Top 12 Best Tablets for Osu – Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you love playing Osu? You’re not alone. The fast-paced rhythm game has increasingly gained popularity due to its engaging nature.

If you’re into graphics design or painting, this game is perfect for you.


You get to improve your fine hand and finger movements and boost your coordination skills, which are essential in these trades.

Osu is also a fantastic game for those times when you’re bored. But if you’ve been playing Osu for a while, you probably already appreciate that to dominate and grow in the game, you need something more than just a keyboard and a mouse. And that’s where the best Osu tablets come in.

These graphic tablets are perfectly suited for the game, giving you a competitive edge. They help you climb the leaderboards with ease.

We’ve already done the legwork of finding an Osu tablet that is ideal for you.

Read on to know how to choose and discover the finest model for your needs.

Things to Consider Before Buying Osu Tablets

Here are some of the things you should check out for when looking for a good osu tablet:

Active working area

The market provides you with differently sized osu tablet, and you must identify one that will suit your needs. In terms of size, most people prefer a wider working area. However, a smaller working also means a less weighty tab, and it improves your convenience. You will now be able to carry the tablet alongside your laptop.

Stylus pen

A stylus pen is important for drawing lines and making movements in the active area. Therefore, you should choose a stylus pen that provides you with the finest ergonomic support. A good pen should have a grip and a button that helps your witch between pen and eraser mode.

If you are like us, we hate constantly recharging a stylus battery. Good news, there are some stylus that is charge-free and have impressive levels of pen pressure

Resolution and level of pen pressure

The higher the resolution and level of pen pressure, the better the gameplay and sensitivity. Remember with a reading height of up to 14mm; you do not have to drag the stylus on the screen to crush a beat. You only hover above the given point on the screen, and the cursor will responsively move to the same place your pen points

Compatibility with operating systems

You should also be aware of where you will be playing your osu game. Is the tablet readily compatible with the computer?

Some are even compatible with android screens, always check for the manufacturers recommended version of the operating system before buying an osu tablet.

Our Top 12 Best Tablets for Osu 2023

1. Huion H420 USB Tablet

Are you tired of experiencing problems while playing the game? We understand it’s hard to get a quality tablet nowadays. However, Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit offers you qualities that you will likely love.

This device has three buttons on the side, which make it easy to alter control in osu. Check this out: this tablet is the most popular one in the market; its outer cover contains wood felt and microfiber leather to give it a smooth and light feel.

We know you crave for convenience when choosing a tablet, which is why it has a plug and play USB interface. No longer will you need to install external drivers.

This tablet also comes with a sleek stylus pen which has two programmable buttons so you can get to smash those beats effectively. Also, with its high sensitivity, no beat will get past you. However, it is powered by AA batteries, which means you may encounter some lag time. What it lacks in power, it makes up for with durability and its ingenious feel.

The tablet has a screen that resembles a rough paper intended for quick tracking on osu. There are, however, a few issues. For instance, it makes a screeching sound when you drag the stylus on it.  But, that is understandable considering this is one of the cheap Osu tablets.

Another issue is that if you are left-handed, you will find yourself pressing the buttons accidentally because of their placement.

Apart from that, the tablet boasts essential functions which it executes efficiently and well, which makes it one of the good Osu tablets.

Highlighted features:

  • It has 240 pressure levels.
  • It supports Windows 7-10 and Mac operating systems.
  • Three express buttons.
  • Two fingers antifouling glove.

2. Huion OSU Tablet

Are you looking for the best tablet for osu? Huion OSU Tablet offers a sublime experience for smashing those beats right.

The tablet is miniature, making it convenient to carry and with is minimalist 4 * 2.23 screen you can design on the go. Additionally, it comes with a DCSV power supply and consumption of 0.35 watts. This feature provides you with smooth operations.

