Top 10 Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Reviews 2023

It is always frustrating when your printer runs out of ink while printing a professional document. What's even worse is when you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the cartridges supplied by your printer brand.

You might think to yourself “Why is ink so expensive?”

Many factors make it expensive. Formulating the right ingredients and striving for the optimal ink quality takes time. Furthermore, additional research and development add to the cost.

There is a cost-effective solution to meet your printing needs. This is where the remanufactured ink cartridge comes in to play. They are not only cheap, but they also have the performance and page yield equivalent to OEM cartridges.

Being a recycled product, they are meticulously cleaned, refilled, and tested by vendors. This is done to ensure you get to achieve the best possible printing results.

Using them comes with many benefits. Aside from a cheap price tag and outstanding performance, you are also benefiting the environment, by effectively reducing the carbon footprint.

In this article, we go through ten best remanufactured ink cartridges that may just be the solution to all your printing woes.

Benefits of Buying Remanufactured Ink 

1. They Are Cost-Effective

Remanufactured ink cartridges are usually 30 to 60 percent cheaper compared to the OEM ones. This, however, depends on the vendors you choose from. You also get the same page yield as the OEMs if not, more.

Printer manufacturers usually warn you about using a third-party product with their machine. This is done to emphasize consumers to purchase their ink cartridges.

Due to their low-priced nature of remanufactured cartridges, consumers often prefer them instead of OEMs. As you get the same yield, similar quality, with less cost per page.

2. Standout Print Quality

Remanufactured ink cartridges offer similar results when it comes to the quality of the printouts. Some may argue that the quality is even better. During the remanufacturing process, they are refilled with ink, made by the vendors.

Internal parts that wear out are also replaced with a new one. The toner that is used has similar quality to the OEM one. Depending on the vendor, the print quality varies slightly. You still achieve standout results in terms of colors and clarity.

If you compare the printouts side-by-side, you may not even be able to tell between the remanufactured and the original. Remanufactured brands strive to achieve the same level of performance and exceptional printing results.

3. Ease Of Accessibility

They are readily available to purchase. There are plenty of manufacturers that produce recycled ink cartridges. Stores and websites have an abundance of remanufactured ink cartridges so you won't have problems finding them.

Selecting a brand, however, depends on you. You can start experimenting with different models and find which one works most efficiently for you.

4. Long Term Environmental Benefits

The remanufacturing process involves recycling empty OEM ink cartridges. Without it, the empty cartridges would be thrown in landfills. Using them effectively limits the production of new cartridges, which saves carbon dioxide emissions from reaching the atmosphere.

Reusing them conserves the environment and effectively reduces the carbon footprint. Making it a step towards a greener Earth.

5. Flexibility

The cost of OEM printer inks increases the printing costs per page. For this reason, printouts may have to be reduced to cut costs. If you use remanufactured ink cartridges, you can afford to achieve a higher volume of printouts.

Since it considerably decreases the cost of printouts, you or your business can easily benefit from using them. Cheaper average price is definitely a great handout in a competitive market.

Top 10 Best Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Reviews

1. IKONG 950XL 951XL Compatible Ink Cartridge

It is easy to run out of ink supplied by your printer brand quickly. When you do, the cost of OEM ink cartridges will surely break the bank. This is where ink cartridge remanufacturing companies like IKONG saves the day.

If you have an HP printer that supports 950 or 951 ink cartridges, then you are in luck. The IKONG 950XL and 951XL is a cost-effective replacement. At just a fraction of the cost as OEM cartridges, IKONG provides unparalleled print quality and performance.

The IKONG 950XL and 951XL provide higher page yield compared to their 950 and 951 variants. The XLs have double the page yield, which will last longer and save money. The pack includes 4 cartridges, a black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. This is a perfect combo if you are a student or professor, who require printouts on a regular basis.

Installation them is a breeze. Simply peel off the yellow tape, pop it into the printer head. However, be sure not to tear the plastic seal where the ink comes out. It is advised to keep the printer firmware updated at all times to avoid unwanted errors.

Quality-wise, the IKONG 950XL and 951XL deliver standout results. The colors are rich and vibrant, the text is crisp just what you would get from the OEM cartridges. They are also tested thoroughly before shipment to make sure the cartridges function perfectly without any malfunction.

