Best Cricut Accessories for beginners : 2023 Complete List

We all are blessed with some sort of creativity embedded within us. A great and feasible way to explore your unique ideas is trying out new crafting tools!

The brand of Cricut has gained huge popularity in this regard by making the process of crafting even easier!

Now there are a number of machines available from them which offer different perks for each niche of users.

As a result, it can get quite confusing for the beginners to pick the right tools for their craft projects. That is why we are here to give you a handy list of all the best Cricut accessories available now, along with some optional ones!

Top 6 Best Cricut Accessories You Should Have

If you are just starting out on the Cricut experience, you must have these accessories to explore the basic functionalities of this machine.

1. Cricut Blades

Blades are an absolute necessity for any Cricut project since you cannot cut your workpiece without it. These blades can vary based on the model of your device or the series it belongs to. The most popular series they have is Explore. So if you are unsure of which one to invest in, the blades of this series will be the best choice.

The most basic or essential blades for Cricut projects include fine point, deep point and bonded fabric. There are some special blades as well which work with only their individual series models. All of their structures include blade, protector and a housing on top to keep it safe.

Among the three we mentioned, fine point blade is the most common one since you will get it with any Cricut machine you purchase. It is very durable since the blade is made from a high-quality material named German Carbide.

Keeping with its name, the fine point blade helps by cutting out intricate designs. Usually, materials of medium weight are the most suitable ones for these blades.

You can find it in two gorgeous colors of silver and golden. It is considered among both Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker must haves!

Although they are made of durable material, you can replace them when they get old to ensure maximum sharpness. Even though some of them are really sharp, their toughness falls short in front of wood.


  • Durable blade capable of intricate cuts
  • Housing keeps the blade stable
  • Can be replaced for maximum sharpness
  • Many styles available for working with different materials


  • Some blades only work on selected models
  • Not hard enough to cut wood yet

2. Cutting Mats

Any Cricut machine you get; it will come with one or two cutting mats in the sizes of 12x12 inches or 12x24 inches. The former size is favored by many craftsmen while the latter will be more useful for longer materials.

You can even get this size in a variety pack to get cutting mats of different grips - FabricGrip, LightGrip, StandardGrip or StrongGrip. The first one is the default one you get with each package.

For the other grips, you might need to invest separately. Together, they will help you to cut any material you want.

The pink FabricGrip mat is very durable and slightly adhesive which prevents the fabric from fraying.

To cut lightweight materials like paper or vellum, the LightGrip mats in blue would be the ideal choice. For slightly heavier materials like vinyl and medium-weight cardstock, use the green StandardGrip mat.

To cut from even harder materials like thick card stock, posterboard or something equally slippery, you will need StrongGrip mats. The variety pack will come in handy since you can cut all kinds of materials with its mat collection.


  • Comes in two sizes
  • Color-coded grip variations to avoid confusion


  • One mat doesn’t work for all materials

3. Scoring Stylus

While making a crafty card or sign, we often fail to perfectly fold the paper without creating an awkward crease.

To solve this issue, Cricut provides its scoring stylus that manages to do this job flawlessly. It doesn’t fully cut up the material. Instead, it only causes a partial cut which makes the paper easy to fold smoothly.

Even if this seems like a minor advantage, the scoring stylus or scoring tool will have a great value while implementing intricate designs in vinyl or papercrafting. The stylus comes with the Cricut Explorer series while the wheel tool is one of the best Cricut Maker accessories. You can use the latter for deeper crease.


  • The compact structure is easy to store
  • Easy to install for most models


  • Not useful in other projects except papercrafting
  • Cost can be a little high

4. Cricut Tool Set

If you don’t wanna go through the hassle of buying Circuit Essential Tools separately, you can rely on the tool set provided by Cricut itself!

The Basic Tool Set of Cricut usually includes five of the regularly used crafting tools like scissors, scrapers, spatulas, weeders, tweezers and more.

To ensure security, you can utilize the protective blade cover and keep yourself safe from potential injuries while using the micro-tip scissors.

Get creative and take advantage of the 4 interchangeable end caps to switch up colors! Keep your craft station clean with the spatula and scraper to remove the debris from cutting mats.


  • Higher quality than ordinary stationary items
  • Ensures more safety
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Comes at higher price points

5. Cricut Pens

Some of us are blessed with naturally beautiful handwriting patterns. For the rest of us, it is quite the struggle to attain a perfect quote or wish on our valuable crafts.

