How To Iron Silk with Wrinkles Removing Tips in 2023

Silk has always been a signature for both sophistication and extravagance. From the ancient times to modern events, we have observed its dominance everywhere.

Besides, it provides a comfort level like no other. But what if you see wrinkles forming frequently on your favorite silk garments?

There are a number of easy ways to get rid of these wrinkles!

One of the most effective ones among them is ironing. You may ask what is the best way to ironing silk? Let us tell you all about it!

How To Iron Silk Fabric: The Four Steps

1. Wash The Fabric

Ironing a dirty piece of clothing is never a good idea unless you want the dirt particles to stay stuck on its surface.

For the same reason, we need to begin the process of ironing a silk clothing by washing it well. We recommend washing by hand instead of a machine in order to protect its delicate structure.

You can do this in a sink or use a bucket of water. Wet the piece of silk clothing with this water. Mix in a little bit of mild detergent and gently rub the fabric in this water. This will get rid of the stains effectively and efficiently.

Now let the cloth soak for about five minutes. Then proceed to rinse it under fresh lukewarm water.

When the bubbles stop appearing, get rid of the excess water by squeezing the fabric. However, remember to not wring it which may cause tear or stretch.

In order to remove any remaining wetness, use a thick towel to wrap up the fabric. If you want to skip this whole washing step for some reason, you can spray water all over the cloth’s surface. This will result in a similar damp effect through a much faster process.

2. Prepare The Iron

Now it’s time to see if the iron is prepared to take on the heat! Check if its plate is cleaned up for the job ahead.

A. Clean Surface

In case it has dirty residue or stains left, clean it up quickly with a simple paste. You will need to put two tablespoons of baking soda in one tablespoon of water to make the paste. Cover up the stains or dirty areas with this paste. Then gently scrub it and wipe off to finish the cleanup.

B. Temperature Setting

Now that the iron is clean itself, it can proceed to make your clean cloth smooth and presentable. Plug it into a socket close to your ironing stand or table.

If your iron comes with a silk setting, choose it for this session. For other irons, set the temperature at the lowest available option. Now leave it for about five minutes until the iron plate heats up enough.

C. Cotton Sheet

Set up the ironing board on a stand or a table. Now cover it with a clean cotton sheet which will protect your silk fabric from catching colors left by other ironed clothes. It is best to choose white color and pure cotton for this purpose.

3. Focus on Steam

A. Inside Out

Usually, the silk fabric has a front surface which gives out the main glaze and a back surface which is comparatively more matte. Remember to never press the hot iron on the front shiny surface. Always turn the cloth inside out so that the matte surface faces the heat.

B. Press Over Drag

By ironing people usually mean dragging the hot blade over certain areas of a fabric. However, ironing silk properly means to focus on pressing those areas instead of dragging.

Try to keep the back-and-forth movements to a minimum so that the delicate silk structure stays intact in all its glory.

It is better to gently press one area of silk, lift it up and then do the same on the next part. Of course, you will need to press it well and long enough to make the wrinkles disappear.

However, this time cannot be too long since it can burn the fabric. Leave some time to cool down between pressing two consecutive parts.

C. Part By Part

Instead of covering the whole area at once, go part by part on the fabric. This may take a little longer than the alternative but the result will also be way more impressive. Apply the iron heat on one section, keep it down for a few seconds and then move on to the next one.

4. Post-Ironing Measures

When you are done with ironing the fabric, spread it over the hanger. Since you began ironing it when the fabric was reasonably damp, you will need to cool it down before wearing or storing the dress. So let it stay on the hanger for at least a few minutes to get ready for the day.

Tips And Cautions on Ironing Silk

Less is More

When it comes to deciding the temperature of your ironing device for a silk clothing, remember to always go for the least option. 

While it may seem counterintuitive to expose the wrinkled surface to only a little bit of heat, this is important in order to prevent the fabric from turning yellow.

Handling Gently

Ironing silk produces the best results when you hand wash it and then get rid of the excess water through gentle squeeze. Never bring it under rough twists which can ruin its durability. Wringing such a delicate fabric can break its threads leading to possible wear and tear.

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Start From Left

This may sound bizarre to you at first but as soon as you place the fabric on the ironing board, you will know what we are talking about. After turning the clothing inside out, you need to spread the matte surface on the table.

Once your iron blade is hot enough, start pressing it from the left side with your right hand. At the same time, use the other hand to keep the fabric in place and maintain the overall balance. This will make the whole position easier to work with throughout the process.

Safety From Water Spots

Since damp surface is easier and more effective for ironing, some people often spray the fabric prior to this task. However, this can unfortunately lead to water spots on the sprayed portions.

So we recommend to take some time out and hand wash the fabric instead for a fresh spotless silky result.

Proper Storage

Once you are done with ironing the silk fabric, proceed to store it properly to prevent wrinkles in the future. One way to do this is hanging the garment in a dry and cool place. You shouldn’t fold it during storage since that can lead to creases.

However, if you must keep it stored away for a long time, do so by keeping it in a cloth bag made of breathable fabric.

The alternative plastic ones tend to lock in moisture which can harm it. Make sure the place is away from sunlight which can discolor and weaken the fabric.

Other Ways To Remove Wrinkles From Silk

If getting wrinkles out of your silk fabric is the main motive, there are other ways to achieve it rather than ironing! Let’s explore the two most popular options for getting the perfect crease-free silk garment.


Steam is available almost everywhere which makes it a common choice to apply on wrinkled fabrics. To do this, you need to first hang up the garment in a bathroom or a space where steam can be applied. You can use the door, hook or towel rack in the shower space for this.

Ensure that there is space behind the silk fabric so that the steam doesn’t attach it to the wall or door. Now close the door and turn on the hot shower for about five minutes.

This will trap the steam inside which the fabric can utilize. Then transfer the fabric to your closet and hang it there to dry up overnight.

If the atmosphere in your space is already hot, just take the garment outside and leave it in the sunlight for a few hours.

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Hair Dryer

Turn the garment inside out so that it is protected from the dryer’s heat. Now hang it up on a hook, hanger, towel rack or the curtain rod of your shower. Fill up a spraying bottle with some lukewarm water and then sprinkle it on the wrinkled areas.

Prepare the hair dryer by turning it on and selecting the lowest setting available there. Aim its nozzle to the dampened wrinkled areas while moving it back and forth.

If there are only a few wrinkled spots on the garment, you can minimize the task by just dampening those spots and using a hair dryer on them.


Now that you know how to iron silk garments, all the tips and tricks to get rid of the wrinkles on your favorite silk garments, you can begin flaunting them again like they’re brand new!

Attend all the upcoming events with panache wearing the best of your closet. Every portion of your silk dress can now shine bright without the shade of wrinkles interrupting their charm.


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