Top 10 Best Laminating Machine Reviews by An Expert in 2020

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Is it possible to save essential documents from tearing without the best laminating machine?

How it could be?

People always feel the necessity of saving documents but it's not so easy to find out a paper laminator within few seconds. A lot of products is visible in online in a variety of quality and price. But which is the best suit for me?

We usually don't like to have the low-quality product and don't like to spend a few minutes to spend on checking laminator reviews too. That's why it seems difficult to grab the exact one which I need most.

Now, think yourself! You need to preserve the documents for longer. Not for a short time. So, you need to find out the laminate machine which makes your documents waterproof, wrinkle-proof, and preserves for a long time.

Now quality reaches its destination but what about the cost?

If you feel that you need to know more about a laminator machine, this article could help most. Otherwise, long informative write up may cause of boring. Planned to stay with me? Let's dive in deep!

So, What is a laminating machine and Why Need To Use it?

We need several devices in our daily life. Some of them we use to protect other materials which needed to keep protected for long time. Laminating machine is one of them which help us to protect our papers from split up. This machine is a device which help us covering a documents with a protective layer.

Usually, this layer comes from plastic, heat-bonded to paper and helps to increase the strength, longevity and durability of paper. There is no alternative if you need to keep a document safe from tearing with waterproof facility. Because it provides you a great protective barrier against stains, moisture and fingerprints. Moreover, it makes your paper stiffer and thicker than previous.

How it works?

Most popular laminator uses thermal technology to done the job. After supplying the power it takes few minutes to warm up. Then need to insert the document covering with plastic layer. Now the machine will use heat to seal the documents and laminating film together. The roller inside the machine is the main part of working process. Auto turn off and jam prevention facility may help most to keep safe from unexpected outcome.

Benefits of a Laminator Machine?

The primary reason of using a laminating machine is to preserve the quality of our documents. If it needs to prevent a document from being folded or cut, then laminating machines could be the best choice. A laminator machine could help us like-

  • It gives your paper long life
  • Quality of the photo or paper increases
  • It's protective barrier saves your paper from stains, moisture, fingerprints.
  • It turns the paper thick and stiff
  • Simple way to make the paper, document or photos water proof.
  • It helps to keep safe your business cards, photographs, IDs, scrapbooking and recipes.
  • Easy to use and flexible way to protect papers.
  • Usable in everywhere- schools, offices, businesses, or personal uses at home.

Simply, those people know the importance of laminating machines who need to protect their necessary documents or pictures in an affordable price.

Our Top 10 Best Lamination Machine Reviews in 2020

After spending a lot of hours and surfing one to another here I gathered a few quality products that they are leading the market. Don't forget to have to look on them even for at a glance.  

1. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

We are busy and like to be done with our tasks within a short period of time. So, when you need to finish quickly with any device then it needs to warm up fast. Here AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator comes with high-quality laminating capacity and a small footprint.

It would be a best laminating machine for office, home or classroom. Inside a lamination machine, two-roller feeding system always helps to do the job fast and easily.

It is compatible with 9 inches width means perfect for 8.5 inches documents for better output. So, no need to worry about any size of paper because it covers standard and legal size papers. Legal papers are just a bit longer than standard paper but the width is same.

There are two common sizes of laminating pouches; 3 mils and 5 mils. It's hard to identify the thicknesses in the bare eye but you can notice the difference of flexibility. 

In the rough 5 mils are a bit more rigid than the 3 mil laminating pouches. The benefit of 3 mil pouches are much more pliable. If you need to bend your paper after completing the lamination process then it would be great. This device works fine with both category pouches.

If you use 3 mil setting in this machine then it would heat faster. Although it's a fast machine, moreover it could save extra time if you take care of this setting. It comes with a nice affordable price too.

Highlighted Features:

  • The quick warm up time that takes only 4 minutes to get ready.
  • Maximum capacity is up to 9 inches which are compatible with legal, letter, and other size papers.
  • It is compatible with both laminating pouches; 3 mils and 5 mils.
  • Specially designed for classroom or office purpose use.

2. Scotch Thermal TL901 Laminator

People who used to collect office supplies from online must familiar with the name of scotch. One of the giant tape Manufacturer Company and have a variety of products.

As like other popular products they also have Scotch TL901 Thermal Laminator which made people comfortable to use and reached to customers worldwide. That's why we picked it in the quality and popular item list. 

Its need to have two roller system inside a machine for completing the job with better finishing and a professional touch. Scotch TL901 have come with this and it becomes suitable for users to use it with their photos.

If you don't need very large paper for industrial use, then 9 inches wide paper is the maximum size as this machine came with. It literally covers the maximum size for our home and official use.

