Best Glue For Felt in 2023: Top 9 Picks Reviewed

Making crafts with felt is something that people of all age enjoys. It's a versatile material that can be used to make accessories, figurines, and loads of other stuff.

A huge necessity for making good quality felt goods is a high-quality glue. You can’t just use any kind of glue when making felt accessories. Because the material is fuzzy and textured, it can’t be held in place with ordinary glue.

So how will you know which adhesive is the best glue for felt?

Glue for felt needs to be extra tacky. Adhesives such as super glue, fabric  glue, or hot glue are compatible with felt. The glue that you will use for your art, also depends on the volume of felt you are using.

All in all, there are lots of things you need to know before buying glue for felt. Thankfully, we are here with all the information you need on gluing felt. With that, we've also accumulated some adhesive options that are worth the purchase.



Editor's Rating


Aleene's Always Ready Tacky Glue

5 out of 5

Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive

5 out of 5

Loctite 2235316

4.5 out of 5

Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue

4 out of 5

Aleene's Felt Tacky Glue

4.5 out of 5

What Is The Best Glue For Felt?

When looking for felt glue there are a few set characteristics that you need to keep in mind.

A proper glue to use on felt would be a sticky one; the gummier the better. When shopping for the glue, try and look for ones that have similarities to permanent or super glue.

The glue should have a quick drying time and no odor.

Although the kind of glue that you should buy depends on your project and what object you are trying to stick to the felt, a good adhesive that works with any sort of felt crafts is Aleene's Always Ready Tacky Glue.

Not only does the glue come in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle, but it also has an adjustable nozzle.

To increase the amount of glue that comes out with each squeeze you can cut the nozzle head with scissors.

Also, the glue is non-toxic and does not create any harmful fumes.

The special tacky formula can glue felt to wood, plastic, paper, and even foam!

1. Aleene’s Always Ready Tacky Glue

A non-toxic product such as Aleene's always-ready tacky adhesive is the best felt glue to buy for a kid.

This non-toxic glue can be used by children of any age with no fear of allergic reaction, or skin irritation.

The adhesive has been a common name in households for 50 years now. So quality is a given feature with this glue.

Aleen’s special pointy tip makes spreading the glue a mess-free process. If you’re wondering what glue to use on felt for precise application, this is the one to get.

To customize the amount of glue that drops with a squeeze, you can cut and adjust the opening of this glue's cap. Some markings show you where to cut to get a thin, medium, and thick flow of glue. All you need to cut the opening is a sharp pair of scissors.

Extra tacky adhesive as such is great for sticking plastic accessories to felt. Besides that, you can also use this product to stick felt onto wood, foam, and even paper.

This extra tacky feature combined with the kid-friendliness of the product makes it the perfect ingredient for making slime.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used to make slime
  • Non-toxic and kid-friendly
  • Nozzle size can be adjusted with a pair of scissors
  • Compatible with material such as felt, wood, foam, and plastic
  • Mess-free application with squeeze bottle and nozzle

2. Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive

Wondering how to glue felt to felt in the easiest way possible? This Scotch super adhesive spray just might be the answer.

Available in an easy-to-use, child-friendly, spray bottle, all you need to do to get an even layer of this adhesive onto a surface is shake the bottle properly and spray!

Because you can get such an even layer with the product, it is great to use on wood.

If you’re looking for the best adhesive for felt that is completely safe to use, this one is perfect. The formulation of the product contains less than 30% VOC ingredients.

Therefore, using glue will not harm your skin or eyes. You can also use the adhesive inside without worrying about breathing in toxic fumes because there are none in this one.

When first sprayed, the adhesive is clear. And even when the glue dries it remains transparent. After application, the felt stays soft and fluffy as the glue does not dry hard.

The aggressive tack feature that the product possesses is a great plus point. No matter what you stick the felt to, the bond will stay for a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Does not dry hard
  • Comes in an easy to use a spray bottle
  • A clear adhesive that dries transparent
  • Contains less than 30% VOC ingredients
  • Can be used indoors, does not have any toxic fumes

3. Loctite 2235316 Adhesive for Felt

The texture of the glue that you use on felt is as important as its holding capacity.

Loctite spray adhesive does not foam up when sprayed. So you can use the adhesive directly on to felt without worrying about ruining the texture.

Another thing to note is that the spray does not come out too wet either. It has the perfect consistency to be sprayed onto fabric.

