Best Yarn for Dishcloths : Top 5 Picks Reviewed 2023

It doesn't matter how expensive of a dishcloth you're using; if the yarn isn't good enough, all those rubbing and scratching won't remove the food leftovers from the utensils.

While it’s pretty tough to get a good-quality yarn these days, we’ll help you find the best yarn for dishcloths and that too within your budget range.

The yarns we’ve picked on this review will definitely help you create some efficient dishcloths within no time, for which you can keep your cookware and other kitchen stuff clean and dirt-free.



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Dish Scrubber Yarn from TYH Supplies

5 out of 5

Lion Brand Yarn 761-098

5 out of 5

Cotton Cone Yarn from Lily Sugar’n Cream

4.5 out of 5

Scrubby Yarn from Read Heart

4 out of 5

Spinrite Lily Yarn Assortment

4.5 out of 5

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Dish Scrubber Yarn from TYH Supplies



Lion Brand Yarn 761-098



Cotton Cone Yarn from Lily Sugar’n Cream



Scrubby Yarn from Read Heart



Spinrite Lily Yarn Assortment



5 Best Yarn for Dishcloths in 2023

On this list, we’re presenting some of the top-rated yarns designed to make dishcloths in the best way possible. Keep on reading to know about them in detail.

1. Dish Scrubber Yarn from TYH Supplies

Dish Scrubber Yarn from TYH Supplies

So, you’re just wondering about creating some colorful dishcloths all by yourself, right? Well, it’s possible if you have the right tools and stuff, and of course, getting yourself the Dish Scrubber Yarn from TYH supplies should be your first duty to make that job successfully done.

Talking about the yarn material, it’s made of premium-quality polyester, ensuring optimum durability and longevity. So, if you use this model to make some pieces of dishcloths, it’s guaranteed that the items will last for years.

You’re getting around ten skeins in total, and each packs a unique color to make you feel wow! Consequently, you’ll be able to make some durable dishcloths with numerous colors for your kitchen. So, feel free to call it “beauty with the beast!”

With 8 skeins to 33 skeins, the particular model is available in a variety of different quantities and colors. So, users can choose according to their tastes.

Surprisingly, the dishcloths you’re going to prepare from it will be capable of removing residues and stubborn marks from your kitchen appliances, making it the best yarn for dishcloths.

Each skein provides about 66 yards, enabling you to create adequate amounts of dishcloths in order that you can use them or gift them to your loving ones.

Most importantly, the material it comes with is machine washable. But you have to make sure you’re not applying the bleach and iron to the yarn.

Overall, it won’t let you down at all whether you’re going to use it with knitting needles or even crochet hooks.

Highlighted Features

  • The polyester material makes it durable and machine washable
  • Delivers ten skeins with different colors to meet users’ needs
  • Each skein is around 66 yards
  • Compatible with crochet hooks and knitting needles
  • Great for reducing stubborn marks and residues from cookware surfaces

2. Lion Brand Yarn 761-098

Lion Brand Yarn 761-098

Are you looking for something made of cotton? Then maybe you’re hungry for this model, the Lion Brand Yarn 761-098. Durable, colorful, versatile, you name it, this one right here equips natural fiber with a unique “Ecru” color, making it the best cotton yarn for dishcloths out there in the shop.

Not only for dishcloths, but it’s also a perfect choice for making home décor, fashion garments, kitchen and bath accessories, and some specific items for your children. Impressive, eh?

Unlike the typical models, it's much softer, and the color it comes with will last for long even after washing it multiple times. Thanks to the mercerization process, providing the item excellent sheen and color.

Alongside the Ecru, you’ll find more than 22 colors from the model. And yes, it is machine washable as well, allowing you to stay in a comfort zone in terms of washing off.