Some paper we need to keep flexible and rest of them are hard to keep safe for a long time. So, you can use both 5 and 3 mil pouches in this machine. As a laminating device, it takes 5 to 8 minutes to get prepared for the job.

Although it seems a bit long it's a standard time for general machines available in the market. Otherwise, you need to collect a big one for industrial or business purpose use with a big budget.

A few things you are not getting available in this product like Auto never jam technology, auto shut off feature, pouch feed tray, carry handle etc. But cord warp storage is available in it.  

Highlighted Features:

  • It has two roller system which is essential for quality and professional finish
  • Cover maximum capacity letter, legal or other size up to 9 inches.
  • A perfect and suitable machine for use with the photos
  • 3 and 5 mils; compatible with both pouches

3. Swingline Inspire Laminator (1701869ECR)

Sometimes cool styles attract us while aiming to have something new from the market but the tension of quality make a disturbance. If the products come to Laminator, we found a solution to keep both sides with an item.

Swingline Inspire lamination machine already has a popularity for serving as high-quality equipment and stylish too. It always makes sense that, a conscious user always like to use a lamination machine comes with the compact trimmer. This Swingline 1701869ECR have passed this exam too.

The top of this Swingline product is gently curved. On both sides, you can see two cooling vents start with small holes and then humbly move to large holes. It gives the machine a unique look. There are two LED lights on the front that indicates; one for the device is powered on and another one for hot. No controls will be found on the front side.

Most essential features that needed for home and office use from a lamination machine is available with it like, 3 and 5 mil pouches, 9-inch wide paper compatible, easy to use, affordable price, cold setting, 2 rollers facility,  heat up quickly etc.

Here a little bit faster heat facility you will get in this model because of its faster heating coil. Another significant thing needs to mention about this laminator is the ability to done the job quickly. For example, it will only take 30 seconds for a standard page. 

The thing we most liked in this Swingline product as its extremely lightweight body and compact design. The feature we disliked that the sometimes you might not see the LED indicator under the sunlight because they embedded deep in the panel.

Highlighted Features:

  • List For easy punch head disposal, it has 1 mini hole punch a removable slipper.
  • Several kits included: 9” compact trimmer, 15 laminating pouches, and a mini 1-hole punch. Perfect for home and businesses.
  • A quick ready time within only 4 minutes, Single power setting
  • It comes with a trimmer with 9" body, 5-sheet capacity,
  • Plastic base makes it easy to carry and more portable.Element

4. Blusmart OL288 Laminator

People usually search for a laminator that is compatible with the range of pouches from tiny size like a business card or small pictures to A4 size paper.

So, the machine I dragged here which includes those features with style and quality.  It allows the maximum width of paper with 23 mm.

Yes, always a good quality laminating has 2 roller system which I found on it. Let me make long sentence short. It has some unique features that already attracted user's attraction. 

We usually cut the extra edge for giving the paper a sensible shape. This model could help most out of this because it has a built-in cutter. It comes with three cutting patterns- Wave, Perforated and Straight. It saves you from losing extra time and energy. 

It has a corner rounder which could help most to shape the paper after the laminating process and save you from being hurt with sharp corners. The black design gives it a stylish look too.

Blusmart OL288 comes with both options hot and cold mode operation. Two indication light help to indicate power and ready mode and they are an invisible position. The Jam release button could relief from the pain of paper jam issues.

Blusmart laminating pouches are available in the market for the best match with this machine. Moreover, the user will get 10 pieces of pouches completely free with the machine.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rotary trimmer with wave cutting, perforated and straight styles.
  • Both cold and hot modes for different needs and corner rounder facility
  • Cold laminating have the option to use self-adhesive pouches.
  • Take short time for preheating; only 3 to 5min with quick 250mm/min laminating speed.
  • Jam prevention design with jam release button and 10 laminating pouches for free.

5. Fellowes Saturn3i Laminating Machine

You have some precious memories with your collages or family member and you captured those moments with the camera.  Or in your office, you want a display of pictures and documents to show your clients.

Besides this, you need to keep them shiny and safe. Here we found Fellowes Saturn3i is a great model to go on with 3 types of pouch thickness- 3, 4 and 5 mil.

Sometimes we have some photos or colors which may be bleached out or destroyed at the hot temperatures. Don't worry! Fellowes gives a solution with this laminator device because it has a cold lamination option. You just need to collect good quality pouches which will help you to easily encase those with this Fellowes item.

Paper jam during the lamination process can happen when we give a workload on the machine. That's why you need a machine that has an anti-jam feature. The Saturn3i have the option to lose the rollers that could help to take any stuck envelope out easily.