As an even layer of the glue is placed onto the surface, the adhesive can also be crowned as the best glue for felt to wood bonding.

Transparent in color, the adhesive can be used on felt of any color. There will be no yellow tone left behind after the glue dries. Once the applied adhesive is parched, the glue becomes undetectable to the eye.

Made with a lightweight bonding feature, adding the glue won’t change the weight or feel of your craft.

When it comes to tackiness, the adhesive is no less than others. Users have even used the product to glue foam to plywood!

Highlighted Features:

  • Does not foam and is not too wet
  • Won't ruin the fabric or felt texture
  • Lightweight formula does not change the feel of felt crafts
  • Extremely tacky; can be used on plywood as well
  • Sprays an even layer of glue that does not need to be spread down manually

4. Beacon Felt Adhesives

The great thing about getting a glue that is specifically designed to work with felt is that it has special features that make your crafts look better without much effort.

This Beacon adhesive, which was made to be used on felt specifically, does not seep through the fabric. So even with multiple layers of the glue added, the formula does not absorb into the felt or fabric and change its texture.

That is why you can use this product to glue on pompoms, and chenille stems trims without ruining the fuzziness. The non-seeping formula is what makes this the best fabric glue for felt.

Dealing with felt glue is bound to be messy especially if you are working with kids. Thankfully, this product has an easy clean formula. If you’ve spilled some glue on the floor, or on your clothes, wash it off with plain water as soon as you can. The glue should come off effortlessly.

Another notable feature that the product has is an extra tacky hold. So besides using the glue for making felt decorations and figurines, you can also use the product to fix the felt holes on your pool table.

 Highlighted Features:

  • Does not seep into the fabric
  • Can be cleaned off easily with water
  • Multiple layers can be added for stronghold
  • Good for sticking pompoms to felt without ruining fuzziness
  • Can fix holes on felt on a pool table

5. Aleene’s Felt and Foam Tacky Glue

If you’ve worked with felt, you know how important the drying time is with felt glue. Aleen’s felt and foam tacky glue is here to save the day for all your quick felt crafts and projects.

Within a few seconds of application, the glue starts to bond and dry. The complete drying time for this glue is just 15 to 20 minutes.

If you have to make lots of felt crafts in a short time, this is the glue you need. Because the adhesive dries so fast, you can move on with your projects even quicker.

This is the best glue for felt to plastic bonding. A unique thick formula attaches the felt to any object without getting absorbed. So it has a strong holding capacity but does not ruin the texture of the felt.

Formulas that are thick like this are much easier to work with. You get better control over the spread and thickness of an adhesive coat. Since the glue is not runny, it does not create a mess either!

Highlighted Features:

  • Dries super-fast in 15-20 minutes
  • Has high holding capability when used on plastic
  • Made with a thicker formula for better control
  • Does not spread and cause a mess
  • Comes with nozzle cap to protect remaining unused glue

6. Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

Tired of all those wrinkle marks on your felt figurine? With Bearly Art precision craft glue you can now say goodbye to all kinds of cracks and folds.

Specially formulated to eliminate wrinkles, this is the perfect adhesive for making felt-only crafts.

Apply a thin layer of the glue on to felt and attach your accessory. There are no clumps in the adhesive during the application, so getting the layer even does not take much time.

After drying, the glue stays smooth and does not shrink. Even with regular use of the felt accessory, you won't be seeing any crack marks.

A metal tip on the nozzle ensures easy cleanup. It's easier to get the glue off of metal once it has dried.

There is no need to cut the nozzle into the desired width. In the package, you get nozzles of different sizes and a pin to poke a hole through. You can just change the head on the squeeze tube to get your desired amount of glue flow.

Anything you attach to the felt craft using Bearely art precision glue stays on for good thanks to the industrial-strength bond.

Highlighted Features:

  • Different sizes of nozzles and poking pins available with the purchase
  • Does not shrink after drying
  • Keeps wrinkles and folds away from the craft
  • Great for making all felt crafts, does not absorb into the material
  • Metal nozzle tip is easy to keep clean

7. Aleene’s 29-2 Liquid Glue

A versatile liquid glue like this one is great to have at hand. The glue can be used for felt projects and for making glue dots as well.