The screen has a resolution of 4000 LPI and 2048 level of pen pressure. Also, it comes with a stylus with two buttons. Additionally, with the sensitive screen, it ensures the lines are accurately captured and presented.

Do you wonder what makes it the best osu tablet?

It has a quick response time, ergonomic, and light. Also, it costs is just 20 dollars, and it works efficiently as a more expensive tablet. However, you have to deal with a small working surface.

The stylus comes without the AAA batteries, which does not seem right. However, it comes with a variety of pen tips to make your osu playing experience enjoyable. Moreover, you will enjoy the sensitivity it offers, and you will surely make new high scores using this tablet.

Besides, this product is perfect for beginners in graphic design; therefore, you can adjust the sensitivity to your preferred level. One flaw is that the tab comes with an outdated kernel version, but once you updated it, you will enjoy the smooth operations.

The tablet also boasts a USB plug and play interface, and it is compatible with Windows 7 or later and Mac operating systems

Highlighted features:

  • Durable and light stylus.
  • High resolution 4000 LPI screen.
  • Lightweight design 167grams.
  • 2048 level of pen pressure.

3. XP-PEN Deco 01 10x6.25 Inch Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet

Have you been looking for a tablet for playing osu? We have all been there; we want a quality product that will help us beat those high scores. Well, here is XP-PEN Deco 01 digital graphics drawing tablet.

The tablet is 10*6.25 inches ensuring you have a widescreen to play your beats. This tablet is 8mm thick making it one of the slimmest osu tablets in the market. It is convenient for moving from place to place without burdening yourself.

Also, it comes with a stylish battery-free stylus you will efficiently exploit your creativity. The pen will not need you to charge it, and it provides 8192 levels of pen pressure, ensuring you have cutting-edge control and fluidity on your movements on the screen.

Moreover, the tablet comes with eight customizable express keys to assist you in creating a comfortable and convenient workspace. The tablet's software allows the keys to be programmed differently for other programs use. Interestingly, XP-PEN Deco 1 is uniquely designed to suit both left-handed and right-handed users.

Do you know what’s exciting? The tablet comes with a type-c USB, and its driver is easily downloadable from the manufacturer’s website. To ensure you can also work on your personal computer, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems

Interestingly, this tablet has a soft glow on its edges, which makes it easier to smash those beats in the dark. However, it is quite expensive, but it is worth every penny.

Highlighted features:

  • Charge-free stylus pen.
  • Wide 10*6.25 inches screen.
  • 8192 levels of instant pressure.
  • Lightweight 1.79grams design.

4. XP-Pen G430S OSU Tablet

It is impressive how the XP-Pen G430S tablet is powerful at playing osu. You might wonder how comes one is so affordable, surely it must miss something. However, the tablet is just as good as the pricey ones.

It has a 4*3 inches active work area which uses 8192 levels of pen pressure ensuring you have adequate control and fluidity over your creative outputs. Interestingly, the report rate has increased by 266 RPS providing enhanced performance and making lines flow quicker and smoother.

Additionally, the XP-Pen G430S tablet is 2mm thick making sure you can carry it around with convenience. Its slim feature puts it at par with all primary level graphic tablets. You can now bring this tablet everywhere to access osu at your convenience.

Still not convinced? Let us dive into some more features. The PO1, its stylus pen, is battery-free and works just like a pen. Imagine how awesome it is to never worry about charging. You can gear up for uninterrupted sessions of playing osu.

The manufacturer also appreciates your experience. The tablet's design is innovative and has undergone hours of research to ensure you enjoy state-of-the-art technology. Apart from playing osu. This tablet can perform various tasks, including graphic design and online education. Talk about value for your money

This tablet is also compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, and it is also usable with various graphic design software. The drivers are also updated regularly to ensure your experience playing osu.

Highlighted features:

  • 8192 level of pen pressure.
  • 5080 LPI resolution.
  • PO1 charging free stylus pen.
  • Plug and play drivers.

5. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet

If you’ve have been looking for a good tablet for osu, look no further; the Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet provides you with an impressive surface as an artist to crush those fresh beats on osu.

The tablet has a 6*3.7 inches active area to give you enhanced working experience. Its size is perfect for a limited workspace, and it gives you more room to create awesome music. Moreover, the screen has 4096 levels of instant pen pressure, which provides you with a unique experience. Also, with a resolution of 2540 LIP, ensuring the finest view in your game.

This device boasts accuracy, and you can hover on the screen for a distance up to 14mm. You will love the fact that it has no cursor delay. However, the display has a rough feel to it, and we recommend you drag instead of hovering to ensure excellent results.

It also comes with a stylish charge-free pen, which has a good rubber grip. Therefore, the slim rubber grip will ensure your osu games improve, and you might break your record.

This tablet comes without drivers, ensure you download them before you delve into playing osu for a better game experience. The driver update enables you to activate the cursor area and remove the cursor delay.

However, many users have found downloading the update cumbersome. The site is sometimes unresponsive, but don’t get worried. You can contact the customer service representative to guide you.

As a bonus, the tablet comes with three preloaded software. These are software to be used in graphic design. Also, it has four customizable buttons which put your favorite functions at your fingertips

Highlighted features:

  • 4096 levels of instant pen pressure.
  • Charge-free pen with rubber grip.
  • Four customizable buttons.
  • Three free graphic design software.

6. XP-PEN Star03 V2 Tablet

Are you looking for a budget-friendly tablet to play your osu games? Your search is over; the XP-PEN Star03 V2 tablet has a 12-inch display screen. Its 10*6 inches work area slopped to the sides, ensuring you have a comfortable working area.

The product offers a blend of cutting edge technology to enhance your use. It comes with 8192 levels of pen pressure which has an auto line correct feature with an ingenious anti-shake property. Therefore, you can have a stress free experience when smashing those beats.

I know you want the juicy features to consider. Let us dive in; facilities manufacture it under strict regulation in the USA, and it is mainly known for its charge-free P01 pen. This pen is ergonomically designed to ensure you feel comfortable while tackling your game.

Better yet, it comes with a pen holder so that you can rest it on when you are taking a break from smashing osu records. The manufacturer offers you eight pen tips to make your gameplay as impressive as you would want.

The XP-PEN Star03 V2 tablet comes with eight customizable buttons, which enable you to set up your hotkeys for a comfortable and convenient osu experience. Surely, you will reduce the use of an external keyboard in between keystrokes.

The tablet is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Mac operating systems. As a bonus, the company offers you a one year warranty to ensure value for your money. However, you will have to endure the short hovering distance.

Highlighted features:

  • 8192 levels of pen pressure.
  • 10*6 inch active area.
  • Charge-free pen.
  • Eight customizable buttons.

7. XP-Pen Star05 V2 Wireless 2.4G Graphics Drawing Tablet

Are you fed up of having to plug in a USB to use your tablet? Then the XP-Pen Star05 V2 Wireless Tablet will blow you away. Its unique design gives the user the freedom to allow the creative juices to run and to improve your work rate.

Are you wondering why it is the best tablet for osu? Imagine using your tab for fourteen straight hours that sounds awesome, right? The tablet comes with a quick charging Lithium battery that will give you up to fourteen hours of use on each charge.

For it to use the wireless functionality, you need to connect the USB receiver on the computer. Bam! You can start working. One more thing before you begin playing osu, it is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Mac operating systems. Therefore, you have to ensure you USB drivers are up to date.

Check this out; the tablet comes with a charge-free pen with a one-click button that allows you to toggle between eraser and pen modes — thereby making your drawing experience less frustrating and ergonomic. Your drawing will be as good as if they were on paper.

Its drawing area of 8*5 inches has 8192 levels of pen pressure. Therefore, enabling you to create smooth and natural movements. Also, with variations in line width of opacity. Interestingly, it is compatible with both left hand and right-hand users, you don’t have to flip it.