It has auto shut down feature which could shut the machine automatically off after passing 30 minutes on standby mode.

A little bit different and disturbing we found that has the body with a total 20" wide. So, it could talk more space to set it up than the other machines. But it's not heavy as like it look like; comparatively light gives you easy storing facility.

Overall, This Fellowes Thermal Laminating machine made with a broader intention with great compatibility and essentially as a perfect machine. It could be the best laminator for teachers who need to laminate a variety of papers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Green light indicator and audible beep to ensure the machine is now ready to laminate
  • Multiple documents sizes accommodation capacity with 12 - 1/2 " entry width
  • Auto shut off feature helps to save energy and prevents from overheating
  • The cold laminate setting for self-adhesive pouches and hot lamination for 3 or 5-mil
  • Release lever help to disengages pouch which needed for re-centering or removal
  • Ten sample pouches bonus.

6. Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator: 2 Roller System

We always expect to have an excellent energy saving versatile thermal laminating machine that comes with some unique features and functionalities to helps people laminate any kind of paper or photographs effortlessly.

Using this Scotch Pro, you can protect all of your important documents, event photos or great artworks done by your beloved children. If you want to save your documents for a longer time, there is no alternative of a laminator machine like Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator. It makes your important documents waterproof & helps you protect them from getting damaged.

We need a multi-purpose lamination machine that could be used in office, home or business for its ease of use. Auto shut-off feature helps to save energy and ensure longer service as well.

If you don’t use this paper laminator for a certain time, it will automatically shut off to prevent unnecessary energy loss. It takes less time to start and get prepared for duty.

Using the features like light signal, you can easily operate this machine and secure your documents properly. Comparing with other lamination I find few important features on it that is absent from some popular models.

Here a few list of some necessary features of Scotch PRO to assist you knowing about this laminator. Aiming to help you for getting a quick overview of this product and get a perfect device effortlessly.

Top Features of Scotch PRO Thermal Lamination:

  • Less Warm-up Time Helps to Prepare the Machine Quick
  • Multiple Signal Lights Helps to Operate It Conveniently
  • 8.5-x-11-inch Size Sheet Laminating Capacity
  • Auto Shutoff Feature Helps to Save Energy
  • Easy to Carry and Setup
  • Can Laminate Photographs Easily
  • Less Product Weight & Comfortable Product Dimension

7. Crenova A4 Laminator: 4 in 1 Thermal Laminator

When it needed to get the job done very fast then it is known for fast laminating capacity at affordable price & stylish look. That's why it makes this machine different than the other laminators. Not only for design, but it’s also efficient on its duty.

You can do both hot & cold laminating using this awesome thermal laminator. Plastic Housing material helped the manufacturer to provide an advanced interior that most of the people like.

Using this laminator, you can easily ensure ultra-slim, polished & edge-free laminating & boost the efficiency of your work. The most interesting function I noticed is a cold laminating system for heat-sensitive documents.

This will help you to protect your important documents from getting damaged. The actual weight of Crenova Laminator is 2.9 pounds and product dimensions are 14 x 6 x 4.4 inches that helps you set up this excellent laminator anywhere you want and carry comfortably as well.

It comes with 9" basic laminating capacity that you can use to laminate any letter size paper effortlessly. This supports stock paper, photos, calendar numbers, birthday paper & other similar paper lamination without producing any bubble on it.

It has an effective energy saving feature that is functional at 110 - 120V 60Hz only. Also, this device uses hot-shoe technology that ensures 0.02inch maximum lamination thickness for both pouches & inserts.

If you are searching for a laminator for small duty works, it can be your perfect laminator for its effective features, affordable price & high-end design. You can easily set up and perform quick laminating using this awesome lamination machine.

Key Features of Crenova 9":

  • Ensure ultra-slim, polished & edge-free laminating
  • 110 - 120V 60Hz energy required to operate the machine
  • Quick 3~4-minute warm-up technology used
  • Modern look allows you setting up anywhere you want
  • Laminate heat-sensitive products using cold lamination technology
  • Covered with manufacturer warranty support

8. Fellowes Laminator Jupiter Laminating Machine:

If you are searching a heavy-duty professional laminating machine, then Fellowes Laminator Jupiter can be the perfect machine for its rapid warm-up system, compact design & 47inches per minutes quick laminating capacity.

This Fellowes Laminator Machine has a robust 6-roller system and unique auto sense technology integrated that ensure high quality & efficient laminating.

You can laminate large volume documents in lowest possible time using this awesome laminator. It has two different colors available - Jupiter & Venus.

