Best Glue for Styrofoam : Top 8 Picks by an Expert

So, you get up in the morning and start feeling like you forgot something. Yep, the school project you were assigned is due tomorrow. You rush out to buy styrofoam and glue. But wait, the trouble has not ended yet.

You quickly follow your blueprint and start curving out the styrofoam. Now the only thing that remains is gluing all the pieces together. You piece them together with your dollar store glue, and what's that?

It's not properly sticking together? That's unfortunate but not a surprise. Styrofoam is built differently from other DIY crafting materials, so the glue needs to be specifically made for styrofoam as well.

We have gathered some of the Best Glue For Styrofoam to save your time so that you can concentrate on your project instead.



Editor's Rating


Aleene's Original "Tacky" Glue-4 Ounce

5 out of 5

Weldbond 420 ml Non-Toxic Adhesive

5 out of 5

UHU POR Styrofoam adhesive 40g tube

4.5 out of 5

Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue

4 out of 5

3M Spray Trim Adhesive

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended Best Glue for Styrofoam 2023

The glues we have gathered here for styrofoam DIY projects can be easily transferred from the bottle to another container, cures super fast, and is non-toxic to children.

 So, before you settle down for one, check out these amazing adhesive for Styrofoam.

1. Aleene’s 4 Ounce Styrofoam Glue

Whether you are in a hurry or just want to quickly finish your styrofoam project so that you can watch your favorite show, there are no other alternatives to a fast-drying glue.

Aleene's tacky glue serves as an almost permanent glue for styrofoam projects and felt, wood, and paper.

 So, you asked for a good glue for styrofoam, but instead, you got an all-in-one glue. Seems like a pretty fantastic deal.

The glue also dries up quickly. We tested it on two styrofoam pieces, and it only took a minute and a half to dry.

Once it dries up, it holds the pieces together really firmly. If you plan to use this glue on paper, you'll be glad to know that it does not ripple the papers like other glues.

But, yes, there's always a "but." It is a very thick glue. This might be a problem for people who prefer lightweight styrofoam projects. The glue definitely adds a bit of weight.

So, if you are okay with having a bit of added weight to your styrofoam DIY project, Aleene's original tacky glue will be a fantastic choice for any sort of project.

Highlighted features:

  • It can be used on multiple surfaces such as styrofoam, wood, felt, and paper.
  • Dries up within a minute or two.
  • Can securely hold the glued objects together once it dries up.
  • Can be easily poured from one container to another.

2. Weldbond 420 ml Non-Toxic Adhesive

Compared to other materials and tools needed to complete a DIY project, glue is relatively cheap. But what if you want the best glue to use on styrofoam? The Weldbond adhesive is for such people.

You won't glue styrofoam to another styrofoam every single time. Sometimes the project might need glue for styrofoam to wood.

This is where the weldbond glue comes in. It is so strong that it can easily bond wood and styrofoam together. It can also glue glasses, tiles, and more.

It does not only act as glue but also as a sealant. You can use this glue to cover up porous areas to make it appear smooth. You can also paint on top of it, which lots of glue does not let you do.

Although the company claims that the weldbond adhesive dries "crystal clear," we noticed an obvious white glue color once it dries.

This should not be a big problem if you plan to paint your styrofoam project, but our job is to provide you with every bit of information.

The Weldbond 420ml adhesive might be 8x the price of regular glue, but every single penny you spend will be worth it. Truly a remarkable styrofoam glue.

Highlighted features:

  • This all-purpose glue can be used on styrofoam, wood, tiles, and glass.
  • Non-toxic to kids and adults alike.
  • Acts as both a sealant and a bonding agent.
  • You can paint on top of it.

3. UHU POR Styrofoam Adhesive 40g Tube

Those all-in-one glues are really cool, but not everyone intends to spend so much on the glue. Some people just want an affordable glue for styrofoam to styrofoam, which is where UHU for adhesive comes in.

The UHU por glue does not work like most of the glue found on the market. This is why it is special.

When using this glue, you have to evenly spread the glue on the styrofoam and wait 10 to 20 minutes before putting them together. If you follow this, you will have a super flexible bond.

The glue is the first one on our list, which is water-resistant. This means that even if you accidentally spill water on your project, the glue won't lose its bond. This is great, considering how often we spill liquids on our projects.