IKONG is compatible with a vast array of HP printers. Specifically, the Officejet Pro 8620, 8600, 8660, 8630, 276dw, and other popular models.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack of four colors Black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.
  • Affordable with high page yield.
  • Colors are vibrant and detailed.
  • Smooth printing performance with consistent results.
  • Compatible with HP Officejet printers.

2. JARBO Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Jarbo is an affordable and quality printing solution that will satisfy your printing needs. When it comes to ink cartridges, Jarbo won't leave a hole in your wallet, unlike the OEM ones.

As a replacement for the HP 63XL cartridges, Jarbo offers its cost-effective solution, without compromising on performance.

Jarbo's remanufactured HP 63XL cartridges come in a combo pack. It features 1 Black and 1 Tri-color 63XLs. The black one yields 480 pages, whereas the tri-color one yields approximately 330 pages. The page yielding figures is the same as their OEM variants.

The only difference? you get it for a fraction of the price.

The quality of the print is exceptional. The colors are perfectly balanced and vivid. The text is clear no matter the font size. The lines are linear and not distorted. The sprinkler complex optical technology allows for smooth and consistent printing. This ensures that you get the top quality print at all times.

Jarbo's 63XL is compatible with the HP Deskjet series, specifically 1110-1112, 2130-2134, 3630-3637 models. It is also compatible with the HP Envy series, namely the 4510-4513, 4516-4517, 4520, and from 4522-4528 printers. It will work with most of the Officejet models as well.

When it comes to reliability, they are carefully checked before shipment. This is to ensure that you get a perfectly working product that is free of any malfunctions. Jarbo products also use less power to operate, making it a greener choice.

As far as the installation goes, it is easy and requires minimal effort. Remove the plastic cover, tear off the plastic tape, and insert it into the cartridge slot. That's it, you are ready to go. They also come smart chip, that shows how much ink is left further increasing its convenience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ink capacity can be displayed.
  • Good page yield at 5% A4 coverage.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Manufactured with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.
  • Compatible with HP DeskJet, Envy, and Officejet models.

3. LxTek Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

When it comes to printing, LxTek is the one-stop printing solution you need.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative of the HP 61XL ink cartridge, then LxTek has you covered. This two-pack combo comes with 1 black and 1 Tri-color cartridge.

Depending on your model and usage, the page yield from these is highly satisfactory given its low price. The black 61XL will yield approximately 480 pages, whereas the tri-color yields around 330 pages.

In terms of quality, the LxTek 61XL is superb. It produces high-quality colors, that can match that of the HP 61XL OEM ink cartridges. The color accuracy and sharpness are on point, giving you satisfactory results when printing. The texts are crisp, with no distortion making it an ideal choice for your printer,

The LxTek is can be used on many HP printers. It supports the HP Envy 4500-4505 models. It is also compatible with the Deskjet series, namely 1000, 2540-2544, 2546-2549, 3050A- 3052A and other models as well.

If you are concerned with the reliability of a remanufactured product, don't be. LxTek 61XL is thoroughly cleaned and restored. They are also refilled to its capacity, providing you accurate page yield. 

It features a smart chip embedded in them that makes sure it is compatible, and functions appropriately with your printer.

The smart chip also allows you to keep an eye on the ink level. In case you are about to run out of ink, you can be prepared to install a new set of cartridges. A neat feature that makes sure you always get your work done.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with HP Envy, Deskjet, and OfficeJet printers.
  • Black and Tricolor cartridges achieve good page yields.
  • Accurate colors and crisp texts.
  • Equipped with a smart chip that shows ink levels.
  • Standout consistent performance at every print.

4. LD Products Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

A remanufactured ink cartridge that delivers more than you expect.

When it comes to the remanufactured ink cartridge, LD Products is a sought-after provider. The remanufactured 220XL comes in a pack of 5. Two Black, and one of each Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow-colored cartridge. The package is a complete set that will fulfill your printing needs.

The 220XLs page yield is quite high. The black 220XL has a yield of up to 500 pages, whereas the color cartridges can print approximately 450 pages. With a high-volume of printouts, it’s perfectly suited for home, office or school use.

The 220XL is compatible with a wide range of Epson printers. It works well with the Expression series printers such as XP-320, XP-420, and XP-424. It can also be used with the Workforce series namely the WF-2630, WF-2650, WF-2660, WF-2750, and WF-2760 Epson printers.

