3D Printing Business Plans You Can Implement Right Now!

Did you know that you can start a business using just a 3D printer?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who happens to have a 3D printer at home, you can start a business of your own!

There’s no limit on what you can achieve using a 3D printer. You can create precise replicas of an existing model or design your own by using a 3D software. The technology opens the door for innovative business ideas.

Just think about it. You can create spare car parts, cool accessories, even interior décor items for your living room all to your liking. By selling your creation on popular e-commerce platforms or your market place, you can easily start your own merchandise.

In this article, we go through about 3 lucrative 3D printing business plans and how to start them. By setting foot in this industry, you will find that the opportunities are just too hard to pass up. So, don’t just let your 3D printer collect dust, give these ideas a try!

Three 3D Printing Business Plans- In Details

1. 3D Printed Automotive Parts

3D Printed Automotive Parts

Most car owners have a soft spot for their vehicles. If you love the concept of modifying vehicles than you can do a crazy number of things with a 3D printer!

Modifying cars has been one of the sought after activities for car lovers. Modifiers install aftermarket parts to improve the performance of their vehicle and enhance the look.

Vehicles are made using thousands of parts, which serve different purposes. Parts that have a complex mechanism can be difficult to produce using a 3D printer. You simply can't make a sophisticated part such as an engine using the 3D printer at home.

The parts you can create are limitless. You can accurately print interior parts such as Shift knobs, gauge cluster, cup holders, and more. Although there are a lot of aftermarket parts available, 3D parts can be created at a much lower cost.

You can use the capabilities of a 3D printer by creating parts that are either too hard to find or not available on the market anymore. There is a great market for car parts. If you can create useful quality parts, then you have a great business opportunity at your hand!

Here are the ways to implement this idea:

1. Conduct A Market Research

The first objective is to understand the market. You need to create parts that are useful. In order to do that, you need to know what the consumer needs. Use google to find out what parts consumers wished they had in their car. For example, a cool dash-cam mount or phone holder are some of the things that are always in demand.

2. Create A Sample

Next, create a sample part. This can be a bit challenging if you are creating the part by yourself. Creating a part will require some CAD skills. However, if a free printable 3D file exists, you can customize that according to your requirement and then print it.

Make multiple samples and pass it on to the people who are interested in trying it out. Always remember to gather any feedback, as this will help you refine your product so you can make a better version of it.

3. Make A Business Plan

A business plan is crucial. You need to pen down your strategies in detail.  This includes everything from concept, requirements, financials, and more.

You need to know who will be using the product. Will the consumer use the product for aesthetic purposes?

What will be the cost of your product? How will you be paid? Are there any risks involved in this market? You will need to answer these questions before launching your product.

4. Get A Name For Your Business

The right name can make a huge difference. The name you give should reflect your product. Make sure it is meaningful. If possible, come up with multiple names and ask your friends what they think about them. This will give you an idea of what the consumers might like.

5. Set A Price For Your Product

The price will vary from product to product. You need to price it in a way so that it can cover your costs. Also, you don't want to set a price that consumers won’t pay.

6. Market Your Product

You can market your 3D parts in multiple different ways. First, you need to find the target audience who will most likely buy your product. If you are making parts that will increase a vehicle's aesthetics, then vehicle modifiers will most likely be interested in your product.

You can advertise your product on various social networking sites such as Facebook. You can also list them on e-commerce sites.

2. 3D Printed Vases

3D Printed Vases

Interior decoration items such as vases can be easily made using a 3D printer. These items can stand out and enhance the look of the room!

Now there are many reasons why printing 3D vases has great business prospects. First of all, traditional vases are heavy. They are usually made up of ceramics, brass, stainless steel, and other heavy materials. 3D printed vases, on the other hand, will be much lighter as it is made from ABS or PLA.

The other benefit of having a 3D printed vase is that it cannot break after a fall. They can withstand high impact forces, and will not shatter when dropped accidentally.

3D printed vases are also very easy to make. You can also create various designs with precision.

Let’s take a look at how we can implement this business idea.

1. Plan The Design

The design will be one of the most important purchasing factors. Your vase needs to have an aesthetic value wherever it's placed. Thankfully, using a 3D printer you can easily create complex designs that wouldn't be possible using ceramic or stainless steel. 

If you don't know about design or the latest trends in vases, you can always collaborate with a designer. This way you will know exactly what to create or avoid.

To design the product, you need to have some experience in CAD. However, if you can manage a free 3D print file of a vase, you can use that as a reference to create your designs.

