Top 12 Best Pottery Wheel Reviews For The Money 2023

Pottery- not just a form of artworks. For many of us, it’s the gateway to open ourselves through the windows of endless creativity.

Being practical, if you are an architect, painter, sculptor, designer or just a pottery enthusiast, you can't help going for the best pottery wheel in the market. But as always, the budget will hold you back and bound yourself to cut your coat according to your cloth.

But if you become a little smart with the research, you can still make the best out of the investment after pottery wheels. And that’s where we’ve come up with this hand-picked list of top 12 pottery wheel reviews of the market.

Got a few minutes in hand? Let's find the pottery wheel of your dream right away-

Pottery Wheel

Purchasing the pottery wheel is not just about having the right diameter and size. There are a lot of things that vary when you figure out the right pottery wheels of the market.

Here goes a list of the most important buying factors for a good quality pottery wheel-

The Purpose

First thing first, you have to choose from three different purposes of using a pottery wheel-

  1. Learning purpose: For kids and beginners who're pottery enthusiasts.
  2. Studio purpose: For artists and sculptors who need to be precise with their work.
  3. Commercial Purpose: For full form commercial or semi-commercial potters.

Once you've made your choice, you can find an array of pottery wheels in the market. For each of these categories, we've picked ourselves a few top notch wheels in this list.

The Functionality

When we say the functionality of a pottery wheel, a number of things come up in our mind. Firstly, it's the rotational accuracy. Then, it's the changing facility between different speed variations, maximum rotational speed, operating manner, durability and so many other things.

Beware of all these facts and choose the right one.

The Power system

There are a number of beginner's grade wheels that are either hand-operated or paddle operated. On the other hand, there are electrically powered pottery wheels as well.

Electrically powered wheels are able to run on either DC power or AC power. In case of full form commercial pottery wheels, it's better to stick to the AC power system as a power source.

From all these power options, choose the right one for your purpose.

The Accessories

Many of the pottery wheel models come up with accessories like a handle, cutters, knives, shapers, etc. If you talk about some advanced level accessories, there comes digital speedometer, safety switches etc.

Based on how user-friendliness you expect from your pottery wheel, you can make the choice of these accessories.

Recommended Top 12 Best Pottery Wheel Reviews 2023

1. Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio

If you've been through your kid's reading table, and the items on there, Faber Castell should be a familiar brand to you. But this time, they've moved on from just study essentials and brought on a full form pottery studio to unlock your kid's pottery potential. The name sounds like Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio, which quite expresses its purpose.

The biggest standout point of this model is- it's a COMPLETE set of pottery essentials for any kids over 8 years of age. There is a pottery wheel, 6 of tool pieces, 3 pounds of air-dried clay, apron, cover, paints, sponge, glaze, brushes, and whatnot!

To operate this entire array of tools, your kid has not to go through any hardship. Because, firstly, these tools are made in quite an intuitive way. Secondly, there is an easy to follow instruction manual that illustrates steps of using the toolkit.

Want to bring life into this set, all you need is 4 C batteries. But the batteries don’t come up with the set itself. And you don’t really expect it to be so, right?

What this toolkit can do for your kid is- it will take through every basic pottery practice that's essential. By learning all those techniques, your little angel will not only earn handmade skills but also can look through the windows of creativity.

Are the safety issues in your concern?

Well, worry not as long as Faber Castell had taken good care of it. It's made of completely non-toxic materials. It contains fewer bacteria, fewer microbes compared to organic clay. To assure you even further, this particular model had earned an ASTM D-423y6 certification for being safe to use.

Overall, it's one of the best pottery wheel for kids of any 8+ years kids who love to be creative through pottery.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Sports all essential pottery equipment in the box.
  • Hands-free operation through the paddle operation.
  • Requires 4 C batteries to run.
  • Takes through all basic pottery schemes with ease.
  • Contains an illustrated user manual for your kids.
  • Toxic-free and contains fewer bacteria than organic clay.
  • ASTM certified in terms of safety standard.

2. Speedball Portable Artista Table Top Pottery Wheel

If you want to combine a blend of power, capacity, and quality in your pottery wheel, Speedball Portable Artista TableTop Pottery Wheel is right there for you. It's brought to you by Artista Pottery, and it has all a potter might ask for.

