Best Glue for Paper to Paper – Ultimate Reviews For 2023

One of the most rewarding hobbies to have in the 21st century includes DIY crafting. Nothing makes your projects and crafts come to life than glue. They are incredibly easy to use and dry up really quickly.

However, finding the best glue for paper to paper can be a difficult task as the market is filled with a wide variety of options.

Our reviews of these items will help you understand which product will serve your need the best.

Therefore, you can skip the part of contemplating the ideal brand and get right into the fun part of crafting. Prime criteria of making judgment calls on these commodities will include performance, reliability, build, and quantity.



Editor's Rating


Elmer's Glue Stick

5 out of 5

Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer

5 out of 5

Tombow Aqua Liquid Glue

4.5 out of 5

Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

4 out of 5

Loctite Spray Adhesive

4.5 out of 5

Types of Paper Glue

Before we can jump to the product reviews, it's essential to know about the type of glues that function well from paper to paper. Conveniently enough, there are currently a couple of different variations of this item. You can decide which one will give you the most comfort after you get a good read of our descriptions.

Wet Adhesive

Nothing feels more old-school than wet adhesive. There are multiple different options in which it is available, ranging from paste to spray.

Not only do they work amazingly on paper, but they are also excellent for use in metal, plastic, and even photographs! They are available in multiple strength options, including permanent, temporary, and repositionable.

Glue Sticks

If you ask an artist about their preference for adhesive, there's a high chance that they will tell you that glue sticks are the ideal option.

They come in tubular packaging, making it easier to hold and spread them around swiftly. Its accuracy makes a lot of people pick a glue stick for scrapbooking.

Glue Pen

If you want your adhesive to be exact in dispensation, then there's nothing that can get the job done better than the glue pen.

Other than being extremely convenient for carrying around, it is perfect for squeezing out just the right amount of liquid in the right place. It's an ideal pick for those who want to input finesse into their articles.

Glue Guns

Professionals who have been in the crafting realm for a while now absolutely love the glue gun. It is incredibly popular and effective. All you have to do is connect a glue stick to the gun, let it heat up, and put it into your projects effortlessly. Although it's hazardous for children, adults will appreciate it for its quick work.

Our 8 Best Glue for Paper to Paper in 2023

Below are 8 of the most efficient glues that are compatible with paper. Please continue reading to find out more about their future, product details, and benefits to decide which one will serve you well the most.

1. Elmer’s Paper Glue Stick

There's a high chance that the majority of the craftsmen will recommend Elmer's Glue Stick to you as the best adhesive for paper. The main reason behind this popularity is its ability to bond with a plethora of paper variations.

Some of the materials this glue is compatible with include foam board, sheets, cardboard, and display board.

One of the greatest difficulties of using glue is its clear body. It's difficult to keep track of where you placed the liquid, which can become a significant inconvenience over time.

Thankfully, you won't have to worry about this issue when using this product. It gives off a purple color when you initially apply it and then becomes transparent after drying off.

Glues can be an absolute nightmare to use if you get any stuck on the wrong side of the paper or in your hands. Getting it off can be a tricky and complex job that can take hours at an end.

However, you won't face this problem when using this unit. You can easily wash it off and remove it from clothes, unlike its competitors.

Health hazards have been a very concerning factor when using glues. A lot of them may contain acids and chemicals, which can harm your body and health in the long run. Meanwhile, this item is perfectly safe for use by people of any age as it's free from all toxins and acids.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for connecting with all paper types
  • Visible when fluid and unnoticeable when dry
  • Washable and removable
  • Free from any harmful substances

2. Mode Podge 32 oz Paper Crafts Glue

If you've got a child at home who loves arts and crafts, get the Mod Podge CS11303. It comes in a colorful barrel that's bound to make the entire process of applying glue more fun. Furthermore, it works well with all kinds of paper and other project materials, granting it universal compatibility.

