Best String for Wind Chimes: Top 8 Picks for 2023

There is something very relaxing about the serene sound produced by wind chimes. Every time a gentle summer breeze stirs these magnificent objects, the music sends a pleasant feeling through your entire body and mind. Besides, they can enhance your front porch’s decoration by adding a touch of elegance.

With the best string for wind chimes, you’ll be able to hang them up outside firmly without worrying about losing them to gusts of wind.

It’s durable and weatherproof. So, you can rely on it for years. Your chimes will get to dangle freely without ever falling off!

Today, we’re going to present several fantastic strings designed for wind chimes and other crafting activities.



Editor's Rating


SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine

5 out of 5

Mandala Crafts Macramé Waxed Cotton Cord Thread

5 out of 5

Atwood Mobile Products Micro Sport Braided Cord

4.5 out of 5

Davos Black Nylon Braided Cord Multi-Use Thread

4 out of 5

Beadaholique SLBC-BK BeadSmith Twisted Nylon Cord

4.5 out of 5

8 Best String for Wind Chimes Reviewed

Let’s get to the reviews immediately. These strings were selected because of their strength, versatility, and overall effectiveness.

1. SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine Wind Chimes String

This high-quality string is made by SGT KNOTS, an American manufacturer known for offering a steady stream of top-grade products. It’s incredibly durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Over the years, this one has become a favorite among DIY’ers.

When you hang a wind chime on your porch outdoor, the string is exposed to the sun’s harmful rays and other damaging elements.

If it’s not durable enough to resist them, soon enough, your wind chime will be at the risk of falling apart. Well, with this military-grade cord, you would never have to worry about that!

That’s because this unit is built with super-strong nylon material that easily resists moisture, UV rays, temperature changes, etc.

The sudden gusts of wind won’t cause it to break either. Furthermore, it offers tremendous flexibility. It’s capable of stretching enough to absorb shock.

This wind chimes string comes pressure dyed for fantastic color retention. Additionally, it sports a tar coating for providing enhanced wear and tear resistance. You can use it for any of your DIY projects.

It’s available in lengths ranging from 120ft to 1680ft, so you can choose whichever suits your needs. All things considered; it can easily be the best string for wind chimes

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with 100% pure nylon for outstanding durability.
  • Designed to be useful for countless projects.
  • Capable of resisting environmental wear and tear with ease.
  • Pressured dyed for providing a fantastic color penetration.

2. Mandala Crafts Macramé Waxed Cotton Cord Thread

This is a top-notch multi-purpose string that offers fantastic durability and versatility. It’s designed to meet the demand of any of your DIY projects perfectly. You’ll be able to easily make your wind chimes with this thing, and expect them to last for years.

Boasting a robust braided cotton construction, this wind chime cord offers an impressive balance of softness and durability. It’s exceptionally lightweight and flexible. At the same time, you will get outstanding strength from it. Although this item will feel soft, it still won’t easily disintegrate.

You won’t be able to break it with your bare hands. However, you will have an amazing experience working with it. It offers easier maneuverability, and doesn’t get sticky thanks to the light waxing. You won’t have to deal with finger slipping when using this string.  

Furthermore, this wind chimes string offers decent stiffness to allow you to tie various knots or hold different shapes with ease. Another amazing thing is that it comes with vibrant colors that will never fade away.

You can get this one for finishing countless DIY projects like crafting bracelets, dream catchers, bookmarks, coiling guards, wall hangings besides wind chimes. Offering an outstanding balance of thickness, texture, and color, it’s the best cord for making wind chimes to many.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers balanced thickness for superior convenience.
  • Amazingly durable against environmental wear and tear.
  • Comes with light waxing for preventing finger slipping.
  • One of the most versatile strings on the market.

3. Atwood Mobile Products Micro Sport Replacement String for Wind Chimes

This astounding string from Atwood Mobile Products easily fits hundreds of purposes, including wind chime making. It’s strong, lightweight, and instrumental. Whether you use this for indoor or outdoor applications, it’s going to serve you well!

Coming with a 1.18mm diameter and 125ft spool, this wind chime braided cord should be more than enough for making reliable wind chimes.

