Top 10 Best Geometry Compass: Reviews & Buying Guide

My friend recently held a workshop on geometric art. He was frustrated to see that so many of the participants couldn’t get perfect circles.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Drawing a circle shouldn’t be a big deal. But, if you’ve landed up with a drawing compass that’s loose hinged, you’ll have a lop-sided circle.

Whether you’re a high school student or a student of engineering, architecture or geometric art, without the right tools like scales, protractors, set squares, and a good drawing compass, you’ll be at a loss to do a good job on the drafting paper.

More often than not, we go to the stationery and pick up any geometric set, hardly sparing any thoughts to the end results.

Although straight lines can be more or less tackled with a ruler, circles need a bit more tact as they’re not at all linear. Here’s where a good geometry compass can cut the deal.

The market is flooded with various brands of compasses. It’s an essential tool for both students and professionals.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best geometry compass models that have glowing reviews from their users. Hope you find this article informative and useful.

Are you running around in circles trying to figure out how to draw perfect discs? Well, keep calm and get Mr. Pen!

This cool kit comes with 15 pieces of geometric tools, guaranteed to give you great-looking shapes, no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced user.

In this package, you get two metal compasses – a study one that’s suitable as a math compass while the other one is a graphic compass, meant to hold pens and felt tip markers, besides a pencil.

There’s an extra lead for the graphic compass in case you use it more often than the study one for more serious purposes. Also enclosed are two normal pencils and one mechanical pencil for the compass, 1 pack of 0.5 millimetre lead for replacing in your mechanical pencil, and one metal pencil sharpener.

The study compass can be used to draw perfect circles of radius between one-quarter of an inch up to 5 and a quarter inches. You can use the graphic compass to draw circles of radius between a quarter of an inch and 6 inches.

To make marking easier for you, the kit includes a metal divider with a pair of sturdy legs – one for the center and the other for marking. If you’re working on uneven surfaces, the divider is a great measurement transfer tool.

The entire pouch with the geometric set is easy to carry around and is reusable, making it user-friendly.

The geometric tools have measurements marked in both inches and centimeters so that you can use whichever one you’re more comfortable with.

Highlighted Features:

  • User-friendly kit for carrying around easily.
  • Includes both normal and mechanical pencils.
  • Extra lead provided for replacement.
  • Metal divider included for scoring.
  • Measurements in both inches and centimeters.

2. Offizeus Professional Compass

This is one the best drafting compasses that’s great for not only students and professionals, but also for carpenters as well. What makes it so tough?

Well, unlike other compasses, it’s not made of plastic! Its metallic body makes it more durable than its plastic counterparts.

From simple to more intricate woodwork, this drafting compass has made many a carpenter happy with its sturdiness and precision.

If you’ve ever been in a situation when you’re trying to draw a circle and the legs of the compass move away, then you must try this amazing math compass. It comes with an adjustable center wheel with locks, making sure you cut exactly the circle you have in mind.

The center wheel can be easily adjusted so you can change the radius of the circle as many times as you want. It’s also anti-slip, making sure your art doesn’t turn into a disaster!

It’s safe and great for kids and adults alike as it can be used easily, giving you your dream circles each time you try.

The bonus is that this geometry compass comes with plenty of accessories to save you the trouble of buying these separately. There are 9 spare leads measuring 2 millimetres, steel needle nibs, and extra nuts and screws. You can use these easily for replacement without using any tool.

You can do away with regular pencils as this drafting compass set is used with mechanical pencils only.

You can stash away the entire package in a transparent, portable and reusable pouch.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of metal for longevity.
  • Adjustable wheel with locks for precision.
  • Suitable for kids and adults.
  • Accessories included for convenience.
  • Easy-to-carry and reusable pouch included.

3. Maped Study Geometry Set

You can bend over many rules but can’t possibly allow your compass to bend when drawing a circle!

The Maped geometry set includes compasses that are both durable and give you more accuracy.

This geometry set has been produced keeping in mind the needs of more advanced users. So, if you’re someone who’s passionate about drawing complex things like mandalas, this could be the best compass geometry for you. 

The compass is made from a combination of metal and hard plastic, hence giving it durability. It’s great for practice and if you want a better, more controlled outcome.

If you look at the compass head, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that it is designed ergonomically to give you a comfortable hold and a stress-free experience. Just be a bit careful as you might face some issues having the lead in the holder firmly in place.

You can use any standard size of pencil and pen in your compass holder without thinking too much about it.

With a capability to draw a 10-inch diameter circle, you have one of the most reliable geometry compasses to still all your drawing worries.

Measurements are marked with both inches and centimetres so you can work at ease with either.

