Best Embroidery Pen Reviews – Top 6 Recommendation for 2023

Embroidery pens are making their way to the pinnacle these days, while people are not using needles that much to create an amazing design on fabric.

However, as amazing as they seem, not every one of them can offer you high-end quality.

It’s pretty obvious that you’ll want the best embroidery pen to create the design you’ve been having inside your mind. Well, that’s what we’re about to tell you about.

We’re reviewing the top 6 embroidery pens that are running hot in the market right now. So, what are you waiting for?

It's time to hit the reviews and take your pick.



Quantity of Needles/Pens

Editor's Rating


Yarniss Magic Punch Embroidery Pen


5 out of 5

WILLBOND Wooden Handle Sewing Pens


5 out of 5

Zhanmai Adjustable Pens


4.5 out of 5

Diamond Painting Tools from Decsun


4 out of 5

Febsnow 5D Embroidery Art Tool


4.5 out of 5

6 Best Embroidery Pen Reviews

You are just one step away from knowing every little thing about our 6 favorite embroidery pens. This might be your lucky day, so don’t miss any part of this writing.

1. Yarniss Magic Punch Embroidery Pen

The very first pick is from Yarniss’s upgraded edition of the punching embroidery needle that will boost up your crafting production just after you lock the needles by tightening up the screw on the dial.

The ergonomic design of this pack includes 3 unique sizes of the needle, including 1.6 mm, 1.3 mm, and 2.2 mm.

The stainless steel material, along with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handle, make the punch needle durable and much convenient. 8 meters (26ft) long threads come in 50 striking colors to meet up all your needs.

Almost all ages of people can craft and design various things within no time by using this punch needle kit, such as clothing, rugs, wall hanging, pillows, ornaments, etc.

Thankfully, it's super-easy to use, and there is no need to apply any professional techniques to make the job done.

With its assistance, you can transform almost every textile item with words, lovely flowers, patterns, and clothes.

And guess what?

You’re going to get tons of different accessories, including a yarn scissor, 8-inch bamboo hoop, a marker pen, thread organizer, storage box, user manual, and a lot more.

Highlighted Features

  • The needle comes in 3 unique sizes to choose from
  • Offers 50 outstanding colors
  • Sturdy build quality for stainless steel and thermoplastic rubber handle
  • Ease of use and transforms textile items with flowers, cloths, and patterns
  • Provides lots of different accessories to meet users’ requirements

2. Wooden Handle Sewing Pens from WILLBOND

The second embroidery pen from WILLBOND is a wonderful choice for beginners due to its quick and easy crafting attributes. You just need to yarn through the top of the punch needle. Once done, make sure the yarn goes though the needle’s hole. It’s good to go.

Now, the advantage of this relatively large diameter needle is that it's suitable for 3 mm thick lines in the softer and lighter fabrics, but not for the lines that are too thick and thin. These are mostly used for domestic use in the pillows, DIY arts, curtains, and also in decorating clothes.

When you're sewing with these smooth and round brass-made pins along with the wooden handle, the friction between the cloth and needle has no chance to occur. This is more convenient as it is quite powerful and durable in terms of sewing.

For an easy and comfortable grip and control, this needle handle equips a “wavy contoured shape.” Also, the natural wooden color makes a fresh mood for knitting.

These needles come in two variations; 4 sets and 2 sets. Both of the set includes 5mm (0.2 inches) pinhead diameter and 3mm (0.12 inches) approximate pinhole diameter.

Highlighted Features

  • The large-sized wooden needle suits 3mm thicker lines
  • Round brass-made pins are relatively smoother and ensure less friction
  • Wavy countered shape makes the handle more convenient and comfortable
  • Ideal for domestic usage, DIY arts, pillows, curtains, and decorating clothes
  • 3mm and 5mm pinheads fit perfectly with yarn
  • Comes in two variations, including 2 and 4 sets

3. Zhanmai Adjustable Embroidery Pens

Are you having a hard time adjusting the stitch correctly? If so, then the super-effective pen from Zhanmai is what you need to purchase. The name speaks for itself; it’s known as “adjustable pen,” enabling you to complete your stitching task without much effort!