Luckily, there are Cricut pens to save our day! You can get a number of them at a time as part of the Cricut accessories bundle!

With these pens, you don’t have to stress over the minute details of writing your phrases on the material. The pens will take care of it by recreating the fonts without being a victim to the usual pitfalls. You can use them to make the machine do the writing job along with the cutting tasks.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks of using the Cricut pens. You cannot get them if your budget is tight.

They come at a pretty high price point and need to be bought separately. Besides, they tend to run out quite fast. So you might have to buy multiple within a short period.


  • Machine does the writing
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all models


  • Comes at a high price point
  • Needs to be bought separately
  • Runs out fast

6. Cricut Storage (Containers And Bags)

Once you are done with your project, how do you clean up the mess and save the device properly for later use? Well, Cricut has a solution for that as well! They offer both storage containers for home-based crafters and travel bags for the ones who are always on the go.

However, these don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. There are different solutions according to the wide range of models. You will need to choose a container or bag that goes with your particular device.


  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Highly durable
  • Enormous space inside
  • Keeps dust away


  • Expensive compared to regular bags
  • Compatible with only specific machines

Additional Tools That You Can Acquire, Not Must Have

When you are done gathering all the must-have items, you can start collecting the additional tools to take your crafting skills further!

Here we suggest a handful of these optional tools so that you can make an informed decision by the end.

Cricut EasyPress

You can get the EasyPress device of Cricut  to adopt a safer ironing or heatpressing method for your material sheets. It makes the process much easier with its central handle to maintain the grip longer and comfortably. You can also specify the time period and the preferred temperature for your ironing session with this. Also you can buy a vinyl cutter from cricut brand.

Fabric Marking Pen

If you plan to work with different kinds of fabric, you might as well get a Cricut fabric marking pen to ensure a flawless outcome for your craft. It helps you to draw up the instructional markings on fabrics like cotton. Once the work is done, you can get rid of them with just a wash!

Infusible Ink

This is the range of products which include transfer sheets, pens, markers and blanks. Together, they ensure a smooth transfer of the designs without causing wrinkles, flakes, cracks or peels. The most special part of this collection is the ink is fused permanently when accompanied with heat.

Cricut BrightPad

Cricut has brought out this special pad which has a bright screen, charging cable, a power button and two brightness adjustment buttons.

The main purpose of this pad is to make tracing and weeding easier for you. By placing the patterned sheets or materials over the powered up BrightPad, you can trace their outlines easily.

Wavy Blade

To have different textures on the outline edges, you can use a wavy blade. This special blade makes it possible for you to cut out your material sheets with a wavy outline instead of the usual straight edge. This will work great on decorative items and wishing cards!

Bonded Fabric Blade

This is a special blade meant to be used only on three kinds of mats - pink FabricGrip, bonded fabrics and the ones with an iron-on backer. You probably won’t need it for Cricut Makers since these devices have rotary blades. However, it is quite useful for Cricut Explore.

Perforation Blade

If you own a Cricut Maker machine, you can get perforation blades to use with it. These blades are ideal for creating clean tear lines through lightweight materials. In order to switch between these perforation blades and other variations, you only need to use QuickSwap Housing.

Portable Trimmer

For those of you who love hustling day in and day out, time plays a very important part. Now you can save more time with a portable trimmer!

You can trim the original sheet made of vinyl or paper with this tool before putting it in the Cricut device. Doing so will also minimize the wastage from your project.


If you are a fan of the FabricGrip mats, you can get a brayer to make things easier. Brayers help you to apply the fabric more smoothly on the mat and remove it without much struggle as well. You will observe little to no wrinkles and bubbles after using it to smooth out the fabric.

Transfer Tape

You may find this quite handy while working with vinyl sheets. Be it removable or permanent, a transfer tape can make the application easier for you. This is a translucent tape with adhesive on one side. You can use it to transfer the design smoothly without creating a mess!


Now that you know all about the best Cricut accessories and more, it is time to start bringing life to your ideas!

You can use them to design a beautiful card which will resonate the warmth of someone who truly cares, or to craft an amazing showpiece that will enhance the aesthetic value of your interior.

With Cricut and its array of devices, the crafting possibilities are endless. So get used to these tools fast for completing interesting projects and making the most of your leisure!


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