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Custom Polaroid Pictures

Now you can take your favorite pictures from anywhere (Facebook, Instagram, Phone) and turn them into Polaroid Pictures. We use our 8 color HD printing process to print directly onto ultra thick, non-bendable, silky mat board to create the highest quality Polaroid Picture. Your choice of 5 sizes (from original small all the way to XXL).

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The Quality

Printed on 1.2mm thick silky board

8 Color High-Definition Printing

Stylish matte finish - Available in 5 sizes


First select your size. Then upload as many pictures as you would like from your phone, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Polaroid 3.5 x 4.25
$1.00 ea.
( minimum of 6 )

Polaroid 9 x 11
$10.00 ea.

Polaroid 14 x 17
$15.00 ea.

Polaroid 19 x 23
$30.00 ea.

Polaroid 24 x 30
$40.00 ea.

Make an Instant Gallery Frame

1 Classic Polaroid Pictures 9x11
$25.95 ea.

3 Classic Polaroid Pictures 11x17
$37.95 ea.

6 Classic Polaroid Pictures 16x20
$59.95 ea.

12 Classic Polaroid Pictures 20x22
$91.95 ea.

1 9x11 Polaroid Picture 16x20
$59.95 ea.

Make a Shadowbox Frame

Make a Shadowbox Collage

Shadowbox Polaroid 3.5x4.25
$11.00 ea.

Shadowbox Polaroid 9x11
$35.00 ea.

Shadowbox Polaroid 14x17
$60.00 ea.

Shadowbox Collage 9x11 with 6 Polaroid pictures
$31.00 ea.

Shadowbox Collage 11x14 with 12 Polaroid pictures
$52.00 ea.