The high-quality ink provides brilliant colored printouts. The colors aren't washed out and they don't fade after printing. This is a common issue user face with some cartridges. It provides consistent quality printouts, so you don't have to worry about distorted texts and bland colors.

The LD 220XL is tested well before being shipped. It comes securely and neatly packaged for your convenience. Installation is also very easy out of the box and takes minimal effort.

The product comes a shelf life of 12 months. Keeping this in mind, you can stack multiple cartridges which will make it easy to quickly switch to a new one.

Highlighted Features:

  • The package consists of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges.
  • High-volume printouts with standout results.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Has a shelf life of 12 months.
  • Compatible with Epson expression and workforce series.

5. Valuetoner Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement

If quality is what you are looking for, Valuetoner products will exceed your expectations. Valuetoner remanufactured ink cartridge reviews has been impressive to say at least.

The Valuetoner 96 and 97 ink cartridges are a bargain compared to their OEM counterparts. It comes in a 5-pack combo. The package consists of 3 black and 2 tri-color cartridges that consist of cyan, magenta, and yellow colors.

With a fraction of what you would pay for OEM cartridges, you can achieve a high volume of printouts without breaking the bank.

With a 5%-page coverage, each black cartridge yields approximately 860 pages. The Tri-color, on the other hand, can achieve 560 pages, depending on the printer and usage. With this page yield, you don't have to replace them frequently.

Quality-wise, these are great for both black and colored printouts. Colors appear detailed and vivid. The texts are crisp, perfect for printing office reports or school assignments, making it one of the best remanufactured ink cartridges available.

The Valuetoner replacement for the HP 96 and 97s is a good addition to your HP printers. They support a wide array of HP printers. It is compatible with most HP's Photosmart, Deskjet, or Officejet series.

The Valuetoner ink products come neatly packaged, with multiple layers of protection. Since these are delicate items, good packaging eliminates the possibility of the cartridges being damaged during transportation.

Valuetoner 96 and 97 are also rigorously checked before shipment. This is done to make sure you get a properly functioning product.

With a high page yield, and great value for money, this is a good choice for your HP printers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack contains five cartridges 3 black and 2 tri-color.
  • Very high page yield per cartridge.
  • Compatible with HP Photosmart, Deskjet, and Officejet printers.
  • Texts look crisp and the colors are vibrant.
  • Undergo strict quality tests to prevent defects and malfunctions.

6. OfficeWorld Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

So, you want to make an impression with high-quality printouts? Then OfficeWorld exactly what you are looking for!

OfficeWorld replacement ink cartridges are an ideal option for your Canon Pixma printers. The 245XL and 246XL are the replacement for Canon's PG-245XL and CL-246XL respectively.

The black 245XL and the Tri-color 246XL have a page yield of approximately 300 pages. Both of them have a 5% coverage on A4 size sheets. Although it doesn't have the highest page yield, it is still a cost-effective alternative to the OEM variants.

When it comes to quality, Office world doesn't disappoint. The depth of color is remarkable. The colored printouts are rich and vivid. The black and white printouts have similar results. The texts are clear, and the lines consistent without any distortion. Exactly how you would want your ink to perform.

Officeworld’s 245XL and 246XL is compatible with many Canon Pixma models. It supports several IP, TR, TS, MX and MG models.

The items are packed perfectly. The removable transparent cover on the product protects it from external damage. The nozzle plate is securely sealed with a peel-off tape to prevent ink leakage.

Office world manufacturing process involves strict control when it comes to product quality. The recycled cartridges are thoroughly cleaned before the ink is refilled.

OfficeWorld products are properly tested for functionality before being shipped. They make sure you get a working product that doesn't malfunction or break down when using.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with a wide range of Canon Pixma models.
  • Goes through strict quality control to achieve good performance.
  • Good page yield at 5%-page coverage.
  • Great vibrant colors and clear text quality.
  • Consistent performance makes it reliable.

7. CMCMCM UPDATED Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Good printing solution at an affordable price tag, that's CMCMCM.

The remanufactured ink cartridge from CMCMCM is a great OEM alternative to your HP Officejet Pro series printers. The pack of 4 comes in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colors.