Highlighted Features

  • The model provides more than 22 different colors to choose from
  • Worsted-weight with a mercerization process to ensure incredible sheen and color
  • Friendly with fashion garments, dishcloths, home décor, etc.
  • Machine washable and comfortable for users due to its natural fiber
  • 100% cotton for ensuring optimal quality and durability

3. Cotton Cone Yarn from Lily Sugar’n Cream

Cotton Cone Yarn from Lily Sugar’n Cream

If you prefer quality over everything, choosing the Cotton Cone Yarn from Lily Sugar’n Cream might be your best decision.

We’re really fond of this one on account of the unique feature it gets. And this is what we’re going to talk about.

Without a doubt, it includes one of the most absorbent materials. So, drying off dishes or other kitchen appliances will be a breeze.

Even it's pretty soft, and the "cotton" material it comes with is made of natural fiber, making it user-friendly.

You’re getting a single piece with tons of color options. The model features over 17 exquisite colors, but we like the red one most. Talking about the price range, it’s a bit steep compared to other available choices.

With 14 oz (400 grams), the cone comes in around 706 yards in total. Guess what? It’s enough to create a minimum of four different dishcloths at once.

Like our earlier picks, this one can be washed through a machine as well, so the dishcloths you're going to make from it will be hassle-free to clean up.

Good to know, from H-8 crochets (14 rows) to US 7 needles (26 rows), it suits plenty of different applications to let you complete several things.

Highlighted Features

  • The cotton it gets is the most absorbent material
  • Comes in 706 yards in total
  • Features more than 17 colors to meet users requirements
  • Its soft and natural fiber is machine washable
  • Suits both US 7 needles and H-8 crochets

4. Scrubby Yarn from Read Heart

 Scrubby Yarn from Read Heart

Now, we’re presenting a dirt-cheap model from Read Heart. The uniquely textured yarn is made of 100% polyester, which means it’ll dry too soon as well as allow you to reduce the stuck-on dirt from kitchen appliances with ease.

The Almond color it gets isn’t that attractive, still, it might be your pick for making lots of different things combining with other aesthetic colors.

With this efficient stuff, you can prepare both washcloths and dishcloths within a shorter period.

Needless to say, the polyester material is compatible with machines, enabling you to keep it clean without working hard. And don’t worry at all, it’s gentle on users’ skin.

Speaking of the downside, it offers a minimal odor! So, you might have to deal with unpleasing smells at times while using it. But we think you can get rid of it by washing off the stuff frequently.

With a 4-medium worsted size, it measures around 78 yards and weighs approximately 3 ounces.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the scrubby yarn fits the US-8 knitting needle and US I-9 crochet hook perfectly.

Highlighted Features

  • The scrubby yarn comes in an affordable price range
  • Almond color and made of polyester material
  • Dries way too quickly and erases stubborn marks effortlessly
  • It packs 3 ounces with 78 yards in total
  • Machine washable and friendly with US I-9 crocket hook and US-8 knitting needle

5. Spinrite Lily Yarn Assortment

Spinrite Lily Yarn Assortment

Our last pick is brought to you by Spinrite. We’ve picked it up for those who’re still looking for the best dishcloth yarn.

This particular model equips 100% cotton as a primary material to make sure of reliability, durability, and optimal longevity. With its assistance, you’ll be able to make some soft dishcloths in order to use them on a daily basis.

You’re going to get a total of 6 pieces of skeins with multiple colors, including jewels, spring swirl, grape, black currant, countryside ombre, and soft violent.

With these jaw-dropping beauties, making Mod Gingham dishcloths, gardens glow dishcloths, and shopping tote bags will be a cinch!

Basically, we’ve picked the “Asst 32” with 4 different patterns. But there are some other available options that you can choose from – such as Asst 34, Asst 37, Asst AG, Asst AD, Purple set, and so forth.

The thing to be noted, each variety comes in variegated Ombres (2 oz) and solids (2.5 oz). The Ombres is 95 yards in size, and the solid one is 120 yards. Thus, you can prepare heaps of dishcloths at once by getting yourself this super-awesome model.

