10 Best Erasable Pens in 2023 : Reviews and Buying Guide

But pencils are monotonous, and you might want to use a different colored pen to give vibrance to your art or writing.

While regular pens aren't erasable, you can opt for retractable and erasable pens that use different technologies to let you modify your ideas. Get one of them and bring new ideas into life without wasting paper.

But how do you know what is the best erasable pen out there? Go through this detailed review of some of the best pens to make a good choice.



Editor's Rating


PILOT FriXion Clicker Erasable Ink Pens

5 out of 5

Paper Mate 3163558PP Erasable Ballpoint Pen

5 out of 5

ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

4.5 out of 5

Erasable Gel Pen

Vanstek 15 Colors Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

4 out of 5

Gel Ink Erasable pen

BBLIKE 12-Pack Gel Ink Erasable pens

4.5 out of 5

10 Best Erasable Pen Reviews in 2023

We selected these pens after rigorous research so that you don't need to take the hassle. All of them are amazing, with subtle characteristics.

1. PILOT FriXion Clicker Erasable, Refillable & Retractable Gel Ink Pens

All your mistakes now can easily be controlled with the PILOT FriXion erasable pens. Whether you are organizing your class notes or scribbling in your leisure, especially formulated gel ink will allow you to correct mistakes or edit ideas.

With brightly colored inks, plotting anything as well as erasing is easier and smoother. The ink used in this pen is thermo-sensitive.

It disappears easily after using the eraser coming with the pen, hence no sign of smear on the paper.

The 0.7mm tip of the pen gives fine writing ability, and the text doesn't smudge. The color variations are amazing and allow you to differentiate texts with bright and distinct colors.

This pen is easily refillable with an ink top-up mechanism. So, you save a good lot of money by using this pen. Its durable design keeps the pen usable for years.

Tips are easily retractable with one click, so there is no chance to mess your workspace with inks.

The built-in eraser erases the writing instantly without leaving any mark on the paper. Also, there is no crumb after erasing to make your table or room a mess.

Get the best erasable pen to give a better look to your ink-work and easily manage them, avoiding hassle.

Highlighted Features:

  • You are doodling on paper, and suddenly something goes wrong. As long as you are using pencils, mistakes are erasable at your paper's smears' cost.One-click retractable so keeps your workspace clean.
  • Thermo-sensitive gel ink gives smooth writing with a fine tip.
  • Produces vivid colors and is easy to erase.
  • Built-in eraser erases the ink without leaving any smears or crumbs.
  • Refillable and durable.

2. Paper Mate 3163558PP Erasable Ballpoint Pen

This all-black pen set is from Paper Mate to give you the ultimate smoothness in writing or drawing. It also facilitates easy erasing formula just like a pencil but leaves no smear at all. Let's know a bit more.

With a bigger tip size, this pen is great for writing in bold or marking something bold to differentiate it from other texts. This makes the pen a useful tool for making special notes where necessary.

The ink is pressurized inside the pen. So, even if you are tilting the pen backward, it can still give you the perfect writing. It is highly useful when you are outside and having a hard time writing on a flat surface.

As the ink is pigment-based, you can expect a strong bond between the paper and the ink. So, all your writings or drawings will sustain much longer than other ordinary pens. The intensity of the color is also high and gives great contrast.

The embossed grip is easy to handle and gives a firm grip while writing. The tip is retractable and has some serious accents on it. The eraser is also fixed on the tip to easily erase the ink. These are the qualities that good erasable pens have.

Highlighted Features:

  • Monochrome pen set to fulfill your writing demand at ease.
  • 1mm tip allows you to accent the text where necessary.
  • Pressurized ink helps write anywhere at any angle.
  • Pigment-based ink ensures a strong bond and makes your writing last longer.

3. ParKoo Retractable Clicker Erasable Gel Pens

As the name suggests, ParKoo gel pens are retractable and great for use in cases where you need to swap the tip and the eraser a lot.

Opening and closing the pen cap for writing and erasing over and over again can be a monotonous job. It also takes up a good amount of time.

ParKoo pens come in a great variety of colors, 10 colors in a pack, to be exact. All these inks are made to be permanent on the paper. But once you rub the ink with the eraser stud, thermo-sensitive inks disappear in front of your eyes.

No matter how bold you write, erasing the inks isn't a big deal anymore. And the erases your writing like you have never written anything on that paper. It keeps the paper that clean!

With a fine tip of 0.7mm, ParKoo gel pens are great for taking notes as different colors help you classify your notes based on their importance.

Colors are pretty accurate on the paper, but there can be a bit of difference in actuality. In colors like teal or turquoise, you will find a slight change in the actual color. Despite this, ParKoo gel pens are one of the best deals for the bucks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thermo-sensitive gel ink is used in pen to give a smooth writing experience.
  • A lot of colors allow you to choose different colors for different jobs.
  • The ink erases quickly and neatly.
  • Retractable pen, so easy to use the eraser stud.