You can pick the perfect one according to your choice; though both colors are unique and intuitive. They will match your interior and allows you to decorate the workspace with a professional touch.

It is made of durable plastic material and its actual weight is 15 pounds. It’s a portable feature laminator as lightweight material used to on the body. You can carry it anywhere and use when necessary. Also, it's covered with manufacturer warranty support that ensures long-lasting service from it.

If you like to have the best Laminator for home than it would be the wise pick. Fellowes Laminator has more than 150 verified purchase and most of them are happy with the quality and clarity of the product. Because this laminator heats up very quick, provide fast laminating and easy to use.

You can use this laminator at school to create fun projects, student ID cards & laminating other important office documents as well. Anti-jam protection system made this laminator superior to other ordinary laminators.

Features of Fellowes Laminator Jupiter 2 Laminating Machine:

  • Provide fast laminating without creating any bubble
  • The robust 6-roller system ensures high quality laminating
  • Item Weight 15 pounds
  • Plastic material made laminator
  • Both heat & cold laminating technology used
  • Simple and easy set up process, ease to carry & use

9. Zoomyo 9" Hot & Cold Laminator:

With the advancement of science & technology, all the large devices are getting smaller thinner and portable day by day. If you are searching a portable feature laminator, you can check Zoomyo 9" hot & cold laminator for its space saving feature & advanced functionalities.

This product has both cold & heat laminating system that allows you to laminate all the sensitive documents effectively.

Most importantly this has eco-friendly energy consumption technology that reduces 75% energy loss. You will get perfect lamination without any edge or itch on your documents. This also has auto adjustable pouches switching system that provides more efficient laminating on your work.

It's a medium duty laminator that comes with 3-4 min preheating time & 11.9"/min operating speed. You need 120V/60hz to operate this machine and its functional temperature is 0 - 239 degrees F.

All the heating elements are integrated using silicon roller that helps to laminate your documents smoothly. You can remove misfed documents using the ABS jam release technology that saves your time & money to sending it to repair shop.

As Zoomyo hot & cold laminator is portable feature laminator, so you can carry it comfortably and use anywhere you want. The Product Dimensions are 14.8 x 2.8 x 5.9 inches & the actual product weight is 15.2 ounces.

Zoomyo 9" hot & cold laminator has user manual included with it that will help you operate the machine comfortably. I am listing some important features below that might help you identify the perfect laminator effectively.

Top Features of This Machine

  • Innovative Eco-PTC-Technology used that saves energy
  • Both heat & cold laminating system
  • ABS jam release technology integrated
  • Silicon rollers ensure smoothness
  • No harmful retardant used on the laminator
  • Maximum capacity of film width: 9.45"

10. 3M Laminator Kit with Every Size Laminating Pouch:

3M is a well-known office product & equipment manufacturing company who has multiple popular products available in the market. They have multiple laminators available in the market that you can check.

3M Laminator Kit with Every Size Laminating Pouch is an affordable price laminating machine that comes with all necessary accessories & gears. This is really simple and easy to use. You just need to set up and start using it.

3M Laminator is light-duty laminator that you can set up in a tiny space or carries for its lightweight features. This product is covered with manufacturer warranty support; both product & parts.

It’s a heating laminator that you can’t use to with heat-sensitive papers. But most of the documents you can laminate using this awesome laminator. You just need to feed pouches on it and it will provide effortless lamination for long period.

This laminator you can use for personal use in the home or professional use in the office as well. The formation is quite simple and allows people operating it without experiencing any negative issues. You will get well-written user-manual & warranty document that ensure the safe use of the product.

If you are thinking to get a lightweight laminator, you must check the features listed below. This laminator has all the essential features that will fulfill all of your basic needs related to laminating.

Features of 3M Laminator:

  • It’s a light-duty thermal lamination machine
  • Completely portable; easy to set up and use
  • Perfect for the home use & small offices
  • Actual product Weight 4 pounds
  • Parts are covered with manufacturer warranty support
  • User-manual helps to operate the machine effectively

11. Thermal Laminator Machine for A3/A4/A6:

It is a heavy-duty multipurpose laminator that comes with a vast range of features and functions. If you are thinking to purchase a thermal laminator for business & home use, you must check the features of this excellent laminator.

Features like faster warm-up, two roller system, hot & cold laminating system ensure quicker laminating that everyone loves. Operating this laminator is super easy for its advanced light-signal technology & well-written user-manuals.

You can set different page sizes, thickness and pressure to get perfect lamination. This supports all major type of paper size including A3/A4/A6 and more that help you making the process easier & smoother. Y

ou will get bubble-free laminating without getting it damaged. Comparing with other laminators, I find this very much affordable and cheaper than other laminators having same features.