It offers enough toughness to keep the parts linked together without breaking. However, it also offers plenty of flexibility to allow you to tie different knots.

So, your wind chime will get to be dangle free, and you won’t have to worry about losing it. Even after years of exposure to environmental elements, this thing won’t deteriorate. That’s because it offers excellent weather resistance. So, feel free to rely on it for hanging your stuff outside.

This product comes braided. It boasts attractive colors that won’t fade. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, it will easily fit a wide array of projects like making jewelry, decoys, trap lines, lanyards, etc. So, it’s sure to serve you well for many of your DIY projects for many years.  

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers enhanced strength and durability for long-lasting service.
  • Comes with a budget-friendly price tag.
  • A highly versatile string that can be used for many projects.
  • Offers fantastic price to performance ratio.

4. Davos Black Nylon Braided Cord Multi-Use Thread

If you’re looking for a reliable and robust string for making or restringing wind chimes, then you won’t have to look any further. The Davos Black nylon braided cord offers outstanding strength and versatility to allow you to make tons of stuff with it.

It would be impossible to work on creative DIY projects unless you’ve got something sturdy and reliable to hold the items together. That’s precisely what Davos Black nylon braided cord promises to offer. Many consider this to be the best string for making wind chimes.  

Boasting ultra-durable nylon material construction, this item is outstandingly durable. It won’t chip or break under pulling pressure. In fact, it can’t be separated using your hands. Thanks to this product’s incredible wear-resistance, you can freely use it for hanging your things outside on your porch.

The premium black color will stay that way for years without fading. It’s also exceptionally smooth and flexible. So, you will have an enjoyable time working with this unit. In addition to making wind chimes, you can also use it for other projects like costume making, crafting necklaces, window blinds, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy and premium enough for making heavy-duty wind chimes.
  • Easily resists the damages caused by outdoor elements.
  • Designed to be brilliantly smooth and flexible for convenience.
  • Built with extra-strong nylon material to offer a longer lifespan.

5. Beadaholique SLBC-BK Wind Chime Cord

This is a durable but straightforward nylon cord designed to offer strength and durability. It will fit many projects flawlessly.

Besides, it can be an excellent replacement string for wind chimes. You can construct strong and flexible wind chimes with it without facing any trouble.

If you have been looking for a heavy-duty string, then you’ve just come across the right one. This thing sports twisted nylon construction to offer the durability that you want and deserve. No matter what you make with it, they’ll be superbly tough and reliable.

You won’t see any deterioration, fraying, or fading, even after ages. It can resist all kinds of damage caused by environmental exposure.

So, it can be used outside as well. This windchime string is just as flexible as it is durable. It doesn’t slip off of the fingers and can be used to tie all kinds of knots.

Thanks to this item’s thinness, you can rely on it for delicate projects. Additionally, it’s also perfect for other DIY projects like necklace and jewelry making, creating dreamcatchers, repairing nylon backpacks, bead crotchet, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with twisted nylon build for long-lasting performance.
  • Offers the length and durability required for meeting multiple purposes.
  • Designed to be superbly flexible for easier bending and tying of knots.
  • Made to be thin enough for making tiny beads.

6. PMLAND 1 X Roll of 100 Yards Lift Shade Cord

This string or cord from PMLAND will help you bring your creativity into life by allowing you to finish tons of DIY projects flawlessly.

It offers the quality and strength you need for making and repairing wind chimes. Whatever you create with this one will be superbly durable.

Built with top-grade polyester material, it will ensure that anything you make with it is durable. It’s capable of withstanding a lot of heavy load without breaking or stretching. That’s important when it comes to making wind chimes, because you’d use the string for hanging them up.

Another important aspect of wind chime kits is that the items must be durable enough to resist moisture, UV rays, and other environmental elements.

Well, this one has got that covered. You can rely on it for setting your wind chime outside because it won’t get damaged by outdoor exposure.

With impressive versatility, this product will save you frequent trips to the store. You can count on it for finishing hundreds of DIY projects and repairing.