Also, with six touch-sensitive buttons, you can now streamline your workflow not only on osu but on a variety of applications. However, the installation of the drivers may be tricky. Please keep in touch with a customer representative to guide you on the process.

Highlighted features:

  • 8192 levels of pen pressure.
  • High-quality lithium battery.
  • Charge-free pen.
  • Six touch-sensitive buttons.

8. VEIKK A30 Graphics Drawing Tablet

Do you want an affordable yet efficient best osu tablet? Worry no more, VEIKK A30 is just that.

The tablet provides you with a 10*6 inches active work area, which offers more sensitivity and space for you to showcase your creative output. The tablet is also super thin with a thinness of 9mm, and weighing at a meager 570grams. It will provide you with comfortability and convenience of moving with your work from place to place.

The screen also has a paper-like feel to it, to ensure your drawing and gameplay on osu feel natural. Also, it comes with a charge-free stylus which is responsive and accurate. It also boasts 8192 levels of instant pen pressure to ensure quick on-screen reactions.

Additionally, you can reduce the sensitivity in the settings to your comfort levels. The stylus also has two buttons to help you toggle between eraser and pen mode. That will ensure your work continues with minimal interruptions. The manufacturer also gives you eight different pen nibs to help you have an option of the tool you want to use to smash the osu records.

The tablet is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, and it has four touch-sensitive keys to help you set up hotkeys you want to use while playing osu and also in other applications.

Moreover, it comes with a quality type-c USB that can be plugged in in either direction to allow for convenience and more stable data transfers. Also, the design is for both left and right-handed users.

Highlighted features:

  • 10*9 inches active work area.
  • Four touch-sensitive shortcut buttons.
  • Charge-free pen.
  • Two-fingered anti-fouling glove.
  • 8192 levels of pen pressure.

9. Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing Tablet

Have been searching for a good osu tablet? Then your journey has come to an end. Huion Inspiroy Drawing Tablet will meet and go beyond your osu gameplay needs. Imagine breaking your record high score, fantastic right? It is the right tool for the job.

It is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems. However, for it to work on android, you will have to activate the OTG settings. It offers you a 6.3*3.9 inch workspace when connected to Windows or Mac, but on android, your workspace will be 100*62.5 mm. That’s a bonus because it will facilitate you to even work on fantastic design software.

Are you wondering why it’s worth it? Its screen surface has a paper-like texture, and it provides 8192 levels of pen pressure assured to give you quality strokes at different levels of pressure. It also has an impressive response rate of 233RPS, which ensures you have constant cursor movements without lagging.

The tablet also comes with a PW100 battery-free pen which has a resting page in case you want to rest from playing osu. The screen can also sense the pen up to 10mm range to secure you a delicate presentation of every line you input with your pen.

This tablet would make a great present even for a budding artist. It comes with six buttons to help you increase your workflow and convenience. You can set up the hotkeys to function as shortcuts in different software, including osu.

Highlighted features:

  • 8192 levels of pen pressure.
  • Charge-free P1W00 stylus.
  • 6.3*3.9 active work area.
  • Six customizable shortcut buttons

10. VEIKK S640 Graphic Drawing Tablet

The VEIKK S640 Graphic Drawing Tablet provides you with a smooth osu gameplay. It acts as the perfect mouse replacement to enable you to hit those notes as soon as they pop up on the screen.

Imagine not having to charge you stylus pen ever so often. Good news, this tablet comes with a charge-free stylus pen that will ensure you have uninterrupted gameplay and consistency. It would increase your osu rating. The pen also has a one-click button to allow you to toggle between pen and eraser mode.

How about we dive deeper into some of its functionalities. The tablet provides you with a 6*4 inch actual work or play area, and its thickness is only 2mm. Together with its 10.6 ounces weight, it can comfortably and conveniently fit in your laptop bag or briefcase.

