Best Thread for Hand Quilting : Top 6 Picks For 2023

Quilting is a tradition. People have been indulging themselves with quilting since the dawn of civilization. It has been passed down through generations in every household. Quilting becomes a skill of necessity.

But, times are different now. Advancements in modern technology and innovation have influenced everything around us.

There are a lot of fabrics in the market right now. So many options are readily available, choosing a thread can turn out to be a wrong decision.

There are so many choices around us that it almost becomes difficult to choose the perfect product that will fit our purpose. Splashing money in the wrong has become a walk in the park.

In this guide, we list the best thread for hand quilting available in the market after an extensive research on this matter to save you from trouble.

And, these are the products that we came up with. We believe these are the best hand quilting threads you can buy for your projects at home.



Editor's Rating


Gutermann  876yd

5 out of 5

Gutermann Quilting Thread

5 out of 5

Coats Hand Quilting Thread

4.5 out of 5

Clark White Hand Quilting Thread

4 out of 5

Threadart Heavy Thread

4.5 out of 5

6 Best Thread for Hand Quilting - Reviews in 2023

1. Gutermann Natural Cotton Thread Solids 876yd, 

If you have been around the art of quilting, you have surely heard this name. If not, we can tell you that Gutermann probably offers the best hand quilting experience in the business.

How so?

For a premium hand quilting experience, you can blindly trust this brand. When it comes to quilting, we all know cotton is the great way to go.

And when it comes to natural cotton, this brand is simply the best in the business. We don't think anything can go wrong if you choose this brand of hand quilting thread.

But wait, there's more!

You will get the best cotton in the business, but the cotton is 100% mercerized. In other words, these strings are resilient and extremely strong. This means stronger, tighter loops and a long-lasting end product.

If you are looking to quilt a 100% cotton product and you need an absolute no-compromise natural cotton string, then this is definitely where you should stop your search.

Gutermann promises a 100% natural cotton string to go hand-in-hand with your 100% cotton product without having to worry.

You can even use these amazing strings to shift from old school hand quilting to modern machine quilting.

Highlighted Features:

  • he best natural cotton strings in the business.
  • 100% mercerized cotton, meaning stronger and more durable threads for quilting.
  • Has been in the business for years now, promising you guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Suitable for usage in hands as well machines.

2. Gutermann Quilting Thread

In the early days, pretty much everything was done using hands. As time progressed, machines were invented and started replacing human personnel. And now, we cannot imagine a world without machines aiding us in almost everything.

However, some things are traditions and still comes in life the same way. One of those traditions includes the art of hand quilting.

If you learned quilting with hands and were told that hand quilting is the best, and you assertively believe that hand quilting is the best, then Gutermann Quilting thread is the product for you.

Exactly how and why?

This line of products comes with a unique finishing called "wax finish cotton." In laymen's terms, it means the strings will not twist and tangle with each other.

If twisted strings ever gave you trouble and made your life harder, then this is the product you should splash your money on.

Wax strings also make quilting a lot easier than other strings. This is because wax strings slide easily.

This "slippery trait" will make it easier to bind the strings with the fabrics. In essence, all these means an easier and more enjoyable hand quilting experience for you at home. No wonder we have considered this as one of the best threads for hand quilting.

Additionally, the string is also mercerized, meaning that the strings come with enhanced durability.

The knots produced are rigid and will hold on to their positions. Thus, giving it an eternal effect on the fabric.

Highlighted Features:

  • A thorough 100% wax finishing string to prevent twisting and tangling.
  • Easily slips through the fabrics, making it easy to work with.
  • 100% mercerized cotton, meaning enhanced durability in the strings.
  • Specially made for hand-quilting.

3. Coats Dual Duty Plus Hand Quilting Thread

This brand of thread offers the ultimate solution to all kinds of hand quilting project for your home. Anything and everything – in your mind for hand quilting, rest assured these threads were made for it.

This product has a unique "glace" finish. What does this mean for you? The "glace" finish makes sure the strings resist unwanted fraying.