Getting your child into crafting can seem like an expensive affair. The main reason behind it is how much glue and materials they tend to use up. In that case, this product can seem like an excellent bargain. It's available in a massive 32-Ounce jar, ensuring that your child can use it generously.

Style often tends to be everything when it comes to doing projects. In that regard, you might see them getting extremely frustrated over glue seeping into the paper and running all over the place.

This unit can be a unique alternative that can meet their requirements to the fullest. The using process is effortless, and it sticks to the surface efficiently.

Lastly, you won't have to worry about any embarrassing situations with this item once it finishes drying up. There won't be any sign of glue application once it connects properly. Moreover, it works effectively even in multiple coats. So, Even if you mess up, it's easily cleanable.

Highlighted Features

  • High compatibility with paper
  • Available in large volumes
  • Relatively simplistic application method
  • Fast drying and easily washable

3. Tombow Aqua Liquid Glue - Clear

Accuracy is a vital aspect for many artisans. A lot of folks want to spread out their glue in a particular order and not get runny on paper. The Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue is the ideal choice for them. You can hold it like a pen and squeeze out the glue in the proper direction effectively.

Although a lot of focus is put into the direction of the glue with this product, it's also praiseworthy in terms of precision. It features two tips that allow you to decide how much glue you want to squeeze out into an area. The existing dual points enable users to choose between two amounts, allowing more flexibility.

One of the major complaints between DIY hobbyists is the lack of quantity in pen glues. They seem to be typically low in amount, and the need for refills is too frequent.

However, users won't face any such issues with this item. It is regarded as the best glue for paper crafts and comes in 50 ml quantity, which is more than enough.

Many DIY artists face an issue when gluing paper together because the adhesive tends to remain sticky even after drying up. It can lead to the glue becoming unreliable and might even cause the pages to tear apart.

Thankfully, you won't face any such problems with this item. It dries out wonderfully without any remaining essence, allowing for a better experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Precision in setting glue direction
  • Broad and narrow tips on either end
  • Relatively high glue quantity
  • No residual stickiness after application

4. Bearly Art Paper to Paper Adhesive

If you're looking to buy a state-of-the-art glue that is catered for art projects, then the Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue perfectly caters to your needs. It comes in a highly fashionable tube with the cap having an exceptional grip. Therefore, you will be able to tighten and uncap it effortlessly.

A noteworthy feature of this product is the aesthetic level it will bring to all of your projects. It has glitter infused into the adhesive to make it stand out and catch the viewer's eyes.

Therefore, it fulfills the purpose of an enhancer and a connector, making your papercrafts look unique in every way.

Customization is one of the essential qualities of this unit. Every purchase of it will come with a plethora of tips. Therefore, you can have total freedom in determining how much glue to apply and control the flow of the liquid with ease. It is the perfect option for projects of all scales because of this reason.

One of the unique characteristics of this item is its ability to retain its quality over time and in adverse conditions. For starters, it doesn't cause the paper to crumple or wrinkle after drying. Furthermore, it remains stable even in freezing temperatures without any issues.

Highlighted Features

  • Stylish packaging with benchmark-setting performance
  • Glitter infusion to heighten overall beauty
  • Multiple different tips for flexibility
  • Retains quality after application

5. Loctite 13.5 oz Spray Adhesive

Versatility has to be one of the hallmarks of any great glue. The more surfaces and materials it can bond to, the higher the chances it has in case of applicability.

In that regard, the Loctite 2235316 really stands out. It works wonderfully on all forms of cloth, paper, and all sorts of materials, making it exceptional.

Not only is it versatile in terms of material compatibility, but it's also effective in strength customizability. This product is perfect for providing connection strength for a brief or permanent timeframe. Therefore, you can use it for a wide variety of purposes.

Another remarkable characteristic of this unit is its ability to dry quickly. Therefore, you won't have to worry about your project getting ruined by the glue running all over it.