Accessories included are 2 metal study compasses, lead refill, pencil for the compasses, eraser, and hard plastic sharpener besides other geometric tools.

The whole package comes in a compact, shatter-proof case that’s reusable and lasts long. Its tight latch ensures you have all the stuff in place, without the fear of losing any. Among the all features we consider this is one of the best geometry compass for the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable compasses made from hard plastic and metal.
  • Ergonomically designed compass head.
  • Usable with any standard pen or pencil.
  • Easily draw up to a 10-inch diameter circle.
  • Compact, shatter-proof case for easy storage.

4. Mr. Pen- Professional Compass

If you’re hunting for the best compass for geometry, then look no further! This is Godsend for teachers, artists, students, architects, and engineers to complete all their projects with convenience.

The full metal-bodied compass is meant to last a lifetime and beyond, so this is a good investment for your needs. Users have repeatedly praised it for its sturdiness.

Worried about how to draw a circle that’s 18 inches in diameter? It’s a breeze with this math compass armed with an extension beam. You can draw both small (one-fourth inch radius) and very large circles with precision.

Be careful with the center point as it has been known to slip a bit when you’re trying to make full use of the extension beam.

Its universal adapter gives you more flexibility so that you can adjust the size of the regular or mechanical pencil and even pens.

The central thumbwheel is supported by the spring bow head if you want to quickly adjust the settings.

The drop leg feature enables you to push down the legs and adjust the size without loosening or tightening the screw. Thus, it saves time for you if you’re in a hurry.

This can be carried easily in the pouch that comes with it and is reusable. The package also includes accessories – 10 spare lead, extra needle along with screws and a screwdriver for adjusting the screws in the compass with comfort. It’s not difficult to replace the lead.

Mind you, the tiny accessories come in a box that might be a bit of a struggle to open.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full metal body for durability.
  • Extension beam allows circles of up to 18 inches in diameter.
  • Universal adapter for greater flexibility.
  • Spring bow head with center wheel and push button.
  • Comes in a reusable pouch with accessories.

5. Big Horn Precision Compass

Are you tired of using a ruler to draw and measure the diameter of circles?

Free yourself from this hassle with arguably the best-quality compass for geometry. It perfectly measures diameter and you can just forget about the repeat use of a ruler. What’s more, it can repeat measurements as many times as you need!

This is a smooth operator as it has the sliding speed nut feature that allows you to adjust larger or smaller arcs quickly. So, you can either slide up or down depending on the size of the circle, until you hit the center collar.

The needle point of the divider is sharp and anti-slip, making it convenient for you to make marks without making any mistakes. The tip is made of metal as are the legs, which are great for strong engravings.

You can use the divider to both make marks and to draw arcs. The length of the leg is 8 inches, hence can be used for general purposes by anyone, including craftsmen and carpenters.

Its compact size makes it easy to carry and do on the job type of work, rather than desk work. If you’re working with paper, then this one can be the perfect compass for math. However, it can be also used on sheet metal to make marks.

If you’re planning to use it with a pencil, use a short one as a regular size of a pencil would be too long, hampering the divider function. It’s pleasantly stronger than you’d expect it to be, making it quite durable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Metal legs and tips make it sturdy.
  • Takes repeat measurements for accuracy.
  • Sliding speed nut for quick adjustments.
  • Can be used on paper and sheet metal.
  • Sharp and anti-slip divider for strong markings.

6. MeetUs Math Geometry Kit Set

This 8-piece geometry set has been designed by math experts so, little wonder it’s suitable for teachers and students at all levels as well as those who are into small hobby crafts. The graphic compass comes with a pencil, 1 pencil lead refill, and other tools needed for geometric shapes.

The compass gives accurate marks every time, thanks to its protective cap for the tips that keep them sharp and prevent any damage. Besides, it’s sturdy and you won’t have to worry about having it wrecked in your child’s backpack.

The mini mechanical pencil that can be used with the compass gives more accuracy and is easier to use than a lead plug that tends to change the size of arcs because of wear and tear.

If you’re a jewellery designer and need very small circles, then this drawing compass is perfect for the job. It does a great job on concentric circles too, so whatever the basic needs are, this is a good find for you.

When using the compass, make sure you have the joints tightened to prevent slippage while you’re working with it.

A durable plastic case keeps the compass and all other tools and accessories in place, even while carrying it. You can also give it to students as gifts as it’s easy to carry and store. It’s compact enough to be placed on a regular size desk, without crowding it.

There’s also a reusable pouch that comes with the package. In case you want to switch between this and the plastic case, you now have a choice!