Aided by the bright red color that’s unlikely to fade, it will easily match your decorations and make your items even more attractive. It’s also available in other colors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Created with high-quality polyester for fantastic durability.
  • Capable of retaining bright colors for a long time.
  • Exceptionally versatile for many different projects.
  • Astoundingly easy and comfortable to work with.

7. McFanBe Twisted Nylon Line Twine String Cord

This product from McFanBe is a heavy-duty and highly flexible product, designed to offer the quality and durability you need for making the perfect wind chime.

It will match your décor and give you peace of mind for sure. With McFanBe’s reputed customer service, this one’s definitely top-notch!

For fixing wind chimes or making them from scratch, this string is an excellent choice. It’s capable of resisting fraying, even after frequent pulling and stretching pressure. Made of twisted nylon, it offers a brilliant combination of durability and flexibility.

Thanks to the low elasticity, it easily handles high tension without causing any distortion. The maximum thickness of 1.5mm makes it even more appealing in terms of sturdiness.

Apart from handling wind chimes, this thing can be ideal for other stuff like masonry, gardening, crafting, and other DIY projects.

This unit can be an excellent wind chime string replacement because of its impressive qualities. It’s perfectly capable of staying strong against moisture, UV rays, etc. So don’t hesitate to use it for outdoor purposes.

As this product’s available in various colors, you’ll get to choose whichever fits your needs and taste the most.

Highlighted Features:

  • Created with top-grade nylon material to provide high tensile strength.
  • Made to be ideal for all kinds of DIY projects.
  • Offers amazing thickness, softness, and flexibility for easy use.
  • Designed to resist wear and tear from environmental elements.

8. ATWOOD Rope MFG Red MS03 Micro Cord Paracord

Offering quality, strength, and bright colors, this string is great for any wind chime cording project. It’s superbly reliable for multiple applications. You can get straight to whatever DIY project you’ve got, as this thing is ready for all sorts of activities.

Strings are among the most important wind chime parts, because they are responsible for keeping the other items connected. If it’s not sturdy enough, it will disintegrate the entire unit. Well, you won’t have to deal with that when you use this string, because it’s amazingly durable.

You can confidently use this one to make your wind chimes, because it doesn’t wear out easily. Even if you put a lot of pressure on the rope, it still won’t fray. Those sudden blows of strong wind won’t be able to cause your items to fall.

Furthermore, outdoor elements like UV rays, dust, moisture, etc. won’t be able to damage it. Rest assured; it’s going to last for many good years. You will also get plenty of flexibility from it. So, you can use it for other DIY projects in addition to wind chime making and repairing.

Coming with attractive red color, this string allows anyone to finish their projects in style!

Highlighted Features:

  • Boasts bright red colors that won’t fade for complementing your décor.
  • Offers enough strength and durability for making wind chimes.
  • Easily resists wear and tear caused by outdoor elements.
  • Can be used for handling a wide range of DIY projects.

wind chimes string Comparison table


Building Material



SGT KNOTS (#9 - #120) Bank Line 



Wind Chimes, Crafting, Landscaping, Gear Bundles, etc.

Mandala Crafts Macramé Waxed Cotton Cord Thread



Jewelry Making, Crafting, Wind Chimes, Beading, etc.

Atwood Mobile Products Micro Sport Braided Cord



Wind Chimes, Tying, Crafting, Jewelry Making, Hiking, Fishing, etc.

Davos Black Nylon Braided Cord Multi-Use Thread



Beading, Jewelry Making, Wind Chimes, Crafting, Dream Catchers, etc.

Beadaholique SLBC-BK BeadSmith Twisted Nylon Cord

Twisted Nylon


Bead Crochets, Micro-Macramé Jewelry, Stringing, Wind Chimes, etc.

PMLAND 1 X Roll of 100 Yards Lift Shade Cord



Wind Chimes, Roman Shades, Aluminum Blinds, Vinyl Blinds, etc.

McFanBe Twisted Nylon Line Twine String Cord

Twisted Nylon

1mm to 1.5mm

DIY, Wind Chimes, Crafting, Gardening, Masonry, etc.

ATWOOD Rope MFG Red MS03 Micro Cord Paracord



Crafting, DIY, Jewelry Making, Wind Chimes, etc.