So, you will get all the necessary features at your budget if you purchase this awesome device.

You can use it on educational institutes, office & business places to laminate any sensitive documents.

This has a temperature & pressure control system that provides easy laminating. Low noise system allows you using the machine for a long time without making the environment annoying.

You will get 20 thermal laminating pouches along with the product that helps you understand & test all the necessary features effectively.

Top Features this Laminating Device:

  • Both heat & cold lamination technology included
  • Perfect for business & office use
  • Different paper sizes set up the option
  • Heat control & pressure control system
  • User manual & 20 free pouches included
  • Simple interior matches with any environment

12. Royal Sovereign 9" Desktop Laminating Machine:

The most common negative issue people experience with their laminating machine is getting their document jammed inside the machine. It comes with latest jam release technology that allows you removing all jammed document from your machine effortlessly.

It’s a light-duty laminating machine that helps you laminating photos and papers. Maximum document range is 9.0" and provide 3 mils to 5 mil thickness.

Royal Sovereign 9" Desktop Laminating Machine has both hot and cold laminating technology integrated that help you laminating your important documents without experiencing any negative issue.

It's incredibly lightweight product and the actual weight is 2.43 pounds. Its size is great that allows you set it up anywhere you want. Its stylish design will match your interior easily. It’s made of plastic material that you don't need any battery to operate.

All the parts are covered with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. You will get a user manual and warranty guide that helps to use the machine comfortably.

If you are stuck for the budget to get your first laminator, you must check the features of this amazing laminator. Because this is very much affordable and comes with all necessary features.

However, I will list a few features here to help you understand how superior this laminating machine and how it will be helping you with your work.

Features of Royal Sovereign 9" Desktop Laminating Machine:

  • Both hot and cold laminating technology used
  • Portable, easy to carry and set up
  • Very lightweight laminating machine to carry
  • Affordable in price comparing with other machines
  • Fast 3-5 minutes warm-up time
  • Jam release technology included
  • Parts & labor are covered with warranty support

13. Swingline GBC Thermal Laminator Machine:

Some machines are known for its high productivity, modern look, and unique functionalities. Swingline GBC Laminator is most significant one out of them. It has amazing 19" per minute laminating speed that allows you laminating a large amount of document within a very short time without losing the quality of lamination.

You can choose the perfect size machine from 8 different sizes available. This will help you get the perfect machine that suits in any environment including office & business. Also, there are three different colors available that give you options to pick the perfect one for you.

All the options are user-friendly that you can operate effortlessly and the product is covered with manufacturer warranty support that helps you get longtime support from the manufacturer. You will get extra pouches with the package and 3-years warranty support as well.

Both heat & cold laminating has 22 min processing time that let you laminate your documents very fast. You can order accessories separately or purchase as package. This product come with nice size which you can set up in a tiny space and use comfortably.

Quick removal & warm-up system helps you laminating a high volume of paper & get the job done quickly. Though few blame the reversal system does not work properly, but you are fully covered with manufacturer support that ensures get the problem fix soon.

You will get free pouches that help you test your machine and learn the process before you start using it professionally.

Features of the Swingline GBC:

  • Provides high productive both heat & cold laminating
  • Multiple sizes & styles available
  • Easy to set up using the user manual
  • Lightweight product; Only 5 pounds
  • Comes with accessories; Warranty support
  • 12 inch & 1 min warm-up time

14. Apache AL9 9" Thermal Laminator:

More than 700+ people can't go wrong! Apache AL9 9" has more than 700+ verified purchase that proofs the popularity of this excellent laminator. If you check the product review section, you will find all of them are saying good and recommending to purchase the product as well.

This is a product of Apache who is a popular office product manufacturer & supplier. Apache has multiple office tools & accessories available in the market & it is a popular laminator that everyone loves.

Compact design, Power LED indicators & grade motor make this laminator more efficient than other laminators. It provides 9" laminating that you can check using 20 pack pouches. Heating element helps in the quick warm-up and get the machine prepared for the quick start.

You can easily operate this laminator using the indicators and user-manual included with the package. It will impact on your daily job and help you protecting important documents effectively. But this does not support cold laminating. Knowing the features of the product will help you identify the best product for you.

Features of Apache AL9 9":

  • Quick Warm-up System & Heating Element Used
  • Easy to Setup and Use; User-Manual Included
  • Very Lightweight Item; Only 2 pounds
  • Only 120 Volts Required to Operate
  • 20 Free Pouches to Test the Laminator
  • 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty Available

15. EasyIDea ML450T ID Card Laminator:

This machine is specially made to laminate ID cards, Business cards, and similar hard paper documents. It's a rigid, heavy-duty laminator that you can use nearly 2 hours. But the bindings are you can laminate narrow documents up to 4.5".

