6 Best Silicone for Mold Making | Reviews 2023

Back in our teenage years, having a sturdy silicone mold to create fancy (or so we thought) and chic jewelry was all the rage. But over the years, we realized how useless an over-hardened silicone mold can be.

However, many expensive molds still lack that knack for flexibility and just the right softness – therefore giving rise to stiff, overbaked, and excessively toughened DIY creations.

But that won’t be the case with the reviewed products here on this article! To give you your money’s worth, our top picks of the best silicone for mold making have been carefully researched and evaluated.

Maybe by the end of this review, you will find the perfect-textured frame for your next masterpiece. So, let’s waste no more time, and get right to it!



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Smooth-On Silicone Mold Making

5 out of 5

LET'S RESIN Silicone Mold Making Kit

5 out of 5

ilicone Plastique - DIY Silicone

4.5 out of 5

Silicone Mold Making Kit – For Art Projects

4 out of 5

Cast-A-Mold Platinum

4.5 out of 5

6 Best Silicone for Mold Making

Time for the reviews, where we will review the best mold making silicone just for you. Be sure to read the highlighted features, too, as that provides the gist.

1. Smooth-On Mold Making Silicone

We start our review section with this silicone liquid rubber from the Smooth-On Store. With its easy-to-use formula, this product is one for the keeping.

Sporting a mixture ratio of 1 to 1, the chemical composition is mixed according to scale and thus comes ready to use.

Equipped with a hardness level of 30, it is quite flexible in terms of rigidity and toughness. This makes it moldable, and we can go as far as saying that it has the flexibility of a rubber band and eraser.

This product is ideal to use at room temperature as well, thanks to its 6 hours cure-time. The best part here is that there is little to no shrinkage experienced in the process.

Thanks to this feature, you can use it with full assurance and know that your work will not be impeded in any way, shape, or form.

Because it has such low stickiness or viscosity, it is very easy and rather fun to mix. It does not coagulate, and thus this prevents it from forming a clog.

You can pour it off easily and make it into molds of 1 or even 2 pieces. Furthermore, due to its low viscosity, no vacuum degassing is even necessary.

Finally, this product is ideal for all types of artwork, and not just on the domestic scale.

Rather, it can be used on the industrial scale as well and can be used to create sculptures, resins, and plasters of the highest quality and grade.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to mix and pour
  • Has low viscosity and thus does not clog
  • Ideal for use indoors and under room temperature
  • Not too flexible, yet not too hard either

2. LET’S RESIN Silicone Mold Making Liquid

LET’S RESIN brings you their premium, and top-quality liquid silicone rubber, made from the highest grade silicone material.

With its wide range of applications, this product is what you need for all your arts and craftworks. This includes candle molds, soaps, casting, and dies.

The silicone used is highly translucent and imparts a non-toxic and odor-free glow, which is complemented by a soft and flexible texture.

If you want a greater and more eloquent option with colors, you are also free to add in some mica powder and create your own vivid details as you see fit.

With a simple and effective mixing ratio of 1:1, it is extremely easy to pour and apply. Moreover, when preparing the solution, you only have to stir and mix for 5 minutes before the concoction is ready.

When applying the mixture, there are no bubbles, and even if there are, the bubbles usually disappear in a matter of 2 hours.

One of the key aspects of this product is that it is quite ideal and highly recommended for beginners who are just learning the nature of crafts and art.

For them, this kit provides the easiest and most fun way to learn and experiment and try out their fancy designs and display their skills.

With no special tools being needed, there is no need to waste money in buying brushes or other fancy equipment either.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to clean up, thus saving you time
  • Can be used for various crafts and projects
  • Does not require degassing using a vacuum, hence the product is low maintenance
  • The uniform mixing ratio makes it easy to prepare

3. Marvelous Molds Silicone Plastique

Being easy to mold and use is certainly a plus point when it comes to liquid silicone. With quick demold time and capable of creating tough molds, this product is what you are looking for.

Because it is mixed in equal parts, all you have to do is stir by hand until a uniform and stable color is achieved. There is no need to buy mixing containers, mold boxes, or degassers.

