Top 5 Best Pochade Box Reviews From Experts 2023

Are you a painting enthusiast? Are you a traveller too? Then I’ll tell you why you need the best pochade box.

You could be marvelling at how artists travel around the world, painting amazing artworks using oil or water paints that need time to dry.

They must be geniuses, right?

You must be thinking, ‘Yes, they are!’

Or maybe they are just too organized to spoil their carefully painted artworks?

It pains you to see your work messed up considering that your paintwork could have cost you a lot of time sketching, painting, and thinking through the entire process.

To achieve your dream of churning out professional paintworks, you need supporting tools.

These tools will help you set up a small studio in that remote location that inspires creativity.

Read on to discover the factors to consider before buying the right Pochade box that will fit your needs.

Our Top 5 Picks:

1. Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box Easel Large

2. US Art Supply Antigua Adjustable Wood Table Sketchbox Easel

3. Meeden Ultimate Pochade Box

  • A lid that has hinges and can be converted into an easel. It provides the necessary support for the canvas and other painting boards during painting.
  • Its palette is contained within and is used for laying on your paints
  • It contains the desired storage space in which you can keep your painting essentials such as paintbrushes, thinners, and paint tubes.

Still, reading?

Comparison Chart for the Best 5 Pochade Boxes


Folded Dimensions



No. of Compartments

Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box Easel Large

14” x 5” x 18”


Universal port


US Art Supply Antigua Adjustable Pochade Box

13” x 3.5” x 10”


Universal port


Meeden Ultimate Pochade Box

15” x 6” x 12”


Universal port


US Art Supply Solid Solana Table Easel with Storage Drawer

10” x 2” x 13”


Universal port


Soho Urban Artist Plein Aire Pochade Box

12” x 6.5” x 15”


Universal port


In the list below, I have broken down on which Pochade Box is best suited for your outdoor painting needs. So, feel comfortable as you go through this guide.

Top 5 List of Best Pochade Box 2023.

1. Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade Box Easel Large

As you do your painting, you may find that using a desk limits your movement because it lacks sufficient space. You will be using the same space for storage and drying your paintwork!

The Sienna Pochade Box is designed for ease of use. The box is both durable and versatile.

Besides, it has an amazing artistic beauty that is complemented with its convenience. It can easily be described as a two-in-one box: it is both an easel and a palette.

Sienna’s lid adjustment arm can hold the lid firmly at any angle you desire. To make this Pochade box more versatile, it comes with the water-colour palette and pastel box (although this is sold separately).

Sienna’s lid adjustment arm can hold the lid firmly at any angle you desire. To make this Pochade box more versatile, it comes with the water-colour palette and pastel box (although this is sold separately).

Tired of an ever-shifting canvas?

With this Pochade box, you can adjust the canvas holders that are used to firmly hold the canvas panels and the stretched canvas into position as you work.

The Sienna Pochade Box comes with a handy brush tray that attaches on the back of the lid using a magnet. This tray comes in handy when you have to store wet brushes, palette cups, and palette knives.

Some users have found the elegant knobs to be large because they cast unwanted and distracting shadows on the paint-subject. However, it works fine and holds firm.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is portable, light, and made of high-quality material that guarantees you its durability.
  • Sturdy construction that comes with finger joints that are made of maple, poplar, and Baltic rod. Be assured that this will last longer and has value for money.
  • An effective and easy to use adjustment arm that is keenly and craftily designed with overflowing simplicity with ergonomic star knobs to boot.
  • Bottom rubber bumpers that hold the box against sliding while painting.
  • Adjustable canvas height that can reach as high as 17” thus accommodating large canvas.
  • 2-in-1 box: can function as a mini studio as well as Plein air.
  • Effective canvas holders that enhance the box’s versatility.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean, transparent, detachable tempered glass palette.
  • The cherry stain and glossy finish that confirms the box as a treasure.
  • Tripod-mounting ready universal port that can accommodate any camera tripod.

2. US Art Supply Antigua Adjustable Wood Table Sketchbox Easel

The Antigua Adjustable Wood Table Sketchbox Easel offers compartments (4, to be precise!) that enable you to keep your sketch pads, brushes, papers, pens, markers and other painting tools separately.

Of course, you will enjoy working with tools and not quarreling with them!

Graduate from an amateur 'painter' to a professional one by using this Pochade box to organize your work and concentrate on the painting subject.

Any artist will tell you that curiosity is what drives their business. The desire to try something new is always fresh and pushy. The compartments in this Pochade Box are just meant for this.

Outdoor painting need not be a headache as a result of minimal working space. This Pochade box can easily be folded into a 10.6" wide by 14.2" deep by 3.75" high compact box.

You can pack your working tools in an organized manner, throw the box at the back of your car and drive into any remote area where you can set base and begin your painting explorations. Don’t forget that the easel can be adjusted to as high as 27”!

As you travel around with your Pochade Box, you are aware that its portability is critical. Not all Pochade boxes are as portable as this Antiqua Adjustable Wood Table Sketchbox Easel Pochade box.

