10 Best Yarn for Crochet Blanket in 2023

Whether you want to make a soft crochet blanket for your baby or to try learning crocheting for the first time, picking the right yarn set is not easy.

With all the different options available in terms of color, fabric, size, style, and more, we understand that you might be overwhelmed. In this article, we are determined to help you buy the best yarn for crochet blanket, the one most suitable for you.

If you follow our comprehensive analysis and buying guide, you will be able to learn all about top yarns and make a well-informed decision.



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Mira Handcrafts 40 Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn

5 out of 5

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn- Little Sandcastles

5 out of 5

TYH Supplies 20 Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn

5 out of 5

Lion Brand Yarn Wanna Make a Blankie Yarn- Calluna

5 out of 5

Bernat 6-Pack Baby Blanket Yarn- Pitter Patter

5 out of 5

Here, we are going to present you with an in-depth analysis of the top soft yarn for blankets you can find on the market. We will also highlight their key features, so you can choose the one you like the best.

1. Mira Handcrafts 40 Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn

For our first option, we have a pack that includes all the colors of the rainbow, and much more. These acrylic yarns can be used for many different purposes, including, but not limited to, knitting and small crocheting projects.

In this pack from Mira Handcrafts, you will obtain 40 assorted yarns, in 16 individual colors. Along with those, you will have access to 7 different e-books on how to use these.

With the help of the step-by-step guides and illustrations, you can make your own craft project. And, the easy-to-use instructions make this set ideal for beginners. But it can be used by all, regardless of experience.

If you want the best yarn to make a blanket using multiple colors, you can’t get anything better than this. Each of these yarns may only cover about 22 yards, but they are great for colorful craftwork, especially for children.

But if you are interested in doing a bigger project using similar shades, this might not seem very appealing to you. In that case, keep on reading. There are plenty of great options for you, too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 40 yarns with 24 distinct colors and 16 copies of the most prominent options.
  • Recommended for beginners as they come with a variety of options.
  • Can be used for several different purposes like accent work, and crochet.
  • Gives access to 7 e-books on yarn work, which provides detailed guides to various forms of yarn work.

2. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn- Little Sandcastles

Unlike the previous option, this pack includes a single color. But these are not like typical yarns, these are special. Let’s take a look at its exceptional features.

Firstly, these yarns from Bernat are 100% polyester, which makes them highly reliable, easy to maintain, and resistant to wrinkles and abrasion. These lavishly plush, chenille-style yarns are excellent for kids’ toys and blankets.

Weighing only about 0.02 pounds, these 220-yard yarns skeins are one of the softest yarn ever. So, you can make sweaters for your little ones, and they’ll be perfectly comfortable.

Now, these come in a variety of shades. You have the option to choose from 30 individual shades. And, the best part about these is the different tones in each yarn skein. For instance, the Sandcastles yarn is a combination of two shades of beige, and white.

The uniqueness of these yarns makes them very sought after, especially for newbies who want to make colorful craftwork but are yet to learn how to use different yarns together.

Although these yarns can be used for all sorts of craft projects, they are mostly suggested for knitting and crocheting blankets for babies.

Lastly, you can easily clean and maintain them with your washer and dryer. This is nothing short of being the best yarn for crochet blanket.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with 100% polyester, which makes it highly reliable.
  • Gives a warm and cozy feeling due to the softness of it.
  • Includes different color tones in a single skein.
  • Provides 30 different color shades to choose from.
  • Recommended for knitting and crocheting kids’ clothes and blankets.

3. TYH Supplies 20 Assorted Colors Acrylic Yarn

Now, we have another great option for you. If you love using color in your work, you will not be able to resist this one.

Much like the first option, this pack includes a variety of acrylic yarns. Each of these is 22 yards. In this pack, you will find 20 different shades with no repetition.

If you choose to get this pack, you will have a bunch of bright-colored skeins, and a few neutral ones, too. So, if you prefer brighter and colorful projects, be it for clothes, blankets, or simple projects around the house, you should consider this one; as it is surely the best yarn for blanket knitting.

Considering these are 100% acrylic yarns, they are quite reliable. Besides, they are machine compatible. You can wash and dry them with your machine. There is no need for extra maintenance. However, you must refrain from bleaching or ironing them, as doing so might result in unfortunate scenarios.

Although these can be used for many different purposes, they are mostly recommended for small knitting and crocheting projects.

But if you are looking for bigger yarns for bigger projects, you can choose from 7 other packs as well. If you want a bigger yard, you can choose one of the 44-yard or 110-yard packs. And if you want more color options, you can choose from the 30, 40, or 50 color packs.