This means a long-lasting guaranteed usage, leaving you lesser room for spending and buying threads repeatedly. Besides, this trait alone makes it one of the best hand quilting threads you can use at home.

Additionally, say goodbye to the days when you had to worry about your threads getting jumbling up with each other.

When the strings get tangled, it gets hard to quilt and hampers your performance. This product was designed for a seamless hand quilting experience for the user.

If you are a beginner and want hand quilting threads that will not make a lot of trouble for you, you want these strings. Glace finish and easy to work with, these strings will make your life ten times easier.

Highlighted Features:

  • A "glace" finish meaning the string will not have any fraying effect.
  • Lack of fraying effect makes the strings useable for a long time.
  • The "glace" finish makes sure the strings don't tangle up with each other.
  • Can be used in any fabric at home, meaning you don't need to spend money elsewhere.

4. Clark White Quilting Thread

So far, we have talked about threads that are 100% cotton. We have talked about cotton threads with different finishing techniques, each having an individual purpose and characteristics.

But, if you an enthusiast for polycotton threads, don't worry. We have something for you as well.

Those of you who do not know what polycotton is, polycottons are thread blend of natural cotton and synthetic polyester. Polycottons are softer than cotton and, in fact, cheaper than cotton.

This particular brand of thread comes with polycotton properties – a mixture of both cotton and polyester, means that you can get the best of both cotton and polyester.

Polycotton threads are stronger than cotton. You can use these threads in apparel as well as any kind of decorations inside your precious home.

Do you like embroideries? If yes, good news for you. You can use these threads in embroideries projects as well.

Having an excellent twofold characteristic with a broad range of usage, it is not surprising why this thread was made in our list of best thread for hand quilting.

If you are looking for threads for long-lasting projects, this thread will interest you. We already established polycotton has polyester properties. With the blended properties comes extra strength. Possibly, more than cotton!

In case you are looking for threads for projects that you want to last possibly forever, you want these strings.

Sure, cotton is the right way to go, but you can buy these wonderful threads if you are looking for experimenting.

For those reasons, these are some of the perfect threads for quilting when looking for something except cotton. Rest assured, your purchase will be worth it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polycottons – blend of cotton and polyester, making it extra strong, durable, and resistant.
  • Perfect string for long-lasting, hand quilting projects.
  • You can even use them in an embroidery project.
  • Cheaper than regular cotton threads.

5. Threadart Heavy Duty Cotton Quilting Thread

So far, we have talked about the best strings to buy when you are looking for hand quilting at home. If you are looking for strings that can be used for durable and high voltage operations and our list still has not satisfied you, do not be disheartened.

We still have something up our sleeves!

Say hello to Threadart Heavy Duty Cotton Quilting Thread. These threads come in cones that are extra-large in sizes making sure you get a handful of cotton to operate with. If you think you need more volume of threads, be sure to buy these.

Ever had the case when you are doing work with a particular set of a color cone, and you used it all up. Then you had to go through a mountain of trouble to find the perfect color you were working with. You went through a lot of hassles, right?

Well, Threadart offers the ultimate replacing guarantee. In other words, all of their cotton threads come in unique cones.

So if you ever run out of thread in the middle of the work, you can always find a replacement as soon as possible. If that is not the ultimate reliability, we don't know what it.

Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to work with whatever techniques you prefer – sewing, hand or machines, hand-quilting, or even machine-quilting.

 You can also use these for piecing, applique, serging, or even embroidery. It is not surprising why and how it made our list of high quality  thread for hand quilting.

Are you tired of old school threads that come in basic colors?

If yes, then get ready for monochrome in your work. If you are looking for threads that can offer a range of colors, then consider this one.

It can offer 17 colors of high-voltage cotton threads and 50 different regular cotton threads. Exciting, isn't it?

Don't let the reliability and beauty make you wonder about performance. These threads are 100% mercerized, meaning a better and stronger set of threads. Threadart offers performance and picturesque hand in hand.