Compact nature and foldability is what makes this box the best Pochade box. Moreover, the trustworthy metal latches can securely and firmly hold the easel.

You can be sure that your contents will not spill out in the process of moving around.

The only challenge with this box is that you must always unscrew the easel’s wing nuts before you close the box. This can be frustrating for some users but the box is strong and pretty.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has adjustable and roomy storage compartments that can store more painting tools as compared to other Pochade boxes.
  • It has a strong, durable and adjustable tabletop sketchbox that can incline to infinite angles for your working comfort, just fit for your outdoor painting.
  • It is highly portable due to the high-quality lightweight Beechwood material it is made from.
  • The tabletop sketchbox easel is flexible, adjustable, and can accommodate the canvas of up to 21 inches.  You can also fold it into a compact box when the need arises.
  • The ergonomic resin knobs on the arm make adjustments easy and fast.
  • The hinged arm enables the lid to be inclined at any comfortable angle during painting.

3. Meeden Ultimate Pochade Box

You always want to make your work easy and fun. Painting is an art and as such should evoke feelings both from the artist and the recipient of this craft.

The ergonomic star-knobs are beautifully crafted and they simply transform your Pochade box into an amazing item to carry around.

Make your workspace an abode. Be satisfied and bring out your creative element. You need tools that can help you achieve this. The Meeden Ultimate Pochade Box is just ideal for this.

From its lightweight to beautiful design to spacious storage space, this Pochade box is your perfect companion for your outdoor painting activities.

With this box, you should be able to carry up to two 9″ x 12″ or two 8″ x 10″ painting panels during travel, thanks to its built-in adjustable wet carrier at its bottom.

It comes with a standard tripod socket that fits any tripod that has a universal mounting plate. In case you have any camera tripod, don’t stress because it can be used to mount this small art easel.

Don’t be bothered by how you can make this box perform different tasks without dismantling it. The wood palette can slide to the right and be used for painting.

But when you slide it to the left, you create more room for storage by adding an extra upper layer.

The size has been described as bulky and therefore easily wobbles the tripod stand. The huge space, however, dilutes this disadvantage because it can still work on flat surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a unique gliding wood palette that allows you the luxury of manipulating storage room size.
  • Its top-quality Beechwood is lightweight, strong, durable and simply aesthetic.
  • It has 3 spacious, adjustable compartments to carry your art essentials for your outdoor painting activities.
  • It flaunts ergonomic star-knobs with the increased gripping surface thus guaranteeing your comfort as you use the box.

4. US Art Supply Solid Solana Adjustable Wood Desk Table Easel with Storage Drawer

If you are looking for a Pochade box that is portable, light, beautiful, and durable, then your search ends with this Solid Solana Wood Desk Table. It is adjustable to fit your painting needs and comes with enough storage space for your liking.

Its miniature design helps in portability and easily converts into a painting easel with one easy and fast adjustment. Talk of one stone killing two birds at the same time…

Made from high-quality Beechwood from Germany, trust its quality and durability. Its foldable joints make this box user friendly and adjustable to angles of your choice.

Do you want to have an organized workspace?

This drawer has a storage drawer that comprises of 3 compartments. These provide enough space to store and organize your paints, brushes, and other art supplies.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur painter or a professional one. The Solid Solana pochade box fits all. Its user-friendly design fits both adults and children too.

Its hinges have been described as bit ‘whacky’ and difficult to adjust to prevent pins from falling off. But this just it. You need to have enough time to set up for use.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a sturdy, amazing and beautiful design that is uniquely crafted from aged Beechwood.
  • It is durable with strong latches and hinges that make it firmly secure as you travel even on rough terrain.
  • Its easel can incline to almost four positions and can comfortably hold a canvas of up to 11" x 14".
  • It is small, portable, and easy to use Pochade box.
  • Its drawer is compartmentalized into 3 cubicles that help you stay more organized as you work.

5. Soho Urban Artist Plein Aire Pochade Box

Your outdoor painting problems that are as a result of poor quality Pochade boxes are sorted by this novel Soho Urban Plein Air Pochade box.

It is spacious enough to carry multiple painting projects and supplies. If you have been forced, on many occasions, to carry several boxes on a single journey, then get this box because it will solve your luggage issues.

The storage compartment has been designed to solve your queries on how you will carry wet canvas panels. The storage is 3" deep x 10" wide, with dividers to make your space adjustment easier.

At the bottom storage section, you can comfortably store up to 6 wet canvas panels that measure 9" wide x 12" long. What space!

Speaking of storage space…this box can hold up to six painting panels without being rickety. You will be fascinated by its sturdy structure which is crafted from densely stained & lacquered wood.

You will find the wood structure is brass plated, with over sized resin knobs and handle. The knobs are easier to tighten and you can feel their comfy.

Its ability to be adjusted to infinite angles is amazing. You can paint from any angle depending on your height and preferences. This will definitely give the best perspective of your paint subject.

It has been criticized for lacking enough space for water-color paints but it is sufficient if you use oil-paints.

