7 Best Circle Cutter for Paper and Fabric: Reviews 2023

Recreating the perfect circle can be a tricky task. You can produce any shape with a ruler and a pair of scissors. But, when it comes to a circle, things can turn very erratic.

Of course, you can trace a perfect circle, but cutting it off from the material can rarely replicate an ideal circle. Thus, the possession of a circle cutter is crucial for any craftsmen.

There are abundant round cutters in the market. But, the problem is not every product is a lifesaver.

Some cutters will compel you to ask yourself, "Why didn't I buy one before?". On the contrary, a few will leave you puzzled, confused, and on your knees.

Worried? Don't be. Here, we bring you a roundup review of the best circle cutter available. So, let's check out the cutters that ensure unlimited perfect circles with ease, confidence and, fun.



Editor's Rating


OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter

5 out of 5

OLFA 9911 CMP-1 Compass Circle Cutter

5 out of 5

Fiskars 193800-1001 Circle Cutter

4.5 out of 5

General Tools 55 Heavy Duty Circle Cutter

4 out of 5

NT Cutter h1310508

4.5 out of 5

Top 7 Best Circle Cutter Reviews in 2023

We considered individual traits and specials features of each model and how each feature will serve you. These products are the finest ones from the industry and the most positively reviewed.

Here goes the list of the seven best circle cutters available in the market to give you impeccable circles from any materials.

1. OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter

To kick things off, we present to you a very deft unit from OLFA.

We are calling it a "deft" unit because it comes with a brilliant patented ratchet handle. The ratchet handles aids in lining up your hand and wrist.

The perfect lining up makes sure the cutting is clean and effortless and has zero resistance in your movement.

Additionally, the unique ratchet handle makes sure your hands can work without the risk of fatigue in your wrist. If you have a lot of circles to cut, then this is the unit you can blindly splash your money on.

Another excellent feature is that it comes with a comprehensive sense of safety. There are covers with the blades and guards with the spikes. The manufacturers made sure it is super safe for both adults and non-adults.

This cutter is very robust. It can be used to cut from papers to your stiff denims as well. All in all, a versatile and efficient unit. It is no surprise why this unit comes from the leading brand in the industry.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cut circles ranging from 1-1/2" to 8-3/4".
  • Comes with a unique handle that reduces wrist fatigue and eases cutting.
  • Includes blade covers so no risk of harm/injury from exposed blades.
  • Features a fitting OFLA 18mm rotary blade for prompt cutting.

2. OLFA 9911 CMP-1 Compass Scrapbook Circle Cutter

Another outstanding model from the renowned market leaders. However, this one is suited for a different playing field.

9911 is dedicated to your neat home projects. This model is ideal for cutting materials that are not sturdy or robust but instead require light interactions and delicate touches. You can cut paper, film, acetates, cardboard, etc.

It is worth pointing out that this model can only work only between 1/2" and 6". It has a relatively smaller range compared to the other products in the market. If you need a broader range, then steer clear from this one.

Its element of reinforcement is excellent. This unit includes six sets of original OFLA blades. In other words, you don't need to stop your work if the edges weary out.

If you love making DIYs/art projects and don't need to produce large circles, then definitely get this one.

Also, it comes cheaper than the previous model, adds that "delicacy" factor in your project, and undoubtedly the best circle cutter for paper.

Highlighted Features:

  • A cutter dedicated to home applications, origamis, DIYs, and craft projects.
  • Creates circle up to 6".
  • Includes six sets of OFLA blades.
  • Comes with blade covers, making it safe for everyone.

3. Fiskars 193800-1001 Circle Cutter

When it comes to circle cutters, the inconvenience of paper slips is widespread. Paper slipping ruins the cut's precision, and eventually, the user needs to start from scratch. This wastes both paper and money.

This unit, from Fiskars, offers lifesaving or, even better, paper saving set of gripper located on its foot.

The gripper allows extra pinning down of the paper while cutting. This prevents the paper from slipping, and you get perfect circles in one single go.

It includes a clear base and needlepoint feature. This impressive feature makes sure it leaves no mark on your circle. Usually, you will always leave a tiny mark on the paper's middle when you use a circle cutter.

This small dot causes visual distraction in some cases and imperfection on the circle. If you want to achieve perfection in your circles, we suggest you get this one.