The pen has an impressive 8192 level of pen pressure allowing for accurate gameplay. Also, combined with an improved response rate of 250RPS, it enhances overall performance by making lines quicker and smoother. Do not worry about cursor delay; the configuration troubleshoots this problem once you install the drivers.

The tablet is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. However, installing device drivers is a challenging task. To ensure you do not get stuck, please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on their website for guidance.

Interestingly, this tablet supports various other functions and software. Also, it comes with a one year warranty, talk about value for your money.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8192 levels of pen pressure.
  • 6*4 inch active work area.
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Impressive 250RPS response rate.

11. Huion Inspiroy H430P OSU Tablet

Do you want to play your osu game on your android phone?

If your answer is yes, then Huion Inspiroy H430P OSU Tablet provides you with an Android version 6.0 support. It is an excellent substitute for a mouse when playing osu.

Let us dive into the features; it has a battery-free stylus pen which frees you from the trouble of constant charging. It will increase your gameplay consistency and reduce interruptions.

It also comes with eight different pen nibs to enable you to choose the most comfortable for the game. Also, it has a nib clip where you can store them after use.

The Huion osu tablet provides you with a 121.9*76.2mm work area which will drastically reduce the range of wrist movement during gameplay. The tablet is also only 6.3mm thick and weighs at 135 grams. Therefore, making it easy to carry in either your laptop bag or briefcase as it does not take too much space.

Also, the tablet boasts a 5080LPI screen resolution and a 4096 level of pen pressure to give you a more enjoyable user experience. Remember, the higher the resolution and pressure sensitivity, the better your gameplay or drawing will be.

The tablet is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, it comes with a detachable Micro-USB cable which overcomes the problems of regular USB cable and is easier to carry.

However, for you to use it on your android phone, please ensure you have enabled your OTG settings in the developer option. Sadly, the product doesn’t come with an OTG connector. The burden of purchasing it falls to you.

Highlighted Features:

  • 508LPI screen resolution.
  • 4096 levels of pen pressure.
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Android.
  • Charge-free stylus pen.

12. GAOMON S56K OSU Tablet

Do you yearn for faster and smoother osu gameplay? We have all been there, GAOMON S56K OSU Tablet will enhance your user experience during osu gameplays.

The tablet provides you with a 6*5 inch active work area, which will significantly improve your response time to osu gameplay. Also, it has a thickness of 1.4 mm and resembles a mouse pad. It has anti-slip properties to ensure you keep your gameplay consistency high and makes it easy to hold.

Additionally, this tablet is plug and play, making it suited for osu and other games. The tab will act as a suitable replacement for a mouse. Get ready to set a new record high score when using this tablet.

The tablet has a 400LPI resolution and 2048 levels of pen sensitivity. It may not be high, but it ensures your gameplay is fantastic. Also, with its 10mm reading height and it’s no cursor delay, you will be playing with extra freedom.

Interestingly, the stylus pen is powered by AAA batteries, which ensures smooth and natural movements across the screen. It is also equipped with two buttons to help you toggle between Eraser and pen mode.

However, the batteries may die without your knowledge, keep replacing them often to ensure uninterrupted game-play.

The tablet is also compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, it works with a variety of software, including Photoshop and Corel draw. It can also create signatures on PDF and comments on documents.

The exciting part is that it is flexible and can be folded for secure storage and carrying. Now, that is convenience at its best.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4000 LPI screen resolution.
  • Two-button customizable stylus pen.
  • 2048Level of instant pen pressure.
  • 10mm reading height.

Benefits of Using Osu Tablets


A good tablet should ensure your cursor end up on the same point your pen lands on the screen. However, being a few pixels off is acceptable. An osu tablet will ensure you play your osu game consistently.