In 15 minutes, you can get done with applying the mold, and in 60 minutes, demolding can take place.

If you are in a rush, you could consider applying heated air over the surface of the mold to further reduce demold time.

This product has been extensively tested using the highest lab standards. All tests yielded safe results, and no traces of harmful toxins or chemicals have been found.

Moreover, there is also no odor or BPA, meaning that this product is 100% safe for use. Since it is safe to use, you can apply it and use it with a wide range of foodstuff. This includes gelatine, ice candy, brewing, and fondant.

If you are not into food applications, then you will be pleased to know there are also tons of nonfood uses for you to choose from. You can use it for clays, resins, epoxies, and also plaster.

All in all, this product is as versatile as they come, and you should make full use of it.

Highlighted Features

  • Tested for toxic chemicals and branded safe
  • Offers multiple food-based applications, making the product non-hazardous for children
  • Can be used for crafting applications
  • Does not require any apparatus for mixing

4. BBDINO Silicone Mold Making Kit Rubber 30A

Silicone Mold Making Kit Rubber 30A

Coming to our fourth product of the section is the mold-making kit from BBDINO. With 2 bottles in the package, this 2.2 lbs kit will make your work worthwhile.

You’ll find the bottle to be wrapped in tin foil, making it very easy and efficient to use. It also boasts a mixture of 1 to 1, so there is no need to use scales to measure it out.

This product also comes with rather low viscosity. The low viscosity means there is less chance of coagulation, and the application will be much easier.

With a pot life of 50 minutes, you can use this mold-making kit at room temperature to obtain the best possible effect. There is also very little shrinkage, and if you need a faster drying time, just blow hot air over it.

Capable of being used for a wide range of applications, this product is perfect for candle molds, wax, resins, and also edible stuff like candy.

Finally, a shelf life of 1 year ensures that there is no need to rush things, and you can take your time and get to work when you feel like it; no pressure at all!

Highlighted Features

  • Long shelf life and can be used over a longer period
  • Not very sticky, so you don't have to fret over the messiness
  • Comes in an easy to pour bottle
  • Can be used for industrial-type applications

5. Beckly Silicone Mold Making Kit –  For Art Projects

Our penultimate product is the mold-making kit from Beckly. Capable of making your projects fun and interesting, this product adds a new dimension to your work.

The kit comes with 2 compounds made of silicone rubber. These are used to create the required mix and make this product usable.

With very low viscosity, you can easily pour, mix and apply this product as needed. Moreover, no vacuum degassing is needed.

Most molding kits are suitable for only one type of use, but this one takes it a step further. It is customized for both home and industrial use.

For industrial use, you can let your imagination guide you to complete sculptures, artwork, and more. For home use, you can focus on smaller, more personal projects.

When applied at the standard room temperature and under normal conditions, it takes only 30 minutes to become fully dry and set.

With such a quick drying time, you do not have to wait to see your work come into reality. Also, negligible shrinkage means your work will always be perfect.

Highlighted Features

  • Very quick drying time, only around 30 minutes
  • Comes in 2 containers, so you can separate content in equal amounts
  • Can be used with good results by both pros and amateurs
  • Product can be used for large projects and also small-scale home projects and crafts

6. Specialty Resin & Chemical Cast-A-Mold Platinum

To conclude this section on the best silicone for mold making and craftworks, we bring the Cast-A-Mold from Specialty Resin & Chemicals.

With a weight of 10 lbs, this large-capacity product is more than enough for your crafting and molding needs.

Make almost anything your heart desires. This includes conventional candies, soap, artworks, and even more! There is no limit to what you can do.

Since this product is safe, it can be used to create food-grade molds, such as candies. The resistance and strength are high enough to avoid breakage.

With no foul or pungent odors emitted, the formula is designed to be safe and easy to use. The 1 to 1 mixing ratio has been set to ensure people do not have time to prepare it.