Basically, these are the best yarn to crochet blanket, and there are all kinds of options available. Make sure to check them all out before buying.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes a wide range of colors, and all 20 of them are different.
  • Requires low maintenance, can be washed and dried using machines.
  • Recommended for small knitting and crocheting work.
  • Perfect for beginners or hobbyists who are interested in small craftwork.

4. Lion Brand Yarn Wanna Make a Blankie Yarn- Calluna

So far, we have seen two types of mini yarn packs and one average-sized pack. Now, it is time to check out this giant-sized option.

Made with 100% polyester, this yarn resembles the Bernat yarn in many aspects. For starters, this pack includes a single yarn skein named Calluna, but it is an amalgamation of four colors - pink, sea-green, blue, and white. The combination of different colors in one makes it extremely special and sought after.

In fact, you can find two other similar yarns from Lion Brand; one of which is a combination of different pinks called Zinnia, and the other is a combination of different blues called Mizzle.

However, not everyone is a fan of mixed yarns. If you are someone who would rather get a single tone yarn, don’t worry. For people who prefer basic colors, the same line of products includes three neutral tones - Iron, Pearl Grey, and Snow.

Now, the most important feature of this pack is its size. Packing 437 yards, this massive chenille cake measures about 800 grams. Although that is quite a lot for a yarn skein, it is understandable because of its huge size.

So, if you are someone who wants to make a soft baby blanket, whether you want a multicolored yarn or a neutral one, you can find one from Lion Brand. And of course, these are machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance either!

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a massive size of 437 yards.
  • Can be used for many purposes, but most suited for blankets for kids.
  • Provides 6 color options of both multicolored and neutral yarns to choose from.
  • Compatible with washers and dryers.

5. Bernat 6-Pack Baby Blanket Yarn- Pitter Patter

Here’s our second option from the brand, except this one includes 6 yarn skeins. Each of them is about 72 yards. If you are interested in finding the best soft yarn for crochet blanket, this could be the one for you.

This Bernat baby blanket yarn pack contains high-quality yarns made with 100% polyester. And, these are among the best yarns you could find for making baby clothes and blankets. This soft crochet yarn is fluffy and warm. It will keep your kid comfortable and cozy throughout the night.

Now, this specific pack contains yarns that are a combination of pastel colors - pink, yellow, blue, and white. As each of the 6 skeins are 72 yards, you will get a total of 432 yards. That’s a lot of yarn, enough for a baby’s blanket!

Apart from this, there are 13 other packs you can choose from. While some are multicolored like this one, some are single toned. So, you get a wide variety, from which you can choose the one you like the most.

Much like most great yarns, these are machine washable. And, they require very little maintenance.

If you are looking for yarns to make a blanket for your baby, or simply for small household projects, this is a great option for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes both multi-colored and single-colored yarns.
  • Offers 14 different color choices.
  • Designed for crocheting and quilting baby blankets, but can be used for other purposes too.
  • Crafted with 100% polyester, making it extremely dependable.
  • Provides a comfortable and safe feeling because of its soft texture.

6. Yonkey Monkey 10 Pack Yarn- White 9013

Now, we have a different type of yarn for you. If you are looking for a single-colored yarn in a large quantity, this is the one for you.

First, let’s see what makes this yarn different from others. For one, these yarns are made from a superior blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. It is relatively new to the knitting world. But, it became an immediate sensation, because of the perfect consistency of its natural materials.

As the material is hypoallergenic, it can be used for babies, too. And most importantly, it is reasonably priced. So, if you’re looking for yarn to practice for the first time, or on a budget, this is worth checking out.

Now, let’s take a look at its different versions. This particular pack from Yonkey Monkey consists of 10 white yarn skeins of the same kind. In case you want a brighter color, they have 28 total options for you, which include both neutral and vibrant hues.

And, if you are worried about the size of the yarns, you shouldn’t. Each of these packs contains 10 skeins of about 230 yards each. Basically, you receive 2300 yards of yarn in total, which is a great amount for the price.

Another special feature of this option is its breathability. So, these are highly recommended for summer apparel.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, making it a superior blend.
  • Offers a simple user experience, so it's perfect for beginners.
  • Recommended for socks and summer apparel due to breathability.
  • Offers 28 different color choices with all sorts of shades.
  • Perfect choice for those allergic to wool.

7. TEHETE Merino Wool Yarn- Ginger

If you refer to the previous options, you will notice that we haven’t mentioned any wool yarns yet. So, for those who love the cozy feeling of wool, this one is for you.

Made with most parts Merino wool, and a smaller part nylon, viscose, and acrylic, this is a luxury material.

Besides, it is a 3-ply wool yarn, with a fineness of about 18.7 μm.

