Best Glue for Hard Plastic 2023 | Top 6 Recommended

When it comes to glue, there's no particular formula that fits all kinds of materials. The glue that works well with carpentry won't work on metal, and vice versa.

If you're a DIY enthusiast and planning to work with hard plastic as your next project, you should know that there are specific adhesives for that material as well.

But choosing the best glue for hard plastic is also a pretty difficult job, considering the number of options available on the market.

It depends on your line of work too, for example, the adhesives that work well with plastics only won't work well if you want to connect plastic to metal using the same glue. Worry not; we're here to help you out on this!



Editor's Rating


Gorilla Super Glue

5 out of 5

Henkel Waterproof Sealant

5 out of 5

Loctite Epoxy for Bonding Hard Items

4.5 out of 5

Super Glue 15187

4 out of 5

J-B Weld Plastic Repair Epoxy

4.5 out of 5

Different Types of Plastic Glues

Before we move on to the possible best options of adhesives for you, time for you to know about the different types of plastic glues:


Commonly known as super glue, this is a very strong glue that fixes nearly everything.

Nearly, because its only and biggest enemy is hard plastic with a smooth surface, it doesn't work at all on the hard surface, but recently some companies came up with cyanoacrylate that can glue hard plastic down.

Another way to use them on hard plastic is to use sandpaper and scuff the surface for super glue to work.


When it comes to bonding plastics, Epoxy is one of the most feasible options available. Epoxy is made with a two-part formula (resin and hardener) which makes the bond much stronger. Needless to say, it works fine on hard plastics as well. Some Epoxy adhesives don't take more than 10 minutes to properly bond, and some of them can take up to 12 hours as well.

Model Cement

Model cement is the most widely used adhesive for hard plastic these days. It specializes in bonding plastic materials and uses a two-part formula like Epoxy. They come in two tubes- solvents and filler. Two of them work together to make it a proper and solid bond.

There's one downside to model cement, though- and that is, they're not compatible with any other materials. So, if you're planning to bond your plastic item with other materials- model cement simply isn't your option.

The Best Hard Plastic Glue on The Market 2023

After thorough research, we have come up with the top adhesives for hard plastics. We'd suggest you give them a go now!

1. Gorilla Strong Plastic Super Glue

We start off our list with a widely popular super glue gel from Gorilla. For minor repairs in DIY projects like sealing holes, it is a top option. It uses rubber particles and creates a strong, impact-resistant bond that will stay for a long time.

Like all superglues, it reacts with the water molecules, creates an effective chemical bond, and does the job properly.

Apart from the usual metal, wood, paper, and leather, it also works on hard plastic, unless they're polypropylene or polyethylene.

The only issue is that in order for it to work seamlessly on hard plastic, you need to sand the smooth surface and make it ready for bonding. This super glue gel has an anti-clog cap that will ensure that the glue doesn't dry out.

As it's superglue, it doesn't take very long to bond. Within one minute of applying, it will start hardening, and within five minutes, it won't be repositionable anymore.

It has a cure time of 24 hours. The gel formula of this adhesive ensures you can use them seamlessly on vertical surfaces.

Highlighted Features

  • No run control gel formula specialized for vertical surfaces
  • Excellent impact resistance ability and strength
  • Can dry within 15-45 seconds
  • An Anti-clog cap keeps the glue safe from drying out
  • It can be used on versatile materials like wood, plastic, metal, and more

2. Henkel Corporation 908570

This product is a fully waterproof sealant that works wonders with tools and items that are constantly in contact with water.

It's a multipurpose adhesive and sealant and works on materials like metal, glass, rubber, plastic, and porcelain. This glue specializes in glass-made aquariums, but I don't think it's the only thing it does!

From repairing hard plastic materials to electric connections and leaky holes- this sealant does it all! Apart from using them to repair saltwater and freshwater aquariums, you can easily use them to fix your plastic toys or miniatures.

However, it does not work well on polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plastics.

There's no risk of any cracking, peeling, or shrinking with this excellent adhesive. It takes 24 hours to cure fully and contains silicone that will enhance the bondage even more.

Highlighted Features

  • Fully aquarium safe waterproof adhesive
  • No risk of peeling, cracking, or shrinking
  • Compatible with most materials apart from marble and certain plastics
  • Flexible and impact resistant

3. Loctite 1365868 Epoxy Instant Mix

This product is famous for two reasons. One, it's an epoxy adhesive, so bonding hard on different types of plastic isn't really an issue with it. Two, it's one of the most affordable options out there. Yes, with this Epoxy from Loctite, you get a budget option with features similar to the premium options.