Highlighted Features:

  • Elegant, durable, over-sized resin knobsexpertly fitted to make your holding easy.
  • A unique, gliding interior palette that can be pulled sideways to reveal the 3” by 10” storage space which has three nicely divided compartments.
  • Magnetic holders found in the compartment sections have are meant to conveniently hold your brush, water color paper and canvas.
  • Roomy compartments with detachable dividers allow you to adjust the space in each compartment as per your needs. This versatility enables this box to serve your varying painting needs comfortably.

Pochade Box Buying Guide For Painting

There are many Pochade boxes out there and finding the right one can easily be a herculean task for you. This is why we have compiled a buying guide for you here. Read on to discover what to consider before buying your best Pochade box that will fit your needs.

Storage Capacity

Consider the art essential supplies that you will need so that you choose a Pochade box that accommodate them. This is important if you don’t want to carry a load around you.

However, the bigger the space, the heavier the box. Most of these boxes have space dividers which are made of heavy-duty material and this adds weight.

To sort this out, you may consider buying a bag cloth that can accommodate the length of your brushes as well as reduce the overall weight of your box.

Tripod Mount

Modern Pochade boxes come with a universal port that can be used to mount on a tripod. Putting the box on the tripod helps you to paint with ease and can take even 3 10” by 14” painting boards which can easily slide into the lid area.

Type of Box

There are various types of Pochade boxes that you may consider choosing from. Right from small to large ones, your choice will be determined by your tastes and needs. The larger the box, the heavier it is because of the heavy-duty material it is crafted from.

Your Height

This is about how tall or short you are. For an accurate painting, you need to have your canvas and drawing board at your eye level. The perspective of your subject is critical and this will be critically affected if your painting panel is low.

Size of the Palette

A large palette is ideal for achieving a harmonious hue mix. Small palettes can constrain your move and affect your creative powers.

Size of the Canvas

Depending on your preferences, a large easel system can accommodate a large canvas for your liking.

Strength of the Easel System

It goes without saying that if your easel system is light, there are high chances that it can easily break. Top-quality easel systems cost a fortune too. Besides, if your travels include remote places, you must consider how easy to repair your easel system is. It can break, you know.

How to Take Care of Your Pochade Box?

Varnish regularly

The boxes have oil/varnish blend wood finishes that completely protects them well. 

Oil finishes such as Watco Danish and Tung oil are ideal and very easy to renew anytime you desire.

You can also use Howard's Feed-n-wax which is a citrus-based oil/wax to restore the box’s wood. Anytime you notice the wood is getting dry, rub any of the wood care products into the box and relax.

Oil the hinges

Don’t forget the hinges and d-rings – they require oiling to prevent them from rusting.  Oil the rings at least once a year to keep your Pochade box shiny and durable all year-round.

Clean the palette mixing area

Every time you end your painting session, wipe your palette mixing area and other joint such as the lid door, panel holders, palette raised edges and the lid door.

You aim to ensure that paint doesn’t dry or build up. If this happens, the paint will form lumps that will obstruct the box from closing or hinges from functioning properly.

Use thinner to clean the springs

This comes in handy in case the paint is smeared on the panel holders’ return springs. Use a clean brush with a little thinner and clean it out. Paint can gum the springs thus affecting their power. Avoid this. You can oil it using WD-40, or 3-in1 oil, or grease…or evenvaseline, to keep it spinning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I use a Pochade Box?

Essentially, if you are an outdoor painter, you need a Pochade Box. This compact box comes with a lid that has hinges and therefore can be closed to secure your work and art essentials. When open, the lid can be used to support your well-crafted painting.

2. Can the Pochade Box be mounted on a Tripod?

Yes. Your Pochade box can be mounted on the tripod because they are designed to fit universal tripods. Any tripod that can mount a camera is ideal for mounting your Pochade box. However, Pochade boxes do not come with tripods…these are purchased separately.

3. Can I use a glass Palette on the Pochade box?

Yes, this is possible because the Pochade boxes have room to add an extra palette piece. You cut the right glass size, and hold it in place using silicone caulk in such a way that the glass can be removed in future should the need arise.

4. Can the Pochade Box be affected by humid temperature?

Usually, the boxes are made from wood which is resistant to extreme weather conditions. The lacquer finish given to the boxes slows down the transfer of moisture. You can also slow down this process by rubbing oil on the box if you are travelling to areas with extreme weather conditions.

5. Do I need a special palette if I am to paint using acrylic?

It depends. There are those boxes that have been designed to oil paint medium in mind and shifting to acrylic will require some sort of palette liners such as Lexan, plexiglass or even glass.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to remain upbeat when painting especially if your art essentials are not organized and strewn all over the workplace. For your outdoor artwork, you need to carry around your tools of work as you venture out seeking inspiration from nature.

With the right Pochade box, you can concentrate on your paintwork without the fear of messing up. Your choice of the Pochade box will be determined by your preferences and the depth of painting you do.

With the information in this article, I am pretty sure that you were guided well by the Pochade box reviewsin purchasing a box that is ideal for your work; be able to maintain the box you have purchased; and compare different types of boxes, settling for the best Pochade box.


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