Also, the molds made will be fully translucent and create a wonderful scene. This makes it ideal for baking applications.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used to make molds for a wide range of products
  • Compatible with edible items, so it’s totally safe for consumption
  • High resistance to damage by heat
  • Boasts a very fast working time and works in only 40 minutes at most

What to Look for Before Buy Mold Making Silicone

Before you go and buy the silicone, you should know what you ought to look for in the first place. To ensure the silicone you have in mind is the perfect selection for you, there are a few points you should consider.


The best silicone for mold making should be clear. Now, read that again because many times, newbies think that multicolored silicone at the shop next-door must be better because it's pretty. WRONG! The best ones for this purpose are the clear ones, and we suggest you opt for those only.


Your ideal crafting candidate should be odorless, clear, and colorless. And all these traits are native to silicone with low viscosity. So, now you know that yellowish-looking silicone at "that" shop doesn't only look fishy, it is fishy!

If you're going for a liquid silicone, make sure it is neither thinner than water nor overly thick. You have to find that perfect sweet spot. Most of the products we reviewed fit this criterion, so do check them out.


Don't expect that you can go to the creepy voodoo ladies shop (no offense to voodoo ladies), find a bottle of silicone, and come home saying you got your team buckled up and complete.

That just doesn't go that way. The easiest way to get the best in this world is to follow the crowd! If you hear people constantly talking about something, then it must be something. Keep trying new things but keep it to the limit; you don't have to cry for the bucks the next hour.


You just can't expect your mold to be your life-long partner, but hey! A good quality silicone definitely pays off. You can expect your silicone mold, which has been just put up for rest, to last up to 3 to 5 years.

A good silicone should not bend and break at a more-than-slight effort. This is because they are supposed to be strong and flexible.

Cure and Quality

One of the most important features to note about the silicone you are buying is the curing time and quality of it.

You want to know how the cure would be and if it is going to get clingy with your castings. Plus, you want something that is not going to stick permanently and can be removed when needed.

So, steer clear from the ones with bad curing.

Tips to Make Perfect Mold for Your Crafting

Are you a beginner looking for some pro-points about mold making? Or maybe an expert looking to expand your expertise even wider? Well, here are some tips that are always helpful in getting your molds to that perfect curve –

The Perfect Method for Molding

Depending on the silicone you're using, the best method should include the right materials in an adequate amount and be used at the perfect temperature!

Even though silicone is quite easy-going, it's always good to be extra cautious. So, once you choose your silicone molding kit or just silicone, you should look into all the details.


Don't try to be too hot to the poor silicone, and don't be excessively cold either. Keep the temperature moderate. In order to check if the temperature is okay, you can try dipping in your hand. Does it burn? If it does, the temperature is too hot (obviously).

The Extra Precautions

First of all, don't try to knead the silicone by using your hands as a ‘personal beater.’ We strictly advise you to wear vinyl gloves, as this kind of exposure to silicone can be harmful to your skin.

Also, you should sprinkle some mold release on your mold before using it. It's always good to be one step ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

We thought it’d be convenient for you if we compiled some frequently asked questions. Hope these answer any further questions you might have regarding silicone molds.

How long should an ideal silicone mold last?

This can vary depending on a number of factors like the quality of the silicone used, how thin you kept the mold, or how thick it is, etc. In general, it can last for up to 7 years at a stretch, given that you take good care of it in the first place.

How to make curing faster?

You can try increasing the temperature. It's mostly what professionals do when they want to make the silicone cure faster.

How often should the mold be cleaned?

You should clean the mold after every usage, as that will increase the longevity and keep things generally neater as well.

Why does a silicone mold break prematurely?

This might be due to the wall of the mold being a bit too thin. To avoid being in a similar situation, you should keep the bottom at least 0.5 inches so that it remains stronger.

Why is my silicone mold too hard? 

This can suggest that you used the poor quality silicone. Another reason for the over-hardening of silicone may be due to kneading the product too much.


If you are a molding or crafting enthusiast, you should know what you should be using to create your perfect crafted specimen. We hope this article helped you find the best silicone for mold making and that you found it informative enough as well.


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