Lastly, it has no preset increments in the measurement scale. Having no preset allows you to experiment and get the best shape for your craft. This is a delight for those who want zero restriction and willing to try out different sizes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cuts circles ranging from 1" to 8".
  • Features a useful gripper that holds the cutting material preventing slipping and eases cutting.
  • Comes with a base and needle point feature ensuring that the tool leaves no mark in the circle.
  • No preset, giving you fluidity and luxury to create any size you want.

4. General Tools 55 Heavy Duty Circle Cutter

Up next, a cutter for the professionals. Heavy duty circle cutter is the most vigorous cutter in the market.

It can carry out extremely smooth cutting in even the toughest of materials such as wood, composite, acrylic, or even sheets of metals. If you want hardcore cutting, then this is the tool for you.

It features a body made of steel. The steel body improves the cutting performance. You no longer need to worry about the cutter being off-balanced. Long story short, say hello to faster cutting and measurements.

Another element that impressed us was the hex wrench. The wrench helps you to make adjustments to it real quick. It lets you change the diameter in the blink of an eye, adding to professionalism.

If cutters were superheroes, this cutter would be Superman. It does a tremendous job, is extremely professional, and cuts through almost anything (like Superman can with his laser beams). The fact that its body is made of steel makes more sense!

Highlighted Features:

  • Dedicated for professional use, making 1-3/4 to 7-7/8 inch diameter circles.
  • Can cut through wood, composite, metal, soft steel, etc.
  • Incredible steel body that helps you to add force in cutting almost anything.
  • Includes a hex wrench that makes adjustments prompt and easy.

5. NT Cutter h1310508

This unit can be best described as "Jack of all trades."

For starters, its rotation of the hands is very swift. You will face almost no friction while shifting the hands of the cutter. This makes using it a piece of cake. You almost need no practice when using it.

It comes with a rubber gripper. The rubber gripper enhances the tool's ability to hold the material down.

This will prevent slipping and make cutting more comfortable and reliable. Long story short, get perfect circles in an instant and goodbye to paper wastage.

Additionally, this is the best circle cutter for leather products. The cutter gives clean cuts on leathers.

You can make large leather circles without worrying about any mark left in the middle of the leather. The leather circle stays intact and fresh.

Lastly, this cutter allows you to make circles less than 1". This tiny and useful range is probably the x-factor that separates it from other cutters.

This incredible small range is something you cannot find in other cutters. It can produce extra small circles and easily makes the case of being a quality scrapbook circle cutter.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cuts circles that are less than 1".
  • Rubber grip that holds the paper down to prevent slipping.
  • Rotating the hands is easy and smooth.
  • Includes four extra blades.

6. Martha Stewart Crafts Large

One single motto that can unify almost all human beings under one unified umbrella – THE BIGGER, THE BETTER!

Size is the primary reason Martha made the sixth position on our list. This model comes with an excellent diameter range. Get untamed ranges of circles from 4-inch to 12-inch in diameter with this brilliant cutter.

But hold on, there is more!

This unit is equipped with a double-sided blade that allows frictionless movement in cutting without having regard to direction.

You can cut clockwise or anti-clockwise smoothly without having to worry about coherence in the circle. Cut how your mind wants to cut.

Moreover, the increments are tiny. Small increments allow you to adjust and create extremely meticulous circles. There is a soft-grip handle so that you can do a lot of cutting without making your fingers sore.

Lastly, there is also the element of safety in this model as the cherry on the top. When not in use, the sharp blades reside in the docks located at the cutter's base.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can make circles ranging from 4-inch to 12-inch in diameter.
  • 1/8th increment to make super detailed circles.
  • It comes with a soft-grip handle that prevents your hand from getting sore.
  • Includes three replacement blades.

7.  TrueCut 360.

We chose this unit because it is the perfect unit for cutting fabrics.

It features an innovative design that makes sure the cloth you operate on does not get twisted, brunched, or anything that might ruin it. It also makes sure there is no mark on your precious circle.

Additionally, it also features a locking center point on the base. This locking enhances the process of making clean-cuts and produces impeccable circles for you to work with.

The range is impressive. It offers a diameter from two inches to twelve inches, making sure you get done almost all kinds of work around the house.

Lastly, it is very light, being only 0.32 ounces. This superb lightness makes it ideal for casual uses and home applications. Being more lightweight means more comfortable usage for you.

Overall, it's the best circle cutter for fabric available for it's fantastic features. It has a pretty standard range and very lightweight. If you work with textiles at home, it is an excellent decision to have this tool in your drawer.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers the user an innovative design that prevents fabrics from twisting or wrinkling.
  • Can produce 2"-12" diameter circles.
  • Includes two extra blades.
  • Extremely lightweight, making it portable and useful for frequent, casual uses at home.