All in all, the manufacturer offers a bigger experience for hand quilting when you need a ton of thread. For a higher dose of hand quilting, this is the best thread in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an extra volume of thread, making it perfect for big projects.
  • Allows sewing or quilting in both hands and machines.
  • Can also be used for piecing, applique, or even heavy-duty serging machines.
  • The ultimate "replacement" guarantee so that you don't have to worry about finding the exact color when you are fresh out of a color.

6. Finesse Quilting Thread

Are you tired of cases when you had to buy an entire set of a cone for a particular color, and then when the work was over, you didn't know what to do with the leftover? We all have had such a case of wastage. Your problem will go away hearing this.

Finesse comes in mini-cones, allowing you to experiment and make trials and errors without buying an entire cone set. You can experiment with whatever color you want without wasting a lot of money or thread.

This brand guarantees a smooth experience in any type of quilting – hands or machines. This thread was designed for quilting, and it does so in the best way possible.

Whether it is domestic or longarm quilting machines you want to work on, these are the strings you want to lay your hands on.

Do you want enhanced durability? So you shall get enhanced durability. Finesse comes with 100% polyester properties.

This means you get more strength than cotton while just the right amount of thinness to prevent bulk. It is so good and so superior to cotton, even cotton enthusiasts can't help admire this thread.

Finesse wants you to relax and have no worries, whether in terms of money, fabrics, or space. Wait, space? Yes.

Each thread comes with incredibly efficient shapes making it easy and ideal to store in most sewing drawers, and it is a life-saving thread. No more are those days where you had to worry about space in your workplace or work station.

Last but not least, it goes the extra mile to make sure you get the best color. Each color was chosen based on extensive market research to find the most popular color.

Many of these colors were also handpicked by experts based on elementary color theories and values. Not sure where to find the color you are looking for? Try here.

Additionally, the mini-cones are stackable, meaning you can buy any color you want in small volumes without having to worry about wastage of money or jammed with space. Rest assured, you would find it.

This brand offers the best thread for quilting when you want to explore and add colors without feeling guilt or the feeling that you have wasted money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Domestic or heavy machines - these threads are perfect for any kind of quilting.
  • Mini-cones allowing you to buy any colors in small volume without wastage of the full volume.
  • 100% polyester, much stronger than cotton, for complete durability and enhancement.
  • Just the right size making sure you can fit them in your office space or drawers without effort.
  • An array of colors chosen based on market research, usage popularity, and color theories.

Thread for Hand Quilting - Comparison Table



(in inches)

(in pound)

(in yard)





1.62 x 1.62 x 2.18



Burlap Beige

100% mercerized natural cotton

Gutermann Quilting Thread


1.1 x 2.2 x 1.1



Aqua Mist

100% mercerized natural cotton with waxed finish

Coats Dual Duty  Thread

Cotton Covered Polyester

1.18 x 2.08 x 1.18



Field Green

Glace Finish

Coats & Clark  Quilting Thread

68% Polyester/32% Glace Finish Cotton

1 x 1 x 1




Glace Finish

Threadart Heavy Duty  Thread





Many Colors Available

100% mercerized cotton thread

Finesse, Quilting Thread


2.76 x 2.05 x 2.05



Many Colors Available


Wha to Look Before Buying Thread for Hand Quilting?

Thread for Hand Quilting - Buying Guide

Before going out to buy threads for your hand quilting project, you should know the basics of hand quilting threads, i.e., different properties, characteristics, various usages, and so on.

This would help you shop and understand where you went wrong if you picked up the wrong choice of thread.

Read this to make sure you don't buy something that you regret. Here is a buying guide that you should go through for all the "need to know" of buying the best hand quilting threads.

1. Finishing

a. Mercerized Cotton

 Whenever you go out to buy thread for quilting (hand or machines), make sure the thread has a mercerized finishing. A mercerized finishing cotton is a cotton that has been chemically treated and finished with.