The adhesive is relatively easy to use. Just read the instructions, add the materials to the self-mixing syringe, and then one push will get the job done! It works like magic on surface repairs, laminating, and gap bonding. This epoxy glue is made with a high-standard formula that makes it super strong and resistant to water.

As the name suggests, it only takes five minutes to set once you mix the resin and hardener. This also means you need to be quick enough to apply the mix- the bondage is quite strong!

Upon applying, you get a bond that's water, solvent, and weather resistant. It takes 24 hours to cure fully, and after that, you can paint or sand on it- no worries!

Highlighted Features

  • It takes only five minutes to mix
  • A static mix nozzle for mixing the resin and hardener
  • Specialized form surface repairs, gap bonding, and laminating
  • The adhesive is water-resistant and doesn't shrink
  • Precision applicator and easy-to-use mixer

4. Super Glue for Durable Plastic By Pacer Technology

Now we have another super glue that is a perfect fit for DIY enthusiasts who like to make small crafts all the time. It works well on nonporous surfaces and will create a super-quick bond, thereby saving a lot of your time. It works on hard plastic and ceramics as well.

When it comes to clean breaks, this super adhesive can form the strongest of bonds. This glue specializes in fixing wood, metal, pottery, different kind of plastics, and jewelry. The pack comes in 12-count 2-gram tubes, so you get 24 grams of adhesive with one go.

The best thing about this adhesive is that it's paintable and sandable. So if you're wondering how it will work on adhesive – sanding is the key! Its fast-drying formula lets it bond instantly, and it takes a total of 10-30 seconds to set.

Highlighted Features

  • Paintable and sandable adhesive
  • It takes 10-30 seconds to set fully
  • The liquid formula specializes in clean brakes
  • Gel formula works well on vertical surfaces
  • Precision applicator to eliminate runs and drips

5. J-B Weld 8237 Heavy-duty Plastic Repair Epoxy Putty

While we were looking for the best glue for hard plastic, we stumbled across this incredible epoxy adhesive that is basically made for solving plastic repairing issues!  

This one from J-B Weld specializes in repairing and rebuilding plastic surfaces. Be it ABS, PVC, or CPVC plastics- it's no match for this powerful adhesive.

Once you've Kneaded the two-part formula by hand, all that's left is to wait for it to set. It's not one of those traditional adhesives, more like a putty that will bond all sorts of plastic items.

It generally takes 25 minutes to set fully, and its curing time is 3 hours. The cured color often comes out as white.

This epoxy putty has an immense lap shear strength of 600 PSI and can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not shrink, and you get to shape, sand, drill, cut or mold according to your choice.

The adhesive works wonders with vinyl surfaces, auto bumpers, different plastic pipes, plastic water tanks, and different plumbing jobs.

This here is a heavy-duty epoxy adhesive that will give you excellent performances through and through. The manufacturing company even went to the extent of calling it the 'world's strongest bond'!

Highlighted Features

  • Two-part putty stick that specializes in repairing plastic materials
  • Works well with ABS, PVC, and CPVC pipes
  • The heavy-duty adhesive can withstand heat up to 250F
  • Curing time is only 3 hours
  • It doesn't shrink and can be sanded, molded, cut, and drilled

6. GUGUYeah UV Light Plastic Welder Adhesive Kit

To end our list, we have a unique sort of adhesive. It's a glue pen, and the manufacturers demand that it's 10 times stronger than any other glue pen! This product is a non-toxic, odorless, permanent, and waterless adhesive that works well on almost all the materials you use to do DIY works.

With this adhesive pen, you can repair Ceramic alongside the usual glass, hard plastics, PVC, ABS, Acrylic, metal, or wood. Be it a simple DIY project or costly jewelry- you can use this UV light curing glue with ease and get optimum success. It bonds within 5-10 seconds and uses UV light to bond.

The adhesive, unlike many, has a non-hazardous formula and is fully waterproof and heat resistant. Advanced technology is used in its making, and its complete environment safe- as tested by the EU 174 Project.

The kit comes with a glue pen, 8g refill, and a UV light alongside its battery. Just follow the instructions, and you'll be fine!