The tablets are accurately configured to point on where your pen lands on the screen. Also, with useful driver updates, the performance of your tablet will improve


The tablets used for playing osu are designed to be lightweight and slim. Your comfort is a significant design point for even the best tablets for osu. It ensures you can bring along your tablet wherever you go and also fit on tight desktop space.

Cursor delay

Cursor delay means the time it takes for your cursor to move as your pen land on the screen. Excellent reaction time should be right away. Osu tablets have superior levels of pen pressure to ensure your cursor move instantly.

If not, you will not be able to play your game consistently.

Hover distance

It means the range which your pen will still be detectable by the screen. Osu tablets ensure your hover distance is extensive; for example, Wacom osu tablet is responsive for up to 14mm hover distance. How awesome is that! You no longer have to drag your pen on the screen.

Active area adjustability

Good Osu tablets ensure their active area is configurable, but it requires you to install the recommended drivers. Moreover, in all osu tablets mentioned, you can adjust the active region.

However, there is no standard configuration for osu gameplay. You will need to experiment and arrive at the settings you most prefer.

How to Take Care of Your Osu Tablets for Longevity? 

Although tablets can take much abuse, to ensure its survival, you can use these tips

  • Instead of dragging on the screen, you can use hover on the tablet. It will prevent the wearing down of the nib and also reduce the rate at which the screen loses its sensitivity
  • To prevent damage to the screen, you can purchase one of those inexpensive screen guards. They will save you the trouble of having to replace your tablet because of a broken screen
  • You should also have proper storage for you pen tips to ensure you will always have a replacement when one gets lost or broken
  • You can also buy a silicone cover for your tablet to protect it from the wear and tear of traveling in a backpack or briefcase
  • If you don’t like the glossy substance that appears on your screen after some time of use, you should buy an anti-fouling glove to ensure you don’t leave your body oils on the screen
  • Also, do not use a stylus pen from a different manufacturer. Please ensure you use the recommended stylus by the manufacturer
  • Keep liquids away from your workspace. You don’t want to damage your tablet for good. Also, ensure it storage is dry and adequately ventilated
  • It would be helpful if you did not use your tablet on an uneven surface; it may fall and break.
  • When you are traveling, do check in your tablet as luggage. Passing it under a metal detector will affect its resolution and may permanently damage it.
  • One more thing, do not store the tablet in a dirty or an adverse temperature environment. Temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit might damage it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Does my stylus come with extra nibs?

Answer: Yes, some manufacturers include up to eight nibs in your box. However, please check the items description to be certain

Q2: How will I update my osu drivers?

Answer: You can start by visiting the ‘Downloads’ page on the tablets manufacturers page. If you do not find it, contact a customer representative to help you with the procedure

Q3: Does the resolution affect my gameplay?

Answer: Yes, the higher the resolution and pen pressure, the better your sensitivity and your gameplay

Q4: Are some tablets compatible with the Android operating system?

Answer: Yes, some tablets support Android 6.0 or a higher version. Kindly check with the manufacturer to get the exact versions.

Q5: Do I need a drawing glove?

Answer: No, they work perfectly without a glove. However, some manufacturers offer an anti-fouling glove.

Q6: Can my osu tablet run on other drawing software?

Answer: Yes, remember that a good osu tablet is a drawing tablet. It can run software such as Photoshop or Corel draw.

Q7: How do I use the buttons?

Answer: The buttons are for setting up shortcuts to make your gameplay flow conveniently. However, they can be set up as shortcuts in other graphic applications as well.

Final Word

Remember, when playing osu, a tablet is meant to replace the work of a mouse. Therefore, ensure the brand you want to buy offers your accuracy and sensitivity as part of your gameplay. Osu requires maximum sensitivity.

For the best osu tablets, ensure it is compatible with various operating systems so that it gives you a wide variety of playing options.

Cheap osu tablets may be tempting but they’re not the finest option; question the tablet’s active work area, RPS, pen pressure, and other factors before you consider buying it.


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