2. Create Test Sample

You need to know how well the consumer will appreciate your product. Create test samples of various vase designs. Make the designs unique so that they stand out from the average vase.

3. Set A Business Plan

You have to find the target audience who will most likely purchase your product. Understand the floral market and its trends. Vases can be used as a standalone decoration item, or can also be used for flowers.

Send out free samples in your local flower shops and see how they perform. If they rise in demand, then that's a good indication that you are on the right track. Figure out the profit and loss forecasts, cash flow, and possible investment opportunities.

4. Start Selling It

Set a reasonable price for your product. Remember to price it competitively. Since it’s a showpiece, people are more likely to pay more for great designs. You can promote your customers by emphasizing the fact that it is a 3D printed vase.

Start selling the vases in various e-commerce sites and advertise them on social media platforms. This will help you establish your product’s identity and acquire new customers. 

5. Get Ready To Grow

Once you have started selling the vases, make sure to often revisit your business plan. You have to update your product regularly based on the customer’s feedback, and change your financial strategies.

Remember to bring new products to the market regularly. Also, having a regularly updated blog or YouTube channel will help you grow a loyal customer base.

3. 3D Printed Accessories

3D Printed Accessories

You can create wonderful accessories using a 3D printer. People love having items that represent themselves. Personal items such as keychains, picture frames, spectacle frames, smartphone cases, etc. have been on the rise. The accessories business has tremendous growth potential; given that you find your niche.

Companies that make 3D printed accessories do exist. Due to this, it is very important that you create products that stand out from the rest.

One of the most popular 3D printed accessories is smartphone cases. They can be personalized according to the customer's needs so that they get exactly what they are looking for.

When making accessories, you don't have to start with making phone cases. There are always other items you can work one such as spectacle frames. You can customize these items by adding 3D text on the frames.

When it comes to accessories, there are no limitations. However, there are a lot of challenges in this type of business.

As a start, you need to create multiple different designs, and also have customization options. Once you find what works best, you can make a great profit from it.

Here are the steps you need to take to turn this idea into a profitable business:

1. Research

Like all ideas involving 3D printing, you need to know the market. The accessory market has tremendous potential and there are many types of them in the market. Sports, mobile, fashion accessories, you name them. Since you will be just starting out, it will be better to produce small quantities of the product.

Keep an eye on the latest trends. For instance, people are more likely to purchase specific themed accessories during any festivities, or superhero-themed accessories before and during a screening of a Marvel movie. Keep these variables in mind so that you can sell your products on time.   

2. Think Of A Business Strategy.

Since the number of accessory products, you can create using a 3D printer is limitless, you need to start with working on small projects first. Produce small quantities of various items. The aim is to gain a competitive advantage amongst other products, so you need to position your creations in a unique way.

Set goals and objectives when making the items. Plan your steps from designing the product to selling it. If you are efficient in your strategy, you can capitalize on what you are good at.

3. Create Prototypes

Remember that the identity you will create will make it unique to your customers. Produce multiple samples of your work and sell them in various e-commerce sites. Emphasize the fact that the items are 3D printed. Some customers will be immediately drawn into the products out of curiosity.

Also, make sure to respond to your customer queries. If they have any suggestions, you can use them to create better iterations of your product. By exceeding their expectations, you can gain loyal customers which will help to expand your product.

4. Sell Your Product

Once you know the market, you can start selling your 3D printed accessories. Since accessories are very common and can be found in every top e-commerce sites, you need to find a clever way to market your product.

Fortunately, customers always like to try out newer things. Since the concept of 3D printing accessories is not as common, there will always be customers who would like to try out something different for a change.

Social marketing websites such as Facebook can be a great way to advertise your product. If you don't have your own website, you can hire a web developer to create an online marketplace. By having an online portal, you will be able to increase customer convenience and only sell your creations.

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The breakthrough of 3D printing technology gave rise to multiple possibilities. 3D printing revolutionized the manufacturing process and can be considered as the future of development.

If you have a 3D printer and possess the skill to create unique 3D designs, then nothing can stand in the way of starting your own business. However, starting a business requires stern knowledge of the market.

Research is crucial as you need to find out if there is a demand for the product you will produce. Also, your business model has to be a great fit for the customer’s needs and wants. 

Having 3D printing business plans and turning them into a success are two different things. Don’t be deterred if your business goes off track.

Since there are limitless possibilities with what you can achieve with a 3D printer, you can always find out what works for you and the customers. Take the first step and eventually you’ll get there. Good luck with your 3D printer business plans implementation!

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