Aleene's tack it over adhesive can be squeezed onto parchment paper to make glue dots of any size. You can then use the glue dots on scrapbooks, and for making your own stamps with woodblocks.

Because the glue can be used on so many different surfaces, you can also use the product for jewelry making and sticking on accessories to felt and fabric.

This glue is even compatible with slippery surfaces such as ribbons and laminating paper. When mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio you can also use this product as glitter glue.

To ensure safety, the adhesive is non-toxic and is also ASTM D4236 conformed. Therefore, kids can use the product without fear of allergies, irritation, or itchiness.

One thing that you should keep in mind before buying the adhesive is that it is temporary. So you should only use the product when you want to stick something light on to felt.

Any heavy accessory or material might not hold steady with felt for a long time with this glue.

 Highlighted Features:

  • Conforms to ASTM D4236 and is non-toxic
  • Can be used to be glue dots of any size
  • Sticks on to slippery surfaces such as ribbons and laminating paper
  • Great for using for jewelry making
  • Can be made into glitter glue with a 1:1 water to glue ratio 

8. Bob Smith Industries BSI-142

Glues for attaching felt and foam together need to have some special features. This is so that the glue does not harm the texture and feel of the foam after drying.

This Bob Smith craft glue has a silicone base. Glues as such are great for foam as they work best on EPO and EPP material. So the adhesive is safe to be used on sensitive materials like foam.

When the glue dries, it does not get too firm. There is no risk of cracking and so the foam stays intact. The clear glue remains transparent and flexible even after full curing time.

Unlike other craft glues, the Bob Smith craft glue does not bond instantly. There is some room for playing around and adjusting the accessories before the product dries. To get a proper bond, you need to wait for 10-12 hours for the glue to cure.

Although the drying time is a bit long, the bond you get is very strong. You can use this adhesive for cases you would use super glue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dries to a flexible and clear finish
  • Compatible with EPO and EPP foam material
  • Silicone-based glue formula
  • Needs 10-12 hours of cure time for full strength bond
  • Can be used in place of super glue

9. Aleene’s 15626 No-Sew Fabric Glue for Felt

Fabric glues are a great adhesive to use on felt projects. As the glue has a lot of flexibility and allows movement, the adhesive does not wrinkle upon felt.

The Aleene's 15626 is a no-sew glue that works perfectly with any sort of felt craft. Made in the states, this 4oz bottle of glue is all you need to hold plastic accessories and felt in place. With a thin layer, you can also use the adhesive to attach felt to wood, and paper.

In case you make a mistake during the attachment process, you can easily wash off the glue. Just wash it off with some water before it has dried and then you can start over again. If you are a beginner, you will certainly love this product.

Non-toxic formulas as such are great for using on fabric that you plan on wearing. There is no possibility of itching or stinging on the skin.

The gum-like texture is mess-free. You get full control of where you want to place the adhesive, thanks to the pointed nozzle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gum like thick texture for better hold and no mess
  • Easy to control glue placement with pointy nozzle
  • Fabric glue does not sting the skin
  • Can be used on clothes that you plan on wearing
  • Allows movement and does not crack after drying
  • Can be washed off to remove if mistakes are made

Comparison Table for Top 9 Felt Glue


Bottle Type


Compatible With



Squeeze Bottle

4 Fl Oz

Paper, Wood, Felt And Foam


Scotch Super

Spray Bottle

10.7 Oz

Wood, Plastic, Felt, Paper, And Fabric



Spray Bottle

13.5 Oz

Wood, Foam, Felt, Glass, Paper, Leather, Plastic, And Metal, Fabric



Squeeze Bottle

4 Fl Oz

Pompoms, Felt, Fabric, Plastic, And Wood

White But Dries Clear


Squeeze Bottle

4 Fl Oz

Foam, Felt, Wood, Paper, And Plastic

White But Dries Clear

Bearly Art

Squeeze Bottle

4fl Oz

Felt, Fabric, Paper, Wood, And Plastic

White But Dries Clear

Aleene's 29-2

Squeeze Bottle

4 Fl Oz

Glass, Felt, Paper, Wood, Plastic, And Metal

White But Dries Clear

Bob Smith Industries

Squeeze Bottle

4 Fl Oz

Plastic, Felt, Wood, And Foam


Aleene's 15626

Squeeze Bottle

4 Fl Oz

Fabric, Plastic, And Foam, Felt

White But Dries Clear

What to Look Before Buying Felt Glue?