Although the referred yarn, Ginger, comes in a single ball, there are several other options as well. There are a total of 15 different colors with three different pack types.

You can either choose a single ball like this one, or go with a 6-ball or 12-ball pack. Each of the colors are bright, yet have an earthy tone to it. You can’t help but love them. And, each ball is about 273 yards long.

Unlike the previous options, this one requires specific care due to its high concentration of wool fabric. You cannot wash these in washing machines; you will have to hand wash with cold water of maximum 30°C temperature. This is very important to preserve the premium quality of the wool.

Although it does require a significant amount of maintenance, the overall product is well worth the price. So, if you want the best yarn for blanket crochet, you should consider getting it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of a mixture of various materials, but mainly wool, so it is fine and more resilient than most other materials.
  • 15 different color options and 3 different pack options.
  • Needs special maintenance due to the special blend of wool.
  • Provides more tenderness, brightness, and breathability than most.

8. Craftiss 30 Unique Colors Acrylic Yarn

As our next option, we have another colorful pack. Each of the yarn skeins in this 30-piece pack comes in a different color.

Now, this Craftiss yarn set consists of acrylic yarns. So, they are easy to use for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, you can learn crocheting with this set. This is the best yarn for crocheting a blanket for all, not just the beginners.

Let’s take a better look at the package now. If you choose to get this, you will get a variety of colors. You will get all kinds of light and bright colors. All of them are very pretty. They are also some of the best yarn for soft blanket.

As for the size of these skeins, they are about 44 yards each. With 30 colors, you will get about 1320 yards from one pack.

Since these are made from acrylic, the color remains bright and unaffected, even after getting washed in washing machines, thanks to the synthetic fabric.

There’s a lot to like about this Craftiss pack. However, if you don’t like the arrangement or color combinations, you have to look for a different option. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any other variation of this product.

But if you do like the colors and quantity, you should certainly give it a try. These are undoubtedly among the best blanket yarn options.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with pure acrylic, so the color doesn’t face upon washing.
  • Includes 30 color options in average-sized skeins.
  • Unfortunately, doesn’t offer a variety of options.
  • Suitable for light crochets, knitting, and small home projects.

9. Bernat Baby Big Ball Sport Yarn

Here, we have another Bernat option. Unlike the previous ones, this is made from pure acrylic. It is like all great yarns, only much bigger in size.

With this pack, you will receive a single ball of yarn. The one in question is baby blue in color. It is one of the softest yarn for crochet blanket.

The manufacturer made 11 different colors of these. They are gauge 3 light, which makes them perfect for blankets. And the best part is, the yarn balls are all 893 yards in size, which is huge. You can easily make a blanket with one of these, without having to worry about the yarn running out.

And since they offer all kinds of pastel colors ranging from pink to blue, you can make the perfect blanket for your baby.

Besides, these are made with acrylic, which means you can wash and dry the fabric using machines. The synthetic fibers will protect your blanket from any damage.

All in all, this is very good yarn for afghan. So, if you are looking for the best yarn for blankets, this is definitely worth considering.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for small knitting and crocheting work.
  • Comes in a huge size of 893 yards.
  • Provides 11 different color options, all of which are soothing and appropriate for babies.
  • Ideal for beginners, as they are easy to use.

10. Navion 2 Pack Yarn- Blue

Last but not the least, we have another exceptional option for you. And, this one is slightly different. Let's take a look at some of its notable features.

Firstly, this is another polyester yarn. Although that is not a distinct feature, there is something special about it. Made out of recycled materials, these yarns can be used for knitting shirts, handbags, rugs, and more.

In this set, you will get two separate lumps of yarns, each of which is 35 yards in length. Along with those, you will receive a compatible crochet hook, which is something you don’t get often. With this hook, you can crochet anything out of the yarns.

If you are interested in the color, this pack comes with two light blue yarns. And if you are not a fan of blue, or you want more girly colors for your baby, they have two other options for you. You can choose from three colors - blue, purple, and red.

Now, it may not be the best yarn for knitting blankets, but it does have several other purposes as mentioned above. Besides, you can use them to make toys and several other creative projects.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for enthusiasts who want to learn crocheting and knitting.
  • Gives three different color options.
  • Can be cleaned using machines, they don’t shrink or fade.
  • Appropriate for making small household projects or craftwork.

Yarn for Crochet Blanket Comparison Chart

In order to make your yarn selection process much simpler, we have provided a comparison chart showing the main differences in terms of the number of yarns, material, and different versions available.

