is a tool, just like saws and hammers. You have to validate several factors to find the right one for you. Don’t worry, we’ll present you with these facts and try to make your life easier.

Bonding Surfaces

Which two surfaces do you intend to bond? What are the types and textures of these surfaces? These are the questions you need to answer. As a rule of thumb, the smoother the surface is, the thinner band you’ll need.

For flatter surfaces like PVC, glass, aluminum, metal sheet, you can use thin layered double tape. Thinner bands are sometimes just adhesives on the liner, so they work well on flat surfaces.

On the other hand, if the surfaces are thick, textured, or non-uniform, thicker tapes are likely to yield more result. Surfaces like wood, brick, cement are some of the examples of where you can use thicker tapes.

Usually, thick tapes come with foam carrier with adhesives on both sides, which allows the band to form a strong bond between two surfaces.

Surface Energy

Confused? Albeit interconnected, there is a difference between the surface texture and surface energy. Surface energy is a property of any material, which represents how much of an attracting force the material can apply to another material.

Objects with high surface energy provide a very good surface for bonding. Example of such objects are tiles, glass, shiny metals etc.

Objects with low surface energy need very tacky adhesive to stick together. For instance, material like Teflon, silicone rubber, powder coated metals has low surface energy and usually don’t work with regular tapes.

Materials like plastic have a varying degree of surface energy, depending on the type. PVC works incredibly well with adhesives, while polyethylene and polypropylene need a higher degree of tackiness to stick together.

Sometimes the surface energy depends on outside factors other than the surface. For example, a painted wall is a good surface for bonding due to the paint. But if the wall surface underneath has low surface energy, both the paint and the tape will eventually peel off.

Climate And Temperature

The degree of tackiness a tape provides depends on the temperature too. Usually, they work well with higher temperature, but as the climate gets colder, they seem to work less and less.

So, you have to take the surrounding temperature into consideration and choose a product that can work with it. If you must use a dual band for a colder climate, there are tapes especially made for it.

Excessive heat and damp climate can also affect the efficacy of the tape. Sometimes, dirt and UV light exposure can gradually weaken the tackiness of a band. Considering all these, choosing the right temperature resistant tape is important.

Other Factors

There are several other factors that should also come into consideration. Don’t worry, they’re simple things and will take only a few minutes to determine.

Adhesion Time: How long do you need the tape to stick? Is it for a temporary reason like attaching a carpet on the floor during an event, or more permanent reason like mounting a photo frame on the wall?

Removal Effect: Do you want clean removal? So that there remains no sign of tape being used? Or do you prioritize tackiness before clean removal?

Thickness: Does the tape need to be thick or thin? Sometimes thin layers don’t provide enough space for two surfaces to bond. Think about using an extra thin band to mount a painting on the wall, it won’t work.

Width: Width is important because you wouldn’t want the tape to show itself after bonding two surfaces. For example, choosing a wide band for lingerie or scrapbooking will result in the tape showing itself and cause embarrassment.

Approval: Obviously recognized and approved products are safer and better choice. You would want to choose UL approved tape proper EPA code any day over some nameless low-quality tape.

What Is The Top Rated Double Sided Tape Brands On The Market?

Imagine you used a double sided tape for a specific reason, and it fails to fulfill the expectation. Sometimes the outcome can be too embarrassing or even lead to monetary loss.

You’ve used a band under the strapless dress and it refuses to stick to its job. A wardrobe malfunction is the last thing we want, right? Even for home use, if a tape fails to seal the pipe leak, or hold the frame on the wall, they might cause damage.

That means you cannot compromise with the quality of these tapes. And the best way to be sure of the quality is to purchase products made by renowned manufacturers. Here are some of the top brands you’ll find on the market.


There are very few people who haven’t heard of Gorilla. For years, this is a trustworthy brand for glue and related items, because that’s what they specialize about.

Gorilla believes in ‘shake the tree’ process. Which means, no product gets the Gorilla logo without extensive and rigorous testing.

Gorilla provides a healthy family environment for its employees. As a result, they deliver premium glues, adhesives, sealants and tapes with superior quality.


Scotch has been in the business since 1930. They are so popular that a lot of people knows transparent bands as scotch tapes.

Associated with business powerhouse 3M, Scotch brand believes in manufacturing right tools for right jobs. That’s why their products are designed for specific jobs and not for jobs they can’t pull off.

As a result, they have more than 400 varieties of tapes, along with numerous varieties of glues and adhesives. They don’t exaggerate about their product, but they make sure these products do the job well.


Why there is an X before the name? I guess that’s because they bring X-factors with their products.

They are a much young company compared to their counterparts. But, they share a value and sincerity a very few can match.

Born after the housing economic crisis of 2007, they vow to deliver products that build safe and beautiful houses. To ensure that, they have employees that work around the clock and provide lifelong support for their customers.


Premium is an Australia based company. And they have even wider operations that meet the eyes. They work in the automotive, industrial, medical, aerospace and renewable energy sectors.

Apart from pressure sensitive tapes, they also manufacture shielding laminates, protective film for wind lades, also automotive, surgical, and speed tapes.