The built quality of this wheel is quite high and compact. As a direct benefit, it's got a 25 pounds centering capacity which is good for learning or studio pottery purpose.

Wheel head of this model being 11 inches, is spacious enough to create any shape and size out of the model. As it's electrically powered by a ⅓ HP motor, that would be another assistant to keep your hands free to work. You will be able to achieve a maximum rotational speed of 220 RPM, which is decent enough under such a price point.

Having a ⅓ HP motor would benefit you in some ways. Firstly, it's a less noise product. When you work inside the studio or a household environment, you don't expect the wheel to be loud. And that's exactly what this motor would do.

Both static and folding legs can be added to this device in case artists want to move from tabletop to floortop pottery. But initially, this pottery wheel is designed to work on the tabletop, which is more comfortable as well.

Another conversion that is possible to induce with the Speedball Portable Artista Table Top Pottery Wheel is the handheld to paddle mode. In case you want to operate it with a hand from the paddle mode, it's just about a quick conversion.

To assist you throughout the uses and operations, there is a user's manual DVD, which will show you direction how to operate and make the device function.

Highlighted Feature:

  • ⅓ HP motor capacity for up to 220 RPM.
  • Can hold 25 pounds of clay for centering.
  • Perfect pottery assistant for classroom or studio.
  • Can be converted from tabletop to floortop.
  • Can also be converted from paddle mode to handheld mode.
  • Comes with a wheel diameter of 12 inches.
  • Sports an instructional DVD.

3. Falling in Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel

In search of a simple, in-budget pottery wheel that sticks to the performance quality? We've brought you up the Falling in Art Heavy Duty Metal Pottery Decorating Banding Wheel as our third top pottery wheel on the podium.

This 12 inches diameter wheel is a dedicated wheel for multi-functional pottery. It can be used in multiple work variations like sculpting, decorating, clay designing, artistic works, model making and what not! All you need to know is how to bring the best out of this wheel.

Base, joint and top- these are the top parts of a pottery wheel. On that note, Falling in Art had maintained a top-notch built quality in all three parts of the wheel. The solid bade had been made of highly forged, indestructible iron metal, and the wheel itself is made of aluminum alloy.

To make sure that you don't have any issue with positioning and shifting the location of this wheel, there had been a couple of features to state. Firstly, it's the rubber pad that equips the base of the model. It holds the wheel quite firmly. And secondly, it's the lightweight of this model that makes it easy to transport from place to place.

On top of that, the surface where you will work on is designed with centric lines. And even a piece of paper won't fall out of place from the surface while you are turning the model around.

Highlighted Feature:

  • A multi-functional pottery wheel for both decorating and regular works.
  • The base is made of solid, indestructible iron.
  • 4-⅓ inches height for quick accessorizing and rolling.
  • The chassis is equipped with a rubber base.
  • Completely non-slippery surface.
  • 12 inches of diameter where another version of 7 inches is available.

4. US Art Supply LARGE 12" Diameter Sculpting Wheel

Want to experience a simple, but intuitive assistance from your pottery wheel? US Art Supply LARGE 12" Diameter Sculpting Wheel might be the go-to choice of yours. Why do we say that? Let's figure out-

As long as the quality of the pottery wheel is concerned, material strength tops the list. In that sense, this wheel from US Art supply will win your heart. The base and the top- both are made of heavy-duty and high grade cast metal. The next important part is the joint between the base and the top, which is taken care of by a well-built ball bearing.

Although it's made of cast metal, the overall weight of the model had been kept under the limit. It's as light as 10 lbs only, which is pretty convenient for operating single-handedly.

The holding capacity of this model is 50 pounds, which is pretty decent for household, non-commercial pottery.

If you are a painter, decorator or sculptor who has to work on ceramic, pottery and floral arranging every once in a while, this is the model that you should keep in your go-to list. 

Some other out of the box tasks like clay design, cake decorating and artistic chores are also possible to be done on US Art Supply LARGE 12" Diameter Sculpting Wheel.

To make your work even more perfect, there is some built in specialties on top of the plate.