Highlighted Features

  • It takes only 5-10 seconds to bond properly
  • Advanced technology that uses UV light to bond
  • Fully environment friendly as tested by the EU 174 project
  • Non-toxic, colorless, odorless, and waterless permanent adhesive
  • Waterproof and heat-resistant

Comparison Table of Top 6 Strong Plastic Glue


Compatible with

Curing Time

Item Volume


Wood, Paper, Leather, Ceramic, Plastic, Metal

24 hours

0.71 Fluid Ounces

Henkel Corporation

Porcelain, Ceramic, Wood, Plastic, Metal, Fiberglass, Rubber, Marble, Glass

24 hours

80 Milliliters


Wood, Fiberglass, Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, Concrete, Metal, Stone

24 hours

14 Milliliters

Super Glue

Wood, Ceramic, Plastic, Metal

24 hours

Two 12-Count 2-gram tubes

J-B Weld


3 hours

2 Fluid Ounces


Wood, Glass, Plastic, Metal, Fabric

2-5 minutes

0.42 Fluid Ounces

How to Pick the Right Hard Plastic Glue?

Glue for Hard Plastic Reviews

Are you planning to visit your local stationery to buy the good-old Elmer's glue? Let it go; not all adhesives have the ability to bond hard plastic.

But some can, and we're here to guide you to the best glue for hard plastic. Consider these features before choosing glue for your hard plastic projects!


Adhesives made for nonporous surfaces have a great shot at joining plastic. Hard plastic is a nonporous material, and it takes cement, super glue, and epoxies to make a plastic-to-plastic joint.

Gorilla Superglue is initially great for this material. It works for everything but polyethylene and propylene unless they're sanded first.

Curing Time

It's an important consideration while choosing the best hard plastic glue.

The curing time varies from one adhesive to another. Especially when you have so many available options, you can either choose short curing periods up to 10 seconds or give it a night.

Even some of the highest quality glues can take 24 hours to dry and settle. For example, the original Super Glue sets in about 10 seconds, after which you can paint and even sand the surface if you want to.


To join hard plastic, you need glue that weathers heat, water, and solvent. It should have amazing adhesion and a quick curing time. Water, speaking of which can actually speed up the curing process for newly applied super glue.

If you're stuck with an old Super glue stick, dab the glue on one side and water on the other; however, once all set and cured, superglue or cyanoacrylate is 100% waterproof.


Super glue isn't a safe material to be around. It can get in touch with your skin and polymerize in as fast as 10 seconds. Packaging is quite important for glues, which is why we like the Loctite Epoxy Five-Minute Instant Mix so much.

Even though it comes with two separate containers for the hardener and resin, the self-mixing syringe is a big help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Plastic glues safe for children’s toys?

Most of the plastic glues contain a certain degree of toxicity, so it's safe to say that you shouldn't fix your children's toys with them since babies tend to suck on their toys.

However, some plastic glues, for example, the GUGUYeah UV Light Curing Glue, are made from entirely non-toxic materials, so they're safe to use on children's toys.

2. I got some Plastic glue on my hand, what to do now?

The simplest way to remove the glue is to put your hand in warm water and try to massage your skin for the glue to get off.

But if it's tightly set and doesn't come off with warm water, we'd suggest you use nail polish removers.

Don't forget to properly wash your skin and put in lotion after applying nail polish removers, as they tend to dry out your skin!

3. What’s the difference between super glue and plastic glue?

Plastic glue isn't really a category, rather a whole bunch of different glues that work well on plastic. They include Epoxy, model cement, and other multipurpose adhesives.

They're different from super glues because they can bond well with smooth surfaces without contact with water, unlike super glues.

4. Can I use any superglue on hard plastic?

Not at all. Many types of super glues are useless on hard plastic because of their smooth surface, but there are some that work on hard plastic if you sand them enough to roughen up the smooth surface. We'd still suggest you use epoxy or model cement as a faster and easier alternative.

Final Word

To sum up, we'll have to say that finding the best glue for hard plastic was no easy job to start with. The market is filled with so many decent options, and even though we've sorted out some of the top ones for you, it's up to you to finally choose the best option for you.

Yes, it depends on your line of work and your preferences to select the right option for you.

At the end of the day, the choice is all yours- we just gave you a list of the top adhesives for hard plastic. Best of luck with your shopping!


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