4. Vanstek 15 Colors Erasable Gel Pens Clicker

Erasable Gel Pens

Often, rubbing the pen ink for erasing and making the page clean makes the paper dirtier. But with Vanstek retractable and erasable gel pens, you don't need to worry about the residue anymore.

What's in there?

Inside of the Vanstek is filled with technologically advanced ink that dries up quickly to give your writing better durability.

It also leaves a lot of room for error, no matter whether you write on white paper or marking your books.

Erasing the ink from the paper is no longer a fight between the eraser and paper where the paper gets holed.

Even if the paper is thick, the eraser leaves many debris on the paper and the workspace. But these pens keep the paper clean all the way through.

Coming in 15 colors, you get a color for each of your interests. Whether you write a text, scribble something or take a note, all these color varieties will help you a lot.

The rubber grip of the pen gives easy handling. And the eraser stud fixed on the top of the back comes in handy. As the pen is retractable, the eraser is easy to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium gel ink provides a smooth writing experience with permanent bonding.
  • 0.7mm tip gives fine texts that look attractive and professional.
  • A lot of colors enhance the beauty of your writing through variation.
  • From rubber grip to eraser stud, everything adds functionality to the pen.
  • A great choice for all of your creative works.

5. BBLIKE 12-Pack Gel Ink Erasable pens

Gel Ink Erasable pens

With the shiny color and finish of plastic resin, BBLIKE pens are the next item on our erasable pens review. What makes them different from other pens available out there? Let's find out.

The first thing you notice about these pens is their fine tips. A 0.5mm tip is fitted at the top of the pen to give a fine writing experience. As the ink is specially treated, it dries up quickly and lets the writing be ready for erasing.

Be careful while erasing, as you can smudge the ink if it erases while the ink is dry. Let it dry perfectly, and then erase as much as you want.

The ink is thermo-sensitive. So, when it is rubbed with the eraser, the frictional heat removes the paper's ink, leaving no residue.

The contoured grip of the pen helps hold the pen firmer and guide it in any direction. Unfortunately, these pens aren't retractable. So, you need to open and close the pen cap over and over again.

Also, they come in only a single color which often might get monotonous. There is no chance to accent your text with different colors.

But with their overall quality, the pen set can be a good choice for students or young professionals who write a lot.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight pen made of plastic resin is durable.
  • Filled with high-quality ink that doesn't fade over time.
  • Gives a fine writing experience with a 0.5mm tip.
  • Erases the ink cleanly when it is dry.

6. TANMIT Retractable Erasable Gel Pen Clicker

TANMIT erasable gel pen is more effective than regular gel pens in terms of persistence and vibrance. And more effective than pencils in terms of modification.

No matter you hard you press on the paper, you get that clean white paper after erasing the ink.

The ink is specially formulated to make a quick and stable bond with the paper. Besides, its thermo-sensitive characteristic allows it to disappear completely with the touch of friction. So, you can use the same paper again without wasting.

The pen tip is 0.7mm like most other retractable gel pens to give the expected smoothness in writing. It is great for writing notes or other home and office works. With this gel pen on your table, you no longer need an editing fluid.

This pen set contains 10 different colors to bring life to your writings. An eraser is placed on top of the back to smoothly clean the ink mark and doesn't leave any smear on the paper.

Ink flows through the tip easily to enhance the writing experience and dries quickly. As long as you are using the eraser after the ink is dry, there is no chance of smudging it.

Highlighted Features:

  • The pen set contains 10 different colors to bring variations in your writing.
  • Thermo-sensitive ink dries quickly and erases effortlessly.
  • Fine tip makes your writing look better.
  • Great for day-to-day use.
  • Saves you a lot of paper by erasing neatly.

7. Lineon Retractable Erasable Pens Clicker

Write effortlessly without the fear of making mistakes with Lineon erasable gel pens. These pens come in different bundles, 15 colors bundle of which is the most common and popular.

The versatility of this pen set is in the color variation. It comes with a great variety of vivid colors that make your writing look much more appealing.

You can write up to twice smoothly with the special ink used in these pens compared to ordinary pens.

Using these bright colors makes marking any point shine and instantly draws attention to the highlighted text. But if you aren't okay with the text, you can simply use the eraser stud coming with the pen to erase any ink mark.

The pen doesn't leave any trail of the ink mark, so you can reuse the paper. The side clip slides up and down with just one click to retract the 0.7mm tip. Using a retractable pen is always more convenient than using traditional pens with caps.

Oh, we almost forgot to say about the transparent barrel of the pen that lets you check the ink level at any given instant.