Product Name

Number of Pieces


Different Versions


Mira Handcraft




22 yards each

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn-



30 color options

220 yards

TYH Supplies Acrylic Yarn



8 color and yard options

22 yards each

Lion Brand Yarn



6 color options

437 yards

Bernat 6-Pack  Yarn



14 color options

72 yards each

Yonkey Monkey 10 Pack Yarn


70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton

28 color options

230 yards each

TEHETE Merino Wool Yarn


35% Merino wool, 25% Nylon, 20% Acrylic, 20% Viscose

15 color options and 3 pack options

273 yards

Craftiss 30 Unique Colors Yarn




44 yards

Bernat Baby Big Ball Sport Yarn



11 color options

893 yards

Navion 2 Pack Yarn- Blue



3 color options

35 yards

Yarn for Crochet Blanket Buying Guide.

All the options discussed above are great, and you can find the best yarn for blanket crochet from those. But first, you need to consider some key features before making any decision.

Below, we have explained the key factors that you should take into account when choosing yarns.

Yarn for Crochet Blanket Buying Guide


Although color seems more of a personal choice, it is still an essential factor. Especially if you’re a beginner, you should take the color into account when deciding on a yarn set.

Lighter colors are always recommended over darker ones. With lighter shades, there is an advantage while crocheting, as you can see the stitches clearly. This is difficult when working with darker colors.

So, if you’re a beginner, you should consider the color.

Dye Lot

If you don’t know what a dye lot is, it is basically a log, made while dyeing the yarn in order to distinguish it from other yarns dyed in the very same vat around the same time. Yarn producers assign a specific identifying number to every lot, and imprint that on the label before shipment.

Now, knowing the dye lot is not important for everyone. It is for those who are working on a big project with a single color.

In that case, you need to identify the dye lot and buy yarns of that exact number to create a uniform piece. That way, there will be no differences in the colors, and your final project will turn out great.


Now, there are various kinds of materials available. Among the different kinds, acrylic, polyester, wool, and cotton are considered to be the best, even more so if you’re new to crocheting.

As they are generally uniform in size, you can go back and fix any mistakes made while knitting.


It might sound surprising, but textures are not the same as materials. Now, there are many different kinds of textures in different yarns.

Whether you are a beginner or not, you should opt for a soft yarn for blankets. These yarns are usually uniformly textured and much easier to work with.

Most of the options mentioned in this review are soft and fluffy. They will make perfect blankets or clothes for kids.


The amount of yard present in a yarn varies a lot. You can find mini yarns of 22 yards and giant yarns of almost 900 yards.

What size you should get depends on your need entirely. If you’re looking for yarn for small home craft projects, you can get the larger sets with multiple small-sized yarns. But for big projects, like making a blanket of a single color, you should get a yarn with bigger yardage.

Yarn Weights

The thicknesses of yarns is also something you should account for. Now, there is a lot to know about this factor.

In short, the preferred yarn weights are 3, 4, and 5. But if you’re a beginner, you should go with a label 4 yarn, as they are the easiest to work with.


Lastly, we have maintenance. This basically refers to the washing details. Most great yarns, especially ones made with acrylic and polyester, are machine washable. However, there are some that require special care.

We tried to mention the ones that can be washed like regular clothes. There is one made of Merino wool that requires hand washing at a specific temperature.

If you take these factors into account when choosing a yarn for your crocheting project, you will not face any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best yarn for crocheting?

There are many different types of yarns available, and many of them are good options. Acrylic, polyester, cotton, and wool are the best yarn options for crocheting, especially for beginners.

They are considered the best because they are usually very dimensionally stable. Moreover, if you make a wrong move with one of these, you can easily undo it and fix the mistake.

Which is the best yarn for crocheting for beginners?

As mentioned earlier, there are many great options. But according to our research, the Mira Handcrafts 40 yarn set is the overall best yarn for crochet blanket.

Are acrylic yarns good for blankets?

Yes. There are many different yarns that can be used for crocheting blankets. And acrylic is surely among the best. They are usually quite affordable as well.

Besides, these are machine washable, so they are easy to maintain.

Can you put a crochet blanket in the washer?

This depends on the type of yarn you’ve used. The best yarns, like the ones mentioned in this article, are usually machine washable, especially acrylic and polyester yarns.

However, some aren’t. They require special treatment. The TEHETE Merino wool yarn, for instance, requires handwashing.

What is the softest yarn to crochet with?

You can find many great soft yarns. If you want the softest, you can try out one of the Bernat baby blanket yarns or the Lion Brand Wanna Make a Blankie yarn.

Final Words

As there are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the right yarn for crocheting a blanket, it can be a tricky task. To make your selection process easier, we have provided in-depth reviews of different yarns, ranging from acrylic, polyester, wool, and more.

With the information provided about each of the products, as well as the buying guide, you should now be able to the best yarn for crochet blanket. We can assure you that you will not regret it if you go with one of our recommended options!


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