How To Use Binding Machine With Maintenance Tips From Expert

The main aim of the binding tool is to attach documents into a book. Usually, people will cut 8.5 by 11 inches of paper. But you can always cut yours according to the length of margin you want your binding comb to sit in.

The whole process of binding is easy, but you need to have the right supplies first.

What is needed?

  • Binding Combs
  • A binding machine with a foot pedal
  • Plastic cover
  • And a document paper

Instructions Of Using Binding Machine:

1. Turn on the binding machine

It all starts by turning on the binding machine. When the machine starts running, you will then need to place the comb at the tip of the teeth. The binding comb size that you choose will depend on the width and length of the document. However, most combs will be between 1/8 inch and 5 inches.

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2. Insert the comb on the teeth opener

After you have turned on the machine, you’ll now have to insert the comb onto the teeth opener. Ensure that the teeth are facing up as you do this. Next, you will have to open the comb by rotating the crank towards you. Once the comb is open, you can place the cut paper into the comb. In the meantime, cut the remaining pieces of paper.

3. Insert the paper in the cutting slot

When the paper is placed in the cutting slot, push it to the ruler’s left side. Afterward, try lining the paper up properly and press it down with the foot pedal. At this point, the foot pedal will bring down the electronic cutter to punch holes into the sheets.

4. Set up the holes against the binder comb

After lining up the holes, try pushing them onto the comb. Ideally, repeat this until you finish binding your document as needed. After that, close up the binding comb and remove the document from the binding machine.

Always ensure that you cut the plastic cover sheet before you start. Plus, try to be precise whenever you are lining the paper in the cutter to avoid having crooked cuts.

How To Maintain a Binding Machine

To have a long-lasting binding machine, you need to take care of it appropriately. Here are some maintenance tips to help you:

  • Turn it off when not in use: Whenever you are done using the binding machine or if you are not using it, ensure that you cut off the power. Leaving the power on can overheat the motor.
  • Avoid punching too much paper at once: Some people are tempted to punch a lot of papers all at once on their machine. Doing this will overwork the machine because the capacity will be too much for it. This can also end up damaging the punching dies, which will break down the machine in the long run.
  • Empty the chip tray regularly: Whenever there are too many chips in the try, there will be resistance to the punching dies. If it happens regularly, the punching dies will gradually become dull. That’s why you should empty the chip tray whenever.
  • Always use the right supplies with your machine.
  • Follow the directions of the manufacturer at all times to avoid unwanted damages

Always follow the manufacturer’s direction as shown on the user manual.

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Binding Machine Safety Tips For Beginners 

  • Always keep the covers closed whenever you are not using the machine
  • Keep the transparent die cover closed during the punching process
  • Ensure that you remove the staples and other metals from sheets before you start punching
  • Avoid opening up the machine unless it needs to be repaired
  • Ensure that it is plugged near enough to the outlet
  • Always turn off the electric binding machine after every use
  • Make sure you unplug the machine from the socket if you don’t plan to use for a long time
  • Keep the machine away from water and heat sources
  • Don’t forget to place your fingers where you won’t get hurt during the binding process

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The only way to get the best out of a binding machine is to use it as instructed by the manufacturer. Missing a small detail can mess your final product. For example, if you fail to arrange the papers in one line during the punching process, they will appear crooked after you bind them. That is why you need to be careful whenever you are binding your documents.

Plus, ensure that every document is intact and that you have the right papers for binding before you finalize the process. It is also always advised to watch out for the binder combs to avoid being injured in as you bind your documents.


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