Together, it costs less than what you would pay for a single HP 902XL. When it comes to page yield, CMCMCM products like the 902XL performs well.

The black 902SXL yields approximately 825 pages, whereas the colored ones print about 315 pages per cartridge with 5% coverage on standard A4 sheets. That is a great value for your money.

The CMCMCM remanufactured cartridges are compatible with most HP OfficeJet Pro series printers, such as 6978, 6962, 6968, 6975 and other models.

Quality-wise, they provide good printing results. The colors are good just like other remanufactured cartridges. The texts appear clear and easy to read even if the font sizes are small.

There are some issues, however. Some users face low ink capacity problems and compatibility issues which may be due to old firmware. Others find the product as the perfect OEM replacement.

The products come in a compact box that is securely sealed. It has protective covers that prevent the nozzle from being damaged. After purchasing the cartridge, make sure you gently shake it from side to side to evenly distribute the toner.

The CMCMCM 902XL Remanufactured ink cartridges reviews may confuse you. Though many users appreciated the product, for some it wasn’t quite what they expected. Even with minor issues, the CMCMCM remanufactured ink cartridge is a good option if you are looking for a replacement for your HP 902XLs.

Highlighted Features.

  • Great page yield from at 5% A4 coverage.
  • Compatible with most OfficeJet Pro printer models.
  • Good colors and text quality for the price.
  • It comes in a compact and secured packaging.
  • Easy to install and remove.

8. E-Z Ink (TM) Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

It’s tough to achieve professional-quality printouts that don't break the bank. But that is not the case with E-Z Ink.

E-Z ink is a brand that values its products and customer satisfaction. The remanufactured ink cartridges by E-Z ink is a replacement for the Epson 410XL. If your Epson printer is compatible, then this is a must-buy!

The 5-pack combo comes with each of black, photo black, cyan, magenta, and yellow 410XL. They have an exceptional Page yield. The black 410XL can print approximately 500 pages.

The photo black and colored 410XL yield a staggering 650 pages each at 5% coverage on A4 sheets. At half the cost of the OEM cartridges, this is a cost-effective solution to your printing problems.

E-Z ink 410XL is compatible with Epson Expression printers. They can be used with XP-530, XP-630, XP-635, XP 640, XP-830, and the XP-7100 models. The product consists of a high-quality intelligent chip. This ensures that the 410XL is compatible with the mentioned printers.

In terms of quality, E-Z ink 410XL is nearly the same as their OEM counterparts if not, better. The product achieves consistent high-quality results in every printout. The vivid colors are detailed. The texts look sharp and clear. This is a surprisingly good performance for recycled ink.

The Epson 410XLs that are recycled are carefully chosen for the refurbishing process. They are strict when it comes to quality control. This ensures that you get the right product that properly functions with your printer.

The products are also securely packed and come in a protective cover so that there is no external damage or ink leakage.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 pack consist of black, Photo black, cyan, magenta, and yellow 410XLs.
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facility.
  • High page yield at 5% A4 page coverage.
  • Clear texts and exceptional color quality.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Epson Expression printers.

9. OfficeWorld Remanufactured Replacement for HP 952 952XL Ink Cartridges

Get high volume printouts for a reasonable price with the OfficeWorld 952XL.

The 952 XL from OfficeWorld is a solution for all your printing woes. Officeworld’s remanufactured version of the widely used HP 952XL is the perfect alternative if you are looking for a replacement.

The 4-pack combo comes with one black, cyan, magenta, and yellow 952XL. These are high-yielding products, with the black 952XL yielding as much as 2000 pages per cartridge. The colored 952XLs can print approximately 1600 pages each, with a 5% coverage on A4 paper.

The print quality is outstanding. The colors are rich and vibrant. The texts appear sharp and clear even with smaller font sizes. Overall, the OfficeWorld 952XL delivers an impressive performance. It is perfect for printing professional-quality documents, or even colorful portraits.

The OfficeWorld 952XL is compatible with a wide range of HP OfficeJet Pro models. Some but not limited to, it works with HP OfficeJet Pro 7720, 8714-8716, and 8744-8747 models.

The product comes in perfect packaging. It has supportive elements such as covers and peel-off tapes attached to the cartridge. This protects them from external damage and ink leakage during shipment.