There are over hundreds of felt glue options available in the market, how will you know which one really works?

If you want to get your hands on the best glue to use on felt, you need to look for the following features-

Drying Time

This is one of the main factors that you need to look at when buying this adhesive. The right glue for felt will have a drying time that is not too fast and not too slow.

You need about 30 to 40 seconds after applying the glue on the felt and the accessory to make final adjustments. The ability to fix the placement of the glued objects after the adhesive application is important.

However, the drying time should not cross 30 minutes. You might accidentally move the glued parts and ruin your entire project if the glue does not dry in time.


Some glues give you a matte finish while others remain glossy.

If the adhesive you plan on using is going to be on display or isn’t supposed to be hidden by more felt or some sort of accessory, you need to focus on the finish of your felt glue.

Matte finish is usually better, as it doesn’t catch the eye much.

Also, ensure that the glue does not harden up after drying. This could ruin the texture of the felt.

An even better option would be the ones that dry out clear. Some glues dry with a slightly yellow color tint, it's better if you avoid those. Yellow drying or cloudy drying glues might ruin the aesthetics of your project.


Non-toxic adhesives are always the safer and better options. Because a lot of kids enjoy working and making crafts with felt, it's better to invest in one that does not have any toxic chemicals.

The glue that you buy should not have any strong odors. Strong or unpleasant smells might make your child feel uncomfortable.

An adhesive that does not irritate the skin would be the best felt glue if you have a small child at home. So even if a child does come in contact with the glue unsupervised, they won't be harmed.


Working with felt on its own is quite a messy process. So when the glue is involved as well, your workspace might become harder to clean.

Invest in a glue that is easy to clean up. If you make a mess or spill your glue, make sure you clean it up as soon as possible. Cleaning adhesive after it has dried can be gruesome.

To make things easier, you should also buy the glues that come in a squeeze bottle with a nozzle.

They are easier to apply, hence don't usually cause that big of a mess. Kids have an easier time using squeeze bottles as well.

Which Surfaces Can Felt Glue Be Used On?

Using the adhesive to glue felt to felt does not have to be its only job. There are many other ways to use felt glue. Some of the surfaces that you can use felt glue on are:

1. Wooden Projects

Wooden projects, such as making a house out of Popsicle sticks can be made using felt glue. The fixative is good at holding light objects together.

2. Glitter

Are you out of glue for your glitter? Just use some space felt glue. Glitters are small colored plastic that can be stuck to paper with felt adhesive.

3. Foam

Besides gluing felt, the adhesive can also be used to stick foam with foam!

4. Fabric

If you are in a pinch, felt gum can be used in the replacement of fabric glue.

5. Plastic

Besides holding the felt with felt, the glue can also be used to attach plastic parts.

6. Metal

Adhesive that is used to bond felt to felt is also the same thing that is used to glue felt to metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Hot Glue Work On Felt?

Yes, it does. But before using hot glue for felt projects, make sure that the glue does not dry too hard. This could ruin the feel and overall look of your finished felt goods.

2. How To Glue Felt To Wood?

Firstly, put an even and thin layer of glue on the wood. Press the felt on top of the glue and hold for a few seconds. Once you see that the felt is staying in place without needing support from your hand, you can let go.

You can use a roller on the felt for a stronger hold.

3. How Long Should A Good Quality Glue Take To Dry?

High-quality felt glue should not take any more than 30 minutes to dry. By that time, the glue should be dry to touch.

Keep in mind, having a little bit of room to adjust the glued objects can come in handy. 

4. What Glue Is Safe For Skin?

Glues that are labeled as non-toxic or are AP certified are safe for skin. So if a glue has these credentials on the label, any contact between the product and your skin won't cause any serious harm.

5. Can I Use PVA Glue For Felt?

PVA glue is a great adhesive for felt projects. Most PVA glues are made to be safe for children-use and non-toxic. PVA glues can also be used for other fun crafting materials such as foam and wooden sticks.

Final Word

Using the best glue for felt is very important if you want your crafts to turn out well.

The right glue for your felt project should have a quick drying time, no strong smell or toxins.

We’ve got several options that you can choose from. Not only do these adhesives work with felt but they also work with other crafting materials.

So stop waiting around, get yourself a good quality felt glue and you too can make professional-grade felt crafts at the comfort of your home!



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