You can use this ID card laminator machine on school, hospitals or any type of business institutes. It’s a portable laminator that you can carry easily and set anywhere you want. Comparing with other laminators, I find this very lightweight and its actual weight is 1.9 pounds.

The color of this Laminator machine is silver & made of plastic material that will fit with any environment. It has a temperature control system that allows you controlling the temperature and getting high-quality lamination for long time.

If you want to save some money on your purchase, you can pick the Standard one instead of Temperature Control feature. This has 32mil thickness control and ensures long time laminating.

It uses heat lamination process that don’t allow you heat-sensitive products. So, you should stay careful about sensitive documents that can be damaged on heat laminating. Currently, this product only ships inside the US & covered with limited time manufacturer warranty support.

Top Features of easyIDea ML450T ID Card Laminator:

  • Specially made for ID card lamination
  • Compact, Rigid & Beautiful Silver Color Laminator
  • Easy to set up, carry and use
  • Perfect for small business institutes like school & hospital
  • Affordable at price comparing other laminators
  • Covered with limited manufacturer warranty support

Things To Before Consider Buying Best Lamination Machine

If you’re looking for a laminator machine that could serve you longtime, you might require some information regarding what to consider before buying a laminator machine. No matter you are a seasoned or first time user, these following factors will help you to find the best model for you. Even if you search for the best laminator for foiling.

Here are what you need to consider:


If you frequently move the machine, having a light and compact design is necessary for the home setting. In the case of office use, you can choose a heavier machine because you can set up in the permanent place.

However, lightweight build quality is best for portability but it can minimize the durability level. On the other hand, a heavier machine is hard to move around, but it can last for a long time.

Number of Rollers

This factor is directly affected by the quality of the laminator. Normally, every entry-level laminators have 2 rollers which either heat or press the document and the material simultaneously. Even top-quality machines have multiple rollers for pressing, heating, and lastly sealing together to the laminated document.

Laminating Speed and Heating Time

Both of these factors will tell you how long time it takes to laminate anything with certain models. The heating time actually mentions how much time the appliance need to reach to the specific temperature from the setup. And rolling speed refers to the time the machine takes to laminate each paper.

However, some expensive models come up with high-end features like heats up faster and laminate quickly. Means it can save your valuable time. Remember you need to invest in the speed you actually need for.

Thickness of Lamination

Another important factor is the level of protection the laminator offers. Means laminated document will last for a longer time with thicker lamination. In simple words, the thicker the pouch, the better the protection.

Additionally, the thickness of the laminate is needed to decide over what is being laminated. Like flash card, photos, playing cards should not be folded because these can handle the highest thickness of lamination. On the contrary, papers that need to be bent should not use the highest thickness of lamination.

A good laminator machine will have 2-level of temperature setting so that you can use both 3mi and 5mi sheets.


Versatility is the one thing you might require for your new laminator. Since combination laminator offers both hot and cold lamination, it places in the user’s favorite list. Another thing is versatile models can handle many types and sizes of the document.

Not end here, with versatile laminator machine you can laminate almost anything from a single sheet to thick ones for instance artwork, photography, and cards.


Durability is another important consideration that will make a clear difference between selecting a laminator. This factor will show you if you’re satisfied with the machine or it only offers you disappointment.

Many laminator manufacturer brands claim to be long-lasting and durable. Don’t believe them easily rather do little homework and read customers reviews while buying your laminator.


While your budget will not hold you back from buying the right laminator, still it can play a vital role to narrow down the topic. However, there are numerous options out there with an affordable price tag. They are not expensive yet they’re as good as some costly options. Compare the features, price, and quality then assure that they’re really doing what you need.

How to Use?

If you buy your first laminating machine and don’t know how to use it, no need to tense about. All laminating machines come up with their own specific using instruction.

Always these will be your first call, while you look for using a guideline of a laminating machine. However, there are some general rules for inserting your first document.

Once you choose the best laminating machine for your needs you must learn to use it correctly in order to get the best use of it.