When handling the cartridge, it is important that you do don't touch the copper contact. This may lead to your printer not recognizing the cartridge.

The OfficeWorld remanufactured ink cartridge is a great replacement. It can get you the same level of printouts and a consistent quality just as the HP 952XL. Also, the sheer volume of printouts means that they will easily last you a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Package includes 1 black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colors.
  • High yield with 2000 and 1600 per black and colored cartridges respectively.
  • Can be used with HP OfficeJet printers.
  • Rich, vibrant colors and sharp texts.
  • Consistent performance with superb output.

10. Valuetoner Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

Looking for a high-quality product that delivers stunning printing results? Then Valuetoner is just what you are searching for.

The Valuetoner remanufactured 65XL Ink Cartridge is a replacement for the widely used HP 65XL. Unlike other remanufacturing brands, the Valuetoner is reliable and has OEM-like quality. If you need a cost-effective ink for your HP printer, this will provide you with standout printing results.

The package comes with two 65XLs, black, and tri-color. Depending on the printer and usage, they both yield approximately 300 pages with 5% coverage on standard A4 sheets.

The yield is more than double from what you get in the standard 65 ink. It also shows accurate ink levels, so you can know beforehand the exact moment the needs to be replaced.

Valuetoner doesn't disappoint when it comes to quality. The printouts have natural, vivid colors similar to that of HP 65XL. The texts look clear and precise, ideal if you are planning to print smear-free professional-quality documents or color-rich portraits.

It is compatible with a wide spectrum of HP printers. Embedded inside is a new generation chipset, designed to work with newer printers. It can be used with some of the popular DeskJet series printers, namely the 2622, 2652, 3755, and 3738 and other models.

It also supports the Envy 2023, 2058, 5052 series and also the AMP 100, 120, and 125 models.

When it comes to reliability, you can depend on them. The Valuetoner 65XL goes through strict testing procedures. This is to ensure that you get a working product that provides optimal results on every printout.

Highlighted Features:

  • New generation of chipset is compatible with new printers.
  • Supports HP Deskjet, Envy, and AMP series printers.
  • Great page yield at 5%-page coverage.
  • Reliable performance with satisfactory printing results.
  • Printouts are smear-free and have good quality colors.

Things to Consider Before Buying Remanufactured Ink Cartridges


Since these are remanufactured products, every brand has its remanufacturing standard. Some brands go through a rigorous process of cleaning, refilling, and testing. These are the brands that value their products and customers.

Conduct careful research by going through product reviews, or ask people that have previous experience with a particular brand before purchasing. Brands that have good product ratings are the ones that are reliable.

Page yield

Depending on your printer's compatibility, you would want a cartridge that gives you a high page yield. This will last you a long time. Every cartridge has an approximate yield, that you will find from the source of purchase.  Most remanufacturing companies test their products at 5%-page coverage to and state an approximate yield.

You must be aware of statements that say the cartridge has an OEM page yield. This is probably a sign that the vendor hasn't performed in-house testing of their product.


The product's quality determines how the printouts will be. You don't want colors that look off or smeared ink on documents.  Just like OEM ink products, the colors should standout and texts have to be sharp.

Since quality is one of the main selling points for the best remanufactured ink cartridges, you can readily find this information from appraisals made by other users.


If the cartridge you are looking for is accredited, then that chances of getting a reliable product are significantly increased.  Some remanufacturing companies attain accreditations such as STMC or ISO.

Remanufactured Ink and toner products that are accredited with certification usually have a facility. It prioritizes quality and performance over everything else. Although not necessary, it is preferable.


When purchasing a remanufactured cartridge, make sure it comes with a warranty. In case the product malfunctions or gets damaged when shipping, you can always claim your warranty to replace the defective product.

Popular Remanufactured Ink Companies On The Market


LxTek is a US-based company that remanufactures ink and toner products. They usually manufacture compatible cartridges for six brands. They stand by their products and guarantee 100% consumer satisfaction.

They undergo a strict manufacturing procedure, making sure you get a reliable product. LxTek is environment cautious and believes their initiative is a positive approach towards a greener earth.

LD products

LD products were founded 2 decades ago in 1999. Located in Long Beach, California, they are the largest online retailers of printer supplies in the US. They operate with one goal in mind, that is customer satisfaction.