Highlighted Features:

  • Good for students and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Small mechanical pencil for precision.
  • Protective cap of compass to keep it sharp.
  • Comes with useful and extra accessories.
  • Both plastic case and reusable pouch included.

7. Student Drawing Compass

Whether you’re looking for a compass set for your 4th grader or your high schooler, this is the right choice. It’s made from stainless steel and geared to hold a 2-millimetre pencil lead. The silver gleam makes it look nice and polished.

The ergonomically designed compass with a serrated head is comfortable for frequent usage. Its light weight of only 49 grams or 1.73 ounce makes it easy to carry and the stainless-steel material makes it long-lasting.

The length is 4.53 inches or 11.5 centimeters, thereby usable for any standard size project.

The center wheel helps to make easy adjustment in the size of circles while you’re drawing.

The locking system in the geometry compass ensures you draw perfect circles, just the size you want.

You can even use the product for small home décor projects. It’s a delight to use both at home and in the classroom or drafting desk.

The package of five instruments also include 3 lead refills for the compass. However, the lead may wear out with frequent use, so be prepared to buy some extra ones.

The kit includes other tools for geometry and is equally good for young or advanced students and professionals.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel body for durability.
  • Locking system for precision of size.
  • Center wheel for quick and easy changes.
  • Suitable compass for geometry class and home craft.
  • Includes 3 extra lead refills.

8. MYLIFEUNIT Drawing Compass

This silver-colored is one of the top compass models that uses a mechanical pencil. The pencil lead holder is 2 millimetres in size and suitable for any drawing and drafting projects.

Since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s guaranteed to last long, even with rough handling as many students are careless with usage of geometric tools.

If you want to draw circles with radius measuring up to 3.15 inches, you can do with little effort. Thanks to its center wheel specially designed to allows easy micro-setting.

The micro-set center wheel has another function – to help you make quick size adjustments as you draw. This is a huge time saver.

When you’re drawing arcs, sometimes the vertices are not visible. But not with this geometry compass. You can view the vertices directly and be sure to be more successful with accurate drawings.

Its lightweight and steel body make it a favorite with teachers. They have praised its sturdiness and ease of use. Kids also find it easy to do their homework with this drawing compass.

It is completely safe to carry around in a pocket as it comes with a case and can be stored easily in a drawer. If you’re into making crafts, it’s very convenient for you.

This comes in a transparent box with a stand for holding the compass when not in use, as well as a lead refill. It’s recommended you buy extra lead if you tend to be a frequent user.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel body makes it long-lasting.
  • Holds pencils of 2 millimetres dimension.
  • Micro-setting feature allows small circles.
  • Visible vertices for more accurate drawings.
  • Free lead refill, box, and compass stand included.

9. Geometry Compass Set by Ferocious Viking

One of the best geometry compass models in the block, you can invest in it with eyes closed. It’s great for making pie charts or bisecting angles or even while creating geometric art patterns.

It comes in a bow form, has an extension beam, interchangeable parts, and a specially designed slip holder for pens, pencils, markers, or stylus. This is suitable for high school students, those who are enrolled in a vocational program, and professionals.

Gone are the days when you had a hard time holding your compass in place while attempting to draw arcs for the umpteenth time. This bow compass is armed with a set screw perfectly placed in the center to set and hold the size you need.

Thinking big but not sure how to translate it to your paper? Worry no more! This product can draw circles of up to an amazing 24 inches in diameter. Just remove the leg by loosening the screw and put the extension in its place. You’re free to dream big!

There are two compasses to suit the size of work you’re planning on. The smaller compass has a span size of 2 inches, making it easy to work on projects that need small details. On the other hand, the larger compass has a span size of 7 inches and can easily draw circles of up to 14 inches, without the extension beam.

If the point of your lead is not giving you sharp markings, try the enclosed sharpener to hone your lead and make those accurate arcs. There’s an extra lead that comes with the set to help you out. A bonus point is the stylus that’s provided in the kit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two compasses for specific projects.
  • Extension beam allows circles of up to 24 inches.
  • Usable with pens, pencils, markers, and stylus.
  • Center screw for setting and holding.
  • Sharpener, extra lead, and other accessories included.

10. Westcott Metal Compass

If you’re searching for a simple, no-frill drafting compass, then this is it. It’s made mostly of metal, making it sturdy and good for rough use by students. The top part for holding and the screws are made of plastic.

You can use it with any standard size pencil. The adjustable holder means you can also use pens, markers, colored pencils, and even crayons. So, if you’re into zentangle or any other form of geometric art, it’s a great buy.

It packs a punch with its ability to draw a circle with a 12-inch diameter and even a very small one of only 4-centimeter radius. The special but simple design makes it easy to grip and easy to use. This is a highly sought-after product for students, artists, professionals.