All you have to do is apply it and wait for a mere few seconds, and it will dry up and settle perfectly.

A lot of people don't prefer using spray glues simply because of their being difficult to control in small projects and the frequency for creating a mess. However, this unit is quite exceptional in this regard.

It doesn't form bubbles on paper like similar commodities and doesn't seep through sheets, making it more convenient for use.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides excellent performance on a plethora of materials
  • Ideal for both temporary and permanent connection
  • It easily dries on contact
  • Retains quality of paper and doesn't form bubbles

6. Aleene’s All Purpose Glue

If you're looking for an old-school glue that works effectively on maximum project materials, go no further than Aleene's Original "Tacky" Glue. Very few alternatives can be as reliable as it in this regard. It is perfectly applicable on all types of paper, wood, and cloth, making it an excellent paper to paper adhesive and more!

A mentionable quality of this product is its admirable formula. It's entirely safe for use as its ingredients do not contain any harmful materials.

Furthermore, it's free from all forms of toxins, making it free from all types of possible health hazards. However, its performance remains intact, making it substantially dependable.

Cleaning up glue typically can be an extremely frustrating task once it dries up. It's difficult to separate the papers without compromising their quality or damaging them.

However, this item really stands out in this case. You can easily remove its traces with the help of water only, making the removal process effortless and effective.

Quantity is a crucial aspect to keep in mind when getting your glue. In that regard, Aleene's Original "Tacky" Glue comes in a 4-ounce bottle. Although the quantity might seem very small, its strength makes it connect firmly to objects by applying a relatively small amount.

Highlighted Features

  • Applicable to all crafting materials
  • Easy and quick removal process with water only
  • Completely safe for use
  • Requires tiny amount per use

7. Zig Memory System Glue Pen

If you ask an adult which would be a good option for an adhesive, most of them will say that the Zig Memory System Glue Pen is the best glue for paper to paper.

The main reason behind its fame is the incredible value it offers. Each purchase will provide you with three units, making it an affordable and convenient choice.

Although this product offers great value, it doesn't shy away from quality control and provides excellent performance.

The glue pens are shrink-wrapped separately to ensure that they remain perfectly fresh. Therefore, there's no chance of getting one that might have hardened glue within it.

One of the things that you will absolutely love about this commodity is the visibility of the adhesive itself. Squeezing it out will initially expunge a blue fluid that is easy to see.

However, it will beautifully merge into the surface and become absolutely clear, ensuring that it doesn't stick out like a sore sight.

Children who are into journaling will love using this item. The main reason behind its popularity among this demographic is its effectiveness as a glue for scrapbook paper. It can stick papers together effectively without any chances of them falling apart, making it perfect for this purpose as well as school projects.

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic pen-like build
  • Available in packs of 3
  • Individual shrink-wrapping to maintain freshness
  • The fluid becomes transparent after drying out

8. Scotch Quick-Drying Tacky Glue

The Scotch Quick-Drying Tacky Glue will be a smash hit among people who wants an adhesive that focuses entirely on performance. It has a swift drying property which helps maximize efficiency by reducing wait times.

Moreover, it's not runny at all, and it doesn't get stringy on paper, making it more convenient.

Strength is one of the most noteworthy features of this product. Not only does it work incredibly well on paper, but its overall power also goes well beyond that. It can effectively connect some of the most difficult to manage materials like ceramic repair, plastic, and metal, making it substantially strong.

Although this product is purely performance-based and unparalleled in strength, it also matches up in elegance.

The item features a thin tip, allowing you to precisely place the adhesive in just the right place in the exact design for more effectiveness.

One of the serious problems with using an adhesive that comes in a container similar to a pen, it becomes tough to maintain the sanctity of the fluid itself.

Thankfully, this item is quite exceptional in that regard. Its cap is tightly sealed. Therefore, there are no chances of the glue hardening up on the inside and becoming useless.