The cherry on top is that the glue does not have a strong odor. We have used this indoors and did not notice any odor at all.

The only con is that it takes a lot of time to cure/dry properly. First, you have to wait 10-20 minutes before putting your styrofoams together. Then you have to wait 24 hours for the glue to dry up.

So, if you are not in a rush to complete your project and have lots of time, the UHU pro adhesive will give you a satisfying result every time you use it.

Highlighted features:

  • The adhesive has water resistance.
  • Forms a super strong and flexible bond once it dries up.
  • Does not have any bad odor.
  • Comes at a relatively cheap price.

4. Elmer’s E1321 Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue

Not every glue has to be revolutionary. Being able to hold together two objects securely is and will be enough for the majority of us. The Elmer's glue does not offer anything you haven't seen before; it just tries to be better.

This glue is also an all-purpose glue that works well with paper, fabric, styrofoam, ceramics, leather, and wood. But you can't mix them.

 So, if you intend to use styrofoam, you have to glue it to another styrofoam. Although you can glue styrofoam to any other surface, it won't stick well.

The secret fast-drying formula that Elmer's liquid glue uses is super effective. You will get a professional-level finish on every craft you use this glue on. The glue is perfect for crafts, DIY projects, kitchen, and garage repairs.

The improved and new extra strong bond formula helps your styrofoam stick together permanently. Once it dries up, it will take a lot of strength to pull them apart. This should give you an idea of how strong the bond is.

Last but not least, you can create slime with this glue. Warning, your kids will fall in love with this feature and will force you to buy more. Yep, that's how amazing Elmer's liquid glue is.

Highlighted features:

  • Creates an inseparable bond thanks to the extra strong bond feature.
  • The glue dries up rapidly using the improved fast-drying formula.
  • It can be used to make homemade slime.
  • It is safe and non-toxic to use.
  • It can be used on paper, wood, leather, and styrofoam.

5. 3M 16.8 oz Bonds to Styrofoam Spray Adhesive

Tired of applying glue with your fingers or brushes? Well, worry no more because the 3M adhesive comes in a spray form. But is it all that it offers? Let's find out.

The majority of glue we covered until now is thick and will obviously add weight to your styrofoam model. Even if they don't add weight, you have to paint over the glue to hide the color. Painting it will surely add more weight.

The 3M adhesive comes in an aerosol spray form which is super lightweight and dries clear, so you won't have to paint over it. This will be perfect for styrofoam plane models, which require as much less weight as possible.

The spray adhesive can also be used for styrofoam to metal or metal to metal or plastic surfaces. Car people love this spray because of its stickiness.

That's not all; it is the only glue on our list that bonds well with polystyrene. So, it is also an excellent glue for polystyrene foam.

But since it is a spray adhesive, it will obviously have a bad odor. The fumes are very strong, so we recommend using this in well-ventilated areas like your garage with open doors or windows.

So, if you can handle the strong odor, the 3M spray trim adhesive will be one of the best glue for styrofoam, metal surfaces, and polystyrene.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes in an aerosol spray form which is mess-free to use.
  • Bonds well with metal, styrofoam, fabric, and polystyrene.
  • The spray adhesive is very lightweight.
  • It dries crystal clear, so no need to paint over it.

6. Mod Podge CS11303 Waterbase Sealer, Glue & Decoupage Finish

If you are a DIY person, you know how messy it gets when working with styrofoam and glue. Cleaning up the mess is an extremely troublesome job.

Introducing the Mod podge cs11303. Cleaning will never be the same again. The mod podge adhesive is easy to clean because it is made out of a water-based formula.

All you will need is a bit of soap and water, and all the messy glue will vanish as Thanos did in Avengers: endgame. But, do note that this will only work before the glue dries up.

Not only will it securely hold your styrofoam and other objects together, but it will also work as a sealer.

This means it will protect your styrofoam model from surface damage, corrosion, and other things. You will get a matte finish on your projects.

One of the best things about mod podge is that it dries up rapidly and is also clear when it dries. So, you can apply multiple layers of glue for a better bond, but it won't harm the outlook of your project. A win-win for everyone.

On paper, the mod podge cs11303 does not have any drawbacks or cons, but the experience may vary from user to user. With that out of the way, this will surely be an amazing glue for styrofoam.