If you look closely to the image, you'd find that the top is designed with concentric circles, which helps you to center your workpiece and it's perimeters perfectly. Now, this is something that we don't get to watch in every pottery wheel around.

It's not a product for kids, so the height and other dimensions are made to be that way. So, it's tall enough to get the hands of yours under the top section. This particular facility will let you rotate the top as much as you want.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made of heavy-duty metal.
  • String base, assisted by a heavy-duty ball bearing.
  • Concentric circles on the top to help in perfection.
  • Can hold up to 50 pounds.
  • Perfect for decorating, sculpting, painting, modeling, etc.
  • Weighs only 10 pounds.

5. VEVOR Pottery Wheel 25cm Pottery Forming Machine

Would you love to figure out some sort of electric assistance in your pottery in return on some extra bucks? VEVOR Pottery Wheel 25cm Pottery Forming Machine is the product to look for, in case the answer is a Yes.

This is a 25cm pottery wheel(a.k.a forming machine), which has a 350-watt electric power behind to operate this up. When you work with typical pottery materials like clay, paint, etc, you might not need this, but if you work with more rigid material like ceramic clay, an electric pottery wheel is a must.

That being said, dealing with ceramic clay on an electric pottery wheel is not an easy chore. But thanks to Vevor- the brand, for making it as easy as any brand could do ever.

The wheel itself is made of heavy duty aluminium alloy, assisted with a water basin. The material of the water basin in ABS metal, which provides ample protection against any kind of leakage. On top of that, there is a switch on the bottom to prevent any kind of accidental incident of leakage.

Taking about the leakage protection, Vevor had done even more to make it certain that not even a single leakage takes place in it. There is a feature of the power supply that, it adopts a single phase, three-wire access, which is great for leakage protection as a device.

Therefore, this VEVOR Pottery Wheel 25cm Pottery Forming Machine is quite a suitable option for professional pottery enthusiasts. If you know how to operate this device, amateur pottery enthusiasts can also get the best out of it.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made of heavy duty aluminum alloy.
  • ABS metal base basin which protects leakage.
  • Has a power rating of 300W.
  • Is able to provide 300 rotations in just a minute.
  • Perfect for professional pottery enthusiasts.
  • Doesn't occupy much room.
  • A suitable assistant for ceramic teaching as well.

6. MindWare Pottery Wheel for Beginners 

The last product that we'd been through, was a professional's choice. But at this point, we'd love to drive ourselves on an 180-degree direction. What we mean is, the product that we're about to discuss, in a complete beginner's suit as a pottery wheel. It's called the MindWare Pottery Wheel for Beginners.

First thing first, let's get the image of how it looks and feels like. In the set, you will have the pottery wheel that runs iron pedal, 2 pounds of air-dried pottery clay, five accessing tools, A power adapter, paintbrush and an instructional manual. Seems like, it's a completely handy kit set for any kid who is up to his initial days as a pottery enthusiast.

The potential that you can unlock with the help of this set is huge. For making ceramic style utensils like mugs, pots, sculpture etc. Once the building is done, the set also includes a set of 12 paints, which lets the kid design what they've created out of the clay.

Durability can be a questionable feature for most pottery wheel set of such kind. But as long as we rely on the built quality and safety features of this model, we can definitely bet on this is the best pottery wheel for beginners . On top of that, the couple of pounds of clay that comes with the model is air-dried. So, no risk of damage in there as well.

To ensure the top notch safety of the user of this device, there is a safety stop for the motor. When it's activated, the motor will stop rotating when too much pressure will be applied in the top. This might save the day when it's accidental.

Highlighted Feature:

  • A beginner's choice as a pottery assistant kit box.
  • The pottery wheel is made to be durable.
  • Safety stop to prevent rotating while overloaded.
  • Comes with 2 pounds of air-dried clay.
  • Helps in painting creations as well.
  • Suitable for kids over 7 years of age.

7. Sculpting Wheel- 7"

Sometimes, you are not just in search of a full form automatic wheel for your pottery projects. If you are a painter, decorator or sculptor, you just need a wheel for basic ceramic pottery, floral arranging, clay design, model making, cake decorating etc.

If you have found matches with what we’ve stated above, then this Sculpting Wheel- 7" inches pottery wheel is just the right choice for you. We’ll break down the further specs down below.