You will also get a 26-color version of this pen set that can be useful if you use a lot of different colors frequently.

Highlighted Features:

  • With a great build quality and promising ink, this pen is durable.
  • 0.7mm fine tip leaves an appealing trail on the paper.
  • Great for marking and notation with 15 different colors.
  • Everything erases smoothly with no hassle.

8. Erasable and Cute Kawaii Retractable Pens

It's a new erasable pen, especially for kids from Kawaii. Kids will love the pen-like hell due to its cute and artistic design. It instantly freshens up the mood and persuades kids into writing.

Though these pens come in a single color, this can be enough for your kids to start writing or sketching their favorite cartoon characters. As kids might make a lot of mistakes, teach them to correct the mistakes using the eraser.

High-quality ink in these pens glides easily so that you don't get bored writing for a longer period. Such a pen set contains 12 pens along with 12 more refills for further use. The perfect companion for your daily use.

As the ink can be erased easily without ruining the paper, kids will get interested in using this pen quickly.

Even students or professionals can use this pen to avoid using correction fluids. Using correction fluids doesn't perfectly make up the mistakes.

On the other hand, Kawaii's erasable pens erase the ink with the help of frictional heat. So, give your children this treat and make them head towards writing more and more. It saves their future from a lot of hassle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cute-looking and bright in color, so kids are gonna love it.
  • Filled with thermo-sensitive ink to dry and erase easily.
  • A set contains 12 pens along with 12 refills that set you relaxed for a long time.
  • Perfect for any level of students or professionals in daily use.

9. BIC Gel-ocity Illusion Erasable Pens

BIC Gel-ocity Illusion Erasable Pens

Well, these erasable pens from a renowned manufacturer BIC come in translucent tubes to check the ink level at any instant. It also increases the beauty of the pen barrels, which many people like.

But the comfort of writing with these pens lies in the textured grip. With these grips on, you can handle the pen in any direction according to your preference.

The pen tip is 0.7mm to give a fine writing experience. But the ink is the hero here, which backs everything up.

This thermo-sensitive ink allows us to write without fear and erase without a tear. All your mistakes are vanished in seconds without tearing the paper.

Additionally, you can refill those tubes to be more responsible for the environment. You'll find the eraser tip to work well in case of any mistakes. As the tip is retractable, you don't get any unnecessary marks on the paper accidentally.

Even if you do so, the eraser tip will be there to recover you without leaving any trail. 12 pens are included in the set, so you know that there is plenty of pens for all your writings and drawings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great value for money pens at an affordable price.
  • Translucent tubes make the pen look better and be more functional.
  • Provides amazing quality writing and drawing without smudging the ink.
  • Thermo-sensitive ink erases cleanly after drying.
  • Textured grip is nice to handle.
  • A set comes with 12 pens.

10. imSTONE Erasable Pen-Blue

The last item on our list is this sleek-looking pen that provides an ultra-smooth writing experience.

With this pen in hand, you instantly stand out of the crowd. It comes in a single blue color, but you can also choose the black color as per your preference.

As long as you are writing or sketching, the ink will continue to glide on the paper to give that silky smoothness. The pen lets you annotate anything you want without the fear of mistakes.

If you have done anything wrong with this pen, that must be losing the pen cap. The pen tip isn't retractable, so you need to open and close the cap frequently. The eraser stud is placed on the pen cap to help you erase ink smoothly.

The ink is heat-sensitive. So, you can either erase it by rubbing with the eraser provided or heating the ink with something else. As the ink gets invisible after heating, you will see no sign of ink on paper once it is erased.

All in all, it's a lovely pen to use at schools and colleges, offices or homes with less fear of mistake and great interest in writing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a single color, so you don't need to buy a full set if you need one color only.
  • The smooth progression of the ink makes your writing faster.
  • Mistakes can be handled easily with the built-in eraser on the pen cap.
  • Looks great with its vivid color and has some serious character.

Comparison Table of Erasable Pens

Product Name

Ink Technology

Tip Size


PILOT FriXion Clicker

Frinctional Heat



Paper Mate 3163558PP

Frictional Heat



ParKoo Retractable

Frictional Heat



Vanstek 15 Colors

Frictional Heat



BBLIKE 12-Pack

Frictional Heat



TANMIT Retractable

Frictional Heat



Lineon Retractable

Frictional Heat



Erasable and Cute Kawaii

Frictional Heat



BIC Gel-ocity Illusion

Frictional Heat



imSTONE Erasable

Frictional Heat



Erasable Pens Buying Guide

Erasable Pens Buying Guide

Knowing how to choose the best erasable pens is crucial. Several factors decide the quality of a good erasable pen. This section focuses on those factors that you need to consider while buying an erasable pen.