The pack has a diameter of the pinhead of about 5mm (0.2 inches) and a pinhole of 3mm (0.12 inches). The thing to be noted – you’ll have to pay attention to the size of your product before purchasing since it’s measured manually.

These pens are actually designed for the users that supply crafts for embroidery clubs, craft classrooms, or homes, which suit the yarn but not the threads.

Like our earlier model, the pinhole it comes with is great for lightweight and softer fabrics. Alongside it, you should keep it away from applying it on those fabrics which are extremely thicker or thinner, bear in mind!

You’re getting two pieces of exquisite pens which you can adjust according to your needs. And guess what?

Users will be capable of adjusting the lengths as well by four sizes, including 34mm, 24mm, 43mm, and 53mm.

Needless to say, the pens are ideal for crafting works, embroidery works, flax, and loose cotton. But unfortunately, it’s not friendly with fine cotton fabric.

The handle of these pens is made of premium-quality plastic, and the pinhead is equipped with brass-made material to minimize friction between the cloths and the needle. Thus, it makes sure of durability and flexibility at the same time.

Highlighted Features

  • The model equips 5mm and 3mm pinheads (manually measured)
  • Adjustable length with 4 different sizes – 24mm, 43mm, 34mm, 53mm
  • High-quality plastic handle with brass made material
  • Compatible with embroidery work, flax, loose fabrics, crafting projects, etc.
  • Much easier to use and suits softer fabrics most

4. Diamond Painting Tools from Decsun

Well, now it’s time to show you something unique, guess what? We’re presenting diamond painting tools from Decsun, designed particularly for your loving kid. With its assistance, you can definitely take his/her creativity to a whole new level!

Even you also can spend some good time with your child by creating a number of super-duper pictures through these efficient kits.

You’re getting 3 pieces of drill pens in total. These are packed with three exquisite colors, and most importantly, the “glistening appearance” design makes them stand out from the crowd!

The soft color it comes with delivers a good move while you’re doing the diamond painting for hours and hours.

Its gripping area is much comfortable, enabling you to make your job done without dealing with finger pains.

Besides, the lightweight structure makes them a cinch in terms of fast drilling; these are quicker than the typical point drill pens out there. Consequently, you can accomplish your project too soon and save valuable time.

As for compatibility, the drill pens are suitable for square drills, crystal drills, round drills, glass drills, and cross-stitch embroidery (diamond painting).

Highlighted Features

  • The set provides 3 pieces of diamond drilling pens
  • Comes in vibrant colors with a unique glistening appearance
  • Lightweight and soft gripping area makes the diamond drilling a breeze
  • Friendly with crystal drills, glass drills, cross-stitch embroidery, etc.

5. Febsnow 5D Embroidery Art Tool

If you want to create some vivid images through stitching but unable to perform it perfectly with embroidery pens, this “easy-to-use” diamond painting kit is here to fill your cup!

It’s a great embroidery art tool packed with a total of eight different diamond pens.

There are multiple styles available of these pens in which four basic styles include 1,3,6,9 diamond in one row. A diamond corrector is attached in one of the upgrades of the pen.

Compared to the typical ones, these are very easy to use because of the universal drill pens used in DIY painting glue clay.

Poking the point on the clay is a good idea to attach the layer so that you can begin your drilling operation in the best way possible.

We’re pretty sure you can do it yourself with ease by just following the user manual. When it comes to the build quality, the 5D pen is built with environment-friendly metal and plastic to protect your health as well as support the drilling project.

Highlighted Features

  • 8 different diamond drilling pens with several styles
  • 5D pens are made of sturdy metal and environment-friendly plastic
  • Universal drill pens are comparatively easy to use
  • Comes in semi-transparent pink color

6. PERTTY Embroidery Pen Set

Still looking for the best embroidery pen? We’re just going to conclude the list with the PERTTY Embroidery Pen Set. It gets a heap of different accessories to let you perform the “stitching task” more professionally, including punch needles, needle threaders, scissors, user manual, and A LOT MORE.

Additionally, the manufacturer includes 2 butterfly-embroidered patterns for the icing on the cake. With its assistance, you can make your artwork more aesthetic and prominent.