Highlighted Features

  • Secure cap to prevent untimely dry out
  • Speedy drying time
  • Glue doesn't get runny on surface
  • Thin tip for accuracy and quantity determination

Glue for Paper to Paper Comparison Chart







.21 Ounces


Mode Podge


32 Ounces




50 ml

Finger control

Bearly Art


4fl oz




13.5 oz




4 Ounce


Zig Memory System


1.76 Ounces

Finger Control



4 Ounces


Things to Consider When Buying the Glue for Paper to Paper

Glue for Paper to Paper Reviews

Although buying glue for a paper to paper might seem like a tiring task, you can quickly make the right pick if you keep an eye out for the following essential features.


There's no doubt that the adhesive must be incredibly powerful for it to be the best glue for paper to paper. The last thing you want is for your paper project to fall apart or get separated entirely over time. Therefore, you will need to find one item that ensures that your craft remains permanently bonded.

When buying glue for a paper to paper, it's best to get one that ensures long-lasting bonding with incredibly high strength. Versatility can play a significant role in this regard as it's a key indicator of its true prowess.


Design is significantly important when buying suitable glue for yourself. It is the prime indicator of whether you will have a comfortable experience. The criteria for the right design depend greatly on individual preference and the type of project on which they will be using it.

For starters, you need to identify the type of crafts you want to make with glue. If you plan on using it generously on paper, then it's best for you to buy one that is available in jars so you can get bulk quantities of adhesives. On the other hand, if you're planning only to use it in specific areas or want to apply it in certain shapes.

Drying Time

One of the most important factors to consider in terms of convenience happens to be the time the adhesive takes to dry. Getting a product that takes a couple of hours to dry thoroughly can be highly unproductive for crafting.

Therefore, it's vital to find one that hardens in an extremely short amount of time to prevent any unnecessary inconveniences.

It is tough to manage paper surfaces when applying glue. Therefore, it's best to get an adhesive that can dry instantly within a few seconds of applying.

That way, there's no chance of it getting runny and messing up the entire project. It will also spare you the pain of an excessively long waiting time.

Value and Attachments

Although a lot of people don't take this factor seriously, buying a glue that has an incredible value to offer will really make the purchase more worth it. On top of that, if you can find one that has multiple options to offer, you will have a product with numerous benefits.

When buying glues for a paper to paper, purchase one that comes in multiple units. You won't have to look for refills for a long time.

Moreover, getting an item with multiple mouths or openings will let you customize the glue outflow to your preference. Therefore, you will be able to control the flow of the adhesive wonderfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Which kind of glue is best for a paper to paper?

There are multiple glue types that you can use to join paper to paper. Some of the most popular options in this regard include glue sticks, PVA glue, and glue guns.

b. Is superglue applicable to paper?

Paper is a suitable substance on which you can apply superglue. However, be aware of its incredible strength and resistance before using it, or you might end up with a project with a fatal error.

c. Is paper compatible with tacky glue?

Tacky glues work superbly well with paper. Their clear liquid and quick-drying ability make it an excellent choice for use on paper.

d. Which glue will go best with paper quilling?

Glues that have a water base and are neither too tacky nor too sticky are perfect for paper quilling. The adhesive of this sort dries fast and causes no strain on the sheet, making it the ideal option.

e. Which kind of glue works best with paper models?

Classic glues are the ideal companion for paper models because of their universal compatibility. Its bond strength is excellent, and it takes a relatively short time to set correctly, and it has high availability, making it a perfect adhesive option.

Final Word

Now that you have gone through our best glue for paper to paper reviews, we are sure that you will quickly be able to find the best adhesive for your crafts.

You can make perfect paper models and projects without having to worry about any type of mishaps happening that can potentially ruin your work.

Making paper crafts can now feel more rewarding than ever. You can even keep them as a part of a time capsule and never have to worry about them getting damaged or falling apart. Finding the perfect adhesive makes this hobby more fun than ever!

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