Tips for Using Pouch-style Laminator

  • While using a pouch-style laminator to seal plastic films around the items, the document and its pouches are combined outside the machine first. In some cases, they are placed in the protective cardboard known as a carrier.
  • This carrier provides an extra protection of layers on the hot rollers and a plastic surface that reduces the chance of plastic pouch sticking or bubbling as it heated. And make sure the manufacturer recommend carrier or not of your chosen model.
  • Once you complete checking all the necessary factors of your laminating machine, now user’s need to turn on the machine and wait until the roller come up to the temperature.
  • After that open the tray at one side of the machine to insert the document in its pouch– either with or without the cardboard carrier.
  • Make sure you choose the pouch small enough to fit into the machine properly.
  • Plus you need to select the right thickness of pouch for adding more protection. As you know pouch thickness is ranging from 3-14mm, but most machines can handle 3-5mm thickness. So select the right one for your machine.
  • After successfully the document run through the machine, collect it from the end carefully. Be careful, don’t bend it and lay it in a flat position.
  • Once the surface has cooled completely, you can trim the excess border around the edges.
  • Remember never attempt it while it’s just fresh off the machine.

Tips for Using Roll Laminator

  • Hot roll and cold roll laminator works in the same way that pouch-style does.
  • Before you turn on the machine, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Always make sure the adhesive side is facing inward so that it grabs the materials tightly. And then run on the laminating rollers.
  • Whether you’re using a hot roll laminator, allow the machine preheated to the right temperature. Some heated rolls come with a various setting, so consult with your manufacturer to find out it's appropriate setting for your product.
  • Ensure you select the temperature according to the thickness of the document.
  • Once the machine is ready to run, insert the document into the laminator.
  • Remember laminating a very thick document can create jam into the machine.
  • After finish, the laminating process, collect the document from the end side of the machine. Then, trim the edges of your paper.

Types of Lamination Machine

Usually, Laminating machines available in the market are classified by the process of lamination. While it comes to functionality, generally there are 2 types of lamination machines. Depends on the materials you’ll laminate, the specific type of machine you need to choose.

Hot Lamination Machine

Probably, this is the one you are most familiar with. Hot laminator machines are also known as thermal laminators. Using heat, these machines actually accomplish the laminating procedure. Either they melt the adhesive material over the documents or melt the material backing on the laminate.

Usually, insert the paper into the lamination pouch and then its run through the machine to fasten the lamination using pressure and heat. This is a very durable lamination process used in various offices around the world.

A major disadvantage of hot lamination machine is that the temperature of this machine can reach up to 300 degree Fahrenheit. Due to the high heat, some colors can fade out or some materials may be damaged. However, special types of lamination pouches or protective covers can minimize the effect.

Cold Lamination Machine

Cold lamination machine is fairly new in the market. They are also known as pressure sensitive laminating machine. Cold lamination machine uses adhesive and pressure to insert between sheets of plastic films.

Usually, they are less expensive compared to the hot laminators because they don’t need a heating device. Easy to use quality makes it user’s top choice for their business. Often articles come with lots of link coverage looks better while they use cold laminator because the colors don’t bleed.

If you want to laminate a large variety of items such as banners or vehicle wraps, then cold laminator is a perfect choice.

Top-Quality Laminating Machine Brands in the Market:

Easy and secure way to grab a product is finding them with Brand name. Not only me, most of the people who live to shop through online doing this every day. That's why we listed here few top popular brands for lamination machine. It's not possible to mention all of them but we filtered them with quality of popularity on the market.


People who like to have the stylish products with high quality knows the name of Apache brand. Their laminating machines are not different from their other items. They have designed and produced laminators for all the lamination projects.

That's why they offer laminators in a variety of size to giving the option which you need. Apache have both size of lamination machine, small laminating machine as home version and the large version for business or industrial use. They can ensure your intended use with the quality and size. 


We found that, the Royal Sovereign International already doing business in more than 100 countries with more than 120 patents worldwide.  They are popular for modern imagination and creativity with using innovative technology and creating inventive products. Laminate machines are just one of them.

They are taking manufacturing facilities worldwide. That's why they are producing products from different located around the world. As their popularity with other items also they have same reputation in lamination industry. They claim themselves as the leader of laminator worlds and offer machines as user needs with a variety of size, function and type. 


Already Scotch earned a good number of users as home, school and office paper laminator. Scotch started their journey at 1930 and now they have travelled more than 90 years in business and a lot of products on the market. TL901 in one of the most popular paper laminator in Amazon.

Scotch is well-known in laminating industry for protects documents with the ability of handle frequently. They are also popular for quality pouches available in the market. They are marketing their product under the name of 3M Laminating Products. All of their machines available in the market have the settings for both 5 and 3 mil pouches. 


Everybody knows the quality of German based products. Zoomyo is a Germany based electronic products producer and now their products are popular over the world. Smoothness is an essential feature for small laminating machine and they already have a good reputation on it.