Comparision Chart of Circle Cutter


Weight (in ounces)

Range/Size of Circle (dimeter)

Blade cover/Protection from blade

Comes with included extra blades

Number of blades

OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter


1-1/2” to 8-3/4”




OLFA 9911 CMP-1


Up to 6”




Fiskars 193800-1001


1” to 8”




General Tools 55 Heavy Duty


4” 6” 7-7/8”




NT Cutter


1” – 8”




Martha Stewart Crafts


4” – 12”




TrueCut 360


2” – 12”




How To Choose The Circle Cutter: A Few Pointers

Circle Cutter buying Guide

Our list contains the top-notch round paper cutters from the industry. However, if you are still not convinced and want to take things into your hand, you are welcome.

In that case, we recommend you quickly go through this buying guide to know everything you need to know about circle cutters. This guide will provide valuable insight that you need to make the perfect purchase.


There are a lot of circle paper cutter tools in the market, each having a different diameter. The diameter typically ranges from less than 1-12 inches. The price is proportional to the range.

What range will cater to your needs will depend on you and your project.

But, our recommendation will be not to overbuy. If you don't need bigger circles, then why pay extra money for a more extensive range? Figure out what you need and then buy accordingly.

The Measurement Scale

Measurements are the soul of any project. You want accuracy in every measure.

That is why we highly recommend checking the scale when you are buying a cutter. Make sure the markings are crystal clear. You don't want vague or hazy markings that will make your life difficult.

Also, keep an eye on the increments of the scale.

Blade Cover/Docking

This is very important.

We recommend you buy cutters that come with blade covers or something that hides the blade. Remember that these blades are very sharp, and exposed blades can be very hazardous.

If you are buying a cutter for home applications and frequent and casual use, purchase one that comes with a cover.


This is something not commonly seen in the cutters.

A gripper is rubber anatomy that is located on the bottom of the cutter. This acts as a measure of cohesiveness and grips your paper.

Being firmly held down, it gives stability and firmness to the material you are going to cut. As a result, the material doesn't slip, and you get perfect circles in one go without waste.

Making perfect circles take a lot of practice and paper slipping makes it even harder. Honestly, it is quite a skillful task and having your paper pin down makes it easy.

There aren't a lot of cutters that come with grippers. We highly recommend you buy one with a gripper to make your life a little bit easier, especially if you are working with fabrics.

Clear Base and needle point Feature

When you use a cutter to produce circles, you pin down the tool in the material. While the cutter gives impeccable circles, the pinning down leaves a very tiny dot on the circle.

Under normal circumstances, this isn't a big deal!

However, if you are making paper origamis or circles from clothes, then the tiny point can cause visual discomfort.

Some cutters feature something called "Clear Base and needle point." This makes sure there are no spots in the circle, giving you a visually fresh look.

If you want a perfect circle, in both shape and display, then consider buying one with this feature.

Backup Blades

Cutters come with extra blades in 2-6 pieces. In our experience, most users still use the original blade that came with the tool. Like, we said the edges are sharp, reliable, and long-lasting.

However, it doesn't hurt to have a few extras under your sleeves. The point to note down is how many extras you want. We recommend getting three extras.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs On Circle Cutter

How to change the circle size on the cutter?

You'll notice there is a locking wheel on the tool. To alter the size, turn the wheel clockwise, and you'll see the cutting arm is getting less rigid now and moves more freely.

After it moves freely, select your desired size and readjust the wheel like before to lock in the arm.

Your circles are not perfect. Is the tool not working, or is it you?

It is completely fine being unable to make perfect circles on the go. No matter how good a cutter you buy, producing the shape with one shot also takes your skill into account.

We recommend you practice on a spare sheet or scrap paper a couple of times to get it going.

How to stop the material you are cutting from spinning?

You can apply tapes to it to prevent it from spinning, moving, or slipping. Any movement in the cutting material will produce uneven shapes.

We also recommend you check into our list and pick one with a gripper. A gripper helps to pin down the material and stops it from spinning.

Final Words

No matter what material it is, creating the perfect circle is never a walk in the park. Having said that, if you were with us so far, we believe now you know everything there is to know about circle cutters in the current market.

We hope you found our list of best circle cutter worthwhile, insightful, and helpful. Now, you are truly capable of buying the exact cutter that you need.

Good luck making those beautiful circles!


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