This makes the fiber stronger and easier to work with. A mercerized cotton gives better end product and performance than non-mercerized cotton. Make sure the thread you are buying is 100% mercerized.

b. Waxed Cotton

This is another type of finishing that you want in the thread you buy. Waxed finishing gives your thread a slippery and frictionless property.

This means the thread will be more slippery, and it will glide faster through and across the fabrics. This trait will make it easier for you to carry out your hand projects.

2. Weight

Every time you buy threads for hand projects, you need to be aware of the threads' weight. What are weights? Weights are numbers that are labeled on the body of the spool of the threads.

These numbers refer to the thickness of the threads. As the number gets higher, the thread gets thinner, and as the weight gets lower, thicker. If it is thicker, it is stronger, and if it is thinner, it is weaker.

Weights come in many numbers such as 12wt, 28wt, 40wt, 50wt, etc. We recommend a 40wt thread for hand stitching projects.

Because it is a little heavier than a 50wt cotton thread and still gives you an adequate number of stitches on your fabric. If you are a starter, then you can also start with a 28wt string.

3. Yard

This refers to the length of thread available on the spool you buy. Generally, a spool for the home will have anywhere between 600 to 1420yds of thread. If you want spools that are for the long run, buy the ones with the longer yards of threads.

4. Ply

Ply refers to the number of yarns that are twisted together to make one single thread. Naturally, a two-ply means two yarns were twisted. The more the number of plies, the stronger the fabric is.

5. Materials

Cotton Thread: Cotton threads are very good for hand quilting. If you want a traditional, old-school solid look, then you want to buy cotton threads.

Polyester Thread: Breaks the tradition and offers more strength and durability than cotton threads. However, it is not as soft as cotton and might cause discomfort sometimes.

Polyester Core Cotton Thread: This is the best of both worlds string. These strings come with a composition of polyester on the inside and cotton on the outside. Get the strength of polyester and the feel of cotton.

6. Texture

You need to make sure the thread you choose is smooth on the surface and has as little lint as possible

7. Lint

You need to avoid strings that are lint. Lint refers to the characteristics of fluffiness on the cotton threads.

Too much lint on the string will cause troubling loop knots that will hinder your stitching. Threads that are waxed have a low or negligible amount of lint.

People Also Asked

FAQs About Hand Quilting Threads

What does a symbol of 50/3 mean?

Often, you will see something like 50/3 or 28/2 initials on the spool of the thread. A symbol of 50/3 means it has a weight of 50 and it has a 3ply twist.

Can you use “machine quilting” threads for hand quilting?

When you go out to buy threads, you will often come across threads that are labeled labeled "machine quilting." This simply means that the thread is not waxed. You can still use these unwaxed threads for your hand quilting projects.

What steps to take before using “machine quilting” threads as hand quilting?

We recommend that you run any unwaxed string through beeswax before using it. This should lower the amount of lint on the thread and run smoothly across the layers.

Can you use “hand quilting” threads in machines?

In short, no. Threads that are for hand quilting has glazed or waxed finishing. This means these threads tend to stick, and they might stick with the metals and parts of the machines making it difficult for you to operate the machine.

Are polyester strings safe to use?

Polyesters strings are very strong and might cut cotton fabrics. Luckily, this effect is seen very infrequently, but cotton strings are the best way to.

How to choose the type of string?

Many people are unaware of the most important thing - the strings should not be stronger than the thread or at least should be of equal strength.

This means cotton thread for cotton fabrics and polyester strings for polyester. Polyester is stronger than cotton, and if polyester threads are used in cotton clothes, the string can cut through the fabric with time.

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Final Words

2023 is a strange time for customers. There are so many products available for the ease of customers. And, yet so many places where things can go wrong.

With the advancement of modern technology, even quilting takes educated decision making to make sure money and effort are not wasted.

If you have been with us, now you know everything there is to know about quilting in 2023. This buying guide should help you to know everything there is to know before you buy.

Go through this guide and choose from one of the best thread for hand quilting we have already selected for you. Rest assure you will not be disappointed. Rest assured your money won't be in vain.


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