The base and the top are regarded as the most important part of a pottery wheel, and both of them come with a high built quality in case of this model. They are claimed to be nearly indestructible, and we can't disagree with that. Because the material used to make those parts is heavy-duty cast metal.

Talking about the joint, which happens to be the third most important part of a pottery wheel, we find a heavy duty ball bearing. It will definitely help you to rotate the top easily with just a touch of your fingertips.

The holding capacity is not that much. But being only 40 pounds, we get to find a decent score over there. To make sure that whatever load that you put on this wheel, there is a rubber boot on the base to hold the wheel firmly. This rubber boot is of non-skid type, which is another plus point.

Just like any good quality pottery wheel, there are concentric circles on the top of this wheel, which is helpful in keeping things in size limit. The wheel will, however, get an extra momentum from the rim segment when you spin it. So repeated spinning is required.

The height is tall enough(3-¾ inches), which is good to put the hand beneath the top. Rotating the top of the wheel becomes easier anyway.

Weight of a pottery wheel is a standout feature of this model. The base, the joint and the top- they all weight just 5 pounds in together. So, no hardship in carrying it from one place to another.

Highlighted Feature:

  • High quality cast metal made base and top.
  • Heavy duty ball bearing in the joint.
  • Can hold up to 40 pounds.
  • Non-skid rubber to hold the base firmly.
  • Has a height of 3-¾ inches.
  • Overall weight is just 5 pounds.

8. Made By Me My Very Own Pottery Wheel Kit

The next pottery wheel that we’re up to is the winner of 2015’s family choice award. And it’s one of the best suited models for kid’s pottery lessons. The manufacturer is Made by Me my own pottery wheel, which quite expresses just by its name.

Moving forward to what's inside the box, we get to have a complete set of accessories and pottery kits with the wheel itself. There is a motorized pottery wheel.

A foot pedal to run, an adjustable tool arm, pottery making tools, air dried clay, paint brush, clay tools, a ceramic paint strip, a sponge and an instruction manual. What else can you expect from a kid's pottery kit?

Having this in hand, your kid can explore his/her untapped skills in pottery. It can make team sets, mugs, utensils or just anything that an 8 years old kid can imagine to extract out of this kit. That brings us to the age limit of this model, which is 8+.

You can consider it as a perfect gift for any kid above 8 years of age. We’re certain that it will make them happier than ever. The instructional manual will be the guide to operate this set anyway.

Once the kid runs out of clays or other pottery essentials, the same brand sells the refill of this model. So you don’t have to refill the set with just any random clay.

Highlighted Feature:

  • No d-batteries required to operate this set.
  • Comes with a handful of essentials for pottery.
  • A perfect gift for kids over 8 years of age.
  • No baking necessary as well.
  • A pretty smart price point.

9. Beginners Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids

The product that we are up to right now is also a kid's pottery toolkit set, but there is a significant difference between this and the other beginner's model of the list. And that lies in the advancements. So far, it's the most feature-rich beginner's kit we've come across.

The name is Beginners Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids and we’re about to break down the specs for you.

At first, let's intrude into the box and see what it comes with. There is a functional pottery wheel, a couple of clay knives, half dozen of paints, one cutting cord, a paintbrush, two pound of air-dried clay of terracotta type and an intuitive instruction manual.

More or less, that's everything you would require to take your pottery enthusiast kid's pottery skills to the next level.

The power source of this model is a standout feature of it. It's driven by a dual power source of both AC electricity or battery. For battery power, you would require eight C type batteries, which will cost you some bucks as well. But if you want to go for running this for endless hours, it's best to stick to electric power only.

Moving forward, the ease of use is another selling point of this model. The improvement in hand-eye coordination that this set will bring on is quite extraordinary. Also, the accessories will provide your kid with the freedom to create pieces of decorative and functional art.

Overall, the Beginners Pottery Wheel Kit for Kids sounds to be a perfect gift for any kids over 8-10 years. Although it comes for a bit higher price, but we think it's completely worth it.

Highlighted Feature:

  • A quite functional, intuitive pottery wheel.
  • Induces dual power mode of both AC and DC input.
  • Comes with an array of essential pottery tools.
  • Quite easy to use for kids.
  • Improves hand eye coordination of the user.
  • Makes itself a perfect gift for advanced pottery skills.