Thickness Of The Tip

Depending on what you are using the pen for, the thickness might vary. You will usually find most of the erasable pens to the tip from 0.5mm to 1mm.

The smaller the tip, the thinner the line would be. If you are using pens for writing plain text, then the thinner tips are perfect.

But if you are willing to do a lot of annotation, thicker tips might help as they draw bold lines. But remember, bold lines can be harder to erase than the thinner ones.

Eraser Performance

Erasable pens are made with different technologies. But the most common is to use a heat-sensitive, pigment-based ink that vanishes when heated.

This way, you can simply erase the text by rubbing the eraser with the ink. This produces frictional heat, and the ink gets disappeared.

But if the ink isn't pigment-based, you might face a hard time erasing the ink. This will produce a lot of debris while erasing. So, using the latest heat-sensitive pens give the best erasing performance.


No matter how good the ink or eraser is, if you can't write smoothly with a pen, that isn't the right choice. Simple as that. A quality erasable pen will allow you to write effortlessly, even when you are writing very fast.


Though many people don't bother about the color options, many might need different colored pens.

A set of color pens gives you an edge while annotating or taking notes. You can use different colors to highlight different areas of your text.


It is a very handy feature that you should have in your pen. In retractable pens, you can retract the nib just by pressing a single key. It diminishes the chance of losing the pen cap, which often becomes a headache.

Types Of Erasable Technology

With the advancement of technology, we have got these erasable pens that can be used without the fear of mistake or slowing down the writing. But all the erasable pens don't work based on the same principle.

Here is a short overview of the technologies mostly used in erasable pens. Have a closer look.

Frictional Heat

This is the most commonly used technology to make erasable pens. The ink used here is heat-sensitive.

It means they can change their chemical state based on the heat they are exposed to. For example, most of these heat-sensitive inks get invisible at more than 60 degrees Celsius.

To get the color back to visible, you might need to cool it down to -20 degrees Celsius. This type of ink erases so smoothly that you might feel there was no ink at all.

Ink Bleach

Using ink bleach is another way to remove pigment-based inks from the paper. This way, a special chemical called ink bleach is applied to the text you want to erase.

The bleach reacts chemically with the ink, and the ink gets erased. This is also a good way to erase the ink as it leaves no smear on the paper.

Rub-off Ink

This ink can't be erased chemically. They form a layer of film-like substance on the paper where you write. If you want to erase these inks, you need to rub the text with an eraser used in pencils.

Rubbing the ink with the eraser will break down the dried ink film, and you will see ink or eraser shavings on the paper.

Types Of Erasable Pens

Though we commonly use erasable gel pens in our everyday life, many other pens are also used for different purposes. Let's know which pen is for what.

Gel Pens

This type of pen is regularly used in our day-to-day life for writing, doodling, sketching, etc. These are less expensive, smoother to write, and easy to erase. Some of them might use heat-sensitive ink, while some others might use rub-off ink.

Usually, gel pens contain smaller-sized tips for fine lines. It also reduces the friction of the tip to the paper to give you a smooth writing experience.


Markers are generally used where you need a larger tip size. With their felt tips, the ink flow is awesome, and you can use markers for writing and drawing alike.

Markers also use the erasable technologies mentioned above. They also come in a great variety of colors. So, if you love doodling, erasable markers can be a good choice regardless of your level.


Highlighters are mostly used to notate any information on any document. They are usually of bright colors, but you can also choose pale colors if you like so.

Highlighters also use erasable inks that can either be erased by frictional heat or rubbing off with an eraser.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs On erasable pen

How does an erasable pen work?

Erasable pens work based on different technologies like frictional heat, ink bleach, or rub-off ink.

To be exact, these types of inks get invisible after the chemical reaction with the eraser. But the ink will still be there and can be visible again if proper conditions are met.

Can I erase these inks anytime?

Unfortunately, you can't. Though they are called erasable, they will hold this property for a few hours. Once this period is over, they will act like regular inks.

How to make erasable inks reappear?

If you have erased something written with erasable pens and want it back, cool down the ink to -20 degrees Celsius, and you will find it reappear on the page.

Can Acetone remove ink stain?

Technically, yes. Acetone is used in nail polish removers. So, if you have any ink mark that needs to be removed, simply take a cotton bud dipped in Acetone and rub the ink with it. This way, you can even remove the regular inks.

Final Word

The evolution of pen and ink technology has brought us to the civilization we live in today. The ultimate creativity of mankind has been being expressed through pen and paper.

From writing daily to-do lists to signing multi-million-dollar agreements, pens always have been our trusted friend.

With the advancement in technology, pens are being more functional and effective in terms of writing experience, comfort, durability, and others.

This was a small effort to present you with some of the best erasable pens available out there to meet your artistic cravings.


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