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Heat Press VS Screen Printing: Know The Actual Difference

​Whether you’re looking to buy custom t-shirts from the shop or you’re planning to set up a t-shirt printing business, there are two types of printings you definitely should know about – screen printing and heat pressing. These are the two main methods of printing t-shirts, and they have different costs, quality, the flexibility of […]

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Heat Transfer Vinyl Durability: How Long Does It Last?

Different t-shirt printing techniques have got their own durability properties. This variation is determined by the different relationships that the print has with different types of fabrics. The other contributor is the quality of material used to make the print. This could be ink or vinyl. Different brands and variations within brands determine the end quality […]

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How Much Does A Heat Press Machine Cost?

​Just like any other product in the market, a heat press machine has got several factors that determine its price. A superior brand will cost more than an inferior one, an advanced model of the same brand will cost more. The particular functions of your machine will rank it against others in terms of price. Let’s […]

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How to Perforate Paper at Home-Check Our Different Solution

There are two functionalities related to the term ‘perforated paper.’ One being more functional and the other is used mainly for decorative purposes. In this article, we will discuss about some ways to make perforated paper at home. So, let’s get our feet wet in it.Different Method Of  Perforate Paper at HomeFunctional PerforationsThese are small holes […]

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How to Put a Photo on Canvas By Yourself-Easy Method

​Canvas has been used for a long time for different purposes. The strength and durability of the material make it suitable for various functions. One of the most common uses of the canvas is painting. It has been used for centuries by famous artists to do their paintwork which is still in good condition in museums […]

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Top 11 T-Shirt Printing Mistakes That Most Beginner Makes

​A beginner will always be a beginner. The excitement of a first achievement may sometimes lead to a little carelessness. This is no different in t-shirt printing where such mistakes are evident on the final product. Smudged images, no images you name it. For others who may have got the technical part right, they forget that managing […]

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