String for Wind Chimes Buying Guide

You can’t make the perfect wind chime and hang it up without the right string. The market is stuffed with all kinds of strings with extensively varied quality. Unfortunately, it’s easy to buy a trashy product if you aren’t careful enough.

However, if you take some time to consider several key features, finding the best string for wind chimes won’t be all that tough.

String for Wind Chimes Buying Guide


Your wind chime string has to be durable enough to hold the parts together firmly. Otherwise, it will fray and break too fast, causing the other parts to fall or come loose. You obviously don’t want that.

In addition to being tough, the string must be weatherproof. That’s because wind chimes are mostly hanged up outside. This exposes the cord to damaging environmental elements. Without the capability to resist moisture and UV rays, it’s going to wear out sooner than you expect.

The finest string for wind chimes usually is built with heavy-duty nylons, cotton, or polyester materials. It often comes coated to offer extra wear-resistance.

Length & Width

You have to choose the right length and width for your wind chime. Depending on your project, you might require something long or short. Fortunately for you, the strings are available in all sizes.

Smoothness & Flexibility

Wind chime strings have to be smooth and flexible in addition to being extremely durable. They must offer easy maneuverability, so that you don’t have any trouble when using them. There must not be any type of stickiness either. Besides, they should offer enough stiffness to allow you to tie knots quickly and easily.


Versatile strings are always more advantageous. They’re extremely convenient. You can buy them for one project, and end up finishing multiple! So, look for versatile strings that are suitable for more than just wind chime making.

With them, you will be able to easily make or repair your wind chimes and complete other projects with the leftovers.


Check out the weight of the strings. You should pick lightweight ones because they’re easier to work with. Strings built with cotton are the lightest in the market. However, if you want heavy-duty performance, you’ll have to opt for slightly weightier products.

How to String a Wind Chime?

Stringing a wind chime is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get it done. We’re going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to string a classic Woodstock wind chime.


First, gather all the parts of your wind chime. Usually, a chime comes with a ring hook, a few tubes, a suspension platform, a clapper, and a wooden base.


Now, you have to drill a couple of holes in the base piece and the top mounting piece if they aren’t pre-drilled. Then smoothen up the wood using sandpaper.


Grab the string and cut it to suitable sizes. Use three pieces of strings to hang the chime. You should now tie up a knot on one end of the string. Then push it through the top mounting piece and the opposite corner. Finish by tying a securing knot. Do the same for the other strings.


Get another set of cut strings and push them through the holes in the mounting piece. Then tie firm knots to hold the tubes together. Use the center hole of the top ring to suspend a string from the above. Attach it to the clapper and the base. Now go ahead and hold your wind chime using the hook.

That’s it, your wind chime is now all set up. Feel free to hang it on your porch now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean wind chimes?

Assuming you’ve got an aluminum wind chime, which is the most common type, you can easily clean it with regular soap or all-purpose cleaner. Wooden wind chimes can be cleaned with any wood cleaner.  

Where should I set up my wind chime?

Wind chimes are best hanged outside, because that’s where the wind is majorly accessible. Hang it up in your garden, on the tree, or on your front porch for the best experience.

Can I string wind chimes by myself?

Yup, stringing wind chimes is not all that difficult. There are plenty of guides and videos that you can follow to string your wind chimes.

Where can I find strings for wind chime?

Wind chime supplies are extensively available almost everywhere. You can check your local stores. They can also be bought off online marketplaces easily like Amazon.

Can I hang wind chimes indoors?

Well, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that. They can be used for enhancing your interior decoration. However, without wind to propel them, you won’t get to hear those beautiful sounds.

So, What’s the Best String for Wind Chimes?

If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing sound of wind chimes for a long time, you must use extremely durable and flexible strings. Otherwise, they’ll wear out all too soon.

With our informative reviews and buying guide, finding the right string for wind chimes should be a relatively easy job for you.

If you’re unable to decide still, we would suggest you take a look at the  SGT KNOTS Tarred Twine (#9 - #120) Bank Line. It’s a military-grade product that offers outstanding durability, flexibility, and versatility.


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