Sizzix Big Kick VS Big Shot – Which One To Choose?

Creativity is the essence of mankind. From those ancient times of making fires in caves to the modern human dreaming about hovering cars - our evolution is rooted in creativity.

Although not all of us are capable of coming up with revolutionary breakthroughs, one thing we all can do is a little bit of crafting.

Sizzix is here to make that crafting journey easier with their two die-cutting and embossing machines - Big Kick and Big Shot.

But how can they really help you out? Which one is the right choice for you? what are the differences between Sizzix Big Kick and Big Shot - which one will serve you better?

Let’s find out!

What is Sizzix Big Kick?

The Big Kick is one of the most popular die-cutting and embossing machines developed by Sizzix. It comes in a corporate color palette of gray and white. This machine will help you to cut out particular shapes from different materials.

As a result, the Sizzix Big Kick is used mostly by creative people. They build unique cards, patch artwork and more crafts with this tool. It allows them to explore their imagination and bring new ideas to life.

By investing in this machine, you will receive much more than just a die-cutting tool. Its package also includes an extended multipurpose platform and a pair of cutting pads. These additional components will expand the horizons of your crafting adventures.

Benefits of Sizzix Big Kick

Versatile Materials

Sizzix Big Kick takes in many variations of materials for crafting different shapes. Some of the most common materials cut by the Big Kick include cloth, felt, leather, cardstock, paper, and cork. People who have used it are pretty confident that this machine can cut almost anything!


Even though Big Kick doesn’t look like much, it has proved to be quite a durable machine for craftsmen. The sturdy construction of solid core steel rollers and steel gears provide it the necessary backbone for such high durability.

Ease of Use

Getting the Big Kick to work is pretty straightforward. You just insert the desired material to be cut in layers as instructed in the manual. Then run it through the machine by rotating the handle.

Don’t be alarmed if this process makes some noise. It is nothing out of the ordinary. If anything, it just means you are doing it right!

When the material comes out on the other side with the intended shape or mark, you can use it for the project right away!


You can also take this machine with you anywhere. Even though this machine looks heavy in the pictures, it is in fact pretty lightweight!


Compared to its competing brands and products, Big Kick offers the same services at a much more affordable price. So if you are running any crafting project on a tight budget, this can be your perfect business partner!

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Disadvantages of Sizzix Big Kick


You may be taken aback while using Big Kick for the first time by its noise. Although it is a little louder than most users would expect, you don’t need to worry about the noise much. After a while, it is easy to get habituated with the sound.

Color Limitation

If you are someone for whom aesthetic matters a lot, you may not have many options when it comes to Sizzix Big Kick. This machine is available in only one color combination of blue and black. There is no other alternative to this palette unless you paint it yourself!

What is Sizzix Big Shot?

Big Shot is very similar to Big Kick in terms of both functionalities and appearance. This is also a embossing machine made by Sizzix. Anyone having an interest in arts and crafts can use it for their DIY projects.

Since it is very easy to use, creative people at any level of expertise can operate it. All they have to do is put the material they want to operate on within the proper layers. The instruction manual provided will let them know about those layers in detail.

You will also get two cutting pads and an extended multipurpose platform with this machine. So get ready to create your own invitation cards, scrapbooks, showpieces, wall decor and more with the Sizzix Big Shot!

Benefits of Sizzix Big Shot


The Big Shot has been developed keeping long-term usability in mind. You can get quality service from one of these machines for years. Its interior construction of steel makes such high durability possible.

So if you want to get rid of all the hassle of buying a new embossing machine repeatedly, this will be a great solution.


Just like Big Kick, this machine can also operate on almost any material. It can cut from elements as flimsy as paper, along with harder alternatives like steel. You can use it on an impressive range of materials including leather, foam, fabric, cardstock, vellum and craft aluminum.

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This handy crafting machine weighs only 7.5 lbs. As a result, you can carry it anywhere for a quick session of arts and crafts. Compared to other tools which offer the same functions, the Big Shot weighs a lot lighter. That is why many people have expressed their satisfaction with this machine.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in crafting. Big Shot treats everyone the same! You will know exactly what to do in a matter of minutes by taking a quick glance at the instructions manual. Its diagrams will make the learning process even faster for you!

Accessories Included

Each package of Sizzix Big Shot comes with the basic accessories - an extended platform and two cutting pads. As a result, you don't have to spend any extra bucks before making the machine work. The provided accessories are essential for both die-cutting, as the machine intends to function.

Disadvantages of Sizzix Big Shot

Loud Sound

When you rotate the handle crank, the machine produces a loud noise. Although this may seem distracting initially, you will get used to it in no time.

Singular Shade

The Sizzix Big Shot is not available in any other color combination than gray and white. It may seem very boring to the people who love a touch of vibrancy in their crafting tools. Unfortunately, this is the only option you will get for this machine.

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Comparing Sizzix Big Kick VS Big Shot

Both the Big Kick and the Big Shot machines are extremely similar in nature. There is hardly any difference between them to take note of. They provide the same functionalities and come in the exact same sizes. Even their construction has no anomaly.

However, there are three minor aspects where these two machines differ.


While Big Shot is meant for mainly professional use, Big Kick brings in a lot more kid-friendly colors.

Big Shot is painted in gray and white - neither of which add any noteworthy color to the desktop arrangement. As a result, it is ideal for use at offices and other corporate places.

On the other hand, Big Kick comes in a vibrant shade of blue with the contrast of solid black. This makes it a great option for anyone who loves bright stationery items. It also perfectly represents artistic souls which even “think” in color!

Besides, the Big Kick can draw the attention of kids more easily with their vibrant appearance. This can encourage the kids to be involved in arts and crafts more than the Big Shot!

Top Design

The Big Shot comes with a handle-like element on top whereas the Big Kick has no such design. As a result, it is easier to keep control of the Big Shot while using the machine.


Even though the two machines are almost the same, they come at different price points for some reason.

The Big Kick is an affordable option for those who have a limited budget for projects. On the other hand, the Big Shot is a little more costly which may not be very helpful for most craftsmen.

Bottom Line – Which One to Go For?

It totally depends on your aesthetic value and budget. Although, judging from the point of convenience, we would suggest going for the Big Shot because of the additional top handle to maintain the grip.

Other than the above-mentioned factors, there is hardly any difference between these two favorites of Sizzix. Since they are similar in most aspects, you can pick either according to your preference.


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