They have almost every printing essential you can think of, both OEMs and remanufactured. They are the leading suppliers of Inkjet cartridges, refill kits, laser toners, fax toners and more. LD products guarantee 100% satisfaction with all their supplies.

E-Z Ink

Beginning its journey from a small basement in Brooklyn in 2007, E-Z ink is now one of the largest suppliers of ink and toner products in the US.  Their inventory consists of printer inks, that supports six different printer brands.

E-Z ink products are methodically tested after the remanufacturing process, ensuring you get the finest quality product. They are filled with the highest quality ink, that gives your crisp printouts. The cartridges are also filled to max capacity, so you can achieve the highest yield.


OfficeWorld is a well-known supplier of remanufactured ink and toner items. They mainly operate in the US. Their products are well received by customers, with high ratings on Amazon and other online shops.

Just like other brands, they stand by their products. They guarantee 100% satisfaction when using their products.


Like many other manufacturers of ink and toner products, IKONG operates in the US. They test their products in ISO90001 and ISO4001 certified facility. This means that they maintain a consistent level when it comes to quality.

Their products are compatible with a wide range of reputable printer brands. IKONG products usually have good ratings and great customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is a Remanufactured Cartridge Inferior To An OEM One?

Answer: There should be no difference between them when it comes to quality and performance. Several steps are undergone to make remanufactured cartridge as good as the OEM ones. Some of them are fitted with new aftermarket parts. This includes the drum, wiper blade, rollers and more.

The new parts are installed so that they perform as good as the OEM ones. If not, better.

2. Will Using Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Void My Equipment Warranty?

Answer: No. Using any third-party ink or toner products will not void your printer warranty. Keep in mind that the cartridges don't come in contact with the internal parts of the printer aside from the Printer head itself. The ink applied in the paper is from the cartridge, and the paper is supplied through the printer.

3. What Is The Remanufacturing Process Like?

Answer: The remanufacturing process usually starts with a meticulous inspection of the recycled ink and toner items. Vendors usually install new aftermarket internal parts. These include drums, wiper blades, and other moving parts. This is done to match the printing performance of OEM cartridges.

They are then filled with high quality ink, which is precisely filled to the cartridge’s capacity. They are then weighed and then sent for the final tests, which includes basic functionality testing. 

4. What Is The Shelf Life Of A Compatible Ink Cartridge?

Answer: The shelf life of remanufactured ink cartridges can range from 1-2 years. However, as long as the vacuum bag they are sealed in is intact, they can last for more years.

5. What is an OEM Cartridge?

Answer: An ‘original equipment manufacturer’, or ‘OEM’ cartridges are those that are supplied by printer companies. The ink and toner items they produce are specifically compatible with your printers. The ‘OEM’ cartridges are usually more expensive than ‘compatible’ ones.

6. Are They Covered By Any Warranties, Certification Or Guarantees? 

Answer: Most remanufactured ink and toner product come with a 1-year warranty.  Some of them have ISO certifications. They are also guaranteed to work with compatible printers. If there is any external or functional damage to the cartridge, you can contact the seller for a replacement.

7. Will Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Damage My Laser Printer? 

Answer: No. If the products are remanufactured properly, it won't damage your printer. Remanufacturing ink and toner items are a thorough process, and companies make sure the end product functions properly. There is a common issue of some printers displaying errors. Reinstalling the cartridges usually fixes the problem.

8. Sometimes My Printer Shows Errors When Using a Remanufactured Cartridge. Why Is That?

Answer: This is due to the smart chip not making proper contact with the printer sensors. A fix is to remove the cartridge and clean the chip carefully with a lint-free cloth. After that, insert the cartridge securely in the slot making sure the chip is lined up properly with the printer’s sensor.

Final Words

Getting the right cartridge can be a bit tricky, especially when there are plenty to choose from. Whatever the choice you make, buying new ink cartridges will always be a costly resolution.

On the other hand, using remanufactured ink cartridges, can be a great alternative printing solution. You won’t notice any drop in performance, while having several benefits.

First of which, you will lose count of the money you will be saving from purchasing them. Plus, it is a great way to maintain a healthier environment. A small yet significant step to a greener future.

We have reviewed some of the best remanufactured ink cartridges available. Make sure the cartridge you purchase is compatible with your printer. We hope you find the one that best suits your printing needs.


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