How Much Does A Heat Press Machine Cost?

Just like any other product in the market, a heat press machine has got several factors that determine its price. A superior brand will cost more than an inferior one, an advanced model of the same brand will cost more. The particular functions of your machine will rank it against others in terms of price.

Let’s take a look take a look at some of the factors that determine the final price of a heat press machine. Because of the many variants that affect the price of this product, the price determining factors have been narrowed into three categories that are a true reflection of these factors.

Though the general range price of heat press machines is $280 up to $3500, there are three categories that give the most logical pricing brackets for this appliance.

The basic functions of the machines have been considered to place the machine in these categories. These functions come at a cost in terms of the brains behind them and also the hardware that comes along with these extra features.

These Are The Three Main Factors That Determine The Prices.

  • 1
    Starter heat press machine
  • 2
    Intermediate heat press machines
  • 3
    Professional heat press machines

Let’s take a closer look at each of these groupings, the features of the machines that fall into each and help you determine what the best category is for you.

This will considerably narrow down your list of options and leave you with usual choices such as brand type.

Starter heat press machine

This category of heat press machines contains products with the most basic features. A machine that will effectively but nearly perform that one function of a heat press.

It will characteristically come with only the most basic functions and controls. Machines in this category are most suitable for first-time users or for a more domestic kind of use.

They lack in capacity to handle large volumes of work at a go and will most likely burn out if pushed too far. They can, however, be used by a startup kind of business and perhaps help you save revenue to purchase a more advanced machine.

A brand-new machine that falls within this category will probably cost you between $80 and $550. An example of one such machine is the F2C Professional swing away 360-degree rotation that retails for $81 on average.

Intermediate Heat Press Machine

This category consists of little more advanced machines that are a little more functional and can carry more burdens. Characteristics of this category include the ability to handle more extended hours of work.

These machines also come with more functions including more levels of heat and are generally designed for heavy work. They could pass for professional machines that provide the basic requirements for a professional environment. They are relatively more complicated to operate.

They are good for beginners who are working on a relatively higher budget than most. These machines retail for between $550 to $1100. A good example here is the Morphon heat press that goes for about 145 USD.

Professional Heat Press Machine

This is a heavy-duty machine, and you will normally find it in factory settings. It has the most superior features including the ability to accurately handle a larger variety of material for accurate pressing.

They are digitally operated and perform the heat press function in record time and with more precision. They require properly trained personnel because of their advanced features.

Despite their superiority, any mishandling could lead to applying wrong settings causing damage to fabrics. Some of the elements that have superior handling properties include heat, pressure, and temperature.

These machines retail at between $1000 and $3000. Second hand or refurbished machines may cost a little less, and this applies to all the other categories. One such machine is the COZ heat press 6 in 1 multifunctional heat press.

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The price will vary depending on the number of quality printings that a machine can print in an hour. Other factors such as manufacturers reputation, your usage requirement, after sale service and warranty can play a huge role on the price.

Heat Press Machine Style

There are three types of heat press machine each having their own perk and price point.

  • Clamshell
  • Swinger
  • Draw


You cannot buy what you cannot afford. The machine of choice has got to be within reasonable reach in terms of price. One trick is to look within your affordability range at the various brands and pick one with the basic variables.

Even a single feature that is superior perhaps for just a few more dollars would be worth considering. You can plan ahead for a better one in the future.

Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities 

Another thing could be to look out for sales and offers. These are sometimes rare, but it is worth checking out both online and at local stores.

Get the perfect deal within your level of expertise. You could also go for refurbished or second-hand heat press machines. Second-hand machines will definitely be the great deal if the machine is still in good order.

You may need someone to inspect it though. Refurbished machines are usually in perfect working order and are very common. You can find these online and at your local store. They generally cost a little less than new ones but more than second-hand machines.


Are you able to handle the machine of choice?

Even for the most basic of these machines, there is some learning to do before operating them. You must have an elementary knowledge of the functions of your machine even if you will learn about the rest of the features later.

Wrong handling of any equipment usually leads to cases of injury and damage; consequently, financial loss. However, if you choose to buy a machine beyond your skills then get an expert to teach you how to handle it.

Also, note that the heat press machine is meant to be operated by a single person so there will be no partner to work with, possibly shifts.

So, learn to single-handedly operate the machine effectively as you will be alone around it most of the time unless in a factory setting which will obviously have trained employees.

Domestic Or Commercial Use?

Why are you buying a heat press machine? Is it a hobby, for a business (small or big) or for teaching purposes? The starter heat press machines are good for domestic use and for teaching beginners.

This is because they are relatively slow, basic and cannot handle big loads. The intermediate falls in between the basic and professional machines. It can be used both domestically and for commercial purposes.

It will, however, have limited capabilities in a professional environment. They handle an average load and operate at average speeds. The professional heat press machines are suitable if you are a professional looking to start or grow a business. They will give you good speeds and quality and more choices in the kind of materials you deal in.

Machines for commercial use will require regular maintenance that may have a cost implication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What style is most suited for professionals?

If you are looking for a professional machine, the Draw style is for you. Keep in mind that the surface is movable and the apparel might move out of place. Just as the name, the lower platen comes out like a drawer. You can lay your garment on top of it without having to reach beneath the hot platen.

Final Thoughts

A heat press machine is a very important component if you are looking to produce quality t-shirt prints. It enhances the quality of work by its single motion as opposed to an iron box that does the job in bits by being run over the material to be pressed.

It is definitely something to consider especially if you are opening a t-shirt printing business. You cannot afford to compromise on quality because of the competition out there.

However, remember to get one within your range and advance slowly as circumstances allow. If you are not sure about what you need, seek advice from professionals or look it up on the net. Get the right deals and value for money.

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