The kit gets ABS plastic material in order to make sure of a comfortable handle. It's easy to hold, suits the palm perfectly, and, yes, reduces the possibility of hand fatigue while stitching!

In total, you’re getting three different sizes of the needles, including medium, small, and large. On top of that, these are interchangeable by just adjusting the top of the length.

Whether you’re performing satin stitch, backstitch, loop, or anything else, the whole task will be done within a short period.

And thankfully, the kit suits almost every type of clothes, making it suitable for multiple applications.

Highlighted Features

  • ABS plastic material makes the handle much comfortable
  • Needles come in 3 sizes; small, medium, and large
  • 50 color threads, a user manual, and a lot more accessories are included
  • Designed for satin stitch, loop, backstitch, etc.
  • You can adjust the needle’s length in the way you want

Embroidery Pen Buying Guide

Embroidery Pen Buying Guide

After giving a complete read on the embroidery pen reviews, your mind gets confused in terms of choosing the specific one, right?

No need to be worried, we have got you covered! This buyer’s guide we’ve made is loaded with some of the core factors that you all should consider, for which you can pick up the perfect embroidery pen with ease.

Sit tight, and let's get started!


Sounds strange?

We don’t think so! Always make sure that the embroidery pen should be easy to use even if you are a pro in the world of stitching.

If you’re a beginner or just wondering about learning the basics, having a user-friendly embroidery set is a MUST. Or else, you’ll lose interest in working.


Before purchasing anything, it’s necessary to see how many accessories you’re going to get with your item, especially when it comes to buying an embroidery pen.

Having lots of tools on a single set can help you to keep yourself away from spending extras.

Usually, many kits come with a number of accessories – such as threads, needles, measurement tapes, scissors, and so on. It’s even better to get a complete package instead of buying them separately.

Build Quality

Durability matters when we talk about having pens, doesn’t matter whether you’re going to do embroidery works or even diamond painting.

ABS plastic, brass, stainless steel, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) – these are some of the most popular and effective materials for manufacturing diamond drill pens and embroidery needles.

Needle Size

Never forget to consider the size of your pen before making a final purchase. These days, the current market has got over thousands of different sizes of needles with different styles. So, determine the one that is ideal for your specific projects.

Comfortable Handle

Alongside the durability, you should pay attention to the level of comfort, which means the needle you’re going to have should be equipped with a comfy gripping area.

Why? Because it helps you keep on your stitching task smoothly, and that too without ending up with finger fatigue.


The range of price depends on the product you’re going to get. Some of the embroidery pens out there are packed with a fair price tag yet offer ultimate longevity. If you’re unable to break your bank, having such types of kits will be the best decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fabric is ideal for sticking through an embroidery pen?

Before beginning your stitching task, make sure to know if the fabric you’ve picked is compatible with your pen or not.

Most needles suit thick fabrics, for example – satin, linen, denim, and canvas. A few models are friendly with all types of fabric, but these will cost a bomb!

Is it really tough to use an embroidery needle?

Frankly speaking, a couple of models are a wee bit tough to use due to their complex accessories and kits.

But fortunately, most of the models we’ve picked are very easy to use. Anyone can use them even without knowing professional techniques.

What should I do if the pinhead of my needle breaks?

The answer is pretty simple, you’ll have to replace it straight away for the next uses. But if that pinhead isn’t available in your nearest shops, then you’ll have to spend your money on a new embroidery pen.

Which one is the best embroidery pen for beginners?

According to our research, the Wooden Handle Sewing Pens from WILLBOND is, hands down, the best option for beginners. Thanks to its large size with a wavy contoured shape, making the stitching as easy as child’s play!

Is an embroidery pen more efficient than traditional needles?

In some cases, yes, it’s more efficient. An embroidery pen delivers some unique advantages that you can’t get from traditional needles.

But we think you should choose the one depending on your needs and convenience. After all, the ball is in your court!

Final Words

So that concludes our review, and we think you've already chosen the best embroidery pen for yourself. Each of these pens has got its own uniqueness. So, no matter which one you’re going to choose, you’ll win for sure.


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