Classic style and color with great effectively turn them more attractive to users from various location. The average rating of their laminators are more than 4.6. They have a verity of machines too. Besides this, Zoomyo is also popular for laminator kits and accessories. 


Switingline is another top brand on laminator industry. They started manufacturing products from 1931 and already have 88 years in this industry with efficient performance. Their thermal Laminating Machines are super easy to use and super-fast too. Laminating award certificates, favorite photos, and other mementos with the Switingline home laminate machine is quite simple.

For providing high quality and a variety of products already the earned a good rating from users. User loved to use it for crystal clear laminate protection with long durability besides modern models, automated settings, smoothness, and advanced options.   


Brands who are manufacturing products for office, home or personal use; FELLOWES is one of the top name out of the crowd. They are global manufacturer of business machines, and office accessories too. They are renowned in the marketing industry.

Enhanced quality, modern design, productivity and efficiency grabbed users' attraction over the world.

Laminators from Fellowes have coming with automatic features, fast laminating speeds and super durability which help to raise their popularity. They already spend more than 100 years in product manufacturing industry.

Not all of them have same quality and features but all of them have reputation on the customers' world.

Maintaining And Take Care Tips

Everyone likes to keep his products safe and usable for a long time but most of the time don't know what to do for products longevity. A good quality product can be damaged within a few days if you operate them with a bad hand. At least take these list at a glance before you stating the laminator machine.

  • Clean regularly because older adhesive got harder and hard to remove them.
  • Never push in any sheets that contain metal or any conductive materials.
  • During operation keep the cord and your hands away from its hot parts.
  • Never use any sharp objects like knives, blades, or others to clean the rollers.
  • Try to avoid using your lamination machine for more than two hours continuously.
  • While using just keep it 15 seconds time between pushing laminating items.
  • After turning off the machine, give it at least 30 minutes for cooling itself.
  • Try to avoid starting the machine within 30 minutes again.
  • Never try to clean inside parts with scouring powder.
  • Do not use any damaged plug or cord to operate the lamination machine.
  • Always try to avoid using the machine outdoors.
  • Never touch or check the hot surface or rollers with a bare hand.
  • Recheck and ensure that you turned off the laminator after finishing the job done.

A little mistake can bring big losses to your machine, health or paper. So, don't show you hurry with the machine. Be calm before you are ready to use a laminator machine.

Most Common Laminator Machine Troubleshooting Tips

a. Pouch Jams: What to do?

If your pouch jams into your machine, first switch the power button off and remove the main plug too. Now get the roller release button and press it. Generally, it will be found on the back. Don't try to do it so fast. Pull the pouch out gently. Don't try to insert any tool into the entry slot. It may damage your roller.  

b. Straight wave lines seem across my output: 

Generally, it may cause excessive roller pressure from the front. So, check your machine again and try to loosen the roller pressure especially front roller.

c. Bubbles found under the pouch:

Most of the cases it happens because of less heating and quick lamination job. First, check the heat bulb and then let it be heated well then push the paper slowly.

d. After encapsulating the paper won’t lie flat:

This type of curling usually happens when you use a thin film on the lower side and a heavy film on the upper side or reverse method. So, always use the quality film on both sides of your documents. Remember that, a bit curl is normal.


Q. How it could be the best daily usage?

A. Actually, it depends on you that how frequent you need to use the machine. Light duty can be defined up to 4 or 6 sheets per day. Medium duty can be defined up to 12 or 15 sheets per day. And the heavy duty can be defined you need to laminate more than 25 sheets per day. Very first measure your needs, it would help you to pick the right machine.

Q. Should I pick a machine based on the number of rollers?

It does not only depend on the roller number. Yes, it's true that if a machine has more rollers, it shows the quality of the lamination machine. It can apply heat more consistently to the pouch which could help to avoid jams. If you have a good budget then pick a machine which has the highest number of rollers.

Q. What pouch thickness do I need?

A. If you need to preserve a document for a long time then you should pick a thick pouch. On the other hand, frequently used documents should be rapped with less thickness pouch. 

Final Words

It hard to make long sentence short, but I hope words here can guide you to make conception clean in the world of the laminator. Before picking best laminating machine you need to know just a few things. But when you like to get the best one and professional output then must need to dive a little bit deeper.

It doesn't matter what type of laminator machine you need; laminator for office or home laminate machine but need to measure the difference between quality and expectation. I did a little bit of hard work to show you an easy way to reach the decision-making point.  It's not about only laminating machine, but also a commitment.

At last, if you ask my choice, I will mark the Fellowes Saturn3i Laminating Machine for myself. Enjoy your device and love your work. We also love to hear from you.


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