Highlighted features:

  • Gives you a super matt finish on your projects.
  • Works as both a glue and a sealer.
  • Protects your styrofoam from all sorts of damage.
  • It can be applied multiple times.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.

7. Gorilla 6301502 Clear Spray Glue

Looking for an adhesive for your styrofoam x plastic DIY project? Well, look no further because the Gorilla spray adhesive is here to the rescue. But what else does it offer? Let's take a look.

Gorilla 6301502 is the only adhesive on our list that bonds firmly with plastic and styrofoam. Yes, you can use other glue, but they won't hold the bond for a long time.

The gorilla adhesive, on the other hand, dries permanently. So you get an idea of how strong it is. The problem with spray adhesive is that the manufacturers don't pay attention to the nozzle most of the time.

 This results in a bad spray system. This is definitely not the case with Gorilla as they have used a controlled spray nozzle which ensures an even application. Pressing the nozzle is comfortable as well.

The glue also has a repositionable feature. Unlike most other glue brands, you can reposition your styrofoam multiple times even after gluing them together.

But this has its limitations. You can reposition your styrofoam or plastic for up to 10 minutes.

A minor problem we should mention before concluding. The adhesive builds up and dries on the nozzle causing it sometimes not to spray at all.

If you can clean the nozzle head from time to time, the Gorilla spray adhesive will be an amazing glue for styrofoam to plastic.

Highlighted features:

  • Can be used to bond styrofoam to plastic or vice-versa.
  • Has a repositionable feature.
  • Good quality nozzle head for even application.
  • Dries clear and non-yellowing.

8. FloraCraft 4 Ounce Non-Toxic Styro Glue

FloraCraft Non-Toxic Foam Glue 4 Ounce Clear

Tired of wearing gloves whenever working with adhesive and styrofoam? We get it. Not everyone has the patience to wear gloves every single time. To help you out, we bring you the Floracraft foam glue.

Unlike most of the glue on this list, the Floracraft foam glue does not stick to your hands like venom sticks with Eddie brock.

Even if you get your hands dirty, the glue comes off easily with water. Just put your hands under the tap, and boom, all cleaned up.

The glue is also made out of non-toxic ingredients, which means that it won't cause any problems to your skin even if your skin comes in contact with it. This is why we told you that wearing gloves is not necessary this time.

As you would expect from an affordable adhesive, dry/cure takes a bit of time to dry/cure. While much other glue dries within 20 minutes, this one still stays tacky.

But, fortunately, you don't have to hold the pieces together until it dries. Just leave it overnight.

Considering how cheap the price is, the glue holds styrofoam well. After it dries up, you won't be able to take it apart even if you wanted to.

So, if you don't have any problem with overnight drying, the FloraCraft foam glue will be pretty much all you need to finish your styrofoam project.

Highlighted features:

  • The adhesive is very easy to clean.
  • Made with non-toxic materials, so no allergic problem.
  • Bonds with styrofoam really well.
  • Water-based adhesive.

Comparison Chart of Adhesive for Styrofoam

Product Name



CEasy to clean


Aleena’s original tacky glue

Styrofoam, paper, wood, non-washable fabric




Weldbond glue

Styrofoam, wood, glass, and tiles




UHU POR adhesive

Wood, glass, paper, styrofoam, metal, leather, and plastic.

Not mentioned

Not mentioned


Elmer’s e1321 glue

Ceramics, leather, paper, fabric, styrofoam, and wood.


Not really


3M spray trim adhesive

Polystyrene, metal and styrofoam.



Low profile clear color

Mod podge

Wood, paper, plastic, fabric and styrofoam.



Matt finish

Gorilla 6301502 Spray Adhesive

Wood, foam, glass, paper, fabric, leather, plastic and metal.




FloraCraft glue

Styrofoam and paper only.


Not mentioned

Not mentioned

Glue For Styrofoam Buying Guide

Glue For Styrofoam Buying guide

Before you head out to buy glue for your styrofoam project, keep in mind that what's best for someone else might not be the best for you.

It varies from person to person. This is why we are giving you a set of important aspects you should focus on before buying glue for styrofoam.

Remember to look out for these things before buying, and you will be able to get the best styrofoam glue.