Being 40 years in the business, the manufacturers source materials themselves to bring the best fitting products for your specific needs.

Double Bond

I guess the name shows how much they’re into the business. They offer competitive prices on adhesive products while maintaining high quality comparable with big brands.

Apart from dual sided tapes, they also manufacture packing, gaffers, duct, and filament tape.

They especially focus on innovation and customer support. They are confident about their products, so much that you can return the item and ask for a refund if you don’t like the products.


MacTac is around the business for around 60 years. They manufacture pressure sensitive adhesives that are used in various fields like graphics art, automobile, retail display, medical device assembly, packaging etc.

They have five different units that specialize in manufacturing different products for different classes of customers. This is the way they keep the quality up to the mark.

Apart from regular tapes, they manufacture specialized tapes for shatterproof windows, automobile, semiconductor, LCD screen, and outdoor signs.

Types Of Double Sided Tapes

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to blabber about some nerdy stuff you won’t understand. But knowing the types of both sided bands is related to their best uses, so here we go.

Double sided tapes consist of several parts. They are the adhesive, the carrier, release liner, and silicone.

For those who are wondering what release liner is, they are non-sticky layers of tape usually used on one or both side of the adhesive part. They prevent the adhesive layer of the band from attaching to itself. Often they are coated with silicone which helps them stay nonsticky.

There are mainly two types of dual tapes based on the thickness. Thick and thin.

Thick Double-Sided Tapes

Usually, they are thicker than 0.25 mm. They are constructed of foam carrier or backing which makes them thick. There are adhesives on both sides of the foam.

Thin Double-Sided Tapes

They have several categories depending on the carrier material.

Film-Like Carrier- The carrier is made of polyester, polypropylene or PVC. There are adhesives on both sides of the carrier.

Tissue Carrier- A tissue like backing with adhesives on both sides.

No-Carrier- This is a double liner tape. Which means an unsupported adhesive film is guarded by two release liners on both sides. Each liner has silicone coating so that the adhesive doesn’t stick to itself.

What Is Pressure Sensitive Adhesive And What Are The Types?

Both thick and thin dual layered bands are coated by pressure sensitive adhesives. The name seems super complex, but you probably see it around you all the time.

To put it simply, these adhesives do not need any heat, water or solvent to activate themselves. Instead, you only need to put pressure on them to create a bond with the surface. The more you put pressure, the stronger they get attached to the surface.

Sounds familiar? Well, most of the bands come with these adhesives. The term doesn’t indicate the superior quality of a tape, it just refers to the way the adhesive is used.

There are two types of pressure sensitive adhesives. Acrylic and Rubber. You’ll find either of them being used in thick and thin tapes. None of them are plain superior, because they have separate suitable uses.

Acrylic Adhesives: These adhesives are used for more enduring bonding purposes. Over time, they show no sign of weakening, which makes them suitable for long term uses.

They are stable under UV light, at least more than rubber adhesives. Also, they can handle more temperature and chemical abuses.

As you can guess, these features make this adhesive costlier than its counterpart. A slight trade-off is, they deliver a weaker bond in the first few hours of application, although the bond gets stronger over time. This is the reason why you should use them for more long term projects than temporary ones.

Rubber Adhesives: They have their own set of advantages. For instance, they provide immediate bonding with the surface. Often, the bonding is stronger than that of acrylic for the first few hours.

However, they get weaker over time. Also, they are more susceptible to UV light and heat than acrylic adhesives.

Since they are cheaper, you can use them for temporary and less demanding jobs. For example, you can use them to hold together a torn seam in the clothes.

How Is Used?

Once you know how double-sided tapes work, you won’t have a hard time finding different uses for them.  In fact, they’re the most versatile band, allowing people to them for home, industrial and fashion purposes.

Home Purposes

Crafting: Let’s start with personal or home uses. If you’re a parent with children, there’s a good chance they love crafting. Or probably, you’re a craft business person by yourself. Either way, you will find these bands useful to join together surfaces that glue won’t hold, i.e. fabric, cotton, and balsa wood.

Scrapbooking: People who love scrapbooking will find dual tapes extremely useful. Instead of using glues or staple pins, you can use this product that’ll stay hidden, easily removable and most importantly, clean.

Sealing Vapor And Sound: You can use them to make your room sound proof and free from vapor. Double coated tapes are often used to attach foams on the wall which suppress sound. Also, you can use high-quality dual tapes to attach vapor sealer on the wall instead of using screws.

Mounting Purposes: Some more common home uses include attaching photo frame, mirror, and painting to the wall. Since these tapes can be removed without leaving any residue, they’re great for rented houses and apartments. You can attach the doormat to the floor, pack amazing gift wrappers, and join together broken frames or vases, thanks to this versatile product.

Industrial Purposes

In industrial setups, double-sided tapes seem to be requisite for day to day uses. Situations where you need a quick fix, be it holding parts together or seal any gap, these bands can be an instant solution. Manufacturers use them for street signs, or display signs you often see.