10. U.S. Art Supply 3/4-HP Table Top Pottery Wheel

Most of the pottery wheels that we've talked about so far are either analog type. Some of them barely had an electric motor to rotate the wheel.

But what we've got here is something far beyond that. This U.S. Art Supply 3/4-HP Tabletop Pottery Wheel has got a digital speedometer, which is a great boost to the usability of the tool.

Before going to any deeper, let us state for you that, it's a completely high end pottery wheel. It would cost you around five hundred bucks, but every penny of it is worth the investment.

The electric feature of this wheel contains a ¾ horsepower motor, along with an LCD display to display the rotational speed of the wheel. At max, it can rotate at 300 RPM, which is more than what a professional potter needs.

We would like to talk a bit about the LCD display itself before going into any other feature. This display is quite easy to use and adjustable by a variable speed control knob.

So, no need to put your hands beneath the top of the wheel. All you need to know is what your required RPM is, and you can avail that right from the controller knob.

To put more control on the work you're doing, there is a foot pedal provided. It will let you control it without your hands at all. On top of that, there is an 11 plastic bat and a cup.

The spin indicator is reversible, which is another feature to look forward to. For left-handed or right-handed use, all you need to do is to adjust the spin direction control.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Powered by a 3/4 hp powerful motor.
  • Comes with an easy to use LCD speed display.
  • Max rotational speed of 300 RPM.
  • Adjustable speed indicator for reverse direction as well.
  • Sports an 11 inches plastic bat and a cup.
  • Usable by potters of all skill levels. 

11. FLBETYY Pottery Wheel Forming Machine 

Next on, it's another electrically powered pottery wheel that seems to be an over the bar pottery assistance. The name is FLBETYY Pottery Wheel Forming Machine and we'll take you through the detailed breakdown of the features.

It's quite high quality pottery wheel, where it's electrically powered. To move it like just what you want, there are both forward and reverse bidirectional controller. The bidirectional controller is a quite standout selling point of this model, which we want to put our radar on.

This will literally give you tons of freedom in shaping and sizing your workpiece just as you want.

The motor of this model is able to rotate the wheel at 300 rpm speed at maximum. The motor is brushless. So the performance of it is quite stable, quiet, strong and long lasting. You don't have to worry about a motor replacement in years.

Pedal of this model is quite independently designed. It will liberate your hands to make their best uses on the clay model itself. The surface area of the foot pedal is spacious enough, so it lets you to use it comfortably.

You will be able to subtract the pedal just like you want. The change between the speed will be quite swift and won't harm the controlling of the shape and size of the object.

The power point of this model is 300 watts, which is quite decent. No battery driven power system is introduced in this wheel, and we think that’s quite unnecessary as well.

Aluminum alloy had been used to construct the whole model, and no rust catch is possible to take place on this set. Therefore, you can expect a lifespan of 5-10 years from this FLBETYY Pottery Wheel Forming Machine. But considering the electrical power requirement, you have to be quite watchful over there. Otherwise, it might on bring short circuitry problems.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Less noise than 60 dB.
  • Made of aluminum alloy of large diameter.
  • Both clockwise and anticlockwise rotational direction.
  • Up to 300 RPM of speed.
  • Independent paddle design.
  • The controllable speed at a very swift manner.
  • Requires 350W power of AC type.

12. Potter's Pottery Wheel By Brent

American Art Clay Co. is a widely talked about brand amount potters since 1969. And a good example of their brand excellence is the wheel that we're about to talk about.

Potter's Pottery Wheel By Brent stands to be our last product of the list, but it's no less than most of the other models of the market. Let us tell you why-

This particular model is a good choice for hobbyist potters who would love to have a wheel that will be steady in performance and last for long.

The capacity of clay containment it can handle is 75 pounds, which is quite praiseworthy. The aluminum made wheel is 12 inches in terms of diameter and that's large enough for any kind of hobbyist pottery projects.

The wheel head comes with removable bat pins and plastic bats, which will increase the usability of the wheel to come good extent.

The body is made of 3/16 inches iron frame along with 1 inch highly dense poly table. This might increase the weight of the overall unit but gives a solid boost the functionality.