No matter how careful you are while working on your styrofoam project, there's a decent chance that your skin will come in contact with the glue. This is why it is better to have non-toxic glue.

Glues made with toxic chemicals might not do serious harm to you, but they will surely bother you until you feel annoyed.

From causing rashes to allergies, they are infamous for all of these things. Glues might even ruin your beautiful soft skin. So this is why prevention is always better than cure.

Easy to clean

As we have said earlier, you can never be too careful while working with glue. Once you finish your work session, you will see glue puddles on your desk or table.

Some glues are a pain in the chest. No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to wipe off the glue 100%.

This is why you should go for an adhesive that can be cleaned easily. These glues can be cleaned with just soap and water. You don't even need aftermarket cleaners.

But, do remember that it does not matter whether your glue is easy to clean or not. Once it dries, soap and water will not work. So try to clean it before it dries.


Once the glue on your styrofoam starts to dry, you will notice that it has a white tint. Sometimes the tint is thick, and sometimes it is thin. Anyway, you should not use glues that become white after drying.

It might look good the first week, but it will slowly start to become yellow-ish and trust us, it looks really ugly. This is why you should go for glues that dry clear.

 The glue itself won't be visible, thus eliminating the need to paint over it. Since it is clear, it won't turn yellow over time. Win-win from every angle.

Spray nozzle

This is the type of glue you should get if you work with lightweight styrofoam models such as planes or cars. Typically spray adhesives are more lightweight than the glues you use with fingers or brushes.

They will be amazing to look at and hold since they do not add any noticeable weight to your planes. Furthermore, spray adhesive lets you reach deeper compared to other types of glues.

But it does come with a drawback, though. Since the nozzle is the only way the glue comes out, the spraying system might not work well if it gets jammed. So keep it clean after usage.

Drying time

This is arguably the most important and obvious part. Of course, you want something that will dry quickly, right? Well, not always. Faster does not necessarily mean better.

Some glues dry within a few minutes, and some require overnight. Both are good from their perspective.

The ones that dry rapidly will not let you reposition your styrofoam. So, once you stick it together, there is no going back unless you pull them apart by force.

But, the ones that take a lot of time lets you take apart styrofoam within a limited time. So, if you don't like the way it is now, you can just take it apart and place it together again.


If you are a person who prefers to work alone while the doors and windows are closed, you will have to work with an odorless styrofoam glue. A strong odor from the glue will cause discomfort and loss of concentration.

To tackle that, you will either have to work in a well-ventilated area or use a styrofoam glue that does not give off strong fumes/odor.

We would suggest going for an odorless glue because you can't always work in a properly ventilated area.


Are the glues for styrofoam acid-free?

Unfortunately, none of the glues we reviewed here are acid-free. They are non-toxic, which means your skin is safe, but you can't consume them.

Can I wash my styrofoam after applying adhesive?

Some of the glues here are water-resistant but not water-proof. The glue will come off if it comes into contact with too much water. If it's launderable or washable, it will be mentioned in the highlighted features.

How do I make slime with styrofoam glue?

Take your desired styrofoam glue and mix baking soda, contact lens solution, and food coloring accordingly. Mix them well until the slime forms. Don't let your kids do this alone, though.

Can I use my styrofoam glue on other materials such as steel, wood, or fabric?

The short answer is yes, you can. Most of the styrofoam adhesive works well on the steel, wood, fabric & vinyl surfaces, but just to be sure, check out the features section.

Are the styrofoam glues heat resistant?

Yes, most of the glues we have here can withstand temperatures between 31 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to attach styrofoam to wood?

To attach styrofoam to a piece of wood using styrofoam glue, you have to put the glue evenly on both surfaces and firmly place them together. Hold them together for a few minutes to securely form a bond.

Final Words

Glue is one of the most important things we use daily. They fix your goods quickly, eliminating the need to call for service. Although they can cause a big mess when handled carelessly, that's not a big issue.

Whether you are a fan of DIY crafts or just need to submit your styrofoam school project tomorrow, there is no alternative to styrofoam glue.

These styrofoam glues can provide you a rapid bond, odorless scent and keep your skin safe. Some can even act as a sealer. That's pretty cool if you ask us.

With all the information we provided, we hope that now you will be able to choose the best glue for styrofoam and finish your project just the way you wanted.

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