They use double bands to join two sides of metal sheets. Sometimes, they need to act quickly, especially when damage needs quick fixing. Often technicians use these tapes to seal cracks in pipes and boats.

Many auto manufacturers use them to attach panels together or mount rear view mirror to the mirror housing. In short, they might be double sided, but they have different angles of use manufacturers can utilize.

Fashion Purposes

Bizarre it might seem, but double sided strips have a huge consumer group who use it for fashion purposes. Or to be more specific, to avoid fashion blunders.

You see, these bands provide a quick bonding between two surfaces, and they work with fabric pretty well. If you discover a torn seam in your clothes in the most inappropriate time, these tapes can be in your rescue. They will hold down any torn seam for a temporary time, but it’s the time you need to avoid embarrassment.

Did you know double layered tapes are also called lingerie tapes? Women who use loose or strapless garment, often keep a roll of these tapes to confront any wardrobe malfunction. You can use the product under the garment and it will attach the fabric and your skin as long as you need and keep it in place.

People with fashion minds use these tapes for gift wrapping, wedding, party invitations, as well as greeting cards. If you need to decorate the house with stickers, balloons, and wall mounted toys, this band will provide you a strong but easily removable solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does Double Sided Tape Look Like?

Well, double sided tapes usually look like single sided ones. It’s tough to differentiate them if they are not unpacked. However, once unpacked, it’s actually easy to tell the difference.

Often, the dual tape will contain a silicone layer or any other nonstick layer on either side of the adhesive layer. The main function of this layer is to prevent gluing the tape to itself. But it also facilitates easy tearing.

If you are familiar with how the non-sticky layer looks like, you’ll be able to distinguish dual band quite easily.

2. How To Prepare A Surface For Tape Application?

For a double tape to work seamlessly, the surface should be dry and clean. It needs to be free from oil, grease or other chemicals. To make sure of that, you should use an appropriate solvent, like water and isopropyl alcohol.

After that, wipe the surface clean and dry with a cloth. Join the surfaces and keep them at a temperature that helps bond them effectively. Some products bond better under a higher temperature, while others are meant to work better under cooler temperature. Often, regular room temperature will suffice.

Some surfaces like neoprene have low surface energy, thus difficult to stick onto. Use adhesion promoter or endorsed primer before using the tape.

3. How To Apply Double-Sided Tape?

Applying double sided tapes is easy, the challenge is doing it right. Following steps will help you with the process.

  • Make sure you pick the right width with the tape. Cut into pieces using a scissor or tear by your hands.
  • Try to refrain from any contact with the adhesive surface of the band. Attach the tape to the first surface.
  • Since they are pressure sensitive adhesives, apply pressure on the tape to work and bond properly. You can use a roller for that.
  • Peel the release liner carefully.
  • Place the second surface. Make sure it’s placed properly. Apply pressure on the second surface using a roller.

4. What Is The Ideal Temperature For Applying Double Sided Tape?

It varies from product to product. Most of the tapes are designed to work on room temperatures, i.e. 15-35 degrees. They won’t work well with lower temperatures since the surface doesn’t gel properly with the adhesive.

On the other hand, higher temperature makes the tape getting stretched, which will result in additional stress at the time of final application.

There are specialized tapes for both higher and lower temperatures. Some bands even work on zero-degree. Before buying, make sure the tape is compatible with the temperature you’re going to work.

5. How Long Does It Take For Bond?

The bonding time depends on the adhesive. Usually, rubber adhesives bond faster, almost instantly. On the other hand, acrylic adhesives take some time to bond. However, they form stronger bonding if given time.

Most of the adhesives should bond within 3 days of application. Some bond with 1-2 days. However, 50% of that bonding happens within the first 20 minutes.

Here is a tip for the adhesive to work faster. Leave it at a higher temperature, say 70 degrees for an hour. The adhesive efficiency will increase and the surfaces will bond sooner.

6. Why Is Acrylic Foam Tape Becoming So Popular?

This type of tape comes with a foam carrier, with two acrylic adhesive sides separated with red liner. Acrylic adhesive is usually stronger than rubber adhesive. And when that joins with foam carrier, the strength and longevity increases.

This makes this product suitable for harsh conditions. No matter the temperature, UV light and dirt exposure the tape gets, it’ll still work pretty well.

The robust nature of this tape has seen a rise in popularity, being used in home, industries and automotive sectors. It has replaced bolts, screws, rivets, and glues for many applications.

It’s air/water tight and doesn’t rust in the long run. That’s what encourages manufacturers to use this tape more and more.


This is probably the most detailed guide you’ll find about dual tapes. We devoted a good amount of time and gone through extensive research.

That’s because we believe these tapes can be extremely useful and provide you with a quick solution which would otherwise be a hassle.

But to achieve that, you need to sort your priorities and choose the best double sided tape for your need. That choice depends on the use, surface, intended durability, and climate.

We know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s impractical and deceitful to say.

That’s why we provided details reviews about all the top products on the market. You’ll find several products that fit your requirement if you go through the list.

Hopefully, this guide will be all you need to find the right tape for your job.


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