Having a high power motor is quite imperative for such kind of heavy duty wheels. On that note, the ¼ hp motor is decently good. It's designed to work 4 hours a day, 4 days a week and that would continue to 5 years of using.

After using it for 5 long years, you might need to replace the brush of the motor. And this installation is quite easy to go with. Overall, the motor is able to provide 240 RPM of speed, which is not the best in the industry. But we guess hobbyist potters will manage it somehow.

Highlighted Feature:

  • 240 RPM of maximum speed.
  • Can handle clays of up to 75 pounds.
  • 12 inches diameter of the aluminum alloy made top.
  • Contains bat pins and plastic bat.
  • Designed to use for 5000 hours.
  • Quite durable for years of uses.

Best Pottery Wheel Brands On The Market

Faber Castell

Being one of the largest manufacturers of pencils, pens, colored pencils, crayons and tons of other office supplies, they also provide an array of high end luxury leather goods and art supplies. They have their headquarters in Stein, Germany. And the operation of this brand goes on across 14 factories and 20 sales unit through the globe.

One such art supply product line had been the pottery wheels, which is at the top of our list of pottery wheels. Although, the don't have an abundance of such wheels in their product line, but the one that they've got so far, stands out from the crowd.

US Art Supply

Being a brand of artwork supplies and accessories, US Art Supply had been operating since 1974. Initially, they were a small home decoration company in Lakeside, CA, United States. And now, they run their business through 10 different product wings and they own 110,000 square feet of office across the east and west coast.


Among all the brands that we've talked about, Vevor is one of the most dynamic one in terms of product line diversity. Starting from studio supplies, they have their hands in vinyl cutters, screen printing devices, button maker, flash dryer, banner stand, trade show display, kitchen accessories, blower fans, fiberglass fish tape, push trolley and whatnot!

Having themselves involved into both consumer-level product supplies and industrial level supplies, Vevor had been quite a name among their giant happy users base. And we've got to pick one of our good quality pottery wheel from the inventory of this brand.


When it comes to artwork supplies for both hobbyists and professional, Speedball tops the list in some extents. They have a product line containing adhesives, pottery wheel, linoleum cutter, inks, rollers, photo emulsion kits, willow charcoal etc.

Anything they produce or have in their product lineup is quite meant for artists and studio enthusiasts.

How to use a pottery wheel?

 use a pottery wheel

At this point of the pottery wheels reviews, we've crafted a full-on step-by-step guide about how to use pottery wheels at home.

Sounds interesting? Let’s proceed-

Step 1: Collect the right clay at first place. Most of the pottery wheel set come with their own dried clay, or at least a refill of it.

Step 2: Now, put the clay on the center of the pottery wheel. Don't just throw it right away.

Step 3: Start to spin the clay on slow RPM. Now, use your both hands and hold them against the spinning clay. It would put the clay into a conical shape.

Step 4: Centre the clay once again to make sure that it's outer surface spins perfectly. This will eventually expect the outer surface with no bumps or wobbles.

Step 5: Open up the center of the model. Start by creating a center and stabilize it until you turn it into a hole.

Step 6: Now shape the outer surface to create the wall. Also, compress the bottom to make it look perfect.

Common Pottery Wheel Q&A

Question: Are pottery wheels safe for kids?

Answer: As long as the pottery wheel clay is safe of toxic elements and bacteria, they are quite safe for kids.

Question: Does pottery wheels have handheld or paddle-driven conversion feature?

Answer: In some of the models, you can switch from handheld to paddle mode.

Question: How can I monitor the rotating speed?

Answer: If your wheel has a digital speedometer, you can monitor it as RPM.

Question: Where to buy pottery wheels?

Answer: Based on your demand, you can purchase pottery hills from either online shops like amazon, eBay, Walmart or physical studio supply stores.

Question: Can I control the speed manually?

Answer: There are options to control RPM manually in basic pottery wheel models. In some advanced models, there are controller knobs for that purpose.


It had been a wild ride till the end of this article, hadn't it? But we're really expecting that you've been able to pick up the best pottery wheel under your budget. Once you grab that anyway, good luck towards fineness and excellence in pottery.


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