When it comes down to usage, you can select the US size 7 knitting needles and H-8 crochet hooks. So, apart from dishcloths, it’s possible to create some other stuff as well.

Keep in mind, it's not permissible to wash the pieces of yarns together since the color might run at times. Use a little warm water and be sure to clean them up through your hands.

Highlighted Features

  • Packs high-quality cotton as a primary material
  • The package equips six pieces of skeins in total with a variety of colors
  • Ideal for making shopping tote bags, garden glow dishcloths, etc.
  • H-8 crochet hooks and US-7 knitting needles
  • It lets you prepare lots of dishcloths with 120 yards from solids and 95 yards from Ombres

Yarn for Dishcloths Buying Guide

Yarn for Dishcloths Buying Guide

When we talk about yarn, you’ll find tons of different options, and most importantly, not all are designed specifically for dishcloths.

So, it becomes necessary to look for a couple of things before purchasing yarns, for which you can get your hands on the best dishcloth yarn.

Folks, pay attention!

Consider the Type

Surprised? We don’t think so, because considering the type is always important, especially when you’re in the shop to get yarn for dishcloths.

Nowadays, you’ll find a couple of types to choose from, including polyester, cotton, and acrylic.

The acrylic one is much affordable, but it’s slightly complicated in terms of knitting. In that case, we think cotton and polyester might be your go-to options since these are pretty easy to use for all users.

Yarn Material

Next, the material of yarn. You should highly consider it if durability is your concern.

We will use dishcloths to remove deep spots, residues, and stubborn dirt from our dishes. So, if it’s not that durable, you won’t get maximum support in terms of washing.

Thus, go for something thicker, reliable, and of course, your desired item should last at least a year. Speaking of durability, polyester is the best option without a doubt. Besides, you can rely on cotton as well.


Don’t forget to consider the yardage. Keep in mind, most of the yarns out there are equipped with skeins and cones.

So, ensure to select the yarn that is a minimum of 66 yards in size so that you can create a couple of dishcloths by just getting a single piece of cone or skein.

Machine Washable

It’s always a plus point if you choose a yarn that’s compatible with the washing machine; guess why? It lets you wash off the piece of dishcloth with ease, and that too without much effort.

So, before getting yourself a specific model, you have to confirm the item is friendly with all types of washing processes. In that case, you can check an individual label for clear information.


We’re not saying that you have to pick just a particular color, but yes, it’ll come in handy if you select a model with so many colors. In that case, if you choose such a model, making some uniquely designed dishcloths will be just a snap!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which material should I need to avoid while buying or knitting dishcloths?

Plastic and microfiber are the materials you should highly avoid while knitting or purchasing dishcloths. These are not that friendly with the environment and also with those who prefer softer and smoother yarns.

What’s the benefit of using dishcloths made of polyester?

Polyester is well-known for making scrubby clothes. It’s great for removing residues and stubborn marks straight away from cookware and dishes.

If durability is what you’re concerned about, having a dishcloth made of polyester won’t be a bad idea at all. It can easily last up to years without having much of a problem.

Is it okay to wash my dishcloths through a machine?

Of course, it’s totally fine to wash a piece of dishcloth through a washing machine. But at first, you have to make sure the item you’ve selected is friendly with a machine. If not, then you’ll have to use your hands to clean it up.

Which color is the best for dishcloths?

When it comes down to dishcloths, there is no specific rule in terms of choosing a specific color.

But we suggest picking up the one that equips a variety of different colors, for which you can create some dishcloths with a unique design.

What type of yarn is ideal for holding moisture?

In our opinion, cotton is, hands down, the best option when we talk about holding moisture in the best way possible. Even this particular material is much softer, allowing you to clean cookware or dishes without any damage.


From now on, knitting dishcloths will be as easy as pie if you get any of one from the review of the best yarn for dishcloths. So, without wasting any time, be sure to make a final decision in terms of choosing the one that fits all your tastes.


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