With its sharp tip, you can successfully draw or mark arcs that are accurate.

Even those who do embroidery have highly recommended this product for ease of use and the ability to use any kind of a pen. Craftsmen who are into woodworking have been pleasantly surprised with how well it works.

The compass is known for its anti-slip feature, making it safe to use even by young children.

The plastic screw may lose its grip over time and you might end up with a wobbly pencil.

You’re advised to put slight pressure on the pointer so that the compass won’t move away from the intended direction. That’s mainly because it lacks a locking mechanism.

Highlighted Features:

  • Draws a 12-inch diameter circle.
  • Usable with pens, pencils, crayons, and markers.
  • Sharp tip for accurate arcs and markings.
  • Easy grip and use for precision.
  • Safe for use by young children.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Geometry Compass


First things first. Before you think about buying a math compass, you need to consider what kind of work you’ll use it for.

A simple, easy to use basic compass is good for young students who have just been introduced to geometry. However, if you’re a professional or a crafts person, then you might need something that can make bigger circles and strong arcs.

For students’ use, you need to consider how durable the drafting compass is, given the fact that the user will probably not be very careful either using or storing it. So, you might consider a stainless steel or a metal one over a plastic one.


How much control you need to have over your drafts and drawings is another factor to consider. If you’re teaching young students, then drawing basic circles is the only concern you have.

On the other hands, if you’re dreaming up a mighty project where the circles must be accurately drawn, you need to have a compass that provides a better grip. In this case, look for one that has the tip ergonomically designed for easy hold and control.


Another very important point to think about is the degree of versatility you’re looking for in the best compass geometry.

An extension can give you the versatility as it can be easily placed instead of the regular leg, thus extending the reach. With an extension, you can draw really large circles, if that’s what your project demands.

Whether you can use only a pencil or a host of other writing instruments in your compass also determines its versatility. For artists and designers, it’s important that the holder is capable of accommodating marker, colored pencils, crayons and others.


Look for sharp, metal tips if you want to draw or mark strong and accurate circles. The sharpness of the tip is going to determine how well-defined the marks are. Another advantage of sharp tips is that they don’t move away in different directions on paper.

Another factor that contributes to accuracy is the center point of the compass. If there’s a wheel in the center that you can adjust by tightening it, you’ll have no problem drawing perfect circles. So, a locking system is good for precision.

Some compasses come with push button or sliding feature on the legs to help you adjust the size of the arcs quickly. These will also impact the accuracy with which you can draw circles.


As the compass has sharp tips, make sure you buy a brand that gives you a hard case or a reusable pouch for carrying around safely and easily.

Other accessories like extra pencil leads, screws and nuts, sharpeners, erasers, and others should be included in the kit to prevent your work from getting hampered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Should I Choose A Plastic Or A Metal Compass?

Answer: A metal compass is recommended as this will last much longer than a plastic one.

2. What’s The Maximum Length Of The Radius That’s Possible To Draw?

Answer: If you have a good quality compass from a renowned brand, then you will get an extension that will allow you to draw a circle with a radius of up to 24 inches.

3. How Do I Adjust The Size Of A Circle?

Answer: I your compass has a wheel placed in the center, you need to tighten or loosen it to adjust the size of the circles. Alternately, some compasses have a sliding feature with which you can push the mechanism down the leg to make the circle bigger or smaller.

4. Do I Need A Different Compass For My Art Purposes?

Answer: You might need to invest in a compass that holds pens, colored pencils, and crayons besides a regular pencil if you’re into geometric art. All compasses do not have this feature.

5. How Do I Choose The Best Compass For Geometry?

Answer: Depending on how big or small circles you need to draw, you should choose your compass. Also, you must remember that plastic ones are less durable than the metal compasses, so another consideration is durability.

If the user is a professional, then they must choose a more advanced compass set. For young students, a basic compass will serve the purpose.

Final Words

With the online and offline outlets keeping stock of a multitude of brands, it’s a tough job to pick the best geometry compass for you.

A no-frills math compass is good to explain the basic geometry concepts to a young student who’s just been introduced to the subject.

For more advanced users like artists, architects and engineers, a good quality compass should be durable and more importantly, draw the perfect circle each time. Hence, you should check the center wheel and other features that would help you to have better control on your drafts.

A compass apparently looks a pretty simple tool, but the results it can produce could be of large-scale impact. Thus, it’s essential to select the right compass as it could make or break your project.

Hope this guide has been comprehensive enough to help you with the purchase. If you simply consider the factors that make a good compass, your buying experience will be a lot easier. Have fun shopping compass!


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